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Edith Fields


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Scrubs Our Stuff Gets Real January 12, 2010 Guest Star
Journeyman A Love of a Lifetime September 24, 2007 Guest Star
Committed The Perfect Person Episode (1) March 8, 2005 Guest Star
NYPD Blue In Goddess We Trussed April 6, 2004 Guest Star
The Parkers The Accidental Therapist October 13, 2003 Guest Star
Without a Trace Victory for Humanity April 10, 2003 Guest Star
American Dreams The Pursuit of Happiness February 2, 2003 Guest Star
My Wife and Kids Jay the Artist November 27, 2002 Guest Star
General Hospital 05.13.02 - Monday May 13, 2002 Guest Star
The King of Queens Surprise Artie February 28, 2000 Guest Star
Caroline in the City Caroline and the Egg November 3, 1997 Guest Star
Buffy the Vampire Slayer I Robot, You Jane April 28, 1997 Guest Star
7th Heaven Seven Is Enough February 3, 1997 Guest Star
Picket Fences Three Weddings and a Meltdown April 24, 1996 Guest Star
Nowhere Man Forever Jung February 5, 1996 Guest Star
Picket Fences Pal Joey October 6, 1995 Guest Star
Seinfeld The Doorman February 23, 1995 Guest Star
Baywatch Air Buchannon October 29, 1994 Guest Star
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Bad Luck Betty April 29, 1994 Guest Star
Danger Theatre An Old Friend For Dinner August 8, 1993 Guest Star
Brooklyn Bridge Where Have You Gone, Jackie Robinson? December 11, 1991 Guest Star
Brooklyn Bridge Boys of Summer October 4, 1991 Guest Star
Alien Nation Green Eyes May 7, 1990 Guest Star
Murphy Brown I Would Have Danced All Night January 9, 1989 Guest Star
L.A. Law The Venus Butterfly November 21, 1986 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Little Boy Blue March 9, 1984 Guest Star
Family Ties Ladies' Man February 2, 1984 Guest Star
The Facts of Life A Death in the Family February 1, 1984 Guest Star
Newhart Kirk Goes for the Juggler January 2, 1984 Guest Star
Wonderworks All Summer in a Day May 9, 1982 Guest Star