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Charles Walker


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Mean Johnny Barrows 1975 Writer
Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde 1976 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Everybody Hates Chris Everybody Hates Promises November 13, 2006 Guest Star
What About Brian Pilot April 16, 2006 Guest Star
Everybody Hates Chris Everybody Hates a Part-Time Job January 19, 2006 Guest Star
Once and Again Food for Thought April 26, 2005 Guest Star
Once and Again Cat-In-Hat April 23, 2005 Guest Star
Once and Again Sneaky Feelings April 6, 2005 Guest Star
NCIS Heart Break November 30, 2004 Guest Star
The Parkers Meter Maids Need Love, Too October 14, 2002 Guest Star
Charmed A Witch's Tail (1) September 22, 2002 Guest Star
Charmed Trial by Magic January 24, 2002 Guest Star
The West Wing 100,000 Airplanes January 16, 2002 Guest Star
Power Rangers The Last Race July 7, 2001 Guest Star
NYPD Blue In the Wind May 22, 2001 Guest Star
Any Day Now Tick, Tick, Tick February 18, 2001 Guest Star
Charmed Sleuthing with the Enemy December 14, 2000 Guest Star
The Practice The Honorable Man May 14, 2000 Guest Star
Good vs Evil Ambulance Chaser March 24, 2000 Guest Star
Grown Ups Instant Karma January 24, 2000 Guest Star
Beverly Hills, 90210 I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You January 19, 2000 Guest Star
The Practice Victimless Crimes November 14, 1999 Guest Star
The Practice Closet Justice March 28, 1999 Guest Star
The Pretender The Assassin February 6, 1999 Guest Star
The Practice Duty Bound May 4, 1998 Guest Star
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves December 5, 1997 Guest Star
Melrose Place Secrets and Wives November 3, 1997 Guest Star
Sparks Dog Gone September 15, 1997 Guest Star
Step by Step Macho Man June 27, 1997 Guest Star
Sparks A Day in the Life II May 19, 1997 Guest Star
Babylon 5 Conflicts of Interest May 8, 1997 Guest Star
The Wayans Bros. Say It Ain't So Marlon May 7, 1997 Guest Star
Chicago Sons Butkus, Live! January 22, 1997 Guest Star
Sparks It's the Gospel January 13, 1997 Guest Star
The Secret World of Alex Mack World Without Alex September 21, 1996 Guest Star
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Globetrotters February 9, 1996 Guest Star
Women of the House Veda August 18, 1995 Guest Star
Picket Fences Cross Examination December 3, 1993 Guest Star
Equal Justice In Confidence February 13, 1991 Guest Star
Get a Life The Counterfeit Watch Story February 3, 1991 Guest Star
Columbo Murder in Malibu May 14, 1990 Guest Star
Hunter Street Wise (1) April 30, 1990 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Dark Streets March 16, 1990 Guest Star
Empty Nest It Happened Two Nights, Four Costume Changes February 17, 1990 Guest Star
Matlock The Good Boy September 26, 1989 Guest Star
Quantum Leap Star-Crossed March 31, 1989 Guest Star
Who's the Boss? Party Double February 28, 1989 Guest Star
Something Is Out There A Message from Mr. Cool December 2, 1988 Guest Star
Mr. Belvedere Pigskin November 4, 1988 Guest Star
The Bronx Zoo Conspicuous by Their Abstinence April 8, 1987 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote No Accounting for Murder March 22, 1987 Guest Star
The Hogan Family Community Theatre March 1, 1987 Guest Star
Life with Lucy Lucy, Legal Beagle November 8, 1986 Guest Star
Knots Landing Pressure Points October 30, 1986 Guest Star
Amen The Courtship of Bess Richards October 4, 1986 Guest Star
L.A. Law Those Lips, That Eye October 3, 1986 Guest Star
Knots Landing The Longest Night May 15, 1986 Guest Star
Moonlighting Funeral for a Door Nail April 29, 1986 Guest Star
Hardcastle and McCormick Brother Can You Spare a Crime February 10, 1986 Guest Star
Hotel Saving Grace December 4, 1985 Guest Star
Otherworld Princess Metra March 16, 1985 Guest Star
T.J. Hooker Target: Hooker November 17, 1984 Guest Star
Hardcastle and McCormick Ties My Father Sold Me September 30, 1984 Guest Star
Automan Zippers March 26, 1984 Guest Star
Knots Landing One Kind of Justice October 27, 1983 Guest Star
Knight Rider The Topaz Connection January 28, 1983 Guest Star
Dallas The Reckoning January 14, 1983 Guest Star
Gavilan By the Sword November 16, 1982 Guest Star
Knots Landing The Vigil November 12, 1981 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Creepy Time Gal January 4, 1981 Guest Star
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Unchained Woman November 1, 1979 Guest Star
The Jeffersons Now You See It, Now You Don't (2) October 28, 1979 Guest Star
The Jeffersons Now You See It, Now You Don't (1) October 21, 1979 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Fatal Overture February 8, 1979 Guest Star
Total Security Look Who's Stalking January 1, 1970 Guest Star