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Elisha Cook Jr.



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
ALF We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert January 25, 1988 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone (1985) Welcome to Winfield February 7, 1986 Guest Star
The A-Team The Road to Hope October 29, 1985 Guest Star
Night Court Married Alive February 21, 1985 Guest Star
Whiz Kids The Lollypop Gang Strikes Back February 25, 1984 Guest Star
Bring 'Em Back Alive Wilmer Bass and the Serengeti Kid November 23, 1982 Guest Star
Magnum, P.I. Ghost Writer December 24, 1981 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. The Deadly Connection December 9, 1977 Guest Star
The Bionic Woman Once a Thief May 4, 1977 Guest Star
Baretta Think Mink March 9, 1977 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone February 11, 1977 Guest Star
Baretta Street Edition October 13, 1976 Guest Star
The Blue Knight Bullseye September 22, 1976 Guest Star
Starsky & Hutch Lady Blue November 12, 1975 Guest Star
Baretta A Bite of the Apple November 5, 1975 Guest Star
S.W.A.T. Courthouse November 1, 1975 Guest Star
S.W.A.T. Coven of Killers March 3, 1975 Guest Star
The Odd Couple Our Fathers November 21, 1974 Guest Star
Ironside Far Side of the Fence November 21, 1974 Guest Star
Mannix The Green Man October 20, 1974 Guest Star
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Night Stalker January 11, 1972 Guest Star
McCloud Encounter with Aries September 22, 1971 Guest Star
Batman The Duo Defy March 30, 1967 Guest Star
Batman Ice Spy March 29, 1967 Guest Star
Star Trek Court Martial February 2, 1967 Guest Star
I Spy Rome...Take Away Three December 28, 1966 Guest Star
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Concrete Overcoat Affair (2) December 2, 1966 Guest Star
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Bars of Hell March 4, 1966 Guest Star
A Man Called Shenandoah The Riley Brand February 21, 1966 Guest Star
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Double-Edged Knife November 12, 1965 Guest Star
Amos Burke: Secret Agent Nightmare in the Sun October 20, 1965 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Breckinridge March 13, 1965 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Reckless Rockhound November 26, 1964 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Hung High November 14, 1964 Guest Star
Rawhide Piney October 9, 1964 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Ben Engel Story March 16, 1964 Guest Star
Destry Law and Order Day February 28, 1964 Guest Star
The Fugitive The Witch September 24, 1963 Guest Star
The Dakotas A Nice Girl From Goliath May 13, 1963 Guest Star
The Untouchables Bird in the Hand October 30, 1962 Guest Star
SurfSide 6 Witness for the Defense October 23, 1961 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip The Inverness Cape Caper October 13, 1961 Guest Star
Rawhide Incident in the Middle of Nowhere April 7, 1961 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Nancy Palmer Story March 8, 1961 Guest Star
Thriller The Fatal Impulse November 29, 1960 Guest Star
The Rebel The Bequest September 25, 1960 Guest Star
Peter Gunn The Long, Long Ride March 14, 1960 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Tracy Sadler Story March 9, 1960 Guest Star
Johnny Staccato Solomon February 11, 1960 Guest Star
Tombstone Territory Eyewitness January 8, 1960 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Odd Man Out November 21, 1959 Guest Star
Johnny Ringo Dead Wait November 19, 1959 Guest Star
Johnny Staccato Evil October 29, 1959 Guest Star
Bat Masterson No Funeral for Thorn October 22, 1959 Guest Star
Rawhide Incident of a Burst of Evil June 26, 1959 Guest Star
Bat Masterson Double Showdown October 8, 1958 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Pint-Sized Client October 4, 1958 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Matt for Murder September 13, 1958 Guest Star
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Equalizer April 16, 1957 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Salvage November 6, 1955 Guest Star
Adventures of Superman Semi-Private Eye January 16, 1954 Guest Star