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Jeff Strauss

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Why Women Kill There's No Crying in Murder September 12, 2019 Writer
Shake It Up Doctor It Up October 23, 2011 Writer
All of Us The Wedding Singers May 14, 2007 Writer
All of Us The Hair Down There October 1, 2006 Writer
Then Came You Then Came You March 22, 2000 Writer
Getting Personal When Co-Workers Attack April 6, 1998 Writer
Partners Will You Marry Me? April 1, 1996 Writer
Partners Follow the Clams? February 12, 1996 Writer
Dream On The Weekend at the College Didn't Turn Out Like They Planned November 22, 1995 Writer
Partners How Long Does it Take to Cook a 22-Pound Turkey? November 20, 1995 Writer
Partners Pilot September 11, 1995 Writer
Friends The One with the Birth May 11, 1995 Writer
Friends The One with the Stoned Guy February 16, 1995 Writer
Friends The One Where Underdog Gets Away November 17, 1994 Writer
Friends The One with the East German Laundry Detergent October 20, 1994 Writer
Dream On Stone Cold March 30, 1994 Director
Dream On One Ball, Two Strikes August 4, 1993 Writer
Dream On Home Sweet Homeboy July 7, 1993 Writer
Dream On Oral Sex, Lies, and Video Tape June 2, 1993 Writer
Dream On Key for Two November 21, 1992 Director
Dream On The Son Also Rises October 3, 1992 Writer
Dream On The Guilty Party September 26, 1992 Writer
Dream On Red All Over August 22, 1992 Writer
Dream On So Funny I Forgot to Laugh (aka Stop It, You're Killing Me) September 29, 1991 Writer
Dream On No, I'm Just Happy to See You August 11, 1991 Writer
Dream On Calling the Kettle Black July 28, 1991 Writer
Dream On Doing the Bossa Nova September 30, 1990 Writer
Dream On Three Coins in the Dryer September 2, 1990 Writer
Dream On ...And Sheep Are Nervous August 12, 1990 Writer
Charles in Charge Chargin' Charles February 25, 1989 Writer
The Charmings The Fish Story October 8, 1987 Writer