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Season 1

  • S01E01 A Day at the Beach

    • March 9, 2003
    • FOX

    In this episode The Beene's hope to join a club the news makes 11 year old Oliver happy because he has fallen in love with Bonnie who can swim very well. Oliver has one problem he is unable to swim.

  • S01E02 Home, a Loan

    • March 16, 2003
    • FOX

    Jerry and Charlotte go visit college friend Mitch in Great Neck (Jerry hasn't seen Mitch for a long time. Back at home Harvey a friend of Ted's insults the wrong neighbor

  • S01E03 Space Race

    • March 30, 2003
    • FOX

    Oliver finds himself in trouble after hurting a new student at school.

  • S01E04 The Nudie Mag

    • April 6, 2003
    • FOX

    Oliver may get in big trouble when He and Michael go looking for something in the closet of Oliver's friend Michael. They find a magazine called Peephole that belongs to Michael's dad.

  • S01E05 Lord of the Bees

    • April 13, 2003
    • FOX

    Oliver has found away to beat Susan he steals the answers to the test. Oliver tells his Teacher Mr. Plotkin, What he did was wrong.

  • S01E06 Dancing Beene

    • April 20, 2003
    • FOX

    Oliver has dream to become Fred Astaire, He is about to find out how hard that can be after Oliver takes a ballroom class. Oliver learns he can't dance at all!

  • S01E07 Divorce-O-Rama

    • April 27, 2003
    • FOX

    Have you tried to practice trying to win a prize? Oliver tries to that after he and Joyce get tickets to a TV show they like. Oliver thinks his parents are getting a divorce after learning that Joyce's parents are headed for divorce.

  • S01E08 Oliver's Best Friend

    • May 4, 2003
    • FOX

    Oliver wants a dog but after he gets the dog Oliver really believes the dog is bad and tells his parents but they don't believe him at all. When Oliver tries to takes the dog for a walk the dog only makes trouble for Oliver (The dog puts his paws on the elevator buttons). Oliver tries to lose the dog only to find the dog is to smart!

Season 2

  • S02E01 Dibs

    • February 4, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver falls in love with his new neighboor Elke. The only problem is Ted ""dibbed"" her first [and he can't brake The Code]. Meanwhile, Oliver's parents try to spice-up there marrige by going on a date to an old club, but they soon find it is a Jazz-playing Mariuna-smokin' kind of club.

  • S02E02 Soup to Nuts

    • February 8, 2004
    • FOX

    On the way to school Oliver loses his lunch (due to the bus hitting a bump) Oliver tries to tell everybody that he spilled his soup on the bus, No one believes Oliver.

  • S02E03 Daughter for a Day

    • February 15, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver wants to a man he goes along with his dad only to end up getting a shock. Meanwhile Charlotte feels left out and spends the day with Joyce hoping to know her better.

  • S02E04 X-Ray Specs

    • February 22, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver orders x-ray glasses from a comic book and finds that they don't work, they took 11 weeks to arrive! Oliver decides to revenge on Astounding Novelties because of the scam. Oliver brings friends who want Barnaby Rollins to give them their money back. Charlotte on her way to see the President goes to talk to Connie about her boyfriend leaving Jerry to think Charlotte would kick the President!

  • S02E05 Ward Have Mercy

    • March 7, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver makes a door knocker that Mr. Stitt doesn't like Charlotte is told give Mr. Stitt a unicorn in hopes of keeping the door knocker Oliver made in shop class. Charlotte gets help from Carl the building Super Intendant on how to beat Mr. Stitt at his own game by challenging Mr. Stitt to an election.

  • S02E06 Disposa Boy

    • March 14, 2004
    • FOX

    But as late Oliver learns that he is going to the lowest level of the grades in his school because his former teacher Mrs. Heller punished him. As Oliver tries to figure out how to get back to level one without taking the Iowa test, Jerry trying to sell his latest invention "" The Disposa Toothbrush"" Jerry learns that nobody is interested in this invention.

  • S02E07 Idol Chatter

    • June 6, 2004
    • FOX

    Jerry tries to out do his neighbors the O'Shaughnessy's by having a famous comedian entertaining the guests at the Beene party. Oliver and Ted try to make their father's of having Buddy Fontaine come to the party. After Oliver and Ted meet Buddy Fontaine they learn that he won't come to the Beene party making Jerry stretch the lie a bit more when he realizes that the comedian doesn't make it. Instead the Beene's get another surprise guest.

  • S02E08 Oliver and the Otters

    • June 13, 2004
    • FOX

    Jerry needs assistance at the office after April his assistant gets hurt. He asks Charlotte to fill in. Oliver needs to figure out how to impress Joyce, he forms his own band called "" Oliver and the Otters"" Oliver learns that he may not have gone the right way to impress someone he loves.

  • S02E09 Kissing Babies

    • June 20, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver gets a lesson in what a make out party is and what games to play. Ted teaches Oliver 2 games to play at the party. The first is spin the bottle Ted teaches Oliver how to understand exactly where the bottle will stop. The other game Oliver is taught is 7 minutes in heaven where you spend 7 minutes together in a closet. The other game Oliver is taught is 7 minutes in heaven where you spend 7 minutes together in a closet. Charlotte wants to run a campaign for president of the tenants association but learns that support will be hard to come by. Everyone likes the current president Mr. Stitt.

  • S02E10 Girly Dad

    • June 27, 2004
    • FOX

  • S02E11 Fallout (Pilot)

    • August 15, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver tries out for the annual talent show in hopes of getting Bonnie and the rest of his class to like him. His teacher announces the results of who will be in the talent show Oliver doesn't like what he will need to do. Jerry gives Charlotte an unusual 15th anniversary present. She learns that Jerry has turned his basement into a fallout shelter. Charlotte confesses she wants a stole like the mailman is purchasing for his wife.

  • S02E12 Catskills

    • August 22, 2004
    • FOX

    Charlotte is desperate for some time with her family so she decides to take her family to the Catskills. The family isn't excited about the vacation. Oliver battles the "" Simon says "" caller to see who is best. Jerry tries his hand at male bonding only to find out that the doctors are telling dentist jokes.

  • S02E13 A Trip to Coney Island

    • August 29, 2004
    • FOX

    Jerry and his family decide to take a trip to Coney Island. The vacation causes a feud to spark between Jerry and his neighbor over a parking spot. Jerry will go to any length to get the parking spot from his neighbor. Oliver gets his dream job of being a paper boy soon Oliver learns that having a paper route isn't all its cracked up to be.

  • S02E14 Babysitting

    • September 12, 2004
    • FOX

    Oliver is conned into baby-sitting for Joyce, but she gets more than she bargained for when Oliver steals her steady job.

  • S02E15 Superhero

    • FOX

    Oliver can never seem to take a good photo and therefore hates picture day. This year he is determined to take control of the situation and do things on his terms, so he wears a superhero costume as a method of protest! Principal Shriner catches him taking the photo and threatens to expel him unless he sees a shrink. Meanwhile, Ted finds out that his baseball coach has gone out on a date with Elke, and comes up with a plan to stop them from going on a second date.

  • S02E16 The King & I

    • FOX

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