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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • June 28, 2005

    In this introduction to the skewed world of Michael, Michael and David, their German landlord throws the boys out of their apartment. Things start looking up when they find a nice co-op, and win approval with a surprisingly well choreographed "Flashdance" style routine. Unfortunately it all goes wrong when it comes to the issue of paying for the co-op. Eventually the boys find themselves performing open heart...well open everything surgery on their former (and still German) landlord.

  • S01E02 Campaign

    • July 5, 2005

    Michael Ian Black decides to run for building president against current president Bob Feldman. With a campaign masterminded by Michael Showalter, the political games hot up and David Wain starts to feel sidelined. The episode comes to a thrilling conclusion, as nobody knows whom to trust and Ian Black acquires a very alluring tan.

  • S01E03 Office Party

    • July 12, 2005

    The boys are invited to a office party by one the female roommates who live below them. The boys have a great time, but the fun is cut short when the guys in charge of the "big account" make fun of them. Distraught, the boys decide to go to the company picnic to show they're not losers. After a quick visit to their friend Gary (played by Sam Rockwell) for disguises in the form of fake moustaches, they go to the picnic and win all the company games. Even the egg and spoon race! Impressed by their performance, the company CEO hires the boys. Unfortunately, their first day is a disaster, and after an insane business presentation,consisiting mostly of Nazi propaganda, they're fired. Thankfully American spirit prevails at the end and the boys get their happy ending.

  • S01E04 Coffee Shop

    • July 19, 2005

    The episode opens with Michael, Michael and David hearing the girls in the apartment below having an argument. The boys, not wanting to see the girl's friendship ruined, tell them a story about how their own friendship nearly fell apart. Over coffee and delicious chicken, the boys tell the story of when they had an argument and ended up working in separate coffee shops. Michael Showalter works for mega coffee chain "Sansburys", Michael Ian Black sets up a table and chair outside Sansburys, and David Wain starts his super awesome coffee shop that is incredibly popular. When separated, however, they realize how miserable they are without each other. They all give up their coffee shops and return to being great friends. Flash back to the present day, and the girls make up as well! Cue much celebrating and, of course, barbershop quartering.

  • S01E05 Paper Route

    • July 26, 2005

    The boys are distraught to see that Kevin the paperboy is getting beaten up by bullies. They scare the bullies away, but the next day the bullies are back, tormenting Kevin! This time the boys mean business, and they chase after the bullies in their Volvo. Unfortunately they also run over Kevin in the process. The boys go visit Kevin, who doesn't know that they ran him over, in hospital. After a heart-warming story where Kevin tells the boys he was delivering papers to help save up money for college, they confess they knocked him down. To make up, they take over his paper route while Kevin is in hospital. However, the bullies now start tormenting Michael, Michael and David instead of Kevin! Things come to a head at the end of the episode where the boys perform a rap about the power of friendship. The power of friendship defeats the bullies, and Kevin gets the money to go to college.

  • S01E06 Meeting Girls

    • August 2, 2005

    It's Friday night! The boys are ready for a night on the town, but they can't find any dates. No matter, they go to a totally jammin' bar anyway. After an initial frosty reception, the boys soon win over the bar with a Coyote Ugly style bar dance. While the dance gets the two Michael’s a girl, David Wain is left out because of his Jewish faith. David is worried that the girls will split the group up, and he is right. Michael and Michael move out of the apartment and move in with their girlfriends. However things don't go well: Michael Ian Black is snowed under with kids and paying bills, and Michael Showalters girlfriend is a raging alcoholic who beats up Michael. Things come to a head and the two Michael’s decide they want to move back in to their old apartment. But when they go back, they discover David has already found two new roommates! Distraught, the two Michael’s decide to move to Rome. David realises that he wants his old roommates’ back, and runs to the airport after a quick stop for hot fudge soufflé. The boys are reunited and all three move back in to the apartment.

  • S01E07 Camping

    • August 9, 2005

    After another tiring day in the rat race, the boys decide they need a break. They decide to have a relaxing trip in the outdoors, camping! Unfortunately, one minute in to the woods, they're lost. Tired, lost and hungry, danger approaches in the form of a goat! Suddenly, a mountain man appears from nowhere, sends the goat away and offers to help the boys back to their cars. Things are looking up, but then Michael Showalter accidentally shoots the mountain man, confusing him for a turkey. The boys are tired, lost and hungry again, and reduced to savages. Luckily the police turn up, help the boys return to their normal selves, and eventually return to civilisation. The boys vow never to go camping again, instead sticking to the beach.

  • S01E08 Novel

    • August 16, 2005

    The boys are unsure what to do with their lives. To obtain guidance, they go to a book signing by renowned author Jane Burroughs, hoping she will impart some knowledge on what to do. She suggests that they write a novel, and that's exactly what the boys do! Once they have finished their novel "The Three Guys", they show it to Jane, who promptly steals the manuscript and claims it as her own. The boys are distraught, and try to stop Jane from getting the manuscript to her publisher in a frantic rickshaw chase. Unfortunately they can't stop her and a year later, the book is published under her name. However Jane gets her comeuppance when the book gets horrible reviews and she has to take all the blame.

  • S01E09 Vegetables

    • August 23, 2005

    The boys are broke, and need a new way of bringing in some money. They decide to start their own farm inside their apartment. After planting seeds in the floorboards and giving them plenty of water, nothing happens. Unfortunately, all the watering of the floor has destroyed the girls room below them. The boys try to make up for it with a sleepover, and while the girls have a great time they end up suing the boys for $10,000 in damages anyway. Luckily, their floorboard crops actually grow, and the boys are in business! Their vegetable sales are going great until they overwork the floorboard farm and are forced to shut down. With $10,000 still to owe, and the bank threatening foreclosure, the boys have to work on another farm. Tired, hungry and thirsty, things are looking grim. After making a wish that they can find the money, the next day the boys discover that the owner of the farm they are working on used to work on the boys floorboard farm! The owner, grateful for the inspiration Michael Ian Black had unknowingly given to him, offers to help the boys out. The boys pay of the $10,000 owed to the girls, and the money owed to the bank, and still have enough money for a celebratory fiesta!

  • S01E10 Amusement Park

    • August 30, 2005

    The boys are ready for a day at the amusement park, but just as ready to go it starts to rain. Initially distraught, David has the idea that their apartment could be a amusement park. For example, the couch could be a roller-coaster! However things soon degenerate the and the boys start arguing. The girls from the apartment downstairs visit the boys to see what all the commotion is about. When they discover the boys have been fighting again, they suggest they should see a therapist. The boys visit the therapist, Dr. Hirschorn, but soon start arguing again and are committed! In the mental institute Dr Hirschorn tries different methods to help the boys be friends again, but nothing works. Eventually, Dr Hirschorn decides that as a last resort the boys should all get lobotomies. While strapped in for surgery the boys, terrified, all confess that they're all best friends. The surgery suddenly stops, and the surgeons reveal themselves as...the female roommates! It turns out that everything from first meeting Dr. Hirschorn onwards has been staged, as part of the "Amusement Park of the Mind." And the person behind all this? No other than Justin Lord, who’s past appearances in previous Stella episodes were actually Justin monitoring the boys behavior! The boys, friends again, celebrate with a dance.