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Phillip Pine



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Dark Sanity 1982 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Quincy, M.E. Ghost of a Chance October 6, 1982 Guest Star
Lou Grant Strike February 16, 1981 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones The Final Victim March 6, 1980 Guest Star
Little House on the Prairie What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56? January 14, 1980 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Physician, Heal Thyself February 22, 1979 Guest Star
Happy Days The Claw Meets the Fonz (AKA The Godfonzer) November 3, 1978 Guest Star
Lou Grant Mob October 23, 1978 Guest Star
CHiPs Crack-Up March 9, 1978 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Passing January 27, 1978 Guest Star
Lou Grant Judge November 15, 1977 Guest Star
Kojak Cry for the Kids October 23, 1977 Guest Star
Most Wanted Ms. Murder February 26, 1977 Guest Star
The Six Million Dollar Man Death Probe (1) January 9, 1977 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco One Last Trick January 6, 1977 Guest Star
Baretta Under the City November 3, 1976 Guest Star
S.W.A.T. Dangerous Memories March 27, 1976 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Shadow of Guilt February 5, 1976 Guest Star
Petrocelli The Night Visitor February 4, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon The Hero November 26, 1975 Guest Star
Emergency! Parade December 21, 1974 Guest Star
Mannix The Survivor Who Wasn't December 15, 1974 Guest Star
Ironside Run Scared November 7, 1974 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Blueprint for a Caper October 29, 1974 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Mask of Death October 3, 1974 Guest Star
Harry O Mortal Sin October 3, 1974 Guest Star
Banacek Now You See Me, Now You Don't March 12, 1974 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Secret of the Dunes December 16, 1973 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Going Home October 11, 1973 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Murder in the Doll's House March 25, 1973 Guest Star
Mannix Search for a Whisper February 18, 1973 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco The First Day of Forever September 30, 1972 Guest Star
Longstreet Eye of the Storm January 20, 1972 Guest Star
Ironside Contract: Kill Ironside September 21, 1971 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O The Gunrunner February 10, 1971 Guest Star
Room 222 Mr. Bomberg January 20, 1971 Guest Star
Mannix Time Out of Mind October 3, 1970 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O Which Way Did They Go? December 24, 1969 Guest Star
Ironside Alias Mr. Braithwaite September 18, 1969 Guest Star
Star Trek The Savage Curtain March 7, 1969 Guest Star
The Guns of Will Sonnett The Trial February 28, 1969 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible The Bargain December 15, 1968 Guest Star
Ironside The Sacrifice October 3, 1968 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O Full Fathom Five September 26, 1968 Guest Star
Mannix Make It Like It Never Happened October 14, 1967 Guest Star
The Invaders Genesis February 7, 1967 Guest Star
The Felony Squad Breakout February 6, 1967 Guest Star
The Fugitive Nobody Loses All the Time November 22, 1966 Guest Star
The Fugitive This'll Kill You January 18, 1966 Guest Star
The Dick Van Dyke Show You're Under Arrest December 15, 1965 Guest Star
Get Smart The Day Smart Turned Chicken November 6, 1965 Guest Star
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Glowing Corpse October 29, 1965 Guest Star
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ...And Five of Us Are Left October 3, 1965 Guest Star
The Fugitive Brass Ring January 5, 1965 Guest Star
Combat! Birthday Cake December 29, 1964 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Wednesday Woman January 2, 1964 Guest Star
Bonanza The Legacy December 15, 1963 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip Don't Wait for Me November 8, 1963 Guest Star
The Outer Limits The Hundred Days of the Dragon September 23, 1963 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone The Incredible World of Horace Ford April 18, 1963 Guest Star
The Untouchables Globe of Death February 5, 1963 Guest Star
Checkmate So Beats My Plastic Heart April 11, 1962 Guest Star
The Untouchables The Whitey Steele Story February 8, 1962 Guest Star
Cain's Hundred Crime and Commitment (2) September 26, 1961 Guest Star
Cain's Hundred Crime and Commitment (1) September 19, 1961 Guest Star
The Untouchables Stranglehold May 4, 1961 Guest Star
Adventures in Paradise The Feather Cloak February 27, 1961 Guest Star
One Step Beyond Where Are They? December 13, 1960 Guest Star
Checkmate The Dark Divide November 19, 1960 Guest Star
The Untouchables Nicky November 3, 1960 Guest Star
Wagon Train Dr. Swift Cloud May 25, 1960 Guest Star
The Deputy Lawman's Blood February 6, 1960 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone The Four of Us Are Dying January 1, 1960 Guest Star
Peter Gunn The Wolfe Case December 28, 1959 Guest Star
Johnny Ringo Ghost Coach November 12, 1959 Guest Star
The Untouchables The Jake Lingle Killing October 29, 1959 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Estaban Zamora Story October 21, 1959 Guest Star
Rawhide Incident at Dangerfield Dip October 2, 1959 Guest Star
Wanted: Dead or Alive Breakout September 26, 1959 Guest Star
U.S. Border Patrol The Quota Case August 21, 1959 Guest Star
Markham The Other Side Of The Wall August 15, 1959 Guest Star
Bold Venture The Last Hungry Man August 12, 1959 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel Gold and Brimstone June 20, 1959 Guest Star
Richard Diamond, Private Detective Charity Affair April 12, 1959 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Ben Courtney Story January 28, 1959 Guest Star
Man with a Camera The Face of Murder January 9, 1959 Guest Star
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Plague Carrier December 9, 1958 Guest Star
Peter Gunn Image of Sally November 17, 1958 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Safe Place June 8, 1958 Guest Star
Zane Grey Theater Episode In Darkness November 15, 1957 Guest Star
The Silent Service The Sealion Story October 1, 1957 Guest Star
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Time for All Good Men June 4, 1957 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Moon May 11, 1957 Guest Star
Science Fiction Theatre Before the Beginning December 10, 1955 Guest Star
Crossroads (1955) The Good Thief November 25, 1955 Guest Star
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp John Wesley Hardin November 1, 1955 Guest Star
Adventures of Superman Mystery of the Broken Statues October 10, 1952 Guest Star
Adventures of Superman The Case of the Talkative Dummy October 3, 1952 Guest Star