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John Henry Canavan


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Crisis What Was Done to You March 30, 2014 Guest Star
Crisis Pilot March 16, 2014 Guest Star
Mad Men The Chrysanthemum and the Sword August 22, 2010 Guest Star
NCIS Road Kill December 2, 2008 Guest Star
Without a Trace The Calm Before October 29, 2006 Guest Star
Gilmore Girls I'm OK, You're OK April 4, 2006 Guest Star
Gilmore Girls Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out November 8, 2005 Guest Star
How I Met Your Mother Return of the Shirt October 10, 2005 Guest Star
Odyssey 5 Begotten October 1, 2004 Guest Star
Soul Food The Watermelon Theory July 26, 2000 Guest Star
Relic Hunter Flag Day October 16, 1999 Guest Star
The New Addams Family Art and the Addams Family October 30, 1998 Guest Star
Viper Wilderness Run November 25, 1997 Guest Star