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Robert Alda




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Amanda's Aunt Sonia March 24, 1983 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Murder on Ice March 9, 1983 Guest Star
Matt Houston The Visitors February 27, 1983 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. The Object of My Affliction October 24, 1982 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Jury Duty February 18, 1981 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Lend a Hand February 4, 1980 Guest Star
The White Shadow Links January 22, 1980 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard The Runaway January 11, 1980 Guest Star
The Incredible Hulk My Favorite Magician October 26, 1979 Guest Star
The Facts of Life The Return of Mr. Garrett September 7, 1979 Guest Star
Laverne & Shirley Shirley and the Older Man May 15, 1979 Guest Star
Greatest Heroes of the Bible The Story of Moses, Part II November 21, 1978 Guest Star
Greatest Heroes of the Bible The Story of Moses November 20, 1978 Guest Star
The Rockford Files Three Day Affair with a Thirty Day Escrow November 10, 1978 Guest Star
Wonder Woman Formicida November 3, 1978 Guest Star
Sword of Justice The Skywaymen October 19, 1978 Guest Star
Fantasy Island Reunion / Anniversary April 29, 1978 Guest Star
The Incredible Hulk Terror in Times Square March 31, 1978 Guest Star
The Feather And Father Gang For the Love of Sheila May 28, 1977 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Hot Ice, Cold Hearts January 2, 1977 Guest Star
Ellery Queen The Adventure of the Sunday Punch January 11, 1976 Guest Star
The Invisible Man (1975) The Klae Resource September 8, 1975 Guest Star
M*A*S*H The Consultant January 21, 1975 Guest Star
Rhoda Anything Wrong? November 25, 1974 Guest Star
Rhoda Parents' Day September 30, 1974 Guest Star
Emergency! Syndrome February 10, 1973 Guest Star
Julia Tanks Again October 13, 1970 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible Flip Side September 26, 1970 Guest Star
Ironside A Bullet for Mark October 16, 1969 Guest Star
Ironside The Sacrifice October 3, 1968 Guest Star
That Girl Just Spell the Name Right March 28, 1968 Guest Star
Judd for the Defense The Living Victim December 8, 1967 Guest Star
Ironside The Taker October 12, 1967 Guest Star
Naked City Fallen Star March 31, 1959 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Morning After January 11, 1959 Guest Star
Playhouse 90 The Gentleman from Seventh Avenue January 30, 1958 Guest Star
Secret File, USA Mission M January 29, 1955 Director
Secret File, USA Mission Firebird January 22, 1955 Director, Guest Star
Secret File, USA Mission Chopin January 8, 1955 Guest Star
Secret File, USA Mission Assassin January 1, 1955 Guest Star