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Season 1

  • S01E01 Genesis

    • January 12, 2000
    • Spike

    After Special Agent Michael Cates testifies against vicious drug lord Jacob Calder, he is put into the witness protection program under the name Chance Bowman as a trucker driving a state-of-the-art long-haul 18-wheeler.

  • S01E02 Key to the Highway

    • January 19, 2000
    • Spike

    An encounter at a truck stop embroils Chance Bowman in a young widow's problems and an altercation with the local police, much to the chagrin of his Department of Justice supervisor Burton Hardesty, who wants Chance and his huge, hi-tech Kenworth T2000 to remain undetected by an imprisoned drug lord.

  • S01E03 Mr. Invisible

    • January 26, 2000
    • Spike

    A minor accident at a stock car racetrack delays Chance Bowman from moving on and introduces him to a talented mechanic with a tainted past.

  • S01E04 Showdown

    • February 2, 2000
    • Spike

    After a near-miss encounter with Calder's top hit man, Chance decides that rather than keep running, he must stand and fight. To see just what Chance is up against, his associate Cie Baxter joins him in the field for what becomes a showdown, ""High Noon"" style, in the Ohio sun.

  • S01E05 Triple Play

    • February 9, 2000
    • Spike

    Now in the Pacific Northwest, Chance tries to play Good Samaritan to a con man who claims his wife has been kidnapped. But along with a lovely but inexperienced insurance investigator, he finds himself delivering the wife to the real kidnappers, and realizes that no one is who he or she really seems to be.

  • S01E06 Prize Possession

    • February 16, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance becomes the reluctant guardian of a 12-year-old tomboy whose parents are using her as a pawn in a bitter divorce contest. At the same time, Chance rediscovers an old friend, a former Academy instructor, whose retirement has left him lonely and bitter.

  • S01E07 Ordeal

    • February 23, 2000
    • Spike

    A ruthless couple hijack Chance's truckload of high-definition televisions and leave him to die in the desert, where in his delirium he has visions of his life before his wife was killed in an explosion meant for him.

  • S01E08 Through a Glass Darkly

    • March 1, 2000
    • Spike

    The evil Jacob Calder manages to get himself released from prison and takes personal supervision of the hunt for the man who put him there, Chance Bowman. So Burton Hardesty, Chance's Justice Department supervisor, reinstates Chance as a federal marshal.

  • S01E09 The Fire Next Time

    • March 8, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance helps a black preacher and his family when their church is burned.

  • S01E10 Games of Chance

    • March 15, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie Baxter head for Las Vegas to rein in Henry Conners, a protected witness who took off on an unsanctioned vacation, but Cie has a personal interest in locating Henry - they were once lovers and have unfinished business. Meanwhile, Calder is alerted to Chance's location and sends a hit woman after him.

  • S01E11 Two Eyes for an Eye

    • March 22, 2000
    • Spike

    Cecil Loftus, the head of a tough crime family, joins forces with Chance in an attempt to bring down Jacob Calder.

  • S01E12 Smuggler's Blues

    • June 21, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance's infiltration of a deadly cigarette smuggling ring with ties to Calder is endangered when a female reporter who is working the same case recognizes him and decides he is a bigger story.

  • S01E13 Ranger's Chance

    • July 5, 2000
    • Spike

    When Chance's commanding officer from the Rangers is implicated in a daring weapons theft, Chance comes to his aid after recognizing that the M.O. belongs to a thief working for Jacob Calder.

  • S01E14 Wages of Sin

    • July 12, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance has become the target of a world class hitman contracted by Jacob Calder, but the hit takes a surprising turn when the killer reveals his ""code of ethics.""

  • S01E15 Road to Hell

    • July 19, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance's infiltration of a drug dealer's illegal operation is hampered by a dirty cop who is forcing a juvenile dealer to work undercover for him on the same case.

  • S01E16 There's Something About Marvin

    • July 26, 2000
    • Spike

    Chance helps a woman who is desperately worried about her ill father Marvin, who has gone off on some kind of quest to complete his ""list"" of thrill-seeking experiences.

  • S01E17 Outside Chance

    • August 2, 2000
    • Spike

    A gang of non-violent Robin Hoods is robbing banks and armored cars to help people in need. Chance becomes involved when one of the gang's members turns out to be a militia-minded extremist who wants to make a statement.

  • S01E18 Sleeping Dragons

    • August 9, 2000
    • Spike

    Against her better judgment and risking her career with the Justice Department, Cie helps Chance when he goes to the rescue of Beth Barrington, the crime organization's chief accountant.

  • S01E19 Con Truck

    • August 16, 2000
    • Spike

    With Chance still in the hospital recuperating from injuries, Cie takes his big rig to a prison to provide secret transport for a convict, unaware that his buddies are plotting to take her hostage and stage a prison break.

  • S01E20 Legacy of Blood (1)

    • August 23, 2000
    • Spike

    Jacob Calder calls a summit meeting to intensify his efforts to kill Chance Bowman, while his illegitimate son Danny goes after Chance's boss Burton Hardesty. What Calder doesn't know is that one of his operatives, ""Jesse James"" Rader, is an undercover federal agent.

  • S01E21 Caged (2)

    • August 30, 2000
    • Spike

    When Chance is charged with the murder of Danny Calder, Cie Baxter enlists the aid of undercover agent Jesse James Rader to try to identify the real killer.

  • S01E22 Revelation (3)

    • September 6, 2000
    • Spike

    Kidnapped by crime boss Jacob Calder, Cie Baxter starts to learn his family secrets, while agents Chance Bowman and Jesse James Rader race to save her.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Shattered Images

    • January 3, 2001
    • Spike

    When Chance finds out that crime boss Jacob Calder was not responsible for his wife's death after all, the two enemies find themselves strangely dependent on one other, Chance for information and Calder for his life.

  • S02E02 Dance with the Devil

    • January 10, 2001
    • Spike

    Cie Baxter has gone undercover as a lap dancer to track down a serial killer who's been preying on the dancers, but then another female undercover agent is murdered and Chance determines to keep Cie from suffering the same fate.

  • S02E03 Amore... Omerta

    • January 17, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie go undercover as a truck-driving husband and wife in order to bring down the Mob's hijacking ring.

  • S02E04 Old Wives' Tale

    • January 23, 2001
    • Spike

    Calder gives Chance the name of a man who may be able to reveal the truth about Chance's dead wife.

  • S02E05 Honor Thy Father

    • January 30, 2001
    • Spike

    Cie journeys to a small, rural town to meet her father, brother and sister, but quickly gets the impression that all is not as it seems. Susan Hawk of “Survivor” makes a special appearance.

  • S02E06 Criminal Trespass

    • February 6, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie go undercover to infiltrate a gang of protected witnesses who are planning a bank heist.

  • S02E07 Just South of El Paso

    • February 13, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie investigate a case in Texas that involves a Texas Ranger, missing money and a South American drug cartel.

  • S02E08 Hot Cars, Fast Women

    • February 20, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie employ a female car thief to help them bust a Russian arms dealer.

  • S02E09 Countdown

    • February 27, 2001
    • Spike

    An inmate's confession causes Chance and Cie to investigate the case of an inmate scheduled for execution.

  • S02E10 Past Imperfect

    • March 5, 2001
    • Spike

    When a senator receives death threats, Chance and Cie go undercover as part of his re-election campaign in order to protect him.

  • S02E11 Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    • March 13, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie must rescue Snow when he is kidnapped by a gang of teenagers that is being pursued by a trained assassin.

  • S02E12 A Place Called Defiance

    • March 20, 2001
    • Spike

    With Calder advising from jail, Chance and Cie investigate a mysterious incident where a young boy is injured and an ATF agent is killed.

  • S02E13 Come Back, Little Diva

    • March 27, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie go undercover on a pop singer's tour in to determine if one of her crew is dealing heroin.

  • S02E14 Slight of Mind

    • April 3, 2001
    • Spike

    Hardesty escapes from kidnappers, but only after he's been tortured and brainwashed.

  • S02E15 Dream Girls

    • April 10, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie's investigation of the murder of an undercover cop leads them to a local escort service.

  • S02E16 The Cage

    • April 17, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie go after an illegal “cage fighting” operation when participants start turning up dead.

  • S02E17 Crossing the Line

    • April 24, 2001
    • Spike

    Cie becomes involved with a suspect when she and Chance investigate a case of suspected police corruption.

  • S02E18 A Family Upside Down

    • May 1, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance goes undercover to catch an international smuggler of stolen goods.

  • S02E19 Once a Thief

    • May 8, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance, Cie and Snow try to bring in a mobster wanted for a host of crimes, from murder to diamond smuggling.

  • S02E20 The Game

    • May 15, 2001
    • Spike

    Someone is trying to kill Jacob Calder. When Cie and Chance are transferring him to another prison, Cie gets kidnapped. She will be released in exchange for Calder. Chance and Calder are the only ones who care for Cie, so they will have to work together to save her.

  • S02E21 Second Sense

    • May 30, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance is helping the sister of a murdered FBI agent. He's helping her to find the killer of her brother.

  • S02E22 The Interrogation

    • June 6, 2001
    • Spike

    Chance and Cie are being interrogated by Snow and Hardesty. Chance had beaten a guy into the hospital while they were on a mission and that guy died in the hospital.They are accusing Chance of murder.