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Season 1

  • S01E01 Cherry Blossoms

    • April 11, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Kanzaki Kyoichi soon develops a crush towards his childhood friend Nitta Chiharu. His friend Kurumizawa Makoto tells him to confess his feelings for her, but it seems too late! Sorimachi Takashi has confessed before Kyoichi, and now, Chiharu seems to be avioding Kyoichi. Will Kyoichi be able to confess her feelings even if the competition is tight?

  • S01E02 Memorial Essence

    • April 18, 2000
    • WOWOW

    After an unfortunate moped accident, Makoto finds himself confined to the hospital. Fortunately, he discovers a beautiful nurse with whom he falls in love with. Another young pateint decides to help him out, but will he succeed even with the girl's aid?

  • S01E03 After Kiss

    • April 19, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Kenjo Yoshihiko, a baseball player, finds himself enraptured by a young girl who kisses him in the library. Will he ever get over their encounter?

  • S01E04 Bitter Sweet Rain

    • April 20, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Mizutani Aki and her friends go out on the town, to go to karaoke. On their way there, however, they come across a photographer waiting for the flowers to bloom. This encounter reminds Aki of her old boyfriend and how they broke up. Has Aki gotten over their past relationship?

  • S01E05 Feeling Blue

    • April 21, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Kyoichi and Makoto decide to work part-time at a beach. When they get there, they both meet a lovely young girl named Nao who tunrs out to be Chiharu's cousin. Makoto's instantly interested, but Nao has a protective brother! Meanwhile, Kyoichi and Chiharu's relationship heats up when they have an argument.

  • S01E06 Baseball Lovers

    • April 22, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Kenjo suffers an injury during a crucial baseball game, but a young girl named Horikawa is determined not to let him quit!

  • S01E07 Wind Bell

    • April 23, 2000
    • WOWOW

    While running through the forest, Chiharu meets a guy named Okazaki. After their first encounter in the woods, they meet each other later on and he decides to ask her out on a date. The two spend a wonderful at the pond, but it seems that Kyoichi has a surprise for Chiharu, and so does she!

  • S01E08 Swallow

    • April 24, 2000
    • WOWOW

    A young girl named Sayama Shoko is an aspiring singer, but lacks confidence in her own talent. Kyoichi becomes her confidant and begins to look at her differently. The two begins to have a relationship, but Kyoichi's not over Chiharu yet. Sayama asks him out again, but he forgets about their date! What's to become of Sayama and Kyoichi?

  • S01E09 Leaves

    • April 25, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Makoto has acquired a new program that will choose the perfect girl for him. But after the program picks a girl named Erika, Makoto gets tangled up with another girl... Kazama Yumi.

  • S01E10 Solitary Cross

    • April 26, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Kyoichi has been having strange dreams lately. When he confides in his friends, he is told that it is merely a result of the loneliness he is experiencing since his break-up with Chiharu. Strangely enough, he meets up with Yokota, a young man who seems to have been in Kyoichi's dream. Soon, the two spend a lot of time together, making Makoto wonder if Kyoichi has decided to start a relationship with a man!

  • S01E11 First Snowfall

    • April 27, 2000
    • WOWOW

    Kenjo gets involved with a pretty Santa Claus who turns out to be a celebrity. Soon, a rumor starts that the two are a couple. The whole incident leaves Kenjo with a desire to see Horikawa once more.

  • S01E12 End To Beginning

    • April 28, 2000
    • WOWOW

    The countdown of the year 2001 festival is coming, and several rumors are circulating about the new millenium. Chiharu overhears Horikawa mention that if a person is with the one they love during the start of the new century, they'll experience happiness together. Chiharu wants to be Kyoichi, but he seems to be intentionally avoiding her!

  • S01E13 Let It Be

    • April 29, 2000
    • WOWOW

    A trip to Hokkaido for Kyoichi results in an unexpected encounter with a girl at the bus station. After offering him a ride, the two become friends and she even invites him to stay at her place. Could this encounter result in an unexpected relationship?