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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Beck's Beginning

    • May 18, 2012
    • Disney XD

    "TRON: Uprising, Beck's Beginning" introduces Beck, a young mechanic living in Argon City, a growing metropolis in a far off corner of The Grid that has just been occupied by General Tesler, a henchman of the notorious Clu. After his best friend Bodhi is ruthlessly derezzed by Clu's army, Beck seeks justice for his lost friend and launches a crusade against the regime. His rebellion captures the attention of Tron, the greatest warrior The Grid has ever known, who sees the potential in Beck and trains him to be his successor. Labeled with the moniker of The Renegade, Beck sparks a revolution to fight for the freedom of The Grid.

  • S01E01 The Renegade (1)

    • June 7, 2012
    • Disney XD

    In the premiere episode, "The Renegade Part 1," Beck's training with Tron is interrupted when he's captured by a Recognizer patrol and sent to the Coliseum to fight in the games. There Beck meets a fellow prisoner Cutler, a fierce warrior program who has been inspired by The Renegade's actions. Recharged by their shared passion for freedom, Beck and Cutler fight their way out of the deadly disc games. Meanwhile, Zed and Mara head out for night on the town, but run into trouble when an enchanted Zed is lured away by Perl (voiced by Kate Mara), a program from the wrong side of the tracks.

  • S01E02 The Renegade (2)

    • June 14, 2012
    • Disney XD

    While Mara works with Zed to get the Chief's rare bike back, Beck must figure out a way to release his friend from a death sentence and allow the resistance to begin again with recruiting.

  • S01E03 Blackout

    • June 21, 2012
    • Disney XD

    As Clu's forces begin an energy mining operation near the city of Argon, it has the side effect of causing blackouts throughout the city. Beck and tron learn of this and decide to plant a bomb on the mining station, but a race is about to tear through tunnels which will become engulfed in flames. Can Beck save everyone in time?

  • S01E04 Identity

    • June 28, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Beck's memory falls to pieces after his identity disc is stolen; he and Tron must find it before his alter-ego is revealed.

  • S01E05 Isolated

    • July 5, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Beck and Paige are trapped together on an island that is falling apart, but they continue to fight. Paige's backstory has a few pieces filled in.

  • S01E06 Price of Power

    • July 12, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Beck intercepts a secret weapon that gives any program who wears it increased strength and agility, but it also makes the program more aggressive and reckless.

  • S01E07 The Reward

    • October 19, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Occupation arrests an innocent program falsely accused of being The Renegade.

  • S01E08 Scars (1)

    • October 26, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Part 1 of 2. Tron's history before the occupation is revealed. Meanwhile, Beck tries to convince Tron to stop his planned revenge against a program named Dyson that was once his friend.

  • S01E09 Scars (2)

    • November 2, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Part 2 of 2. Will Beck be able to stop Tron from murdering Dyson for revenge?

  • S01E10 Grounded

    • December 3, 2012
    • Disney XD

    The Renegade is challenged by Tesler to a showdown, but Beck is grounded at the garage by Able. The situation forces Beck to choose between his duty to Able and his responsibilities as the Renegade.

  • S01E11 We Both Know How This Ends

    • December 10, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Mara tries to prove her leadership ability when she is put in charge of the garage while Able is away.

  • S01E12 The Stranger

    • December 17, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Beck falls into a trap and discovers a shocking secret; Able uncovers a plot to build a super weapon.

  • S01E13 Tagged

    • December 24, 2012
    • Disney XD

    The Renegade recruits three fearless supporters who have expressed their commitment to the revolution by tagging the grid with the message that "Tron Lives." After inviting them to join in the resistance, he discovers one of them is his best friend Mara and has to convince them that tagging is not the right path and devise a new plan targeting Tesler's ship.

  • S01E14 State of Mind

    • December 31, 2012
    • Disney XD

    Tesler uses Scientist Keller's mind-control agent originally designed to liberate programs, to build his army. When Mara falls victim to supporting the Occupation and turns against the Renegade, Zed and the Renegade must form an uneasy alliance to help rescue her.

  • S01E15 Welcome Home

    • January 7, 2013
    • Disney XD

    Beck tries to rescue a fleeing government scientist before Paige and the Occupation finds her; Paige and Beck become passengers on the same runaway train and Beck must save the innocent programs on the train without revealing his identity.

  • S01E16 Rendezvous

    • January 13, 2013
    • Disney XD

    Beck agrees to go on a date with Paige, but their night is cut short when Paige is betrayed by Pavel and thrown into the Games; Beck thinks he may finally be able to win her Paige over by rescuing her as The Renegade.

  • S01E17 No Bounds

    • January 20, 2013
    • Disney XD

    When 'The Stranger' returns to Argon City to plot revenge on Beck and Tron, Beck is forced to choose between saving Tron or his friends.

  • S01E18 Terminal

    • January 27, 2013
    • Disney XD

    Tron tells Beck that he is dying and that the only way to stop his illness is to use the Occupation's new super recognizer.