All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1The Original2016-10-02  
1 x 2Chestnut2016-10-09  
1 x 3The Stray2016-10-16  
1 x 4Dissonance Theory2016-10-23  
1 x 5Contrapasso2016-10-30  
1 x 6The Adversary2016-11-06  
1 x 7Trompe L'Oeil2016-11-13  
1 x 8Trace Decay2016-11-20  
1 x 9The Well-Tempered Clavier2016-11-27  
1 x 10The Bicameral Mind2016-12-04  
2 x 1Journey Into Night2018-04-22  
2 x 2Reunion2018-04-29  
2 x 3Virtù e Fortuna2018-05-06  
2 x 4The Riddle of the Sphinx2018-05-13  
2 x 5Akane No Mai2018-05-20