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Joe Mantegna



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Cannonball! 1984 Producer
A Pocket For Corduroy 1986 Producer
Lakeboat 2000 Director
Norman Mailer: The American 2012 Director
Corduroy 1984 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Simpsons I, Carumbus October 4, 2020 Guest Star
To Tell The Truth (2016) Joe Mantegna, Bobby Bones, Tom Lennon, Natasha Leggero September 3, 2020 Guest Star
The Real Daytime Joe Mantegna February 12, 2020 Guest Star
The Talk The cast of "Criminal Minds" January 8, 2020 Guest Star
The Simpsons The Fat Blue Line October 13, 2019 Guest Star
The Simpsons Go Big or Go Homer October 6, 2019 Guest Star
Criminal Minds Luke November 7, 2018 Director
Home & Family 6156 April 20, 2018 Guest Star
Criminal Minds The Dance of Love March 28, 2018 Director
Criminal Minds False Flag December 6, 2017 Director
The Simpsons Whistler's Father October 15, 2017 Guest Star
Criminal Minds True North April 5, 2017 Director
The Simpsons 22 for 30 March 12, 2017 Guest Star
Criminal Minds Mirror Image November 30, 2016 Director
Criminal Minds The Sandman March 16, 2016 Director
Criminal Minds Awake November 18, 2015 Guest Star
Criminal Minds Target Rich November 11, 2015 Guest Star
Criminal Minds 'Til Death Do Us Part October 14, 2015 Director
The Simpsons Bull-E May 10, 2015 Guest Star
The Simpsons What to Expect When Bart's Expecting April 27, 2014 Guest Star
Criminal Minds The Road Home January 22, 2014 Director
The Simpsons Penny-Wiseguys November 18, 2012 Guest Star
Top Gear (US) Dangerous Cars February 28, 2012 Guest Star
Extra Virgin An Old Family Recipe December 14, 2011 Guest Star
PBS Specials The War of 1812 October 10, 2011 Guest Star
The Simpsons The Real Housewives of Fat Tony May 1, 2011 Guest Star
Kim Possible And the Molerat Will Be CGI June 10, 2006 Guest Star
The Simpsons The Bonfire of the Manatees September 11, 2005 Guest Star
ALF's Hit Talk Show Joe Mantegna, Merv Griffin November 12, 2004 Guest Star
The Simpsons Faith Off January 16, 2000 Guest Star
The Simpsons Grift of the Magi December 19, 1999 Guest Star
Rugrats The Mattress November 1, 1997 Guest Star
Duckman Love! Anger! Kvetching! (a.k.a. Ain't Gonna Be No Mo No Mo') April 12, 1997 Guest Star
Duckman A Star is Abhorred March 15, 1997 Guest Star
The Simpsons The Twisted World of Marge Simpson January 19, 1997 Guest Star
Hope and Gloria A New York Story March 9, 1996 Guest Star
The Simpsons Homie the Clown February 12, 1995 Guest Star
Frasier I Hate Frasier Crane October 7, 1993 Guest Star
American Experience Knute Rockne and His Fighting Irish January 25, 1993 Guest Star
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Jay Leno (guest host), Bob Hope, Kathy Bates, Joe Mantegna December 17, 1991 Guest Star
The Simpsons Bart the Murderer October 10, 1991 Guest Star
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Jay Leno (guest host), Joe Mantegna, Robert Foxworth, Edie McClurg, Dave Koz June 20, 1991 Guest Star
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Jay Leno (guest host), Lucie Arnaz, Joe Mantegna, Fred Roggin, Garth Brooks January 24, 1991 Guest Star
Saturday Night Live Joe Mantegna/Vanilla Ice January 12, 1991 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone (1985) Shelter Skelter May 21, 1987 Guest Star
Bosom Buddies The Road to Monte Carlo December 4, 1981 Guest Star
It's a Living Of Mace and Men November 7, 1981 Guest Star
History Channel Documentaries The Great Empire Rome: The Enduring Legacy January 1, 1970 Guest Star