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Aaron Lustig



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Supergirl Hostile Takeover December 14, 2015 Guest Star
NCIS: Los Angeles Blaze of Glory March 30, 2015 Guest Star
NCIS Jurisdiction March 16, 2010 Guest Star
Boston Legal Indecent Proposals April 30, 2008 Guest Star
Cold Case The Good Death April 29, 2007 Guest Star
Crossing Jordan Family Affair January 30, 2005 Guest Star
Boston Legal Hired Guns December 19, 2004 Guest Star
Without a Trace American Goddess October 28, 2004 Guest Star
Jack & Bobby An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister) October 17, 2004 Guest Star
The Practice Cause of Action (2) October 12, 2003 Guest Star
She Spies We'll Be Right Back May 12, 2003 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise The Catwalk December 18, 2002 Guest Star
Charmed Womb Raider May 9, 2002 Guest Star
Family Law Celano v. Foster March 4, 2002 Guest Star
Family Law Sex, Lies, and the Internet December 10, 2001 Guest Star
Family Law The Quality of Mercy February 5, 2001 Guest Star
The West Wing Let Bartlet Be Bartlet April 26, 2000 Guest Star
Family Law Second Chance April 24, 2000 Guest Star
Will & Grace Terms of Employment November 30, 1999 Guest Star
3rd Rock from the Sun Sex and the Sally November 30, 1999 Guest Star
Ally McBeal Heat Wave November 15, 1999 Guest Star
Family Guy I Never Met the Dead Man April 11, 1999 Guest Star
Brimstone Slayer December 11, 1998 Guest Star
The Pretender Someone to Trust November 7, 1998 Guest Star
Sports Night The Apology September 29, 1998 Guest Star
NYPD Blue I Don't Wanna Dye March 31, 1998 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Speak For Yourself, Bruce Clayton March 24, 1998 Guest Star
Caroline in the City Caroline and the Visit From Mom March 16, 1998 Guest Star
Michael Hayes Imagine (1) March 4, 1998 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Don't Kill the Messenger February 24, 1998 Guest Star
Moesha The Play Scene September 23, 1997 Guest Star
Spy Game You Just Can't Trust Anyone These Days June 14, 1997 Guest Star
The Jamie Foxx Show Break Yourself, Fool April 30, 1997 Guest Star
Men Behaving Badly (US) The Party Favor April 9, 1997 Guest Star
Unhappily Ever After Eating Hollywood November 17, 1996 Guest Star
Dave's World Death of a Saleswoman October 25, 1995 Guest Star
NYPD Blue E.R. October 24, 1995 Guest Star
The Drew Carey Show No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike October 18, 1995 Guest Star
The Crew Who's Got the Button? October 12, 1995 Guest Star
Dream On Music in My Veins (1) September 13, 1995 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager Ex Post Facto February 27, 1995 Guest Star
Dave's World Bear With Me January 23, 1995 Guest Star
Love & War At the Pantheon (2) January 11, 1995 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote The Murder Channel November 6, 1994 Guest Star
Duckman American Dicks May 28, 1994 Guest Star
Martin Whoomp! There It Ain't December 12, 1993 Guest Star
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Home is Where the Heart Attack Is November 15, 1993 Guest Star
Mad About You The Unplanned Child October 28, 1993 Guest Star
Flying Blind The Panic in the Park February 7, 1993 Guest Star
Flying Blind Ted over Heels January 10, 1993 Guest Star
Married... with Children Rock of Ages November 15, 1992 Guest Star
Civil Wars For Better Or Perverse January 21, 1992 Guest Star
Coach The Pineapple Bowl (1) December 10, 1991 Guest Star
Reasonable Doubts One Woman's Word November 29, 1991 Guest Star
Quantum Leap Raped October 30, 1991 Guest Star
Good Grief 13th Episode Anniversary Special February 3, 1991 Guest Star
Empty Nest Whenever I Feel Afraid December 15, 1990 Guest Star
Going Places Clean sweep October 12, 1990 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Four Women January 19, 1990 Guest Star
ALF Wanted: Dead or Alive October 2, 1989 Guest Star
Dallas Country Girl February 24, 1989 Guest Star