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John Kassir




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sidekick Ahoy! May 15, 2020 Guest Star
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Hometown Hero November 11, 2011 Guest Star
Castle (2009) Anatomy of a Murder October 18, 2010 Guest Star
Afro Samurai Revenge January 4, 2007 Guest Star
Bones The Girl in Suite 2103 October 4, 2006 Guest Star
Ben 10 Last Laugh February 25, 2006 Guest Star
Avatar: The Last Airbender Chapter Sixteen: The Deserter October 21, 2005 Guest Star
CSI: Miami Crime Wave November 8, 2004 Guest Star
Cold Case Greed (a.k.a. Greed is Good) April 18, 2004 Guest Star
The Handler Off the Edge December 12, 2003 Guest Star
Kim Possible Day of the Snowmen November 14, 2003 Guest Star
Joan of Arcadia The Fire and the Wood October 3, 2003 Guest Star
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Assume Nothing (1) September 25, 2003 Guest Star
My Life as a Teenage Robot Party Machine September 5, 2003 Guest Star
My Life as a Teenage Robot Unlicensed Flying Object August 22, 2003 Guest Star
The Simpsons Old Yeller Belly May 4, 2003 Guest Star
Grounded for Life Eddie and This Guy with Diamonds April 17, 2002 Guest Star
The Job Betrayal March 20, 2002 Guest Star
The Simpsons Jaws Wired Shut January 27, 2002 Guest Star
Family Guy A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas December 21, 2001 Guest Star
Totally Spies! Amour, espionnes et Moyen-Âge November 17, 2001 Guest Star
The Mummy: The Animated Series The Deep Blue Sea October 20, 2001 Guest Star
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Large Target November 27, 2000 Guest Star
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Star Crossed November 9, 2000 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager Critical Care November 1, 2000 Guest Star
Friends The One with Joey's Big Break May 13, 1999 Guest Star
CatDog Dem Bones February 25, 1999 Guest Star
The Simpsons Marge Simpson in: 'Screaming Yellow Honkers' February 21, 1999 Guest Star
CatDog Fred the Flying Fish February 19, 1999 Guest Star
Sliders Lipschitz Live! November 30, 1998 Guest Star
The Wild Thornberrys Blood Sisters October 27, 1998 Guest Star
Early Edition The Fourth Carpathian April 18, 1998 Guest Star
Cow and Chicken Dirty Laundry February 10, 1998 Guest Star
Ask Harriet Help Me, Help Me, Rwanda January 15, 1998 Guest Star
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Getting Personal August 30, 1997 Guest Star
Johnny Bravo Bearly Enough Time July 14, 1997 Guest Star
Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women July 7, 1997 Guest Star
Malcolm & Eddie Jingle Fever May 19, 1997 Guest Star
Boston Common I.D. Endow April 13, 1997 Guest Star
Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series The Return of Asteroth December 27, 1996 Guest Star
The Single Guy Kept Man October 10, 1996 Guest Star
Malcolm & Eddie Pilot August 26, 1996 Guest Star
Duckman The Mallardian Candidate March 16, 1996 Guest Star
The Single Guy Communication January 4, 1996 Guest Star
The Single Guy Midnight December 14, 1995 Guest Star
Brotherly Love Witchcraft October 30, 1995 Guest Star
The Single Guy Gift October 5, 1995 Guest Star
Duckman T.V. or Not to Be March 12, 1994 Guest Star
Tales from the Crypt Oil's Well That Ends Well November 24, 1993 Guest Star
Animaniacs Noah's Lark November 3, 1993 Guest Star
Tales from the Crypt Forever Ambergris October 2, 1993 Guest Star
Dream On The Guilty Party September 26, 1992 Guest Star
The Facts of Life Let's Face the Music February 13, 1988 Guest Star
Moonlighting Yours, Very Deadly October 28, 1986 Guest Star
Jenny A Girl's Gotta Go Vogue January 1, 1970 Guest Star
Showtime at the Apollo S01E04 January 1, 1970 Guest Star