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Season 1

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Puppetmaster

    • September 28, 1990

    Brian hires an actor to play the role of a charming pilot who asks Helen out.

  • S02E02 The Story of Joe

    • October 5, 1990

    A magazine writer wants to do a cover story on Joe, but then he meets Brian, and finds his life more interesting. Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) and Norm Peterson (George Wendt) visit the island.

  • S02E03 A Little Nightmare Music

    • October 12, 1990

    Helen plays her cello to a very famous conductor (special guest star David Ogden Stiers), who tells her she's terrible.

  • S02E04 Sports and Leisure

    • October 19, 1990

    Roy tries to make friends with the gang by joining them in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

  • S02E05 A Standup Kind of Guy

    • October 26, 1990

    Joe holds a bachelor party for a guy he can't remember going to high school with.

  • S02E06 It's Not the Thought, It's the Gift

    • November 9, 1990

    Joe and Brian compete to see who gets Helen a more expensive birthday gift.

  • S02E07 Hell Hath No Fury Like a Policewoman Scorned

    • November 16, 1990

    Brian dates a policewoman to get her to drop charges on his unpaid parking tickets. Meanwhile, Lowell totes his video camera around the airport trying to capture something to submit to the show "America's Wackiest Videos."

  • S02E08 High Anxiety

    • November 23, 1990

    Joe's grounded due to high blood pressure and he wonders if Helen will go out with him, now that he's not a pilot.

  • S02E09 Friends or Lovers?

    • December 7, 1990

    Joe and Helen go on their first date and Brian hires high school student Kenny McElvey (Michael Manasseri) as a backup pilot for the grounded Joe.

  • S02E10 There's Always Room for Cello

    • December 14, 1990

    Everyone is surprised when Roy lets his son R.J.,star of the high school football team,take cello lessons from Helen.Roy thinks his son just has a crush on Helen,but when Helen brings the issue up with R.J.,he tells her that he's gay.The gang soon finds out and Brian is dying to tell Roy but they won't let him. R.J. finally tells Roy he's Gay and Roy refuses to believe him and challenges him to a game of basketball,if Roy wins R.J.'s not gay but if R.J. wins he is.But every time R.J. beats Roy,he wants to play again.R.J. tells Roy no matter how many times Roy beats him it won't change who he is.But the games continue as Joe and Brian watch

  • S02E11 A Terminal Christmas

    • December 21, 1990

    When everyone's Christmas turns rotten,the gang decide to go over to Fay's house and crash her Christmas Party.But when they arrive they find her alone and sad,depressed that this is her first Christmas without her third husband George.After a lifeless dinner Fay finally comes to peace with her husband's departure by scattering George's ashes over the ocean.

  • S02E12 Airport '90

    • January 3, 1991

    At the urging of an enthusiastic Helen,Joe starts a flight school.With Lowell and another student the only ones enrolled.Joe spends 3 days on lift,and Helen is ready to quit.Bored out of her mind,Brian offers her a chance to fly the plane.But air turbulence knocks out Brian shortly into the flight leaving Helen on her own in the skies.Joe talks her down,and the near death experience has Joe and Helen finally taking the final plunge into dating.

  • S02E13 Love is Like Pulling Teeth

    • January 10, 1991

    Joe is torn,on one hand he promised to take care of Helen,who is gonna be layed up for the night after visiting the dentist.And on the hand he's missing the biggest College Basketball game of the year,when Providence plays Boston College.Joe soon finds out Helen's TV is in the shop,so he bundles up an unconscious Helen and takes her to his house and the party.She wanders off and everyone except Roy has to go looking for her. The next day Helen,tells Joe she knows what he did,and he's ready to take his medicine like a man but she tells him,she knows he missed the biggest game of the year to play nurse maid to her.

  • S02E14 The Tennis Bum

    • January 24, 1991

    For the upcoming model show, Lowell brings in his most prized possession, his radio controlled Graf Zeppelin model. Storing it in Joe's office he makes only one request, that no one touch it, including Joe. But Joe can't resist and of course destroys it, after Roy bursts in without knocking and crushes it behind the door. Meanwhile, Brian's attempt at cheering Fay up by letting her beat him in a game of tennis, turns into embarrassment as the news of the victory spreads. So Brian, with wounded pride, challenges Fay to a rematch, but bows out when he realizes that he can't beat her. So he fakes an injury to save face. Helen confronts Roy about not hiring any female pilots, so he claims that a male looking pilot is actually female. When Helen finally gets the nerve to ask him he is female, he says no. Roy says he was just playing mind games.

  • S02E15 My Brother's Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble

    • January 31, 1991

    When Joe's back goes out and forces him into a stay at the hospital,Brian takes over Sandpiper.His eagerness is soon deflated,when all his new ideas (like inviting some Travel Agents for an all expenses paid trip to Nantucket) and crazy promotions (painting the Sandpiper logo on the back of a crab and giving them to passengers)turns into a disastrous mess. When Joe returns he finds the Airport in complete chaos,with the Marching band and the team mascot ready to board the plane for a world record attempt,and Brian looking for the plane after he misplaced it.

  • S02E16 Plane Nine from Nantucket

    • February 7, 1991

    During a cargo flight,Brian and Joe see a UFO. Despite Joe's concerns about bringing down unfavorable media attention to Sandpiper, Brian reports the sighting to the FAA. Brian's report is ignored by the federal agents, but not by the UFO Society that visits afterward. Unfortunately, when Joe and Brian agree to take the group and a reporter up to see if they can see the UFO again, the UFO society shows it's true colors. Meanwhile, Helen informs Fay she still owes her money on the lunch bill, which Fay insists she payed. They end up resorting to an arm wrestling contest to settle the dispute.

  • S02E17 Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

    • February 14, 1991

    Valentines Day gets off to a rocky start for Helen and Joe;Joe's gift of chocolates is not appreciated by the once overweight Helen.But Helen apologizes for taking it the wrong way,sending Joe a note telling him to her at the their special place later that night.However the have different places in mind,for Joe,it's Indian Point,where they had there first date.For Helen it was Pontorelli's,where they first ate.After a confusing night they finally end up at Pontorelli's for a late Valentine's day. Meanwhile,when Roy's blind date exceeds all his low expectations, all he can do is try and figure out what's wrong with her.

  • S02E18 Love Means Never Having to Say Geronimo

    • February 21, 1991

    Wanting a night alone,Joe and Helen kick Brian out of the house,but Brian shows up the next day with a woman named Gwen who he intends to marry.Despite the objections of Joe and Helen,the happy couple and the wedding party (with Roy as the minister and Joe and Helen as the Best Man and Brides Maid,respectively) go up in Joe's plane,to watch the marriage ceremony and subsequent sky-dive.In the midst of all this excitement Joe and Helen decide to take the plunge too.Suddenly Gwen has a major change of heart,and her and Brian decide not to get married after all,as do Joe and Helen.

  • S02E19 All in the Family

    • March 7, 1991

    When Brian starts to date Kenny's mother,Kenny is worried about Brian's reputation with women.But just as Kenny warms to the idea of them dating,Brian dumps her. Meanwhile,Joe and Helen squabble over the issue of privacy.

  • S02E20 Mother Wore Stripes

    • March 14, 1991

    Brian is ecstatic when he and Joe's mother returns to Nantucket years after deserting them and their father.For Joe it's too little to late,because he can't forgive her for leaving.

  • S02E21 Murder She Roast

    • March 21, 1991

    While the brother's house is being fumigated,Brian is forced to stay with Fay,because Joe refuses to let him stay with him at Helen's.As Brian soon learns it's not that bad staying with Fay,that is until he thinks it's her being featured on the "Most Wanted" show he is watching. Fay makes Brian a "Farewell" dinner,and an anxious forces Joe and Helen to attend as well.But that still doesn't stop Fay from knocking out both brother's accidentally with a frozen leg of lamb,she had planned to cook for dinner the next night.

  • S02E22 Duet for Cello and Plane

    • March 28, 1991

    Much to Joe's surprise,Helen wins a job with the Maine State Symphony.But when Helen comes to Joe and tells him she would stay if he only asked,the discussion turns into a huge fight involving a fire extinguisher and a grease gun.Then comes the unwelcome news that the Symphony has lost there funding and there is no job.Joe prepares to apologize but,Helen's ready to leave;tired of not getting anywhere with her musical career,she decides to leave Nantucket for New York City.When Joe does ask her to stay,she leaves anyway. Meanwhile,a confused looking woman who doesn't speak english and has been hanging around the airport gains Fay's sympathy and Roy's Hostility.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Naked Truth

    • September 19, 1991

    After a ten month silence,Joe hears from Helen in New York City.When Helen fishes around about there relationship,he can't bring himself to tell her about his new girlfriend,Gail.Joe and Brian travel to New York,so Joe can tell Helen in person about Gail,but the two find Helen working as a waitress in a strip joint.Intent on getting Helen to leave New York and return to Nantucket,Joe doesn't mention Gail.Upon their return to the island,Gail surprises them.After a screaming match and feeling hurt and betrayed,Helen drives her jeep through Joe's office.

  • S03E02 Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket...?

    • September 26, 1991

    Helen's refuses to pay for the repairs to Joe office,even after she ran her jeep through it,so Joe takes her to small claims court.Joe tries to get everyone,including Fay and Brian to deliver the Subpoena,but they refuse.That is until Roy gladly takes the challenge and gets a glass of Juice splashed in his face for his trouble. Helen falls and hurts her ankle to everyone's surprise and is late for court,when she does arrive Joe thinks she's faking and pushes her down and pokes her with her own crutch.In the end Joe wins the case and and rubs it in so much,Helen once again smashes her jeep through his office.

  • S03E03 The Taming of the Shrew

    • October 10, 1991

    Concerned by Helen's persistent anger over her break up with Joe,the rest of the group convince her to seek with help with the transition group.Though the group turns out to be a senior citizen's group,Helen realizes the true source of her pain and finally has a reconciliation with Joe.But it doesn't save Joe's poor office from Helen's jeep;though it's Joe who accidentally plows through his office this time. Meanwhile, after escorting Helen to the group meeting, Brian becomes obsessed with talking about Carol and takes over the group.

  • S03E04 I Ain't Got No Bunny

    • October 17, 1991

    Hearing that Lowell is having problems with his wife Bunny because of his paranoia that she's flirting with other men,Brian offers foolishly to discuss the issue with Bunny.Unfortunately, Lowell suspicions are not unfounded, as Brian soon finds out when Joe walks in on Bunny coming on to Brian.

  • S03E05 If Elected, I Will Not Live

    • October 31, 1991

    When Roy's competition for the town council drops out,the gang convince Joe to run against him.But the surprise endorsement of Joe's campaign manager Fay,by the local newspaper,gives Roy more competition than he can handle.So Roy concocts a plan,involving a story about how he has never won anything his entire life.Touched by Roy's story of his embarrassing failures in grade school,Fay throws the election.

  • S03E06 My Brother's Keeper

    • November 7, 1991

    The arrival of Millionaire Mimsy Borogroves has Fay,Roy and Helen eager to tap into her wealth;Fay wants a new Senior Citizens Center,Roy (now as a City Councilman) wants investment money for Nantucket,and Helen wanst to start of her new real estate career with a big sell.But Mimsy has eyes for Brian,and he soon enjoys the good life,receiving expensive presents and accompanying Mimsy everywhere.Joe is ashamed of Brian's actions,but Brian ignores him.Joe's disgust quickly disappears when Mimsy offers to buy him a new plane.Unfortunately for the rest of the group,Brian finally takes heed of Joe's earlier words and ends his relationship with Mimsy,who in turn pulls all of her money out of Nantucket.

  • S03E07 Crate Expectations

    • November 14, 1991

    As his birthday approaches,Joe firmly insists that the rest of the gang not throw him a party.When Fay asks him to stay late to wait for a shipment of airplane seats,he suspects that,despite his words,the gang will be throwing him a surprise party,by springing out of the crate.But he ends up embarrassing himself when the crate arrives;upon hearing about it the next day,the gang decide to surprise him by coming in another crate. Unfortunately,Joe receives a crate full of kitchen appliances, and the rest of the gang end up on a ferry to the mainland.

  • S03E08 Ladies Who Lunch

    • November 21, 1991

    Tired of the bickering between Helen and Gail, Joe suggests that the two go out to lunch together. Things go farther than he expects, though, as the two women become fast friends, comparing embarrassing notes about him. A confrontation between Joe and Helen about the strange triangle quickly turns from angry words to passion, only to be interrupted by a shocked Gail. Gail breaks it off with Joe and departs, while Helen brushes away the newly reawakened feelings and leaves too, leaving Joe alone. Meanwhile, Fay tries to continue her streak of touching every first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt, when the president and his wife visit Nantucket. But when Roy demands to have his picture taken with the president, he is arrested for his trouble.

  • S03E09 Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered

    • December 5, 1991

    With the airport shut down due to fog. The Gang tries to find ways to pass time, which leads to Brian doing his Hypnosis act on volunteers. Including Joe, and finally Roy. While under, Roy reveals he stole 250,000 dollars and buried it in his backyard, until the statue of limitations is up. The rest of the gang dig up his backyard, with the intent of returning the money to it's rightful owner, only to discover that their hole is to become the resting place for Roy's new hot tub. Roy's glee is short-lived though as he soon discovers where they hauled the dirt.

  • S03E10 The Late Mrs. Biggins

    • December 12, 1991

    Pressured by questions, Roy reveals his wife Sylvia is not dead after all, but living in Boston, after having deserted him abruptly sixteen years ago. In the company of Brian, Roy flies to Boston to win his wife back. Roy's efforts are for naught, however, as Sylvia refuses to leave her life as the wife of a rich plastic surgeon to return to Nantucket with him.

  • S03E11 The Bogey Men

    • December 19, 1991

    Brian talks Joe into a vacation so they can do a little golfing, only to find out it's actually a time share weekend, where they want you to buy a condo. When Roy finds out he horns his way in (being that he's been banned himself for already three times). Lowell is then invited to tag along to make it a foursome. But the minute they arrive, their ushered away to a marathon sales pitch. Then The rest of the weekend is ruined by a rain storm off the coast, so they can't go golfing. Meanwhile back at the airport, Antonio who just learned to play the guitar, decides to treat the airport crowd to the only song he knows, "Michael Row the boat ashore". Over and over and over again. Until Helen chases him away with his own guitar.

  • S03E12 Marriage, Italian Style

    • January 9, 1992

    Antonio arrives at the airport with bad news: the government is planning to deport him. But Antonio can stay if he marries an American citizen, so Brian finds him a bride. But when the federal agent comes to town, Antonio's bride to be deserts him. Helen jumps into save Antonio just in time, on the premise that they will get a divorce as soon as possible. Despite getting cold feet right before the wedding, Helen becomes Antonio's wife, but then finds out the divorce won't come for three years.

  • S03E13 Divorce, American Style

    • January 16, 1992

    Stunned by the news that their "quickie" divorce won't be for another three years, Helen sadly resigns herself to life as Antonio's wife. But soon Brian's news about a green card lottery revives her hopes, until Antonio's call to Immigration reveals he was not picked. But Helen soon finds out Antonio lied about not being picked; when she asks about his deception, he answers that he was hoping that she would grow to love him. Much his parents had done decades before while in an arranged marriage. It is not to be, however, and Helen asked Antonio for a divorce.

  • S03E14 Stew in a Stew

    • January 23, 1992

    Fay is understanding when Joe tells her he won't be able to give her a raise,but when she sees the brother's gloating over a pair of new leather flight jackets,she quits.She accepts a position at Aeromass,while Joe struggles at Sandpiper.After Brian tells the story of how they met years ago,there differences are finally resolved.

  • S03E15 This Old House

    • January 30, 1992

    The news that the Hackett's old house has been condemned due to storm damage has the two brother's trying to save it. But all efforts fail (including Roy's voting against saving it on the town council), so the gang all visit the house one more time before the wrecking ball is scheduled to level the place. Reliving their unhappy childhoods, Joe and Brian realize how miserable their memories of the house really are, and they decide to get a head start on the wrecking ball by doing a little demolishing of their own. Belatedly, they find out that the house has been saved by the historic committee.

  • S03E16 Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes

    • February 13, 1992

    Dr. Frasier Crane's plans to conduct a self-esteem seminar on Nantucket are interrupted by Helen's accusations that he ruined her life in New York City when she attended one of his seminars. Instead of the refund she desires, Frasier allows Helen to attend the seminar for free to see if her problems can be solved. The seminar soon turns into an airing out of some of the long standing conflicts between Joe, Brian and Helen and Frasier's seminar is ruined.

  • S03E17 Das Plane

    • February 20, 1992

    Joe is pleased to learn that the ticket he donated to the children's hospital's charity event brought in a staggering 10,000 dollars. But his mood soon turns sour when a misprint on the ticket (thanks to Brian) forces him to fly crabby old Carlton Blanchard on a cross-country trip for a reunion with his brother. Lowell and Antonio tag along, but the frustrations of the flight have Joe and Brian at each others throats and ready to go there seperate ways. But seeing the fists fly at Carlton's reunion help the two make peace.

  • S03E18 Take My Life, Please

    • February 27, 1992

    After her short-lived career in real estate ends in disgrace, the gang convince Helen to take a job placement exam. When the exam suggest she should pursue a career in Music or Food Service, they decide to change it, to Law or Stand Up Comedian. To everyone's surprise, the least likely of the two chooses is the one she picks; Comedian. At Brian's suggestion she uses her cello as her gimmick, and posts flyers all over town about her big comedy debut at the Club Car. But her big night is ruined when a comedian on just before her uses virtually the same gimmick and wows the crowd.

  • S03E19 Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy

    • April 2, 1992

    Antonio stories of his successes with a video dating service soon have Joe,Brian,Helen and Lowell plunging into the video dating tray.Joe ends up with a

  • S03E20 The Bank Dick

    • April 23, 1992

    After returning from a vacation made possible by a hefty tax refund,Brian finds out that the refund was an error.To help pay of his bet he takes on a second as a security guard at the bank.But he's fired after a robbery and it's back to flying.But while flying Antonio to Boston he discovers the robber is on board the plane.Unfortunately the robber also recognizes Brian,and pulls a gun out to force Brian to land.Brian then decides to make a dangerous move and dares the would be Hi-Jacker as the plane is screaming towards the ground,the robber gives in first and hands the gun to Antonio. Meanwhile,Antonio leaves for a trip to his hime country of Italy and no one cares.

  • S03E21 Say It Ain't So, Joe

    • April 30, 1992

    To help commemorate the anticpated breaking of Joe's old high school strike out record,Joe's old coach coerces him to fly him and his star player Ty Warner (Party of Five) to the game.But when Joe decides not to land at the airport due to poor visiblity,was his main concern safety or his record? Either way after Roy offers to fly him,Ty gets to the game and pitches the last two innings,striking all 6 batters he faces and breaks the record.

  • S03E22 As Fate Would Have It

    • May 7, 1992

    When Helen accidently spills soup all over a man's expensive Italian suit,she thinks her fortunes have sunk to their lowest.But it turns out the man is the managing Director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra,and in a bizarre twist of fate,she ends up with a job as a cellist,with her first performance scheduled for that very night.Her happiness is tempered though when everyone except Roy has other committments and can't attend.But suddenly those disappear and soon they are on there way to Boston.But then yet another hurdle presents itself,as one of the planes engines on Joe's Twin engine Cessna dies.Just as things are looking up,Helen's luck runs out as the other engine dies and they go plunging into the atlantic.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Lifeboat

    • September 24, 1992

    Stranded at sea aboard a lifeboat after Joe ditched his airplane,the gang spend restless hours at each other's throats, awaiting rescue.Joe watches his plane sink,and Helen loses her cello.Just as things are at there worst,and the lifeboat is losing air,they are rescued by the Coast Guard.But for Joe things don't get better,as the unpaid bills begin to pile up and his search for a plane to rent proves futile.Finally he decides to sell Sandpiper and move to the South Pacific,and convinces Helen to come with.But then Lowell comes out of the hangar and says he has something Joe might wanna see,it's his plane that was just salvaged.After seeing that he cannot leave.

  • S04E02 The Fortune Cookie

    • October 1, 1992

    Angry at the nearly non-existent aid from his insurance company, Joe lets Brian convince him to fake an injury to get more money out of his insurers.Despite Helen's loud objections,they get a shady doctor's letter and wait for the insurers to come and inspect Joe.But Joe gets cold feet at the last minute,forcing the two brothers to have to switch roles.The investigator is a beautiful woman who quickly fools Brian into giving away the whole scam,and the two brothers look like there headed for court or worse.But their panic is unnecessary,as Helen reveals the investigator is a friend of hers;she just wanted to teach the brothers a lesson.But then Roy shows up with a check from Joe's insurers for non-existent injuries,and Helen beats a hasty retreat.

  • S04E03 Noses Off

    • October 8, 1992

    Sandpiper is finally back in business,but Joe's nose is broken by a man who mistakes him for Brian.At the surgeon's office,the doctor's observation of a bump on Brian's nose has him obsessing about getting a nose job.

  • S04E04 Blackout Biggins

    • October 22, 1992

    Roy complains out loud about the singing of the national anthem at a Red Sox game; he believes he could do far better. So with Brian's connections in the Sox front office, Roy is given the chance to sing at Fenway. Roy responds by blacking out while doing the national anthem at the game.

  • S04E05 Mathers of the Heart

    • October 29, 1992

    Kissed by Helen after he fixes her stove, Lowell decides to ask for a date. She laughs in his face, but concedes to a date while apologizing to him. The next day, the brothers discover that Helen had wonderful time, while Lowell was bored out of his mind. It takes a while, but on their next date, Lowell finally gets up the nerve to dump Helen. Depressed after being dumped, Helen wonders if her and Joe were meant to be together. But after sharing a steamy kiss in the airport terminal, they quickly dismiss the idea.

  • S04E06 Two Jerks and a Jill

    • November 5, 1992

    The arrival on Nantucket of beautiful new helicopter pilot, Alex Lambert soon has the brothers chasing after her, despite her obvious non-interest. Meanwhile, Antonio gets invited to the Tuesday night rat shoot with Lowell and his buddies Tom and Tucker, where he upstages Lowell by shooting more rats.

  • S04E07 It's So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House

    • November 12, 1992

    When Alex agrees to go on a date with him on a boat to see the Parade of Tall ships,Brian borrows Lowell's boat.But on a dry run Brian sinks Lowell's it.Joe and Brian invite Lowell to stay with them for a while,and are surprised at how well Lowell cooks and how eager he is to do the household chores.They enjoy his visit so much that when his insurance check arrives they decide to hang onto it for a little while.But soon the honeymoon comes to an end as Lowell's strict discipline rubs the Hackett's the wrong way.But when they've agreed to boot Lowell out they discover his check is missing.At supper that night,he confronts them with the check.While ironing out the misunderstanding about the check,the brothers and Lowell make peace and they invite him to stay on.

  • S04E08 Just Say No

    • November 19, 1992

    Joe and Helen watch with trepidation as Shannon Moss (one of Brian's old girlfriends) arrives. Their fears are soon realized when Brian falls under her spell, yet again. Despite the fact that she is just using him to boost her own fragile ego, seems her career is in trouble and her boyfriend just dumped her. But Brian thinks their starting a real relationship this time, as always Shannon pushes him aside once her life seems to fall back into place. Brian doesn't wake up to the truth until goaded by Joe and Helen into a final confrontation with Shannon in the airport.

  • S04E09 It May Have Happened One Night

    • December 3, 1992

    Rumors abound at the airport when Antonio reveals he saw Joe's car parked outside of Alex's apartment late the night before.Soon the airport is buzzing and it's driving Brian and Helen crazy.But thanks to Alex's intoxication, Joe is the only one who knows the real truth and he won't tell.That is until confronted by Alex who makes a big scene and pretends to leave after he won't tell her,but she soon returns.He eventually tells her the whole story and they share a steamy kiss.and just like that Alex is back in control.

  • S04E10 The Customer's Usually Right

    • December 17, 1992

    Joe's irration at getting charged a rewind fee for a returned videotape which he believes was rewound,ends up costing the nice old lady at the Video Store her job.His chagrin deepens when he finds out that the tape hadn't been rewound (Lowell had watched it after Joe did and never rewound it),and more guilt is heaped upon his shoulders when he finds out the lady suffered a stroke following her firing.He visits the woman at the hospital,only to find her entire family present,and she seems to recover after hearing his apologetic words.

  • S04E11 Exit Laughing

    • January 7, 1993

    Helen ignores Joe's advice and decides to go out with one of Joe's old college friends,but she soon comes to regret that decision when she realizes she can't bare his annoying laugh. Finally she decides to dump but she in for a big surprise;

  • S04E12 What the Cabbie Saw

    • January 14, 1993

    Antonio performs his civic duty when he helps bring to court a suspected robber and then testifies against him.But then the suspect gets released on a technicality and Antonio starts to fear for his life.

  • S04E13 Labor Pains

    • January 28, 1993

    After a trip to see a friend in Boston at Logan Airport,and finding out how much more he gets payed,Lowell decides to ask Roy and Joe for a raise.Following Antonio's advice,Lowell threatens to leave for a job in Boston if his demands aren't met.Joe can't afford the raise,and Roy refuses to cough anymore money.Even though he doesn't want that job in Boston,Lowell continues to bluff,until he finds himself out of a job,replaced by Gil and saying goodbye to his friends.But later that night Lowell returns much to everyone's surprise,and pays Antonio back for his advice.

  • S04E14 I've Got a Secret

    • February 4, 1993

    Loose talk at Helen's house one night between Antonio,Helen and Alex reveals Alex once posed for Playboy.Helen and Antonio promise to keep it a secret,but at the airport the following Monday,Joe and Brian quickly find out about it.They then quickly raid Roy's office and his collection of Playboys,eventually finding the photo.Antonio becomes the focus of Alex's wrath,but it is soon revealed the secret was leaked by a subconsciously jealous Helen at the beauty parlor. Angry Words are exchanged between Alex and Helen when the truth comes to light.The situation is diffused by a very anxious Fay,who wants to use the bathroom and can't while they are arguing.

  • S04E15 The Gift (1)

    • February 11, 1993

    When Helen hears about auditions for the Nantucket String Quartet,it revives her aspirations of being a cellist. Unfortunately,she has no cello,thanks to the plane ditched at sea.Urged on by Brian,she takes on a second job at the fish packing plant to earn money for a new cello,but her happiness soon turns sour when she gets laid off.Disturbed at seeing her so unhappy,Brian convinces Joe to take out another mortgage on the the house to buy Helen a new cello,but to the two brothers shock she refuses the generous gift. Meanwhile,Fay,Antonio,Roy and Lowell get parts in the cummunity theatre's production of "The Phantom of the Oprah".All about a ghost haunting the The Oprah show,complete with Fay playing the role of Oprah Winfrey.

  • S04E16 The Gift (2)

    • February 18, 1993

    Helen is unhappy that the brothers are "coming to her rescue" with their gift,but they finally convince her to except the gift and go after the job in the Nantucket String Quartet.When the first choices of the String Quartet decline,she wins a place in the group.Helen's happiness is soon tempered by the strange quirks of her fellow musicians,but for the sake of the job Brian and Joe helped her get,she doesn't quit.But her first performance is ruined by the guy she replaced,when he returns and forces the disbanding of the quartet. Meanwhile,after some not so stellar rehearsals,"Phantom of the Oprah" is canceled before the first performance.

  • S04E17 I Love Brian

    • February 25, 1993

    To impress Alex, Brian tells her he is a good friend of Clint Black and that he can get ticket's to Black's sold-out Boston show.Helen works her way into the mix,knowing Brian is up to his old tricks.Brian finally talks Lowell into dumping his three friends and going along with him,so he can have Lowell's tickets for him,Alex and Helen.Finally Helen coerces Brian into trying to get them into meeting Clint,but Brian is stopped at every turn until Helen talks to Clint and he pretends to be Brian's old friend.

  • S04E18 The Key to Alex

    • March 15, 1993

    In their pursuit of Alex,Joe and Brian take some indirect tips from Helena as she describes her own reactions to another's man advances.But Alex sees through all their ploys,until Joe and Brian finally resort to honest conversation over dinner to settle their relationship with Alex.

  • S04E19 The Houseguest

    • April 8, 1993

    To cheer up Carlton Blanchard on a lonely birthday,Helen invites him to her house for a party.But after Carlton falls down her stairs and threatens a lawsuit from his lawyer son,Helen's hospitality is stretched to the limit as he settles in her living room to recover from her injuries.Finally,Helen discovers two things that are no surprise at all.Carlton doesn't have a lawyer for a son and his injuries are imaginary.So she botts him out.

  • S04E20 Goodbye, Old Friend

    • April 29, 1993

    Weeb Gilroy's death has Lowell searching for the right words to write for a eulogy for his long time friend.Words fail him at the end;all he can think of is to finish working on the plane that they used to work on.With Joe's help they finally get it into the air. Meanwhile,Helen,who hasn't slept in days due to a squirrel in the attic keeping her up all night,suffers a concussion and the doctor tells her she must stay up for at least 24 hours as a precaution.Brian and Joe take on the job,resorting to using water guns to keep her up.In the end she tries to seduce Brian into letting her sleep,but it fails when Joe catches her in the act after pretending he was going to bed.

  • S04E21 Another Wedding

    • May 6, 1993

    At Walter's wedding,Lowell's hopes of getting back together with Bunny are dashed when she introduces him to her date.Trying to save face, Lowell tells her about his own date,Yvette,and is saved from telling the truth when a late arriving Alex shows up to support his bluff. Meanwhile,Joe attempts to avoid a dull acquaintance,Antonio tries to gather up enough courage to talk to a beautiful woman, Helen attempts to break away from her dancing partner to talk to another more interesting man,and a lonely Brian leaves before Alex arrives.

  • S04E22 Date Package Number Seven

    • May 13, 1993

    Alex's weekend with Brian is spoiled when the wonderful spontaneity of the event revealed by Joe and Helen to be one of Brian's many prepared date packages.But instead of taking advantage of Brian's failure,Joe pleads his brothers case to Alex,and she Brian decide to start dating.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Stop in the Name of Love

    • September 16, 1993

    Everyone is of course skeptical when Brian announces that his relationship with Alex is special. To try to insure that their relationship lasts longer than a couple of weeks, they decide not to sleep with one another yet.

  • S05E02 Terminal Jealousy

    • September 23, 1993

    On a boring day,Roy decides to have some fun at everyone's else's expense.He plants the idea in Brian's head that Joe and Alex have something going on,which soon has Brian obsessing about it.Then misleads Helen into insulting the state health inspector,who happens to be an old foe from her high school days.

  • S05E03 Bye-Bye, Bunny

    • September 30, 1993

    Lowell and Bunny make their seperation final by signing the divorce papers,but as Joe and Brian discover the next morning,they again start sleeping together.Lowell begins thinking the marriage can be saved,until he finds out that Bunny has a fiance in Boston. Meanwhile,Antonio consoles a woman named Betty,via a cellular phone left in his cab, by her cheating husband.Fay is soon in on the plot as she too talks to her daily.But it's soon revealed that Betty's husband came to Nantucket to have an affair,but couldn't go through with it.

  • S05E04 Business or Pleasure

    • October 7, 1993

    Intent on expanding Sandpiper,Joe flies in potential investor Davis Lynch from New York City.Smitten with Helen,Davis gets Joe to show him around the island.Accused by the others of treating Helen like a prostitute,Joe goes to the crab house where Helen and Davis are dining to get her off the hook.But there's bad news;Davis isn't going invest in Sandpiper and Helen refuses to leave with him.

  • S05E05 An Affair to Forget

    • October 14, 1993

    Joe is upset when he becomes Brian and alex's chauffeur to their Vermont getaway and Helen's to New York City to see Davis.But he ends up having the most fun,as he and Helen are forced to stay with Brian and Alex,ruining their much anticipated first night as lovers.Brian and Alex end up having a huge fight and almost break up and Helen gets smashed out of her mind. Meanwhile,Antonio and Fay help Roy change his image to try and impress a new woman.

  • S05E06 A Black Eye Affair

    • October 28, 1993

    News of Davis' impending arrival on Nantucket is soon followed by troubles for Helen:a friend drops by in need of a sympathetic ear,a quick trip to the gym results in a black eye and the chlorine reacts with the highlights in her hair.Then a skin rash appears which turns out to be poison ivy.While Lowell is having trouble cooking dinner,Roy shows up with his pals to get a picture of Stella in the buff and hopefully have her sign it.All of this before Davis even is expected.

  • S05E07 Joe Blows (1)

    • November 4, 1993

    The day starts of bad for Joe when a passenger threatens a lawsuit if his lost luggage isn't returned by the end of the day.After he struggles to trace the luggage,the pthers intrude their concerns into his life.Antonio wants Joe to co-sign a loan for a new cab.Helen wants advice about what to do with her relationship with Davis.Brian wants Joe to ask Alex about their disappointing first night as lovers.Roy annoys everyone by showing off his new radio commercial for AeroMass.Fay wants Joe to talk to the town council about stopping them from moving one of her dead husbands into a another graveyard with her other dead husband.Lowell guns the motor on his Harley, raising the level of noise in Joe's office.And when Joe's relief at giving the passenger his luggage is blunted by the man's insistence that someone else pay for the scratches on it,he finally loses it.Tired of his stressful life,Joe leaves Nantucket.

  • S05E08 Joe Blows (2)

    • November 11, 1993

    With gone to parts unknown,the heavy burden of running Sandpiper falls on Brian's shoulders.But it's soon revealed through his credit card statement that Joe is in Brian old stomping grounds,Mustique.Brian travels down to get Joe back,but ends buying Sandpiper from for a dollar.After struggling to right Sandpiper,Brian finally seems to have things under control when Joe returns.Brian unwilling to relinquish control of the airline,but Joe only wants Brian's old job,the two finally agree to be partners.

  • S05E09 2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten

    • November 18, 1993

    When news arrives that Sandy Cooper is returning to Nantucket, Joe fears her high school obsession with him will return,but the others think he's imagining things.Joe's fears are soon realized when he goes to help her move some books from her basement,and it becomes their prom night all over again. Meanwhile,Antonio tries to raise money to send his family and Roy is worried about a visit from his cranky mother.

  • S05E10 Come Fly with Me

    • December 2, 1993

    When their gone awry one saturday night,Joe, Brian,Helen and Lowell all fly up to Boston for a night on the town.But what originally turns out to be a great party turns out to be a pick up place for call girls.Where one guy offers Helen 500 bucks to dress up like Little Bo Peep and spank him. Meanwhile,Roy,Fay and Antonio pool their resources to try and win a radio call-in contest.But when Fay leaves for second,Roy gives the wrong answer and blows the night.

  • S05E11 Happy Holidays

    • December 16, 1993

    The Christmas season brings little joy to the airport.Bunny arrives on Nantucket to attend a friend's wedding,and ends up sleeping with Antonio in the backseat of his cab.Antonio struggles with the guilt and eventually tells Lowell. Meanwhile,Brian is reluctant to meet Alex's parents for Christmas,Joe deals with the loss of a tree and Fay's harpish efforts to organize the Christmas party are not appreciated by Helen.

  • S05E12 Ready, Teddy, Go

    • January 6, 1994

    Much to Helen's delight,Davis finally shows up after a long string of cancelled dates.But a furtive search through his luggage while he's taking a shower,soon dampens Helen's spirits;Inside a fancy box she finds a lace teddy.Uncomfortable at what this gift seems to indicate about the state of their relationship,she is soon angry when Davis presents her with a box of soaps later,instead of the lingerie.Who's getting the silk?just before Davis leaves,Helen airs out her concerns with him,and finds out he decided to wait a little while before giving her the gift. Meanwhile,Fay "kidnaps" a rat from the Labratory of her Psychology Professor to try and save it.

  • S05E13 Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Mathers Don't Roam

    • January 20, 1994

    Tired of Lowell's strictness,the brother's boot him out of the house.Despite his reluctance,Lowell buys a new house and tries to adjust to the experience of living alone for the first time.

  • S05E14 The Faygitive

    • January 27, 1994

    Fay is feeling spooked when friends tell her that someone has been asking questions about her.When a Private Investigator shows up at the airport,she's not sure what to expect.The man who hired the P.I. shows up and tells his story;He was a soldier who went to a USO dance where Fay volunteered,back during the Korean War,who went off to war owing Fay a dance,and he's finally arrived to get that last dance. Meanwhile,Antonio gets an illegal cable hookup from a friend of Roy's.

  • S05E15 Say Uncle, Carlton

    • February 3, 1994

    To help pay of his new used cab,Antonio gets a job as a chauffeur...for Carlton Blanchard.Things get even worse when Carlton's equally annoying Nephew Lewis arrives on Nantucket to attend Carlton's Retired Businessman of the Year banquet.

  • S05E16 Hey, Nineteen

    • February 10, 1994

    To Helen's discust and Brian's envy,Joe starts dating 19 year old Courtney Blake.For Joe it's a perfectly meanlingless relationship,but for Courtney it appears to be much more serious,as her poem vows her love or else death seems to attest to.But Joe soon finds out that those words where spoken for another,much older man than he. Meanwhile,Roy and Antonio find a dog whose cute charm no woman can resist.

  • S05E17 Exclusively Yours

    • February 14, 1994

    Brian's exclusive commitment to Alex is sorely tested when Joe flies in a group of models for a photo shoot. Meanwhile,Helen's decision to name food items on her menu after the people in the airport doesn't go as well as she would have hoped.Lowell takes forever deciding what he wants to be,but finally suggests "LowellSlaw",and Roy objects to being associated with the Giant Turkey Leg,which he orders every day.

  • S05E18 Moonlighting

    • February 17, 1994

    To ease Alex's embarrassment over having to take a job as waitress during the off-season,the gang tell their own stories of off-season jobs.Joe flew a star Chimpanzee,Fay dressed up as a Giant Lobster,Antonio sold funeral plots (including one guy who planned to pay for it by committing suicide).Brian and Helen performed a magic act for Roy's Lodge,which turned into a strip show.

  • S05E19 Sleepless in Nantucket

    • March 10, 1994

    Thinking it will be a good idea,Brian moves in with Alex,but both quickly become irritated by the other's annoying habits.But when with the prospect of breaking up,the two settle their differences,as Joe repeatedly carries Brian's speakers up and down the steps. Meanwhile,Lowell attempts to come up with a name for his sister's baby/

  • S05E20 Boys Will Be Girls

    • April 7, 1994

    When the High School football coach who used to terrorize the Hackett's returns to Nantucket to be honored in a Gym dedication,Joe and Brian plan a practical joke to get even.Sneaking into the Coach's hotel room at night,the brothers dress him up like a woman and take pictures of him.Unfortunately,the coach died earlier that night,and when his body is discovered in the morning,rumors abound about his crossdressing private life.When Helen learns about the brothers' practical joke,she forces them to speak at the dedication ceremony,but instead of admitting their deed,the brothers defend the of privacy of individuals and escape unscathed.

  • S05E21 Roy Crazy

    • April 14, 1994

    The appearance of Roy's ex-wife Sylvia on Nantucket surprises the gang as much as it delights Roy.Roy hopes for a recounciliation,but after a phone call comes into AeroMass saying that she was only doing it to get even with her cheating ex-husband,Brian reluctantly tells Roy.Roy refuses to believe him at first,but eventually skips out on Sylvia sleeping with Sylvia. Meanwhile,Helen tries to fend of a smitten and slightly crazy waiter from the crab house she went to the other night.

  • S05E22 Long Distance Lament

    • April 28, 1994

    When Davis cancels yet another date,Helen decides to go ut with another man.When Joe's date with Sandra suddenly comes into conflict with his date with Joy,Joe decides to lie his way of his date with Sandra.Joe's lies come back to bite him,as Joy cancels on him.Davis shows up on the island after all,only to find out Helen is out with another man.So he treats Joe to a night out at the Club Car,where Helen and her date show up,followed quickly by Sandra.Joe ends up busted while Davis and Helen go elsewhere to reconcile.

  • S05E23 Call of the Wild

    • May 5, 1994

    When Brian's old friend Danny arrives on the island,the two start reliving their old wild lifestyle,and Alex begins to feel neglected.Things comes to a boil when Brian returns from an all night party in New York City.Alex tells him to pack up his stuff and get of her apartment,and Brian's final plea at the end fails. Meanwhile,Lowell is taken advantage of by his childhood idol,Big Strong Man.

  • S05E24 A Decent Proposal

    • May 12, 1994

    Joe's efforts to raise more money for Sandpiper,seem to be on the verge of paying off;he awaits word from the bank loan office.Meanwhile, Helen is distraught at the news of Davis' mid-week arrival,she is sure Davis is coming to break up with her.But Davis surprises her with a marriage proposal,and she readily accepts.She leaves to go home to pack for her flight to New York that night just as Joe arrives back from the bank,with the good news that the bank has agreed to the loan.Stunned by the news of the marriage,Joe goes over to Helen's house.Joe and Helen congratulate each other on their respective good fortunes and the memory of their relationship returns.When Brian enters Joe rooom later that night,he finds..... Helen and Joe in bed together.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Whose Wife is It Anyway?

    • September 20, 1994

    After their night together,Helen tells Joe that it was all a big mistake and she goes to New York to marry Davis.While bemoaning his loss with Brian (Who has sorrows of his own,when news comes that Alex has left the island for good.),Joe comes to realize he has to win Helen back.He follows her to New York and finally catches up to her in the Elevator on the way to Davis' penthouse.Joe asks Helen to marry him, and she says yes.

  • S06E02 Twisted Sister

    • September 27, 1994

    The arrival of Helen's elder sister Casey to Nantucket sidetracks Joe's plan to give Helen an engagement ring.What was originally planned to be an evening for two at Lexington's becomes a party of four,with Casey along to catch up with Helen and Brian along to occupy Casey.Then,before Joe can give Helen his ring,Casey gives Helen an even bigger ring as a gift,and Joe's angry frustration brings the night to a halt.He apologizes later that night and gives her the ring,but once again Casey drops in to spoil things.Helen finally stands up to Casey,after one, to many of her snide remarks.Casey then reveals that her husband has left her,and she has no where to go.So Helen invites her to stay with her for as long as she wants.

  • S06E03 The Shrink

    • October 4, 1994

    After Brian's depression over Alex's departure results in a near break-down during a flight,Joe suggests he go see a Psychiatrist. Once there Brian makes a partial recovery,but Joe is the one with the true breakthrough,as he relizes that his earlier acceptance of Helen's suggestion of an earlier wedding date may result in trouble for him in the marriage.When confronted,Helen agrees on the original wedding date,until Casey sparks some doubts.Misunderstanding's ensue,which results in the wedding being called off.But Dr. Greyson appearance at the airport for a flight lead to a reconciliation. Meanwhile,Lowell attempts to find the hat that Antonio lost for him.

  • S06E04 The Spark and How to Get It

    • October 11, 1994

    After his therapist pronounces him fully recovered from his break-up with Alex,Brian plunges back into the dating world.His efforts at the Club Car yield nothing of interest (despite Antonio's assistant with the "Good Cop,Bad Cop" Routine),so he follows the advice of others and starts dating casual friend Joan.That elusive "Spark" that is missing from their first three dates finally comes to life when Brian breaks up with her,but for the "Spark" that was there during their dates is now gone. Meanwhile,Lowell prepares a commencement address for his alma mater and Casey has trouble getting a good haircut.

  • S06E05 The Waxman Cometh

    • October 18, 1994

    After receiving 20,000 dollars from the family trust fund,Lowell invests the money in an old wax museum.Despite everyone's doubts about it,Lowell renovates the museum,but at the lackluster grand reopening of "Lowell Mather's House O' Wax",he comes to realize it won't be easy.When news comes of a disastrous fire at the museum,Lowell is determined to start again from scratch,but when he realizes that the place is fully insured against fire,he's thankful just to have his money back.

  • S06E06 Is That a Ten-Foot Sandwich or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

    • November 1, 1994

    Joe and Helen just some time alone with one and another,but Brian and Casey continually interrupt them.To apologize,Brian and Casey decide to surprise them with an engagement party,but Antonio misinterprets an overheard conversation and believes Brian to be sleeping with Casey.When she hears about it,Helen drags Joe to the party site well before they are expected.

  • S06E07 All's Fare

    • November 8, 1994

    To pay of a $1500 IRS fine,Antonio becomes the driver/errand boy/personal assistant to Gavin Rutledge,a business visiting Nantucket for a week for a real estate deal.Uncomfortable at seeing Gavin dating Casey,Antonio faces a major delemma when he finds out Gavin is married.At the price of his job,Antonio tells Casey about Gavin,and Casey shows her gratitude by giving Antonio a jewelry gift she recieved from Gavin. Meanwhile,Joe is Irked that Brian had an erotic dream about Helen.

  • S06E08 Miss Jenkins

    • November 15, 1994

    The return of 9th grade English teacher Laura Jenkins to Nantucket reawakens the Hackett's schoolboy crushes.For Brian fantasy becomes reality when he spends the night with her,but to his embarrassment,he doesn't perform. Meanwhile,Roy deals with a con man interested in marrying his mother for her social security check.

  • S06E09 If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother

    • November 22, 1994

    When Helen and Casey's mother arrives on Nantucket,Helen isn't sure which sister her mother came to see.And when she finds out her mother gambled away the $10,000 for her and Joe's wedding, she is convinced that Casey has always been the favorite of the family. Meanwhile,Fay and Roy split a ticket to a Barbara Streisand concert,Antonio adopts Deedee as his own mother,and Lowell and Brian stuff themselves on Deedee's food in an attempt to see who can outeat the other.

  • S06E10 The Wrong Stuff

    • November 29, 1994

    To counteract Roy's Aeromass promotions,the Hackett's woo famous astronaut Ace Calvin as a celebrity spokeman for Sandpiper.Joe and Brian soon discover that Ace is as charming and persuasive in public as he is irratating and annoying in private life.Any thoughts of signing him up are dashed when Roy beats them to the punch,but Roy quickly discovers just how obnoxious Gavin can be.

  • S06E11 Insanity Claus

    • December 13, 1994

    On Christmas Eve,when Antonio buys Helen's last jelly donut,new air traffic controller Bob snaps,pulls out a gun and takes Antonio hostage.Matters for Antonio only get worse when it is revealed that his new girlfriend is also Bob's wife.Joe is finally able to talk Bob into surrending his gun,but the others are not very appreciative of the means by which he does it.

  • S06E12 She's...Baaack

    • January 3, 1995

    When Sandy Cooper returns to the island,Joe fears yet another bizarre encounter with the obsesses woman.She tells him it was all a practical joke,and he believes her until a stop at Helen's house becomes Sandy and Joe's wedding day. Meanwhile,Fay forces the old 70's wardrobe,of one of her dead husbands,onto Antonio and he wears to make her feel better, despite hating it.Also Lowell tries life as a vegetarian.

  • S06E13 Have I Got a Couple for You

    • January 10, 1995

    With nothing to do one saturday night,Joe and Helen start socializing with a new couple on the island,the Tuckers.Joe and Helen's initial trepidation is soon forgotten in all the fun,but the Tucker's quickly tire of their needy counterparts.Joe and Helen soon find themselves dumped and looking for a new couple. Meanwhile,Brian and Casey start hitting the singles hangouts together and Antonio becomes Lowell's "hands" when Lowell injures his working on the cab.

  • S06E14 Fools Russian

    • January 31, 1995

    When Roy flies in a mail-order bride from Russia,Helen tries to convince Roy and Anya that this marriage should never be,but both ignore her.Anya's resolve is weakened with a chance encounter with another man,and the sight of her weeping just moments before their wedding convinces Roy to free her from his commitments to him. Meanwhile,Fay convinces Lowell to pretend to be her lover to impress her soon to be arriving friends,but Lowell insists on cramming and it finally gets to Fay who calls the whole thing off just moments before they are to arrive.

  • S06E15 Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

    • February 7, 1995

    Struggling to agree on wedding plans,Joe and Helen decide to crash another couple's wedding to check out a place. Unfortunately,their fighting infects the newlyweds.Later at the airport seeing the newlyweds about to take seperate honeymoons, Joe and Helen try to right their wrongs and bring the newlyweds back together.Joe and Helen's efforts help themselves to see that their wedding plan disagreements are not indicative of the marriage to be,but the two newlyweds are only convinced to get an annulment. Meanwhile,Lowell and Antonio train for a Polar Bears competition.

  • S06E16 Remembrance of Flings Past (1)

    • February 9, 1995

    The Gang make preparations for the upcoming 5-class Siasconet High reunion,but the events of the reunion are not what anyone expects.

  • S06E17 Remembrance of Flings Past (2)

    • February 14, 1995

    After receiving the news that he might be the father of Sara's little boy,Jason,Joe is advised by Roy to keep quite on the whole affair,but Joe's guilt forces him to tell Joe and Helen.Brian is angry that Joe slept with his ex-girlfriend;Helen is upset but supportive.When blood tests reveal that Joeis not the father,Joe and Helen are happy.But it dashes Brian's hopes of Sara staying on the island as she decides to leave to find the Jason's true father. Meanwhile,Lowell questions his choice in careers and Antonio struggles to make Casey his valentine.

  • S06E18 Gone But Not Faygotten

    • February 21, 1995

    When Fay decides to retire,Joe and Brian hire Casey to replace Fay at the counter.To the Hackett's surprise,Casey works wonders for their business.When Fay asks for her old job back,the brother's face a predictament.Rather than fire Casey,they decide to keep both at the counter,and sparks soon fly between the women.Casey's demands that they get rid of one of them is soon fulfilled.She gets fired.

  • S06E19 Ex, Lies and Videotape

    • February 28, 1995

    Brian's excitement over appearing on a talk show is dampened when his ex-girlfriend Alex also appears.After bitter words on and off the screen,the two sleep together,but Brian decides to end things.He is beaten to the punch,however,as Alex leaves once again.

  • S06E20 Portrait of the Con Artist as a Young Man

    • March 21, 1995

    Lowell's innocent birthday gift to Casey lands him a show at an art museum when Casey shows off the gift to a museum director. Determined to launch both their careers in the art world,Casey relentlessly pushes Lowell's artistic abilities to the limit to try and meet the shows deadline,but eventually gives up after discovering how out stressed Lowell becomes. Meanwhile,Brian's efforts to finish a roll of film for Joe and Helen are not appreciated (he takes a picture of something very private),as the prank ends up in the hands of Helen's parents.

  • S06E21 The Love Life and Times of Joe and Helen

    • April 4, 1995

    As the wedding draws near,Brian struggles to come up with a gift idea for Joe and Helen.He finally hits up on the idea of making a video for them,and goes about capturing everyone's memories of the relationship on video.

  • S06E22 A House to Die For

    • May 2, 1995

    Carlton's ill health becomes a boon to the gang when Carlton's nephew Lewis invites them over to Carlton's house to start selling off the old man's items.Joe and Helen have an eye for the house itself,Brian drools over a classic muscle car,and Roy looks for furniture.But all is for naught as Carlton's health makes a swift turnaround,and as the doctor sees it,it was hearing all the voices of all the poeple who came to see him that pulled him through.

  • S06E23 Nuptials Off

    • May 9, 1995

    When Helen discovers that she and Antonio are still married (by finding papers under her cash register),she turns to Roy for help.He convinces her she needs to fly to Mexico over the weekend to get a quickie divorce,but that means sending Joe out of town on a weekend fly fishing trip.But Helen's plan are strained when Antonio brings in a priest for an annulment and Joe's flight is delayed.

  • S06E24 Et Tu, Antonio?

    • May 16, 1995

    When Antonio's cousin Dominic and his fiancee Teresa visit Nantucket,Antonio finds himself struggling to ignore his feelings for Teresa.He succumbs to temptation during supper at his apartment,after Teresa voices concerns over problems with her relationship.But he ultimately helps his cousin win Teresa back. Meanwhile,Helen's side of the family outshines Joe's when the wedding gifts start to arrive.

  • S06E25 Boys Just Want to Have Fun (1)

    • May 23, 1995

    The night before the weddding,Helen warns Joe not to have to wild of a bachelor party.But it's Helen who ignores her own advice in a wild bachelorette party,while Joe suffers through the worst bachelor party Brian's ever thrown.Later that night,after the guys return,Casey accidently slips into bed with Brian,and neither feel like leaving the other's company.

  • S06E26 Here It is: The Big Wedding (2)

    • May 23, 1995

    Joe and Helen's wedding day gets off to a bad start when the best man and maid of honor,Brian and Casey,oversleep after spending the night together.When Antonio discovers this,He and Brian fight,and in the struggle the wedding ring is lost down the toilet,followed quickly by Joe's searching hand.Both hand and ring are stuck,and thus Joe and Helen are married at last,in a hotel bathroom.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Burnin' Down the House (1)

    • September 19, 1995

    Joe and Helen return from their honeymoon in Jamaica to recieve bad news; a night of passion between Brian and Casey in Helen's house results in a devastating fire. That Leaves Brian kicked out of the house and Sandpiper by Joe.

  • S07E02 Burnin' Down the House (2)

    • September 26, 1995

    When digging through the rubble of Helen's home, Brian and casey unearth a suitcase and photgraph that had been the hackett brother's only inheritance from their late father. Brian's attempts to remind Joe of that fail,but Joe later sees a vision of his late father and forgives Brian. Meanwhile,Antonio executes his revenge on Brian and Casey and Helen takes out her anger on Casey's clothes.

  • S07E03 Death Becomes Him

    • October 10, 1995

    The sad news of Richard Kingsbury's death in Miami is occasion for celebration at Sandpiper, as Kingbury's oldest daughter hires the Hackett's to bring the body back to Nantucket for the Memorial. But the brother's fly the wrong body back to the island, and it's up to Joe to impersonate the late Kingsbury at the funeral.

  • S07E04 The Person Formerly Known as Lowell

    • October 31, 1995

    Back from vacation, Lowell goes out for a meal of hot wings with Antonio and lands in hot water when he witnesses a mob hit. After he is threatened by the gangster's lawyer, he decides to join the Witness Protection Program and leave Nantucket forever.

  • S07E05 Hooker, Line and Sinker

    • November 7, 1995

    To lift Antonio's spirits after he's dumped by the "Big Faced Girl," Joe and Brian set him up with a girl at the Club Car only to discover later that she's a very expensive hooker.

  • S07E06 She's Gotta Have It

    • November 14, 1995

    Joe and Helen reap unpected benefits after getting a large insurance settlement for Helen's burnt down house. But Joe soon finds soon faces the task of stopping Helen's shopping spree, before it leaves them broke. Meanwhile,Brian and Casey try to find something in common and Antonio returns to Edna, "The Big Faced Girl."

  • S07E07 So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong

    • November 21, 1995

    Joe and Helen's initial fortune at landing famous architect Y.M. Burg to design their new house soon turn sour as he suggests a house shaped like a giant "7." Meanwhile, Brian hires a new mechanic,Budd Bronski, who attempts to live down a previous "incident."

  • S07E08 When a Man Loves a Donut

    • November 28, 1995

    Spurned by Joe (who's too busy with his new wife to spend time with him), Brian turns to food, but ends up trying to deal with his problems at a meeting of the "Eat-A-Holics." Meanwhile, Antonio tries to get used to tight shoes, after he pays $200 for them, and Casey gets hired by the Nantucket Tourism Board.

  • S07E09 The Big Sleep

    • December 12, 1995

    After fighting with Helen over the architect's plans for their new house (he wants a big screen TV in the bedroom, she wants a walk-in closet), Joe has a strange dream involving Tigers, Clowns, Roy bellying dancing and the two of them dying in a plane crash with Antonio. As one by one the dreams events come to pass, Brian tries to convince Joe to heed the dream's warnings, but he fails and soon Joe, Helen and Antonio find themselves plunging to earth in the plane...

  • S07E10 'Twas the Heist Before Christmas

    • December 19, 1995

    Nothing goes right at Helen's christmas party:Joe wants to hit the road to head for the slopes before they are snowed in.Antonio gives but does not receive,Roy misses his mother,Budd tries to be social,and Casey invites Carlton's annoying nephew Lewis.

  • S07E11 Honey, We Broke the Kid

    • January 2, 1996

    Joe and Helen volunteer to babysit but it's far from the learning experience that they hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Casey gets a big time Hollywood star to come to the island to appear in her Nantucket Tourism commercial.

  • S07E12 B.S., I Love You

    • January 9, 1996

    Joe and Brian are thrilled at the return of Grandpa Hackett, but Helen isn't so sure he is who he claims to be. Meanwhile, Antonio refuses to continue a chain letter, which everyone else gets and passes along, and begins to suffer for it.

  • S07E13 Sons and Lovers

    • January 16, 1996

    It's Roy's 12th birthday (he was born on a leap year), and Helen contacts Roy's son R.J. and convinces him to come back to Nantucket for the party. But the initial reconciliation is dashed when R.J. brings his significant other to the party. Meanwhile, Brian helps Antonio out by driving the cab while Antonio waits for his driver's license.

  • S07E14 Bye, George

    • January 30, 1996

    Fay quickly falls for Lyle, the dashing man she met on a cruise, but the wedding is jeopardized when Fay learns the awful truth about him. His real first name is George, just like her first three dead husbands. Armed with this new knowledge Fay decides against making it a fourth George and calls off the wedding.

  • S07E15 The Team Player

    • February 6, 1996

    A publicity disaster occurs when Antonio (running the desk while the brothers go to a hockey game) bumps the Bruins abrasive star goalie Danny "Dead End" Connelly off a Sandpiper flight to a critical game, causing the Bruins to lose. Meanwhile, winter tourism on the island takes an upswing when Casey welcomes the International Society of Masochists to Nantucket.

  • S07E16 Love at First Flight

    • February 13, 1996

    Brian falls in love with a woman while flying her to Nantucket for her wedding. Meanwhile, Antonio has mixed feelings after finding out Roy is dating Edna, "The Big Faced Girl."

  • S07E17 Lynch Party

    • February 20, 1996

    When news arrives that Davis Lynch has re-surfaced, Helen recounts the tale of how she never broke off her engagement with him, then tries to break the news to Davis, while not alerting Joe.

  • S07E18 One Flew Over the Cooper's Nest

    • February 27, 1996

    Sandy's return sends Joe to the psychologist, as no one believes his stories of her obsession with him. The psychologist does wonders to calm Joe down, but the real psycho is revealed when Joe meets Sandy in the vacant psychologist's office. Meanwhile, Roy, Antonio, Fay and Casey try to deal with the news they may have suffered food poisoning from Helen's tuna.

  • S07E19 Driving Mr. DeCarlo

    • March 12, 1996

    Antonio thinks his fortunes have taken a turn for the better when one of passengers hires him to be his personal chauffeur. But some overheard conversations seem to indicate that his new boss is a mobster. Meanwhile, Helen hurriedly reads "Don Quixote" when her old english lit teacher from highschool drops by for a visit.

  • S07E20 A Tale of Two Sister Cities

    • March 26, 1996

    On the verge of losing her job with the Tourism Board, Casey sees a solution when her sister city idea is accepted. But things go downhill when Brian sleeps with the visiting princess of prospective sister city Khirinan. Meanwhile, Antonio offers to take the little princesses for their hair care appointment. It turns out to be two dogs, which he promptly loses.

  • S07E21 What About Larry?

    • April 9, 1996

    The contractor Joe and Helen hires to build their new house falls apart when his wife kicks him out, and the Hackett's try to rebuild his confidence and get him back to work. Meanwhile, a Vacationing George Kennedy is bothered by an annoying fan: Brian.

  • S07E22 The Lady Vanishes

    • April 23, 1996

    Antonio meets the perfect woman, but when she disappears before he can get her name, he goes on a desperate search for her, only to discover it wasn't just coincidence that she was so difficult to track down. Meanwhile, Brian impresses Helen with his ability to read women and predict the entire relationship before it even starts.

  • S07E23 Life Could Be a Dream

    • April 30, 1996

    The unearthing of a 20-year old time capsule is occasion for Joe, Brian, Helen and Casey to reflect on what kind of a future they envisioned themselves having as kids. Joe dreamed of being a pitcher for the Red Sox, Brian dreamed of being a Suave Secret Agent, and Casey dreamed of being a supermodel. But only Helen's dream came true.

  • S07E24 The Lyin' King

    • May 7, 1996

    Joe faces a moral dilemma: can he lie to Helen so he can go to a strip club with Brian? To soothe his conscience, he volunteers some time at the Golden Crest retirement home, but ends up taking one of the residents with him to the strip club. Meanwhile, Fay and Antonio write their own eulogies.

  • S07E25 Love Overboard

    • May 14, 1996

    Casey finally catches up with the husband who abandoned her, but her rage lessens as he professes his heartfelt remorse at his desperate act. She's understanding to his sad stories of being bankrupt and shame causing him to leave in the first place...until she sees him on his yacht. Meanwhile, Roy teaches Antonio how to dance.

  • S07E26 Grouses, Houses and Bickering Spouses

    • May 21, 1996

    Burdened with continual problems by living with Brian and Casey, as well as further delays in the building of their new house, Joe and Helen decide to buy another house. They solve one problem by selling their old new home, but another presents itself in the last moments in the old Hackett house.

Season 8

  • S08E01 Porno for Pyros

    • September 18, 1996

    After Joe and Helen burn down Brian's house,he's expecting a big check,much like the one Joe and Helen got,but the gutting of the old Hackett house is cause for an appearance by an insurance investigator,who has serious doubt about the legitimacy of the two claims in the last year.Until she and Antonio's wild night of passion sparks a blaze at the local hotel and that convinces her the cases are Legit.

  • S08E02 ...Like a Neighbor Scorned

    • September 25, 1996

    Joe and Helen meet the next-door neighbors, Steve and Barbara, but what starts out as pleasant soon turns disturbing when Steve asks for $5000 to cover his gambling debts. Becoming increasingly paraniod after a fight Joe and Helen decide to try and make amends, only to find out their new neighbors are only on the island for the month. Meanwhile, Antonio recieves his Uncle Bernardo's personal affects after he dies. Which includes a set of perfume scented love letters appearantly from Bernardo to a certain very famous movie star of the times (Gina Lollobrigida). Hearing this Antonio suddenly becomes a suave ladies man with confidence, until he finds out his Uncle wasn't in love Gina, but Gino.

  • S08E03 Maybe It's You

    • October 2, 1996

    Brian's vows to find a deeper,more meaningful relationship is tested by beautiful but dumb Dani. Meanwhile,Joe tries to deal with the fact that one of his best friends didn't invite him to his wedding.

  • S08E04 Single and Hating It

    • October 9, 1996

    As a furious storm rages outside,Joe and Helen stop by the "Singles Mingle" to drop off Brian's wallet,intent on leaving as soon as possible to begin celebrating the first anniversary of their wedding.But news soon comes that the roads are closed due to high water and everyone is trapped.Not wanting to let everyone know they are married,for fear of their reaction,Joe asks Helen to be his bride again. Meanwhile,Fay,Roy and Casey mingle,while Antonio is offered his money back and asked to wait in the office till the party is over.And Brian tries to convince the only woman in the place he's attracted to,the sexy Bartender,that he's not a pathetic as he seems.

  • S08E05 Too Beautiful for You

    • October 23, 1996

    Antonio volunteers to man the Nantucket Suicide Hotline,it soon pays off for him when he scores a date with a caller he helped.When they meet he can't believe his eyes or his luck and keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop and for her to dump him.But the weird thing is,she never does. Meanwhile,Helen faces some new competition when a

  • S08E06 The Gift of Life

    • October 30, 1996

    When a medical courier leaves his package in the terminal on Halloween Eve,the gang scramble to find him before time runs out.

  • S08E07 Olive or Twist

    • November 6, 1996

    Casey encourages Brian to use his insurance money to open a martini bar,offering to help Brian manage it.But things go awry immediately when the first customer through the door slips and falls on the floor.Brian's problems are compounded when he learns Casey never got insurance.

  • S08E08 Wingless (1)

    • November 13, 1996

    A financial crisis forces Joe to seek out an investor for Sandpiper.He thinks his luck has changed when businessman Jonathan Clayton comes to the island.But he soon informs them,he doesn't invest in companies he buys them.Having no other choice

  • S08E09 Wingless (2)

    • November 20, 1996

    Cord's first act as the new President of Sandpiper is to hold a meeting, informing everyone they need a "big idea".Something that drives Joe crazy, trying to get everyone to see there is no "Big Idea".But there is,Little does Roy know that he would be responsible for the "Big Idea".Mentioning to Cord that the charter business is the one, he hasn't been able to crack. So after contacting friend of his in the music business,the "Big Idea" pays off when Sandpiper becomes the charter for the singing sensation the Todds.That is until a fued breaks out and the tour is cancelled.

  • S08E10 Wingless (3)

    • December 11, 1996

    When Cord chickens out on delivering a presentation before his father's board of directors,Joe and Brian must deliver it. Meanwhile,hanging in the men's,Helen's learns a nasty secret:Cord was expected to fail at Sandpiper for the tax write-off.

  • S08E11 All About Christmas Eve

    • December 18, 1996

    Another odd christmas falls on Nantucket,as Antonio drives a nun around in search of a vision she saw in a dream.While Joe plays reluctant host to feuding brothers Lou and Harry and a little last minute shopping ends up trapping Fay,Helen and Casey.

  • S08E12 Let's Talk About Sex

    • January 8, 1997

    Roy falls for talk show host Mary Pat Lee,but discovers she used confidential information to ambush her Joe and Helen on her show. Meanwhile,Brian pays Casey to run errands for him.

  • S08E13 Hosed

    • January 15, 1997

    Joe and Helen deal with a crooked Vacuum cleaner salesman charging them for a vacuum originally sold with an "eternal" guarantee. Meanwhile,Brian gets close to Roy to get closer to his niece.

  • S08E14 Just Call Me Angel

    • February 5, 1997

    On their way home from Las Vegas,Joe has a bad case of food poisoning and is soon helpless in the airliner's bathroom.Where he is soon followed by the plains pilots.Leaving the job of hero to be played by Brian who safely lands the plane and becomes an instant celebrity. Joe tries to deal with Brian's newfound celebrity and all the grief he's getting from Helen over his "Men's travel bag",but Brian's celebrity is short lived and he soon is back at Sandpiper asking for his old job back once again.

  • S08E15 Fay There, Georgy Girl

    • February 12, 1997

    After selling off the valuables of her Georges,Fay is visited by their ghosts,demanding that she buy back their items. Meanwhile,Joe's Valentine's Day efforts seem paltry to Helen compared to the man intending to propose to his beloved with a banner flying from the Sandpiper plane (problem is she's not his beloved,and she can't even stand him.) and Brian and Casey prepare to go out on a sham date.

  • S08E16 Escape from New York

    • February 19, 1997

    Brian and Helen's trip to New York to see "Rent" turns into a night mare when the theatre refuses to transfer the tickets from Helen's benefactor to her.Even worse a con-man robs them of their money and Helen is forced to compete in a drag queen contest in order to get the money to get home. Meanwhile,A bad back leaves joe in the house alone with a suddenly talkative Antonio.

  • S08E17 House of Blues

    • March 5, 1997

    Kicked out by Joe and Helen, Brian and Casey move into a new home home with Antonio. Meanwhile, Joe and Helen's fling with nudism has them being threatened with blackmail, when the neighbor kids snap pictures of them.

  • S08E19 Ms. Write

    • March 19, 1997

    Brian falls for "R",after reading her love letters,mistakenly sent to a former occupant of the house. Meanwhile,Joe and Helen ask Antonio to install a new security system in their house.

  • S08E19 Dreamgirl

    • April 2, 1997

    When Fay goes on vacation,the Hackett's hire a beautiful woman to fill in at the counter.Brian finds her distressingly distractiving,while Joe and Helen have uneasy dreams about her. Meanwhile,Casey helps Antonio get a job at the department store,only to see him promoted ahead of her.

  • S08E20 Heartache Tonight

    • April 16, 1997

    Roy invites Joe and Helen over to his house on an important night for him:the introduction of his girlfriend to his mother.But when he's dumped before the fateful evening,Helen reluctantly fills in. Meanwhile,Brian passes on his cold to Casey before her big date.

  • S08E21 Oedipus Wrecks

    • May 7, 1997

    Brian is surprised to find out his new girlfriend,Emily's son is already in college.Further complications ensue when Casey takes a shine to the young man. Meanwhile,Joe and Roy go to the circus:Joe to try and deal with his childhood trauma and Roy to demand an apology from the clown who humilated him in his act.

  • S08E22 Raging Bull*&@!

    • May 14, 1997

    When a long time rival drops out of a boxing tournament,Joe finds himself matched up against Brian.But what starts out as a friendly competition gets decidedly unpleasant.

  • S08E23 Final Approach (1)

    • May 21, 1997

    To cheer up Helen,Joe restores her old cello.While Helen is busy rediscovering her old passion,Joe and Brian discover the ages old treasure hunt they undertook when their father died isn't over yet.They and the rest of the gang are led all over New England,only to wind up back at the airport,to discover $250,000 in an old suitcase in an airport locker.

  • S08E23 Final Approach (2)

    • May 21, 1997

    Joe and Brian are divided over their new-found inheritance:Joe wants to expand the business,and Brian wants the money to leave Nantucket and the tedium of his job.Joe's agony over the dissolving of the partnership is further complicated when he learns of Helen's earth shaking news:she's been invited to study cello in Vienna with the world's greatest cellist.Joe is prepared to sacrifice Sandpiper to help Helen finally live her dream.But it is Brian who makes the final sacrifice,by postponing his and Casey's move to the Carribean,in order to run Sandpiper for one year while Joe and Helen are away in Vienna.