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Paula Marshall



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Modern Family Legacy January 15, 2020 Guest Star
Euphoria (US) And Salt the Earth Behind You August 4, 2019 Guest Star
Euphoria (US) The Next Episode July 21, 2019 Guest Star
Euphoria (US) '03 Bonnie and Clyde July 14, 2019 Guest Star
Euphoria (US) Shook Ones Pt. II July 7, 2019 Guest Star
Euphoria (US) Stuntin' Like My Daddy June 23, 2019 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer! December 12, 2013 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer December 5, 2013 Guest Star
The Mentalist Black-Winged Redbird October 6, 2013 Guest Star
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dune and Gloom May 2, 2012 Guest Star
The Exes Working Girl December 14, 2011 Guest Star
Friends With Benefits The Benefit of Being Shallow September 2, 2011 Guest Star
House Family Practice February 7, 2011 Guest Star
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Howie Mandel, Paula Marshall December 10, 2009 Guest Star
Californication La Petite Mort December 14, 2008 Guest Star
Californication La Ronde November 23, 2008 Guest Star
Californication Coke Dick & First Kick November 2, 2008 Guest Star
Californication The Raw and the Cooked October 19, 2008 Guest Star
Californication No Way to Treat a Lady October 12, 2008 Guest Star
Californication The Great Ashby October 5, 2008 Guest Star
Californication Slip of the Tongue September 28, 2008 Guest Star
Nip/Tuck August Walden February 12, 2008 Guest Star
Nip/Tuck Chaz Darling November 27, 2007 Guest Star
Nip/Tuck Dawn Budge II November 20, 2007 Guest Star
Nip/Tuck Everett Poe November 11, 2007 Guest Star
Nip/Tuck Joyce & Sharon Monroe November 6, 2007 Guest Star
Nip/Tuck Carly Summers November 1, 2007 Guest Star
Californication Hell-A Woman August 20, 2007 Guest Star
Veronica Mars I Am God April 11, 2006 Guest Star
Veronica Mars Clash of the Tritons January 11, 2005 Guest Star
Veronica Mars You Think You Know Somebody October 26, 2004 Guest Star
Veronica Mars Meet John Smith October 12, 2004 Guest Star
Miss Match Matchmaker Matchmaker March 1, 2004 Guest Star
It's Christopher Lowell Double Duty Rooms September 5, 2002 Guest Star
Just Shoot Me Nina Van Grandma January 17, 2002 Guest Star
Just Shoot Me Nina Van Mom January 10, 2002 Guest Star
Sports Night Draft Day: Part II - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian March 21, 2000 Guest Star
Sports Night Celebrities February 29, 2000 Guest Star
Spin City Paul Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest September 24, 1997 Guest Star
Hey Hey! It's Saturday Episode 23 July 19, 1997 Guest Star
The Single Guy Grandfather Clause March 26, 1997 Guest Star
Diagnosis Murder Flashdance with Death January 28, 1994 Guest Star
Seinfeld The Outing February 11, 1993 Guest Star
The Wonder Years New Years January 6, 1993 Guest Star
The Wonder Years Let Nothing You Dismay December 16, 1992 Guest Star
The Wonder Years Wayne and Bonnie November 11, 1992 Guest Star