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P.J. Byrne




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Ghosts (US) Pilot October 7, 2021 Guest Star
Never Have I Ever … had an Indian frenemy July 15, 2021 Guest Star
Them DAY 3 April 9, 2021 Guest Star
The Boys We Gotta Go Now September 18, 2020 Guest Star
The Boys Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men September 4, 2020 Guest Star
Black Lightning The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak October 30, 2018 Guest Star
Black Lightning The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry October 23, 2018 Guest Star
Blindspot Her Spy's Harmed October 19, 2016 Guest Star
DUST The Candidate August 1, 2016 Guest Star
Are You There, Chelsea? Those Damn Yankees February 29, 2012 Guest Star
Are You There, Chelsea? Strays February 1, 2012 Guest Star
The Mentalist Rhapsody in Red May 12, 2011 Guest Star
Castle (2009) To Love and Die in L.A. May 2, 2011 Guest Star
Burn Notice Fearless Leader June 25, 2009 Guest Star
Bones The Cinderella in the Cardboard April 15, 2009 Guest Star
Boston Legal Dumping Bella January 30, 2007 Guest Star
Desperate Housewives Not While I'm Around January 14, 2007 Guest Star
Just Legal The Body in the Trunk August 13, 2006 Guest Star
The New Adventures of Old Christine Ritchie Has Two Mommies May 1, 2006 Guest Star
NCIS Deception January 17, 2006 Guest Star
Reunion 1986 September 8, 2005 Guest Star
The West Wing Ninety Miles Away March 16, 2005 Guest Star
Clubhouse Spectator Interference November 6, 2004 Guest Star
Crossing Jordan Ockham's Razor November 25, 2003 Guest Star
Yes, Dear Let's Get Jaggy with It February 3, 2003 Guest Star
Presidio Med Milagros October 23, 2002 Guest Star
ER Dead Again October 3, 2002 Guest Star