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Dan Butler



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Elementary Whatever Remains, However Improbable September 17, 2018 Guest Star
Blindspot Sent on Tour November 2, 2015 Guest Star
Cashmere Mafia Yours, Mine, and Hers February 13, 2008 Guest Star
'Til Death The Clay Date March 14, 2007 Guest Star
House Distractions February 14, 2006 Guest Star
Supernatural Hook Man October 25, 2005 Guest Star
Malcolm in the Middle Butterflies April 10, 2005 Guest Star
Quintuplets (Disdainfully) The Helbergs July 14, 2004 Guest Star
Without a Trace The Source April 3, 2003 Guest Star
American Dreams Black and White November 17, 2002 Guest Star
American Dreams Cold Snap November 10, 2002 Guest Star
American Dreams The Fighting Irish October 27, 2002 Guest Star
Crossing Jordan The Gift of Life April 15, 2002 Guest Star
Ally McBeal Changes November 29, 1999 Guest Star
Touched by an Angel Anatomy Lesson March 7, 1999 Guest Star
Suddenly Susan War Games November 2, 1998 Guest Star
King of the Hill Death of a Propane Salesman (2) September 15, 1998 Guest Star
Just Shoot Me Eve of Destruction May 5, 1998 Guest Star
Frasier Frasier Gotta Have It April 21, 1998 Director
Star Trek: Voyager Vis à Vis April 8, 1998 Guest Star
King of the Hill Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas) November 2, 1997 Guest Star
Caroline in the City Caroline and the Dearly Departed February 18, 1997 Guest Star
Caroline in the City Caroline and the Gay Art Show October 5, 1995 Guest Star
The X-Files Die Hand Die Verletzt January 27, 1995 Guest Star
Picket Fences Duty Free Rome October 28, 1993 Guest Star
Quantum Leap Mirror Image May 5, 1993 Guest Star
The Powers That Be Bradley Gets Fired January 19, 1993 Guest Star
Life Goes On Incident on Main January 10, 1993 Guest Star
Roseanne Secrets April 28, 1992 Guest Star
Roseanne Therapy March 17, 1992 Guest Star
Roseanne Take My Bike ... Please! September 24, 1991 Guest Star
Quantum Leap Southern Comforts April 3, 1991 Guest Star
Leg Work Blind Trust October 31, 1987 Guest Star
The Single Guy Pilot Redux January 1, 1970 Guest Star