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Season 1

  • S01E01 Badge For A Day (The Deputy)

    • September 12, 1959
    • NBC

    Marshal Simon Fry tricks Clay McCord, a young storekeeper into taking a wagon full of supplies to remote town knowing that the groceries are expected by the notorious Gentry gang who the lawman hopes to capture. Fry knows that McCord is a crack shot with nerves of steel. He also knows that McCord would never have accepted a deputy's badge since he has a younger sister and brother to support.

  • S01E02 The Wild Wind

    • September 19, 1959
    • NBC

    Charlotte Nelson tells Clay McCord of her concern for her younger brother, Trooper, who has fallen into a gang headed by the evil Bull Ward. McCord then arranges for Trooper to get an honest job as messenger for a mining company, transporting shipments of gold. This pleases Ward who assumes that Trooper will turn the gold over to him, but Trooper has mended his ways and when confronted and threatened by Ward while delivering the gold, shoots him. Having proven his worth, Trooper now gets his friend, Tommy -- another former member of Ward's gang -- hired to assist him in his job as messenger.

  • S01E03 Back To Glory

    • September 26, 1959
    • NBC

    Three bank robbers come across a traveling-players' caravan. They shoot the actor-manager and two of them then kidnap Angela, one of the actresses. The third robber, Cowan, stays with the other actress, Lily, and is arrested by Simon Fry. Cowan winds up in the Silver City jail but escapes, steals a horse, and knocks down Fran McCord as he flees. Clay McCord and Herk Lamson track Cowan to a cabin where his two cronies are holed up with Angela. (One of these cronies is dying from a knife wound sustained when he and the other robber fought over Angela.) Clay and Herk arrest Cowan and Clay kills the other robber in a gunfight. Angela is then reunited with Lily.

  • S01E04 Shadow Of The Noose

    • October 3, 1959
    • NBC

    Simon Fry arrests a ""Drifter"" for shooting a man, stealing his wife, and then shooting her. He takes the Drifter to a jail in the nearby town but, when a lynch-mob gathers, moves him on to Silver City. Following him is a landowner named Akins and several of Akins' cronies who are anxious for some quick ""justice."" Fran McCord believes the Drifter's pleas of innocence and persuades brother Clay to help Fry transport the prisoner to a trial in Prescott. Before this happens, Akins tricks the Drifter into making a jailbreak but this plan fails. On the trail to Prescott, Akins again makes a move against the Drifter which Fry and Clay thwart. Fry then reveals to Clay evidence of the Drifter's guilt.

  • S01E05 Powder Keg

    • October 10, 1959
    • NBC

    Heck Ransom and his men capture Tom Deaver, a notorious renegade wanted for supplying gunpowder to the Apaches. Heck's journey to Prescott with his prisoner is endangered when a garrulous telegrapher spreads the word of Deaver's capture - word that reaches the prisoner's Indian allies.

  • S01E06 Like Father

    • October 17, 1959
    • NBC

    While Chesley Vantage eagerly greets the arrival in Silver City of his son, Brad, who's been studying in Kansas to be a veterinarian, word reaches Deputy McCord that a gunfighter is also on the way from Kansas, apparently to settle a score. McCord soon learns that Brad acquired his vet training while serving time in a Kansas prison. He also learns that the gunfighter, Jim Stanton, wants to kill Brad because he mistakenly believes Brad warned authorities about a planned prison escape. McCord spares Brad from Stanton's wrath by coming up with a ruse to put Brad in jail. Then McCord kills Stanton in a barroom shootout. Brad's now free to set up his practice and his father, himself a reformed outlaw, is none the wiser about his son's criminal past.

  • S01E07 Proof Of Guilt

    • October 24, 1959
    • NBC

    A murderous outlaw gang has attacked a number of smelting operations and seized numerous gold bars. An ex-convict, recently released from prison and determined to go straight, stumbles upon on one of the hold-ups and discovers his son is a member of the gang. The old criminal decides to take the blame for the crimes himself to protect his son's wife and children.

  • S01E08 The Johnny Shanks Story

    • October 31, 1959
    • NBC

    Marshal Fry is convinced of trouble when he learns that three unsavory bounty hunters are heading for Silver City. Not wanting her brother to get involved, Fran McCord arranges for Clay to guide a party of settlers across the Badlands to their new ranches. Fran's plan doesn't' work - the bounty hunters are after a member of the party Clay is leading.

  • S01E09 Focus Of Doom

    • November 7, 1959
    • NBC

    Marshals in three Arizona towns have been shot dead and Simon Fry fears the killer may now be coming to Silver City. He sends Herk Lamson off on vacation and watches as four suspicious strangers arrive in town: a cowboy named Barker, a gambler named Regan, a salesman named Madden, and a guitar-player named Wilk. Fry arrests Regan for cheating at cards while Clay McCord offers to escort Wilk back to his hotel. Wilk pulls a gun on McCord in an alley and explains he's been shooting marshals because his daughter was killed in the crossfire when marshals were making an arrest. Fry then comes into the alley followed by Fran McCord. Fran distracts Wilk who is then shot by Fry. As Wilk dies, he says he'll be happy to rejoin his daughter.

  • S01E10 The Big Four

    • November 14, 1959
    • NBC

    A highly organized outlaw gang has robbed banks, trains and stagecoaches throughout southern Arizona. When Marshal Fry learns that four of the West's most notorious outlaws - Billy the Kid, Curly Bill Brocius, Ike Clanton and Johnny Ringo - have dropped out of sight, he fears that they have joined forces. Clay McCord stumbles upon a clue to the gang's whereabouts and, using a pair of homing pigeons, hopes to communicate their location to Simon Fry before their next raid.

  • S01E11 The Next Bullet

    • November 28, 1959
    • NBC

    Clay finds a note in a murdered man's pocket that threatens death to Heck Lamson. Marshal Fry is convinced that the crime is linked to a sensational trial held the previous year where a woman was convicted of murdering her husband and her brother's vowed vengeance.

  • S01E12 The Deal

    • December 5, 1959
    • NBC

    A gang headed by men named Quincannon and Usher kidnap Fran McCord. They tell her brother, Clay, that to save his sister he must go along with their plan to rob the payroll of a local mine. Clay cooperates, even going so far as to lure Simon Fry out of town on the day of the robbery. Fry, however, sees through Clay's ruses and soon Clay tells him the truth. Together they ride to the mine and in a shoot-out with the gang, Clay kills Quincannon. Usher rides off to the cabin where Fran is being held. Fran has freed herself from her ropes and when Usher enters the cabin, she throws water in his face and hits him in the head with a frying pan. Clay and Fry then arrive to complete the arrest.

  • S01E13 Land Greed

    • December 12, 1959
    • NBC

    A widow with a young son marches into a church service and loudly denounces her neighbors as land-hungry thieves who are trying to drive her off her ranch. Clay investigates and finds evidence of fence cutting and the widow's cattle being rustled - but he also finds indications that the evidence was created by someone trying to throw the blame on the neighboring ranchers.

  • S01E14 Man Of Peace

    • December 19, 1959
    • NBC

    Apaches steal a shipment of repeating-rifles headed for the cavalry at Ft. Donaldson. Simon Fry fears this means war but Clay McCord wants to get the Indians' side of the story and so travels alone to visit Chief Magnus. He learns the Chief is angry because white men have been ambushing Apaches and selling their scalps. McCord promises to deal with the culprits who prove to be an old man named Isbel and his two sons, the bloodthirsty Mordecai and the more sensitive Micah. In the ensuing shoot-out, Micah is killed but McCord, though shot in the leg, manages to arrest Isbel and Mordecai. Chief Magnus is now satisfied and returns the stolen rifles.

  • S01E15 The Orphans

    • December 26, 1959
    • NBC

    Clay McCord stops a covered wagon that careened through town and discovers three young children inside, but finds no sign of the parents. The children's parents are eventually found murdered so, when Simon Fry discovers their money hidden in the wagon, he sets a trap for the murderers that Fran McCord nearly spoils by accident.

  • S01E16 Backfire

    • January 2, 1960
    • NBC

    Con Marlowe makes a violent escape from a work-gang at the Arizona Territorial Prison. He heads for Silver City where his wife, Peg, awaits him and where he can find Marshal Lamson, the man he blames for sending him to prison. During an encounter between the two in Peg's hotel room, Marlowe strikes a match to light a cigar and Lamson, thinking Marlowe's drawing his gun, shoots him dead. The bullet strikes Marlowe in the back and when word of this spreads, townspeople turn against Lamson. Marlowe's widow vows to avenge her husband and sends for two gunfighters, Fred Sooley and Len Harbin. Sooley figures this isn't his fight and leaves town but Harbin challenges Lamson in the hotel dining room. Deputy McCord arrives on the scene, Harbin draws his gun to shoot Lamson, and McCord shoots Harbin dead, the bullet entering the gunfighter's back. The townspeople in the dining room agree McCord's actions were justified and McCord uses this incident to prompt the townspeople to reexamine their at

  • S01E17 Hang The Law

    • January 9, 1960
    • NBC

    While visiting a border town to determine if he should set up a general store, Clay McCord is framed for the murder of the town drunk. Marshal Simon Fry arrives after Clay has been sentenced to hang for the murder and has only five days to produce evidence exonerating his favorite deputy. In order to find that evidence, Simon must determine why Clay was framed for the murder in the first place.

  • S01E18 Silent Gun

    • January 23, 1960
    • NBC

    A mute gunfighter with a distinctive scar around his throat arrives in Silver City and proceeds to provoke two gunfights, resulting in the deaths of the two citizens. Even though the mayor and town's business leaders demand action, Marshal Lamson can't arrest the gunslick because he didn't draw first either time. Clay attempts to find the reason for the gunman's apparently senseless vendetta.

  • S01E19 The Hidden Motive

    • January 30, 1960
    • NBC

    While defending the Spencer ranch against rustlers, Deputy McCord shoots and kills ranch-owner Aaron Spencer. Though the shooting seems justified, McCord feels guilty, especially when breaking the news to young Mrs. Spencer. At first she is angry and bitter but later softens and seems to be falling in love with McCord, much to his discomfort. Red Dawson and his rustlers now break into the Spencer home one night, demanding money. (It seems Aaron Spencer, unknown to his wife, was the rustler's secret partner.) McCord arrives in time to arrest the rustlers and Mrs. Spencer decides to join relatives in Canada.

  • S01E20 Lawman's Blood

    • February 6, 1960
    • NBC

    An outlaw abducts Silver City's doctor to attend to his brother who was shot during a hold-up. Clay manages to kill the kidnapper but the doctor refuses to leave his patient and requests that Clay assist him with the operation to remove the bullet from the wounded man's stomach.

  • S01E21 The Return Of Simon Fry

    • February 13, 1960
    • NBC

    A man named Kipp has been brought in from San Francisco to get rid of Simon Fry. He ambushes Fry who's driving a buckboard but the buckboard overturns, spills a can of coal oil, and in the ensuing fire, Kipp is burned beyond recognition. His body is mistakenly thought to be Fry's and Clay McCord sadly delivers the eulogy at Fry's funeral. Fry, after revealing himself to an astonished McCord, then disguises himself as a book salesman and goes in search of the man who hired Kipp. Two of this man's thugs, Vic Rufus and Jubba, eventually lead Fry to their boss, Jake Carter. Carter, an old enemy of Fry, has been forcing farmers off their land, knowing that land values will rise sharply after a railroad goes through that area. Fry manages to arrest Carter.

  • S01E22 Queen Bea

    • February 20, 1960
    • NBC

    Simon Fry attempts to gather evidence against a sophisticated gang that is attempting to monopolize general stores in Arizona by driving all their competition out of business. When none of the store owners are willing to testify, Clay agrees to pretend to sell his shop and then cozy up to the woman he believes is the leader of the criminals.

  • S01E23 The Two Faces Of Bob Claxton

    • February 27, 1960
    • NBC

    The youngest member of a notorious gang of outlaw brothers is wounded and captured after a bank robbery. Fran is smitten and Clay is impressed with the boy's willingness to turn his back on his life of crime. Meanwhile Marshal Fry is convinced his brothers will attempt to break him out of jail and warns Herk and Clay to be alert for trouble.

  • S01E24 Lady With A Mission

    • March 5, 1960
    • NBC

    After being injured at a rally in Prescott, Agnes Stone, a spunky suffragette requests protection from the marshal's men at her next rally in Silver City. Her cause is thwarted by Hodges, who fears that if women get the vote, they'll use their political clout to close down his chain of saloons and dance halls. When Agnes starts to impress the menfolk with her whiskey drinking and bronc busting exploits, Hodges determines to take desperate measures and orders his men to abduct his female foe.

  • S01E25 The Border Between

    • March 12, 1960
    • NBC

    While returning from Mexico with a prison escapee, Marshal Fry and Clay McCord are ambushed by a Mexican landowner whose daughter, Felipa, has been kidnapped by an American miner from Leadville, Evan Sloate. The landowner vows to kill Fry unless McCord can return Felipa. McCord rides to Leadville and is directed to Sloate's mine by Lorrie, Sloate's discarded girlfriend. McCord gets a job in the mine and makes contact with Felipa but their conversation is interrupted by the jealous Sloate. Sloate flogs McCord and orders him off his property but McCord sneaks back and rescues Felipa. Sloate soon catches up with them. Before he can shoot McCord, however, Felipa shoots her kidnapper. The Mexican then gets his daughter back, Fry is freed, and he and McCord resume returning that escapee to prison.

  • S01E26 Final Payment

    • March 19, 1960
    • NBC

    A businessman, restricted to a wheelchair after being shot in gunfight with Clay and Fran's father years before, is determined to exact his revenge upon the children of his nemesis. He buys the mortgage on the McCords' store and robs clay of the funds to bring his note up to date. Having bankrupted the family, he imports a gunslinger to force Clay into a gunfight he doesn't want to risk.

  • S01E27 Dark Reward

    • March 26, 1960
    • NBC

    Arizona's bankers have banded together to offer rewards for dead bank robbers. An enterprising criminal gang determines to take them up on their offer by organizing a fake bank robbery and than having the stooge killed by one of the gang in order to collect the reward. When a childhood friend of Clay's is killed in this manner, he decides to set himself up as the next victim in order to get the evidence to break up the ring.

  • S01E28 Marked For Bounty

    • April 2, 1960
    • NBC

    A kind-hearted warden allows a prisoner to "escape" so that the young man can see his father one last time before he dies. Clay McCord learns that a notorious bounty hunter has learned of the "jail break" and tries to help the young man.

  • S01E29 The Truly Yours

    • April 9, 1960
    • NBC

    A trio of three men, (Coffer, File, and Fancy), rob the bank in Silver City one night after setting fire to Clay McCord's store as a diversion. Clay persues them to a mine but winds up being imprisoned inside a mine tunnel. A family of traveling Gypsies comes across the scene. The two sisters in this family free Clay who then shoots one of the robbers and captures the other two. One of these two knew Clay from childhood and Clay, seeing that the robber isn't all bad, promises to speak up for him at his trial.

  • S01E30 A Time To Sow

    • April 23, 1960
    • NBC

    Chief Marshal Simon Fry warns Clay to be on the lookout for a gunman who he believes was hired to settle a dispute between two ranchers over water rights. While Clay searches for the potential killer, he tries to help a young couple find a suitable piece of land to buy, only to discover that the mother is the only one who wants to settle in Silver City.

  • S01E31 The Last Gunfight

    • April 30, 1960
    • NBC

    Gunfighter Johnny Dean wants to shed his reputation by settling down in Silver City under the alias ""Roger Enright."" He plans to buy a ranch north of town and marry the local music teacher, Helen Ivers. Trouble arrives in the form of Dan Crawford, a young man who's been trailing Dean and who wants to kill him in a shootout in order to acquire a reputation. Local bully Burt Johnson learns of Crawford's quest and decides to kill Dean himself. To settle which man will get the ""honor,"" Crawford and Johnson play cards. Crawford wins but when Johnson learns Crawford has a reputation for shady card-dealing, he challenges Crawford to a duel on the town's street. Dean tries to avert bloodshed by stepping between them but the men fire anyway and Dean is killed. Deputy McCord checks the body and says it shows only one bullet hole. Each shooter claims to be the one who fired the fatal shot but McCord refuses to settle their dispute, not wanting either man to claim ""credit."" He later confides to Ma

  • S01E32 Chain Of Action

    • May 7, 1960
    • NBC

    After holding up a stagecoach and killing the shotgun guard, an outlaw is captured by Marshal Fry, convicted and sentenced to hang. Even though he is scheduled to be executed, the outlaw refuses to reveal the location of the stolen loot, which includes the money a family borrowed for an operation to save the eyesight of a young boy. Clay convinces the Bisbee marshal to allow him to spend the night in jail in hopes of persuading the killer to reveal the location of the missing strongbox.

  • S01E33 The Lucifer Urge

    • May 14, 1960
    • NBC

    Barney Wagner uses loopholes in the law to evict farmers from their land. Clay McCord deplores this practice but cannot intervene since Wagner's staying within the law. Eventually McCord tricks Wagner into offering him a job which then enables him to arrest Wagner for attempted bribery. This pleases McCord since Wagner shot McCord's father eleven years ago.

  • S01E34 Palace Of Chance

    • May 21, 1960
    • NBC

    Simon Fry suspects that an escaped convict will head for Silver City to seek help from his ex-girlfriend who works there in a gambling hall. He convinces Clay to allow the disreputable casino to remain open and baits deputy the trap with a rumor about a strongbox hidden in the town jail.

  • S01E35 The X Game

    • May 28, 1960
    • NBC

    An illiterate Mexican-American believes he is signing papers certifying the health of his sheep when, in fact, his "X" now marks the spot on a deed selling his ranch to a couple of land-grabbing dudes. When the sheepherder's son is killed by the crooks, Clay investigates and learns that the pair has been conning simple folk out of their property throughout the Southwest and determines to put the men out of business permanently.

  • S01E36 The Stand-Off

    • June 11, 1960
    • NBC

    After Simon Fry is wounded chasing an escaped prisoner, he orders Clay McCord not to let anyone know that he's been hurt. Clay takes up the chase and only to be trapped by the outlaw in shacks around an abandoned mine. Armed with a bottle of whiskey, a box of bullets and a single canteen of water, the deputy marshal sets out to a win a battle of wits and wills with his wily adversary.

  • S01E37 Trail Of Darkness

    • June 18, 1960
    • NBC

    Even though he's been savagely beaten, Deputy Marshal Clay McCord can't tell outlaw gang members where their wounded associate has been hidden by Marshal Simon Fry, because he didn't know. When Fry is abducted by the same gang, McCord leads his posse in pursuit. He tracks the gang's progress to their hideout by pretending to be tied up and hidden under a tarpaulin in the back of a wagon, so he can remember the sound and feel of the road.

  • S01E38 The Choice

    • June 25, 1960
    • NBC

    Dory Matson, an ex-convict returns to his hometown of Silver City and announces his intentions to reform. The townspeople are reluctant to accept him at his word, especially when he guns down a bully. When Doc Landy discovers that the young man amassed considerable medical knowledge while working in the prison hospital, he agrees to take Matson on as an apprentice.

  • S01E39 Ma Mack

    • July 9, 1960
    • NBC

    An acquaintance of Clay and Fran's father arrives in Silver City searching for the stepson she hasn't seen in five years. While Clay is guiding her from mine to mine following her relative's trail, an Arkansas lawman arrives with news that the woman is an ex-convict and the stepson was a member of her gang who made off with eight thousand dollars from the outlaws' last bank robbery.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Deadly Breed

    • September 24, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay is curious and concerned when Chief Marshal Fry insists on personally handling the investigation into the activities of a pair of swindlers, one of whom happens to be a beautiful young blonde. Clay learns that the young woman is the daughter of woman who spurned his love more than twenty years ago and the deputy fears that Simon may be allowing his personal feelings to cloud his professional judgment.

  • S02E02 Meet Sergeant Tasker

    • October 1, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay tries to help a two-fisted but gullible sergeant recover two thousand dollars of Army funds stolen by a beautiful blonde saloon hostess and her two card sharp confederates.

  • S02E03 The Jason Harris Story

    • October 8, 1960
    • NBC

    Simon Fry arrests Jason Harris, the marshall of Hondo, for complicity in some robberies. Harris could clear himself but remains silent to protect his guilty wife, Laurie. Laurie's fallen for a man named Johnny Dustin and together they plan to get rid of Harris. Dustin betrays Laurie, however, and Fry and Clay McCord then see to it that the guilty are caught and punished. Fry then offers the exonerated Harris a job in the new town of Yorba Linda.

  • S02E04 The Fatal Urge

    • October 15, 1960
    • NBC

    Well-to-do Elmer Jackson is murdered and evidence points to his nephew, Phil, who has fled town. Clay McCord suspects Phil's sister, Martha, knows his whereabouts though she denies this. Clay secretly follows Martha out of town but she knocks him out with a rock to the head and rides on to a cabin where she meets her lover, outlaw Tweed Younger. Tweed killed Elmer Jackson but made it look as if Phil had. Phil's now a prisoner in the cabin. Double-crossing Martha shoots Tweed and is about to kill Phil when McCord arrives on the scene.

  • S02E05 Mother And Son

    • October 29, 1960
    • NBC

    Marshal Fry paroles the brains behind an outlaw gang so he can visit with his mother who is unaware of his criminal activities.

  • S02E06 Bitter Root

    • November 5, 1960
    • NBC

    A lonely woman who owns the only source of good water in the vicinity hides a wounded outlaw from Clay and Sarge.

  • S02E07 The Higher Law

    • November 12, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay McCord arrests Jack Rivers for assaulting an Indian named Black Wing but Black Wing, distrusting the legal system, refuses to testify against him. Judge Wilkens releases Rivers who is then abducted by Black Wing and taken to an Indian village for some ""Apache justice."" Clay McCord rides out to the village to make sure that ""white man's law"" prevails.

  • S02E08 Passage To New Orleans

    • November 19, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay's assignment of escorting a beautiful woman to a New Orleans murder trial quickly turns from pleasure to menacing when Simon Fry boards their riverboat with news that the father of the accused man has hired numerous killers to murder the star witness before he can testify.

  • S02E09 The World Against Me

    • November 26, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay and Sarge help a bitter boy track down the men who murdered the youngster's grandfather. The claim jumpers were seeking the location of the old man's secret gold mine.

  • S02E10 Sally Tornado (aka Lady For A Hanging)

    • December 3, 1960
    • NBC

    Simon orders Clay to escort a beautiful blonde murderess to Yuma prison and her date with the gallows. Clay's decision to leave his badge behind in order to not attract attention backfires when a quartet of bounty hunters grabs his prisoner with the intent of collecting the award posted on an out-dated.

  • S02E11 The Three Brothers

    • December 10, 1960
    • NBC

    Not satisfied with Clay's investigation of local murder, Simon embarks upon his own. He narrows the suspects to a trio of brothers, each of whom is provided an alibi by a beautiful saloon girl. While Simon is trying to solve Clay's murder case, the young deputy works to arrest a gang of all-too-successful bank robbers that have been eluding Simon.

  • S02E12 Day Of Fear

    • December 17, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay captures a notorious outlaw who is racked with fever. Doc Landy tries to quarantine the man, along with the other stagecoach passengers the outlaw has come in contact with, but his efforts only start a rumor that Clay's prisoner is afflicted with deadly smallpox.

  • S02E13 Second Cousin To The Czar

    • December 24, 1960
    • NBC

    The sportsmen of Silver City see dollar signs when they convince a Russian duke to raise his horse against Clay's speedy stallion. A crooked gambler fixes the raise by arranging for Clay and his horse to be spend the night before the race searching for a nonexistent mob, exhausting both the lawman and his cayuse. Clay's friends blame him for losing the race, so when he gets word that the Russian is up to his old tricks in Bisbee, Clay rides west in hopes of getting a return match.

  • S02E14 The Judas Town

    • December 31, 1960
    • NBC

    Clay arrests Pete McCurdy, the son of prominent cattleman after the young man and his sidekicks shoot up Silver City. After the elder McCurdy bribes the wounded man to drop charges the town's businessman insist that Clay release the cowboys so they can encourage ranchers to drive their herds through town en route to Tucson, but Clay refuses.

  • S02E15 Duty Bound

    • January 7, 1961
    • NBC

    Clay, Sarge and Simon are escorting a pair of prisoners to Silver City to stand trial for murder. One of the men swears he was innocent of the charges. The men stumbled upon a mortally wounded soldier who tells them a large band of renegade Apaches is on the loose and he was shot while trying to mend the break in a telegraph line so their rampage could be reported to the Army. While trying to mend the break themselves, the little group are attacked by the Indians.

  • S02E16 The Lesson

    • January 14, 1961
    • NBC

    Silver Creek's pretty schoolteacher receives a surprise visit from her estranged husband - a ex-convict just released after serving four years in prison. The outlaw insists that they return to living as husband and wife, and when the young woman refuses, he returns to town with his new outlaw gang to insist.

  • S02E17 Past And Present

    • January 21, 1961
    • NBC

    A well-liked miner is killed during an attempted bank robbery when a bank clerk, a Civil War hero, can't bring himself to shoot at the outlaws. The mine owner is convinced that clerk is part of the outlaw gang and demands that Clay arrest the man for complicity in his employee's murder, but Clay refuses. When the bank clerk suddenly leaves town, Clay wonders if his evaluation of the man's character was correct.

  • S02E18 The Hard Decision

    • January 28, 1961
    • NBC

    A hardened criminal plots to rescue his younger brother from hanging by abducting Deputy Clay McCord and holding him as a hostage to exchange for his sibling's release.

  • S02E19 The Dream

    • February 4, 1961
    • NBC

    Believing a rich gold strike lies beneath a river passing through his property, an engineer decides to divert the flow of water from it's usual banks so he can mine the yellow metal more easily. A neighbor angry about the river's relocation decides to take matters into his own hands and hires an outlaw gang to frighten the miner off his land, but the owlhoots kidnap the miner's pretty daughter instead.

  • S02E20 Shackled Town

    • February 11, 1961
    • NBC

    While on vacation, Clay and Sarge stumble into a town near the Mexican border where a crooked judge and his stooge lawman force the inhabitants to work for pennies in his mine. Clay works with the local padre to organize the townspeople to rebel against their oppressors.

  • S02E21 The Lonely Road

    • February 18, 1961
    • NBC

    Paroled killer Shad Billings returns after five years in prison, hoping to resume cattle ranching with his wife, Meg. While there have been false rumors linking Meg with Marshall Fry, Meg has actually been involved with a mine-guard from Tombstone named Trace Phelan. Fry urges Phelan to clear out but Phelan humiliates the unarmed Billings whom Fry then jails for his own protection. Then, instead of moving on as Fry hopes, Phelan vists the Billings homestead to kidnap Meg who now wants no part of him. Fry follows and guns down Phelan in a shoot-out. Billings and Meg are re-united.

  • S02E22 The Challenger

    • February 25, 1961
    • NBC

    Sarge insists on fighting Titan, a heavyweight champion, to earn money for Clay when he learns his friend is considering leaving law enforcement because to pay for a relative's medical expenses. When Sarge is knocked out in the first round, not only is Clay disappointed, but the Silver City townsmen who wagered heavily on the bout take a financial bath and accuse the Army man of throwing the fight.

  • S02E23 Edge Of Doubt

    • March 4, 1961
    • NBC

    Jerry Kirk, a notorious outlaw, agrees to the Arizona Territory's offer of amnesty and decides to return to Silver City where he once had a girlfriend. Jerry's gruff demeanor soon alienates everyone in town except his girl, whose father attacks him with a bullwhip. When the father is found robbed and murdered, everyone assumes the former criminal is responsible for the crime. Clay thinks that someone else might be responsible and, with Jerry's help, sets a trap.

  • S02E24 Two-Way Deal

    • March 11, 1961
    • NBC

    Simon transports a teenage criminal to a town for trial after a father brings the boy to Silver City and claims the reward. Once on the trail, the father helps his son to escape, wounding the chief marshal in the process. After Simon recovers, he refuses to allow Clay help him recapture his prisoner.

  • S02E25 The Means And The End

    • March 18, 1961
    • NBC

    Having captured Josie Styles, the wife of a notorious outlaw, Chief Marshal Simon Fry resorts to desperate measures to bring in the criminal. When no one in Silver City will serve on the woman's trial, the judge invokes his powers for a bench trial, finds the woman guilty and sentences her to hang. Simon and Clay then set a trap in hopes that the murderer will try to rescue his wife before her date with the gallows.

  • S02E26 The Example

    • March 25, 1961
    • NBC

    A young man starts hanging out with Silver City's hardcases and causes trouble for local businessmen. Clay travels across the border to Mexico and convinces the young man's father, a wanted outlaw, to return to Arizona and convince his son not to follow the outlaw trail.

  • S02E27 Cherchez La Femme

    • April 1, 1961
    • NBC

    Sarge accidentally kills the son of a powerful rancher while protecting a young woman from his unwanted advances. Unfortunately for Sarge, there were no witnesses to the struggle and the rancher uses his political influence to have a hanging judge appointed for the trial. Clay tracks the frightened woman through Albuqueque into the New Mexican mountains in hopes of bringing her back to serve as a witness as Sarge's trial.

  • S02E28 Tension Point

    • April 8, 1961
    • NBC

    A murderous outlaw gang that Simon has been pursuing turns the tables by invading the family home of one of their dead gang members. Simon, who was visiting at the time, tries to outwit the outlaws, while buying time for Clay's posse to run the gang to ground.

  • S02E29 Brother In Arms

    • April 15, 1961
    • NBC

    Billy Jason, a young man taught to shoot fast and accurately by Clay McCord's father, returns to Silver City and promptly guns down a man over a card game. Although Billy claims to have returned just to see his hometown again, the real reason for his visit is to force Tom Arnold into a gunfight because he believes the older man murdered his father after cheating him out of his share of a prosperous mine.

  • S02E30 The Return Of Widow Brown

    • April 22, 1961
    • NBC

    A woman whose outlaw husband, Lem Brown, was lynched outside their home returns to Silver City after an eight year absence. She accuses the townspeople of hanging her husband, while the town's citizens accuse her of hiding the loot from her husband's crimes. Clay convinces a prison warden to allow the last surviving member of the Brown gang to escape, hoping that he'll lead the deputy to the money the gang stole.

  • S02E31 Spoken In Silence

    • April 29, 1961
    • NBC

    When a deaf woman learns her father has agreed to guide a wanted outlaw around Marshal Simon Fry and his posse to raise for her operation, she takes matters into her own hands and provides the information Simon needs to kill the bandit. When the rest of the gang finds out she informed on their leader, they plan to avenge themselves on both the old miner and his pretty child.

  • S02E32 An Enemy Of The Town

    • May 6, 1961
    • NBC

    A drunken newspaper editor takes on Silver Creek's newest employer, a large tannery, claiming that the company's by-products are polluting the town's only river. Clay doesn't believe the stories until several townspeople come down with mysterious fevers. When he shuts down the company until water samples can be analyzed the townspeople react angrily.

  • S02E33 The Legend Of Dixie

    • May 20, 1961
    • NBC

    Dixie Miller stumbles upon two bank robbers who were gunned down by the gang leader. When the posse rides up, they mistakenly credit Dixie with killing the men. Dixie basks in the limelight, until the gang leader shows up in Silver City and demands the ne'er-do-well give him the reward money paid Dixie for the deaths of his two men.

  • S02E34 The Deathly Quiet

    • May 27, 1961
    • NBC

    Two army deserters steal a pair of Gatling guns and embark on a reign of terror targeting mines, miners and assay offices throughout southern Arizona. After the crooks beat off the posse lead by Clay and Sarge, McCord convinces the Army to fight fire with fire and baits a trap with the fort's remaining machine guns.

  • S02E35 Brand Of Honesty

    • June 10, 1961
    • NBC

    Three ex-convicts trying to go straight are accused of a series of hold-ups and bank robberies by Silver City's citizens. When Clay McCord refuses to arrest the three men solely based on their earlier crimes, the townspeople refuse to answer his call for a posse whenever a new crime is perpetrated by the outlaw gang. Clay is forced to take desperate measures - his threats to close down the saloon the parolees own force the former jailbirds to locate the criminals by themselves, and with the help of Clay and Sarge bring the gang to justice.

  • S02E36 Lorinda Belle

    • June 24, 1961
    • NBC

    Hated mine foreman Jason Getty discovers he's been poisoned by one of the many people who hated him and becomes determined to kill the man who's responsible for his death. Clay and Sarge become worried that Getty will slay innocent people while trying to gun down the man really responsible of suspects during his search for the guilty party.

  • S02E37 Lawman's Conscience

    • July 1, 1961
    • NBC

    A deathbed confession frees Albee Beckett, a ranchhand convicted of murder. Clay feels guilty for gathering the evidence that sent Albee to Yuma prison until Sarge convinces to him to reexamine the case in light of a rash of robberies that occurred in Silver City soon after Albee and two of his cronies returned to the area.