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Season 1

  • S01E01 Charlie Goes Back to Therapy

    • June 28, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie, a baseball player with anger issues decides to return to therapy after a bad run-in with his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

  • S01E02 Charlie and the Slumpbuster

    • June 28, 2012
    • FX

    The new Charlie deals with a ghost from his baseball-playing days when an unattractive woman he slept with shows up as a new patient.

  • S01E03 Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation

    • July 5, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie challenges his group to do 36 hours of sleep-deprivation therapy so that their inhibitions come down.

  • S01E04 Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient

    • July 12, 2012
    • FX

    Kate starts a war when she steals one of Charlie's group patients.

  • S01E05 Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy Is Legit

    • July 19, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie falls for Jen's hot new business partner only to find she thinks therapy is a scam. Patrick asks Charlie to counsel the angry ghost of his mother.

  • S01E06 Charlie Dates Kate's Patient

    • July 26, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie starts covertly dating a brilliant coffee-shop barista who is a patient of Kate's.

  • S01E07 Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail

    • August 2, 2012
    • FX

    One of Charlie's patients from his prison anger therapy group shows up on his doorstep. Jennifer gets back at Charlie by dating an ex-con.

  • S01E08 Charlie Outs a Patient

    • August 9, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie evaluates the depth of his involvement in his patient's lives when he accidentally helps his patient hook up with a crazy woman.

  • S01E09 Charlie's Dad Visits

    • August 16, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie gets an unexpected visit from his hypercritical father. Charlie attempts to help Lacey with road rage.

  • S01E10 Charlie Gets Romantic

    • August 23, 2012
    • FX

    Charlie and Kate's sexual episode leads to complications when he innocently asks her to a movie. Sam kisses a girl and the picture winds up on a social media site.

Season 2

Season 3

  • S03E01 Charlie and the Secret Gigolo

    • June 10, 2013
    • FX

    Sean is sentenced to anger therapy after decking someone, who reveals to Charlie that he used to be an escort, he tries to figure out a way to tell Jennifer without breaking confidentiality. Ed continues his stay in Patrick's home, but has issues when he gets rid of his TV set.

  • S03E02 Charlie and His New Friend with Benefits

    • June 13, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie starts a friends with benefits relationship with a hot woman from the sex study. Nolan dates an old woman who also a friend of Patrick.

  • S03E03 Charlie and the Airport Sext

    • June 20, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie's trip with the group is interrupted when he gets some interesting news from Kate. Charlie's house is used for an adult-film shoot.

  • S03E04 Charlie and the Hot Nerd

    • June 27, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie steals a hot woman from an angry nerd. Lacey takes drugs in order to sell drugs.

  • S03E05 Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister

    • July 11, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie picks up a woman at prison, unaware that she is the sister of one of his most violent patients. Lacey secretly puts on a strip show for Nolan.

  • S03E06 Charlie and the Cheating Patient

    • July 18, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie suspects Jen's boyfriend, Sean is cheating on her with his patient, Lacey. Nolan's apartment gets robbed.

  • S03E07 Charlie and the Hit and Run

    • July 25, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie has to deal with the aftermath when his dad moves in with his patient and they hit someone with their car. Lacey takes Nolan out for a night of clubbing.

  • S03E08 Charlie and the Virgin

    • August 1, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie mistakenly becomes a sex surrogate for one of Kate’s patients, who is a thirty-two-year-old virgin.

  • S03E09 Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life

    • August 8, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie gets jealous of Jennifer's much younger boyfriend. Patrick helps Lacey look sexy for her first modelling gig.

  • S03E10 Charlie and the Prison Riot

    • August 15, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie is held hostage by his prison group during a riot. Charlie’s therapy group tries to hide it from his daughter by throwing a birthday party.

  • S03E11 Charlie and Kate Do It for Money

    • September 5, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie and Kate are ready to sleep with the right people to get funding for their sex study.

  • S03E12 Charlie and the Sting

    • September 12, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie tries to stop Kate from having sex with the executive in charge of funding their study. Charlie's dad tries to stop Lacey from throwing herself at a sleazy yoga instructor.

  • S03E13 Charlie Gets the Party Started

    • September 19, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie recruits Sean to help him throw the epic party of the century. Lacey inadvertently gets Ed hooked on drugs.

  • S03E14 Charlie and the Grad Student

    • September 26, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie competes with Nolan for a hot grad student. Martin and Ed come up with a patriotic scam.

  • S03E15 Charlie's New Sex Study Partner

    • October 3, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie is forced to hire a new psychologist to replace Kate in his sex study. Jennifer and Lacey trick Sean.

  • S03E16 Charlie and the Sex Addict

    • October 10, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie sleeps with Jordan's hot AA sponsor who happens to be a recovering sex addict.

  • S03E17 Charlie and the Hooker

    • October 24, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie receives an unusual payment when he brings a pimp into his therapy group. Sean and Michael get into a racial dating mishap.

  • S03E18 Charlie and the Devil

    • October 31, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie gets a new patient in his therapy group who believes he's the devil.

  • S03E19 Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes

    • November 7, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie and Sean go to war when Charlie begins having casual sex with his ex, who is Sean's former girlfriend.

  • S03E20 Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich

    • November 14, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie suggests that Lacey and Patrick pretend to date in order for her to get her inheritance.

  • S03E21 Charlie Loses His Virginity Again

    • November 21, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie wants a do-over with the woman he lost his virginity to.

  • S03E22 Charlie Does It for Science

    • December 5, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie is pursued by a hot reporter who wants to experience his sex study.

  • S03E23 Charlie and Lacey Shack Up

    • December 12, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie's bad-girl patient gets sentenced to house arrest and moves in with Charlie.

  • S03E24 Charlie and the Christmas Hooker

    • December 19, 2013
    • FX

    Charlie's Christmas plans with Sasha are derailed when Ed steals the baby Jesus from a Latino church.

Season 4

Season 5