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Gene Hong


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Break Point 2014 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Magnum P.I. May The Best One Win May 8, 2020 Writer
Magnum P.I. A Game of Cat and Mouse January 31, 2020 Writer
Magnum P.I. Make It 'Til Dawn October 25, 2019 Writer
Magnum P.I. Honor Among Thieves October 4, 2019 Writer
Magnum P.I. Blood in the Water March 25, 2019 Writer
Magnum P.I. Day of the Viper January 21, 2019 Writer
Magnum P.I. Winner Takes All January 20, 2019 Writer
Magnum P.I. Death Is Only Temporary October 29, 2018 Writer
Lethal Weapon The Seal Is Broken January 25, 2017 Writer
Lethal Weapon Best Buds October 5, 2016 Writer
Bones The Head in the Abutment June 16, 2016 Writer
Bones The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves October 22, 2015 Writer
Bones The Eye in the Sky April 23, 2015 Writer
Community Intro to Felt Surrogacy April 11, 2013 Writer
Friends With Benefits The Benefit of Mardi Gras August 26, 2011 Writer
The Goode Family A Goode Game of Chicken July 10, 2009 Writer