Father Brown (2013)

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1The Hammer of God2013-01-14  
1 x 2The Flying Stars2013-01-15  
1 x 3The Wrong Shape2013-01-16  
1 x 4The Man in the Tree2013-01-17  
1 x 5The Eye of Apollo2013-01-18  
1 x 6The Bride of Christ2013-01-21  
1 x 7The Devil's Dust2013-01-22  
1 x 8The Face of Death2013-01-23  
1 x 9The Mayor and the Magician2013-01-24  
1 x 10The Blue Cross2013-01-25  
2 x 1The Ghost in the Machine2014-01-06  
2 x 2The Maddest of All2014-01-07  
2 x 3The Pride of the Prydes2014-01-08  
2 x 4The Shadow of the Scaffold2014-01-09  
2 x 5The Mysteries of the Rosary2014-01-10  
2 x 6The Daughters of Jerusalem2014-01-13  
2 x 7The Three Tools of Death2014-01-14  
2 x 8The Prize of Colonel Gerard2014-01-15  
2 x 9The Grim Reaper2014-01-16  
2 x 10The Laws of Motion2014-01-17  
3 x 1The Man in the Shadows2015-01-05  
3 x 2The Curse of Amenhotep2015-01-06  
3 x 3The Invisible Man2015-01-07  
3 x 4The Sign of the Broken Sword2015-01-08  
3 x 5The Last Man2015-01-09  
3 x 6The Upcott Fraternity2015-01-12  
3 x 7The Kembleford Boggart2015-01-13  
3 x 8The Lair of the Libertines2015-01-14  
3 x 9The Truth in the Wine2015-01-15  
3 x 10The Judgement of Man2015-01-16  
3 x 11The Time Machine2015-01-19  
3 x 12The Standing Stones2015-01-20  
3 x 13The Paradise of Thieves2015-01-21  
3 x 14The Deadly Seal2015-01-22  
3 x 15The Owl of Minerva2015-01-23  
SpecialSaving Souls, Solving Crimes2015-03-21 
4 x 1The Mask of the Demon2016-01-04  
4 x 2The Brewer's Daughter 2016-01-05  
4 x 3The Hangman's Demise 2016-01-06  
4 x 4The Crackpot of the Empire 2016-01-07  
4 x 5The Daughter of Autolycus 2016-01-08  
4 x 6The Rod of Asclepius 2016-01-11  
4 x 7The Missing Man 2016-01-12  
4 x 8The Resurrectionists2016-01-13  
4 x 9The Sins of the Father 2016-01-14  
4 x 10The Wrath of Baron Samdi 2016-01-15  
5 x 1The Star of Jacob2016-12-23  
5 x 2The Labyrinth of the Minotaur2017-01-02  
5 x 3The Eve of St John2017-01-03  
5 x 4The Chedworth Cyclone2017-01-04  
5 x 5The Hand of Lucia2017-01-05  
5 x 6The Eagle and the Daw2017-01-06  
5 x 7The Smallest of Things2017-01-09  
5 x 8The Crimson Feather2017-01-10  
5 x 9The Lepidopterist's Companion2017-01-11  
5 x 10The Alchemist's Secret2017-01-12  
5 x 11The Sins of Others2017-01-13  
5 x 12The Theatre of the Invisible2017-01-16  
5 x 13The Tanganyika Green2017-01-17  
5 x 14The Fire in the Sky2017-01-18  
5 x 15The Penitent Man2017-01-19  
6 x 1The Tree of Truth2017-12-18  
6 x 2The Jackdaw's Revenge2018-01-02  
6 x 3The Kembleford Dragon2018-01-03  
6 x 4The Angel of Mercy2018-01-04  
6 x 5The Face of the Enemy2018-01-05  
6 x 6The Devil You Know2018-01-08  
6 x 7The Dance of Death2018-01-09  
6 x 8The Cat of Mastigatus2018-01-10  
6 x 9The Flower of the Fairway2018-01-11  
6 x 10The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau2018-01-12