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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Inheritance

    • October 3, 1987
    • Syndication

    In the opening segment (to be repeated throughout the first two years), we see Lewis Vendredi try to recover the cursed antiques, and end up condemned to hell. Distant cousins Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster find out they have inherited an antique shop from Uncle Lewis. Micki wants to simply sell off the place, and Ryan reluctantly agrees. They sell off the antiques in the store, but then are greeted by Jack Marshak, Vendredi's partner and procurer. They find out about Vendredi's deal with the devil, and realize that some of the antiques they sold were also cursed. The first antique they recover, a toy doll, comes to life and kills for its owner, a young girl. They recover the doll, and vow to recover the other antiques as well.

  • S01E02 The Poison Pen

    • October 10, 1987
    • Syndication

    The cousins and Jack track an antique quill pen to a monastery famed for its mysterious prophecies. The pen can be used to make anything written with it come true...at the cost of a human life for each ""wish"" granted. However, the identity of the monk using the pen, and the location of the pen, isn't known. The trio must solve the mystery before it's too late.

  • S01E03 Cupid's Quiver

    • October 17, 1987
    • Syndication

    An unattractive low-life gets hold of a cursed statue of Cupid that allows him to turn women into loving worshippers who fall at his feet. However, he is compelled to kill them in hideous ways once he has his way with them.

  • S01E04 A Cup of Time

    • October 24, 1987
    • Syndication

    An antique tea cup decorated with ""borrowers' ivy"" lets the user borrow youth and talent from a victim by taking their life. A senior citizen uses the cup to reinvent herself as a young rock singer, ""Lady Die,"" but a young girl whom the cousins befriend witnesses her kill one of her victims, and is at risk herself.

  • S01E05 Hellowe'en

    • October 31, 1987
    • Syndication

    Micki and Ryan throw a Halloween party at the shop to meet the neighbors, but two visitors inadvertently resurrect Uncle Vendredi's spirit. Now totally corrupted by evil, Lewis plans to use the energies on Halloween, the night where evil walks the earth most freely, to resurrect himself once and for all.

  • S01E06 The Great Montarro

    • November 7, 1987
    • Syndication

    A magician creates a new death-defying act using a pair of cursed antique ""magic boxes"" created by the famous magician Houdin. Anyone placed in one box can survive any danger...because someone placed in the second, hidden box suffers all the harm. Jack, a magician himself, enters a magic competition as the trio try to ferret out who is using the magic boxes.

  • S01E07 Doctor Jack

    • November 14, 1987
    • Syndication

    A doctor has obtained the cursed scapel used by Jack the Ripper, and discovers he can use it to kill one victim and miraculously heal one of his patients. His reputation as a miracle worker soon spreads, bringing him to the trio's attention. However, when Jack is injured, the doctor must choose whether to heal his enemy, or ruin his reputation.

  • S01E08 Shadow Boxer

    • November 21, 1987
    • Syndication

    A cursed set of boxing gloves makes their owner unbeatable in the ring...while his shadow goes out and beats an innocent to death. The trio manage to recover the gloves, but the boxer they stole them from breaks into the shop and hold Micki at knifepoint until he gets them back. To beat him, Ryan has to beat Jack with the gloves so his shadow can defeat the boxer.

  • S01E09 Root of All Evil

    • November 28, 1987
    • Syndication

    A gardener's assistant gets hold of a cursed mulcher. The more wealthy and valuable the person you feed into it, the more money that comes out. The trio manage to feed the assistant into the mulcher, and nothing comes out. Meanwhile, Micki's fiancee Lloyd tries to convince her to give up the antique business, but at the end she declines, feeling obliged to continue recovering the cursed antiques.

  • S01E10 Tales of the Undead

    • January 30, 1988
    • Syndication

    A old and embittered comic book writer, Jay Star, gets hold of a cursed comic book that allows him to transform into Ferrus the Invincible and take vengeance on the individuals who stripped him of his legal rights to the superhero character he created.

  • S01E11 Scarecrow

    • February 6, 1988
    • Syndication

    A small farming community has excellent harvesters. Little do they realize that one of the farmers uses a cursed scarecrow. She must pin the pictures of three victims on the scarecrow's chest. When it claims all three victims, tracking them down and beheading them, the result is a good harvest. Micki and Ryan come looking for the scarecrow, but the scarecrow's owner soon realizes what they are up to and tries to use Micki's driver's license to make her the scarecrow's third victim.

  • S01E12 Faith Healer

    • February 13, 1988
    • Syndication

    Jack is asked by a friend to investigate a ""faith healer"" who uses a cursed glove to heal one person...by transferring their ills magnified tenfold to another victim. Jack must not only recover the glove, but deal with his friend, who is dying of cancer and needs the glove to cure himself.

  • S01E13 The Baron's Bride

    • February 20, 1988
    • Syndication

    A cursed broach possesses several strange abilities, including the ability to transform its wearer into a vampire and the ability to, when daubed with blood, let its wearer travel through time. Micki and Ryan find that the broach's owner, a female vampire, is trying to transform her new male tenant into a vampire. They manage to kill the female, but the transformed tenant, Frank, uses the broach to travel back into time to London in the late 19th century. Micki and Ryan managed to follow him. Befriended by a destitute writer, Abraham, and his fiancee, they manage to track down the vampire and kill him, but not before Abraham's fiancee is killed. They return to their own time, and Jack can only speculate that ""Abraham"" may have been Bram Stoker.

  • S01E14 Bedazzled

    • February 27, 1988
    • Syndication

    Jack and Ryan recover a cursed lantern from two treasure hunters who use it to recover lost treasure by killing their divers with it. They take it back to the vault and then head off for a convention. The two crooks follow them to the shop and try to recover the lantern from Micki and the neighbor boy that she is babysitting. Micki manages to kill the two, and when Jack and Ryan return and ask what she did, she nonchalantly replied, ""Not much.""

  • S01E15 Vanity's Mirror

    • March 5, 1988
    • Syndication

    A homely girl, overshadowed by her prom queen sister, gets hold of a vanity which she can use to bedazzle any boy into falling in love with her. However, as soon as they do, she must then kill them. She eventually takes over her sister's boyfriend and has him hang her up by a noose. Micki and Ryan manage to save the girl, but the younger sister eventually commits suicide along with the boyfriend. The vanity is lost (although it will resurface in the second season episode ""Face of Evil"").

  • S01E16 Tattoo

    • March 12, 1988
    • Syndication

    A young man, Tommy Chow, gets hold of a set of tattoo needles. He tattoes an innocent victim, and the tattoo then comes to gory life and kills the victim. In return, Tommy, a compulsive gambler, gets good luck in the games. The trio team up with Tommy's grandfather, Lom, a Chinese medicine man, and try to save Tommy's sister, the next victim, before the snake tattoo kills her. Unfortunately, Tommy is playing a game of high-stakes Russian Roulette when they save his sister.

  • S01E17 The Electrocutioner

    • April 23, 1988
    • Syndication

    An innocent man is condemned to the electric chair, but manages to survive. Embittered, the man buys the electric chair from Lewis Vendredi. A dentist, he takes a job in an orphanage and disguise it as a dentist's chair. He then kills the orphans and covers up their disappearance by claiming they are runaways. The killings let him electrically charge himself into a living dynamo, so that he can go out and kill those responsible for finding him guilty at his trial. The trio must ground him before he can kill again.

  • S01E18 Brain Drain

    • April 30, 1988
    • Syndication

    A dim-wittedd man discovers a cursed trefinator in a museum warehouse: a guillotine-like device that transfers spinal fluid from one individual to another. The cursed item actually transfers intelligence as well, and the man uses it to make himself intelligent by preying upon doctors at the museum. Jack and the others become involved when Jack's old girlfriend and fiancee goes to work at the museum, and is the next target for the trefinator.

  • S01E19 The Quilt of Hathor (1)

    • May 7, 1988
    • Syndication

    A cursed quilt, which allows the person underneath it to dream their enemies to death, finds its way into an Amish-like ""Pennitite"" community. A plain woman stumbles upon it and uses it to kill her rivals for the community leader. Ryan attempts to infiltrate the community, and the woman manages to die. Ryan decides to stay with a newfound love, believing that the Quilt of Hathor is destroyed. Little do he and the others know that the quilt was recovered by the community's leader, the father of Ryan's girlfriend, who has his own dark purpose for it.

  • S01E20 The Quilt of Hathor: The Awakening (2)

    • May 14, 1988
    • Syndication

    Jack and Micki, depressed because Ryan stayed with the Pennitites, learn that the Quilt of Hathor they have is a forgery when they are able to harm it (all of the cursed antiques are indestructible). They return to the religious community to discover that Reverend Josiah, Ryan's father-in-law to be, is using it to destroy his enemies in their dreams. Josiah, unhappy with an outsider romancing his daughter, has framed Ryan for the deaths. Ryan must fight in an old Testament-style trial by combat while the others recover the Quilt.

  • S01E21 Double Exposure

    • May 21, 1988
    • Syndication

    Winston Knight, a TV anchorman, gains great fame because a serial killer, the Machete Killer, will only contact him. What no one knows is that Knight is using a cursed camera that lets him create an exact duplicate of himself that goes out and kills for him, providing him with an ironclad alibi and great ratings. As long as he destroys the negative within the allotted time, Knight is fine. Unfortunately, Ryan's new girlfriend Cathy witnesses one of the murders and realizes Knight is somehow the Machete Killer. One of Knight's photo-duplicates kills her, but the trio are close on Knight's trail. Knight eventually fails to destroy one of his indestructible duplicates in time, and disintegrates. However, the duplicate has little time to savor its new life before it dies of previously inflicted wounds.

  • S01E22 The Pirate's Promise

    • July 2, 1988
    • Syndication

    Tracking a cursed foghorn, Micki and Ryan arrive at an isolated community. Initially unbeknownst to them, the local lighthouse keeper is using the foghorn to summon up the ghost of pirate Angus MacBride, who kills his descendents in return for revealing more and more of his hidden treasure to the keeper. Ultimately the keeper discovers that he is the last descendent of MacBridge, and the pirate captain completes his crew at last.

  • S01E23 Badge of Honor

    • July 9, 1988
    • Syndication

    An old boyfriend of Micki's, Tim Ayres, shows up in town, and immediately begins acting suspiciously. Ryan, somewhat jealous, believes that Ayres is working with local counterfeiters. It turns out that Ayres is an undercover cop. Unfortunately, the crook he is tracking killed the wife of Russ Sharko, who has the cursed sheriff's badge of Wyatt Earp, and is using it to kill off criminals vigilante-style. In the end, Ayres and Sharko are both killed and the badge is recovered.

  • S01E24 Pipe Dream

    • July 16, 1988
    • Syndication

    Ryan's father Ray, a small-time inventor, rolls into town and announces that he's achieved great financial success and is planning to finally marry. Ray's managed to do so with the aid of a pipe given to him by Lewis Vendredi, which allows him to totally disintegrate first the young inventor whose ideas he stole, and then his rivals in the company he's working for. Eventually Ryan and Micki discover the truth. When Ray tries to kill Micki with the pipe, Ryan throws himself in the way. Ultimiately reconciled with his son, Ray then takes the blast of smoke for himself, dying to save his son.

  • S01E25 What a Mother Wouldn't Do

    • July 23, 1988
    • Syndication

    Two desperate parents were given an antique cradle by a symathetic Lewis Vendredi. The cradle belonged to a female passenger aboard the Titanic. Trying to rescue her child, she accidentally capsized a lifeboat that killed seven passengers, but her child floated to safety. Now, the curse of the cradle lets the parents cure their ailing baby if they kill seven people by water while the baby is in the cradle. However, they must do so before the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. Ultimiately, trying to kill the child's babysitter, the parents themselves both manage to die by water, inadvertently giving their lives to save their child. The babysitter ends up with the cured baby, and the trio recover the cradle.

  • S01E26 Bottle of Dreams

    • July 30, 1988
    • Syndication

    A mysterious messenger brings a Coptic urn to the store, which bursts open when Micki and Ryan take it to the Vault. The gas from the jar puts them into a trance where they are forced to relive their most horrifying moments over and over until they die. Jack calls upon his friend, a fellow mystic named Rashid, to help him enter their trance and free them. To do so, Jack must both overcome the spirit of Lewis Vendredi, who arranged for the urn's delivery to gain revenge, and confront the spirit of his deceased son.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Doorway to Hell

    • September 30, 1988
    • Syndication

    Lewis Vendredi was defeated in the previous episode Bottle of Dreams, but he has another plan. Vendredi is using a mirror that he prepared before his death, hidden away in an old home that the cousins were unaware their uncle owned. The mirror will open a doorway to hell, and let Lewis escape. Vendredi possesses the body of one of two escaped convicts who has fled to hell. Jack must enter the doorway and destroy it from within, which he manages to do.

  • S02E02 The Voodoo Mambo

    • October 7, 1988
    • Syndication

    During a local voodoo celebration, Jack meets an old friend, Hedley, who is a voodoo houngan, and the ""Keeper of Fire"". Hedley's granddaughter Stacey is to be initiated as a priestess. However, the other three priests of the other elements are being killed off by Cole, a rich young man using a cursed voodoo mask. He is working for Laotia, a priestess who has promised him power but plans to take it all for herself once Cole has killed the priests. We eventually find out that Laotia and Hedley were married, and that Hedley had killed his wife years ago when she turned to evil. The cousins, Jack, and Hedley must defeat Laotia once and for all.

  • S02E03 And Now the News

    • October 14, 1988
    • Syndication

    In an insane asylum, a doctor is using a cursed antique radio to enact miraculous cures on his patients. The cost, as usual, is that the radio then kills another doctor's patients, by bringing their greatest fears to life. Tracking down the radio, Micki and Ryan must break into the asylum and recover the antique.

  • S02E04 Tails I Live, Heads You Die

    • October 21, 1988
    • Syndication

    A Satanic cult leader gets ahold of the cursed Coin of Ziocles, and needs it to resurrect three powerful witches. Flip the coin and it comes up heads...killing the victim and allowing the user to resurrect someone else. Unfortunately, while spying on the cult Micki is captured and killed by the coin! Jack and Ryan are deeply hurt, and Ryan plans to quit antique-hunting once they've defeated the cult. Fortunately, they are able to substitute Micki's body for that of the third, mummified corpse, and the cult leader, Sylvan, inadvertently resurrects her instead. As the temple begins to crumble, Ryan grabs the coin and tosses it at Sylvan to deter him...but it's a fake. Unfortunately, Ryan loses the real Coin as well, leaving it buried under tons of rubble.

  • S02E05 Symphony in B#

    • November 4, 1988
    • Syndication

    Jack is a fan of deceased violinist, Janos Korda. Ryan's new girlfriend Leslie, a violinist, is Korda's widow. Each year a new album of Korda's ""lost"" music is mysteriously released. Also initially believing that The trio find out that Korda is still alive, but horribly disfigured and crippled by the car crash it was believed he was killed in. Only by using a cursed violin, and killing a victim with its razor-sharp bow, can Korda temporarily gain enough control of his hands to produce new music. Upon seeing his ex-wife Leslie, he becomes obsessed with her and tries to steal her away. Leslie sacrifices herself rather than let Ryan become Korda's next victim, and Korda kills himself in despair at her loss.

  • S02E06 Master of Disguise

    • November 11, 1988
    • Syndication

    The trio become involved in a movie production when they loan some (non-cursed) antiques out to a set. Handsome actor William Pratt is the star, and Micki and he soon fall in love. Unfortunately, Pratt has two secrets: he is actually a disfigured ""monster"" actor named Jeff Amory, and he owns an antique: a cursed make-up case that belonged to John Wilkes Booth. Using the case, Amory can temporarily hide his disfigurement by mixing a victim's blood in with the make-up. Unable to bring himself to kill Micki whom he truly loves, he reverts to his normal features but Micki loves him anyway. He is locked up and the make-up case returned to the Vault.

  • S02E07 Wax Magic

    • November 18, 1988
    • Syndication

    An eccentric wax sculptor and his wife tour with a carnival. Not so coincidentally, a series of ax murders follow the carnival and the ""Hall of Horrors"" wax museum the sculptor runs. Ryan falls for the wife, only to eventually learn that she had actually rejected the sculptor...who killed her and turned her into a wax statue. Now he uses a cursed handkerchief to reanimate her and force her to love him. However, she must be sent out to kill to maintain the curse. Ultimately, the wife, realizing what she has become, kills herself and her ""husband"" in a flaming tent.

  • S02E08 Read My Lips

    • November 25, 1988
    • Syndication

    Micki's college roommate wants her to be bridesmaid at her wedding. However, the woman's fiancee, a ventriloquist, appears to be going insane. He spends most his time talking to his dummy as if it were a real person. A string of murders in his past are also starting to show up. Ultimately the groom goes insane, but a new ventriloquist takes over the dummy. Since there is no antique ventriloquist dummy in the Manifest, the trio aren't sure what's going on. Ultimately they figure out that the lapel flower is the cursed item in question. Unfortunately, the curse hs finally allowed the dummy to animate itself. Ryan manages to pull the flower from the dummy, rendering it inert once more.

  • S02E09 13 O'Clock

    • January 7, 1989
    • Syndication

    A woman and her boyfriend get hold of a cursed pocketwatch that lets the owner stop time for one hour (13 o'clock) if they kill a victim at a particular train station. Two street orphans witness one of the killings, and meet up with Ryan and Micki. By holding on to the couple, Ryan manages to enter their ""frozen hour"" and manages to get the watch away from them, leaving them trapped in time for eternity.

  • S02E10 Night Hunger

    • January 14, 1989
    • Syndication

    A young hot rodder is given a gift by Lewis Vendredi: a silver key chain that lets him win car races. However, he has to kill those he races against to get the curse to work. His ultimate goal is to beat his rival, Deacon, and show he's worthy of his abusive father's respect. Micki and Ryan try to get the key chain away from him, but only succeed in crashing the rodder's car...and causing the key chain to enter his heart! Ultimately, the boy's father sacrifices himself to stop his son by ramming him head-on during the final race.

  • S02E11 The Sweetest Sting

    • January 21, 1989
    • Syndication

    A demented bee keeper, McCabe, uses a cursed antique beehive in a complicated scheme. First he turns loose the bees in the beehive, which kill someone and make a blood-honey. Then McCabe sells the honey to dying businessmen in return for lots of money. The businessmen must then kill their ""replacement"", and they take over their victims' bodies, abandoning their old lives. However, they have to keep eating the blood-honey (and paying McCabe more money) to maintain the bodies' health, or they revert back to their original dying infirmity. The trio get wind of the scheme, and kill McCabe with the help of one of the businessmen who finds that his new life isn't worth the loss of his loving, abandoned wife.

  • S02E12 The Playhouse

    • January 28, 1989
    • Syndication

    Two children trapped in an abusive home stumble upon a cursed playhouse. The playhouse lets them enter a fantastical world of clown and parties in return for them luring in a child. The trail of missing runaways attact our trio's attention. Micki and Ryan have to enter the house where they confront its sinister presence. They manage to convince the two children to reject the house, which frees the other trapped children. The missing children are returned to their homes and the two siblings are put into a foster home.

  • S02E13 Eye of Death

    • February 4, 1989
    • Syndication

    An antiques collector, Atticus Rook, makes a fortune selling as-new antiques from the Civil War era. It turns out that they are ""as-new"": by fueling a cursed ""magic lantern"" with the blood of a victim, he can travel back in time through a slide of wherever he wants to go, until the lantern ""fuel"" burns out in three hours. Ryan and Micki follow, but Ryan is captured as a spy trying to get close to Lee (whose sword Rook is trying to grab). A local women, Abigail, helps Ryan only to be killed by Atticus. Ultimately Micki helps Ryan to escape, and they go back to the present and blow out the lamp...just as Rook emerges behind them, dying a particularly gruesome death caught partway in a wall where the image was projected.

  • S02E14 Face of Evil

    • February 11, 1989
    • Syndication

    The compact lost in last season's ""Vanity's Mirror"" is found by the dead girl's sister, who is now working as a make-up artist. Inadvertently, the aging starlet she works for gets hold of it, and discovers it has a new ability: by flashing light from the compact into a victim's eyes, they die a horrible, disfiguring death but the actress looks are rejuvenated. Our intrepid trio manage to get hold of it, leaving the actress to suffer all the disfigurements she inflicted on others as the curse snaps back.

  • S02E15 Better Off Dead

    • February 18, 1989
    • Syndication

    A doctor is trying to develop a cure for a childhood syndrome lending towards hyperviolence. Due to his mistake, his daughter was inadvertently infected with the disease from a contaminated needle. Now, the doctor uses a cursed silver syringe to suck out the essence of a small gland that controls violent behavior from unwilling prostitutes, and inject it into his daughter to give her a temporary cure. Unfortunately, the process renders the donor hyperviolent as well. A friend of Micki's is grabbed by the doctor and submitted to the treatment. Trying to locate her friend, Micki herself is kidnapped and subjected to the process.

  • S02E16 Scarlet Cinema

    • February 25, 1989
    • Syndication

    An outcast college film student is obsessed with werewolves. Mercilessly teased by frat boys and rejected by the girls, he stumbles upon a cursed movie camera. When he films someone with it, he sees them being killed by a werewolf through the viewfinder. The victim is then actually killed by a mystically summoned werewolf. According to the camera, when the student kills three victims, he will get his fondest wishes. He does so, and becomes a werewolf himself. Ultimaitely, he tracks the trio back to Curious Goods, where they kill him by strangling him with the camera's film...made out of silver nitrate.

  • S02E17 The Mephisto Ring

    • April 15, 1989
    • Syndication

    A World Series ring for the infamous Black Sox game allows its owner to predict winning games to gamble on...if the owner puts the ring on a sacrificial victim and condemns them to a gory death. A three-time loser gets hold of the ring left to him by his deceased father, and tries to use it to gain wealth.

  • S02E18 A Friend to the End

    • April 22, 1989
    • Syndication

    This is essentially two half-episodes. In the first, Micki and Ryan are trying to recover a cursed piece of rock, the Shard of Medusa, from a sculptress. Using it, she can kill a victim and transform them into a prize-winning piece of art. The cousins fail to get the Shard, and the sculptress escapes. In the second half, Micki's visiting nephew J.B. stumbles upon a haunted house and befriends a young boy, Ricky, who is living there. It is revealed that Ricky's parents were Satanists who bought a cursed childs' coffin from Lewis Vendredi. The coffin can resurrect a child, but at the cost of an adult's life. Ricky is revealed to be a ghost, and tries to claim Micki's life. J.B. persuades him not to out of their friendship, and Ricky passes away for good.

  • S02E19 The Butcher

    • April 29, 1989
    • Syndication

    While Micki and Ryan are on vacation, Jack has nightmares of his World War II experience when he was captured by the Nazis and nearly killed by Rausch, a commandant known as The Butcher. The Butcher used a garrotte made of barbed wire to kill his victims. Jack was saved by the rest of his battalion then, but now in the modern day his surviving friends are being killed off one by one with a barbed-wire garrotte. It turns out that an escaped Nazi, Mueller, is using a mystic talisman, the Amulet of Thule, to resurrect Rausch. Rausch, masquerading as a right-wing radio talk-show host named Walden, is seeking revenge on Jack and the others. Although the Amulet is not an antique, Jack must recover it to defeat Rausch and send him back to the grave.

  • S02E20 Mesmer's Bauble

    • May 6, 1989
    • Syndication

    A homely record-store clerk is obsessed with pop diva Angelica, and happens to stumble upon a jewelry robbery where the thieves drop one of the items: a cursed pendant that first belonged to Dr. Mesmer. The curse lets the clerk fulfill his every wish by mesmerizing a victim into doing whatever he wants them to. He wishes first for attractiveness, and then for the diva's love and the chance to be close to her. Ultimately, however, none of this is good enough for him, and his final wish is to _be_ Angelica. The wish is successful, but Micki and Ryan, close on his trail, manage to intercept him/her at a concert and grab the necklace, undoing all the benefits it bestowed.

  • S02E21 Wedding In Black

    • May 13, 1989
    • Syndication

    A mysterious snowglobe is mailed to Curious Goods. When Micki gives it a shake, an old boyfriend of hers shows up, and convinces her to join him at a bed & breakfast. Then Jack and Ryan are both visited by old friends when they shake the globe. It turns out that each of the three newcomers is working for Satan. If Micki can be tricked into sleeping with her boyfriend, then she will be considered wedded to Satan as she ""willingly"" did so. Jack and Ryan, lured to the hotel, are separated from her, able to witness what is going on but unable to contact Micki. It turns out they are trapped in the hotel within the snow globe. Ultimately, Ryan's ex-girlfriend helps them, and they manage to drive a car into the edge of the globe, knocking it off the shelf it is resting and shattering it (and freeing themselves) before Micki can consummate her wedding with the Devil.

  • S02E22 Wedding Bell Blues

    • May 20, 1989
    • Syndication

    While Ryan and Jack try to recover a pair of cursed snowshoes, Micki hears from one of Ryan's street contacts, a punk named Johnny. He's managed to track down a pool cue that bears a cursed. The player who owns it can't be beat, and there are the usual trail of impaled bodies. The pool player is hoping to make enough money to marry his fiancee. It turns out that he knows nothing about the curse, and it is his fiancee that is killing people so that he will eventually murder her. Eventually he finds out, and she kills him. The woman is locked up and Micki and Johnny recover the cue.

  • S02E23 The Maestro

    • May 27, 1989
    • Syndication

    A famous dancer, Anton Pascola, is crippled in an accident before completing his masterpiece, ""Shiva."" He obtains a cursed symphonia (music box). Using it, he can have students dedicate themselves to the dance, and they then begin to enact the parts of the dance. However, each one dies shortly in a frenzy of dancing. A daughter of one of Jack's friends is enraptured by Pascola. Ultimiately, knowing of the curse, she herself takes on part of the dance to help Pascola but it's still not enough. Ultimately, Pascola himself takes on the curse, which allows him to dance despite his crippled legs and give his greatest performance even though he dies in the process.

  • S02E24 The Shaman's Apprentice

    • June 3, 1989
    • Syndication

    The son of an Indian shaman, who has embraced the white man's medicine and become a doctor, is frustrated by the patients he loses. He stumbles across a cursed Indian rattle hidden away by his father, which allows him to miraculously cure the sick at the cost of another's life. Unfortunately, the doctor's next patient is Vera, a friend of Micki's. She has to choose between getting her friend cured at the cost of another's life. Ultimately, the trio unite with the father and his daughter (also a shaman) to stop the curse. The son is killed and the shaman promises to keep the rattle safe in his care.

  • S02E25 The Prisoner

    • June 10, 1989
    • Syndication

    A crook names Railsback gets hold of a World War II kamikazi jacket. When smeared with the blood of a murderered victim, it lets the wearer become invisible. Railsback is in prison, but uses the jacket to escape and try to recover the stolen loot. He has to kill his former gang members to get it, a task made easier by the jacket. Railsback ends up killing Johnny Ventura's father, a security guard at a storage depot where some of the money is hid. Johnny is arrested for the crime, and put into the same prison as Railsback. He finds out about the jacket and tries to recover it, while Micki, Ryan and Jack try to clear his name from the outside. Ultimiately, Johnny manages to douse the invisible Railsback with gasoline and set him on fire, killing him and leaving the indestructible antique intact to be put into the Vault. Johnny is cleared of the charges.

  • S02E26 Coven of Darkness

    • June 17, 1989
    • Syndication

    The trio attempt to recover a ""witches' ladder"", a beaded necklace that can greatly enhance a witch's power. It is in the safekeeping of a coven of white witches. Unbeknownst to them, a coven of black witches, led originally be Lewis Vendredi and then by his female lieutenant are also trying to get the ladder. They cast a spell on Ryan, turning him into a mindless slave who brings them the necklace from the Vault. Jack and Micki, tapping into Micki's latent occult powers, manage to break the spell on Ryan, recover the witches' ladder, and destroy the coven.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Prophecies (1)

    • October 7, 1989
    • Syndication

    Part one of this two-parter features Jack travelling to Marie-Mere in France on the trail of a cursed tome, Lucifer's Bible. The town is a holy site, with a fountain that cures the sick and dying. However, a priest of Satan, Asteroth, has the Bible and is using it to fulfull a series of prophecies that will culminate with the arrival of Satan on Earth. Meanwhile, Ryan is re-united with his mother, and the two deal with the death of his brother years ago over which Ryan is still guilty. The episode ends with Jack knocked through a window and put into a coma after a confrontation with Asteroth.

  • S03E02 The Prophecies (2)

    • October 7, 1989
    • Syndication

    Micki and Ryan get word of Jack's injury at the end of the preceding episode. They travel to Marie-Mere with Johnny Ventura to investigate and try to recover Lucifer's Bible. Asteroth uses the Bible to take control of Ryan, who must then kill an innocent child to fulfill the final prophecy that signifies Satan's arrival upon Earth. Ultimately, Jack recovers and he, Micki and Johnny manage to thwart Asteroth. However, the ritual turns Ryan into a 10-year old permanently. He leaves with his mother, and Johnny takes his place.

  • S03E03 Demon Hunter

    • October 14, 1989
    • Syndication

    A close-knit family, the Cassidys, had a daughter who was kidnapped by a cult of demon worshippers. They used her to summon a demon. The daughter escaped, and now the family huts the demon. The cult was connected with Lewis Vendredi, and used a secret cavern beneath Curious Goods for their rituals. The paths of the Cassidys and our intrepid trio cross when they track the demon to the store. The demon must be killed by midnight on a particular day, or it will remain on Earth forever. Ultimately, the demon is destroyed and the trio use the expanded space from the cavern to store more antiques, as the Vault was filling up.

  • S03E04 Crippled Inside

    • October 21, 1989
    • Syndication

    Fleeing fraternity boys who plan to gang-rape her, a figure skater is hit by a car and crippled. However, a mysterious old man sells her an antique wheelchair at a garage sale. The wheelchair is one of the cursed items, and allows the girl to use it to kill her victimizers and regain the use of a bit of her body with each death. Micki and Jack are out of town trying to recover an antique, so Johnny must deal with the matter on his own. He initially leaves the girl with the wheelchair out of pity, but she continues to kill. Ultimately, the girl is killed, and Johnny recovers the chair.

  • S03E05 Stick It In Your Ear

    • October 28, 1989
    • Syndication

    Adam Cole and his partner run a vaudeville-style mental act using secret passwords. However, the act threatens to fall apart since Cole is losing his hearing. While being treated by a doctor, he finds an antique hearing aid in the doctor's collection. Using it, he discoveres that he can read minds, but the mental messages ultimately build up and kill the user...unless he discharges them into a victim. Either way, the result is a messy death. The trio track down Cole performing his new act. Left with nowhere to run, Cole can't "discharge" the accumulated thoughts and dies a gory death.

  • S03E06 Bad Penny

    • November 11, 1989
    • Syndication

    While mourning the death of his father (in last season's The Prisoner), Johnny catches wind of a series of murders with the victims bearing the mark of a ram's head on their forehead. It turns out that two crooked cops have recovered the Coin of Ziocles (from Tails I Live, Heads You Die). In a shootout, one of them is killed along with a drug dealer they were in cahoots with. The other, live cop figures out the coin can resurrect the dead, and uses it to resurrect his partner as a semi-zombie. They then use the Coin to kill a prostitute, but Johnny grabs the coin from them...and uses it to resurrect his father. Meanwhile, Micki is in a near-useless state, since she herself was briefly dead, killed by the Coin earlier. She doesn't want to go through that again. Disgusted with Johnny's selfish use of the coin, Jack kicks him out, but Johnny manages to redeem himself after the cops get the coin back and try to resurrect the drug dealer to find out where their money is. Johnny saves Micki,

  • S03E07 Hate On Your Dial

    • November 18, 1989
    • Syndication

    Johnny inadvertently screws up when he sells a box of junk to a retarded neighbor without checking the Manifest. A cursed antique car radio is among the items sold. The retarded man's brother, a car repairman and a racist, discovers that the radio can be used to travel back in time when smeared with a murdered victim's blood. He plans to travel back to the 50's in the South and prevent his father from being arrested and killed on murder charges, by killing the black lawyer his father tried to kill. Johnny and Jack, holding on to the car during the racist's second trip, travel back in time with him and manage to stop him. Ultimately, the racist ends up being burned at the stake by his father and other KKK members, who mistakenly think he is working with the black civil rights lawyer he was trying to kill.

  • S03E08 Night Prey

    • November 25, 1989
    • Syndication

    20 years ago, a man's fiancee is stolen by vampires and transformed into one. Obsessed, he hunts vampires until the modern day, when he stumbles upon a cursed antique cross that lets him not only repel vampires, but incinerate them. Of course, he must kill someone to get the cross to work. Jack's friend, a priest, is the first one killed by the cross and Jack becomes involved as a result. Ultimiately we find out that the man's fiancee is now a willing vampire. Ultimately, everyone is killed, including the vampire hunter and his fiancee.

  • S03E09 Femme Fatale

    • December 2, 1989
    • Syndication

    Desmond Williams, a director, is obsessed with the role that his now-aged actress-wife played 50 years ago: that of femme fatale Lili Lita in a film-noir crime film. He finds a cursed reel that lets him bring the Lili character to life, by pushing an innocent female victim into the film itself while its playing. The victim is forced to relive the entire movie...which ends with the character they are stuck as being killed. Meanwhile, the movie version of Lili emerges into the real-world for the same period of time. To stay alive, Lili must convince Desmond to kill her aged real-life counterpart. The character is also increasingly dissatisfied with her limited "life" as a sex toy for Desmond. Ultimately, the aged actress shoots her husband when she finds out what is going on, and decides to enter into the film (replacing a trapped Micki) so she can have her youth back. Trapped with nowhere to go when the film ends, the film Lili is destroyed for good.

  • S03E10 Mightier Than the Sword

    • January 20, 1990
    • Syndication

    A famous author of real-life biographies of serial killers, famed for his insights, owes his success to an antique pen. He writes out his story of a serial killer's murders, then uses the pen to "inject" them with the story. The curse then turns the victim into a serial killer controlled by the story and forced to go out and kill. Eventually they are captured and then the author extracts the evil just as they are executed, leaving them confused and then dead. Micki becomes the author's next victim. Fortunately, Jack and Johnny stop her before she can kill anyone other than the author himself.

  • S03E11 Year of the Monkey

    • January 27, 1990
    • Syndication

    The trio track a cursed tea set to a samurai, Musashi: an honorable man, but one who refuses to give them the antique unless they aid him in recovering a mystical set of oriental monkey statues (which represent See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil). A wealth Japanese industrialist, Tanaka, has them, and they reward his honorable behavior with success in business. Now he is almost ready to die, and the magic of the statues require that he use them to test the honor of his three children to see which one will inherit. Each monkey gives a child magical powers, but the two sons abuse their power and fail to act honorably. Forced to choose seppuku (ritual suicide) they refuse, and the monkey statues then kill them. each death further reinvigorates Tanaka. The daughter passes her test, but is then required to use the statues to kill her father. She refuses, and kills herself. Musashi then confronts his old friend Tanaka and tricks him into killing the unarmed samurai. Having acted dishon

  • S03E12 Epitaph for a Lonely Soul

    • February 3, 1990
    • Syndication

    A lonely, somewhat twisted mortician stumbles upon the cursed properties of an antique embalmers' aspirator. He can use it to kill one person, to resurrect another without memory. He kills someone with it and then uses it to resurrect a young woman he has fallen in love with. Unfortunately, the woman's husband begins to suspect, and the resurrected woman starts to remember her past life. Ultimately the mortician is killed after he starts a fire, and the women decide to remain in the fire and die again, leaving the trio to recover the indestructible antique from the ashes.

  • S03E13 Midnight Riders

    • February 10, 1990
    • Syndication

    Micki, Johnny, and Jack are taking a break, and star-gazing in Jack's old hometown. However, a ghostly biker gang, the Midnight Riders, rolls into town. At the same time, Jack's father Cawley, who has been gone for ten years, also shows up. The gang is out for revenge, as they were falsely accused of raping a girl who lied to protect her reputation and explain the fact she was pregnant. Jack's father was one of the ones who killed the gang and hid the secret. It turns out that Jack's father is also a ghost: he died at sea, but has returned on the anniversary of the gang's death. The girl and the others who participated in the gang's death are killed, and after a brief reunion with his son, Cawley's ghost disappears as well.

  • S03E14 Repetition

    • February 17, 1990
    • Syndication

    In this unusual episode, none of the main characters appear except Micki very briefly at the beginning and end. A newspaper columnist accidentally hits a young girl who was wearing a cursed cameo. The silhouette starts harping at him in the young girl's voice to free her by killing someone else. The columnist then kills his ambitious, obsessive mother which frees the girl...but then the mother's voice starts haunting him. He kills a homeless man to bring her back to life, but then is haunted by that man's voice. Ultimately the columnist tries to reverse the curse by killing his mother and then the girl again, and ends up killing himself. At the end, a social worker stumbles across the locket and turns it over to Micki.

  • S03E15 The Long Road Home

    • February 24, 1990
    • Syndication

    In the first few minutes, Micki and Johnny recover a yin-yang amulet that lets the user switch bodies after killing someone. They steal it from a wife and her lover trying to kill her husband, and manage to escape. But, on the way back they run out of gas and stumble on a home lived in by two brothers. The brothers are psychopaths who have stuffed their family to keep around the house, and they want Micki. Johnny breaks his leg, but uses the amulet to switch places with the younger brother. He eventually convinces Micki of who he is, and they eventually manage to restore Johnny to his original body. The younger brother is killed, and the other dying brother uses the amulet to inhabit the stuffed body of one of his family members. However, Micki and Johnny manage to puncture enough holes in the animated body that all the stuffing is blown out by the high winds of a storm.

  • S03E16 My Wife as a Dog

    • March 3, 1990
    • Syndication

    A lonely fireman is obsessed with his dog, loving it more than his shrewish wife. He is able to fulfill his fondest wish when he finds a cursed aboriginal dogleash that lets him slowly merge his wife and his dog into one being that will love him forever.

  • S03E17 Jack-in-the-Box

    • May 5, 1990
    • Syndication

    A friend of Micki's, who works at a pool club, is drowned by two intruders. The widow inadvertently gives her daughter a jack-in-the-box from a sailor's museum, and the girl discovers that if she kills people with it, she can summon back the ghost of her father for a little while. When the jack-in-the-box opens, the victim is grabbed by a water spirit from a nearby source of water and drowned. The ghostly father isn't happy with his daughter's methods, but the girl's grieving mother has turned to alcohol. Eventually the ghost contacts Micki, who manages to show up in time to stop the girl from killing herself so that she can be with her father forever. Micki recovers the antique and the girl and her mother try to work things out.

  • S03E18 Spirit of Television

    • May 12, 1990
    • Syndication

    A psychic medium is dying of a rare degenerative disease. She stumbles upon a cursed television set, which allows her to put her customers in contact with the spirits of their dearly departed. Besides being paid a hefty fee for these real manifestations, she also gets a temporary 10-day extension of her life. The curse later sends the same spirits, horribly twisted and vengeful, after their "loved one" and kill them. The trio notice the pattern of deaths and a friend of Jack's tries to debunk the medium's powers. Eventually he commits suicide rather then let the spirits claim him, and the failure to follow through means the medium dies too.

  • S03E19 The Tree of Life

    • May 19, 1990
    • Syndication

    An exclusive fertility clinic is much mroe than it seems. It is run by a cult of female Druids who use a cursed fertility statue to expand their numbers. When infertile couples come to them, they use a ritual that kills the husband and results in the birth of twins: a boy and a girl. They only tell the mother that one child was born, and turn over the boy. They keep the girl to raise as a Druid priestess. A friend of Micki's is undergoing treatment, leading the trio to the clinic. They manage to break up the statue before the Druid priestesses can use a ritual to cause the fertility statue to replicate. The head Druids die, and the trio manage to reunite the young girls with their true mothers.

  • S03E20 The Charnel Pit

    • May 26, 1990
    • Syndication

    Micki is sent through a two-way time portal contained within a painting and finds herself at the mercy of the Marquis de Sade.