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Season 1

  • S01E01 Prescription: Murder

    • February 20, 1968
    • ABC (US)

    Columbo's first mystery pits him against a cheating doctor out to get rid of his wife in favor of his young, pretty actress girlfriend.

  • S01E02 Ransom for a Dead Man

    • March 1, 1971
    • ABC (US)

    A high-flying lady lawyer kills her husband for the insurance money, and tries to makes It look like a kidnapping gone wrong.

  • S01E03 Murder by the Book

    • September 15, 1971
    • ABC (US)

    One member of a mystery-writing-team decides to kill his more talented partner when the better writer decides to go solo.

  • S01E04 Death Lends a Hand

    • October 6, 1971
    • ABC (US)

    A private investigator kills his client's wife after she threatens to expose his blackmail scheme. The client then hires the detective to assist Columbo in the search for the killer.

  • S01E05 Dead Weight

    • October 27, 1971
    • ABC (US)

    A famous general kills a business associate, then woos a neurotic female witness to thwart Columbo's investigation.

  • S01E06 Suitable for Framing

    • November 17, 1971
    • ABC (US)

    An art critic, Dale Kingston, kills his uncle for his valuable collection of paintings. All the clues lead to the dead man's first wife. Can Columbo correct the Lieutenant's error before it is too late?

  • S01E07 Lady in Waiting

    • December 15, 1971
    • ABC (US)

    A woman shoots her overbearing brother, claiming she thought he was a burglar. Columbo doesn't buy the self-defense claim - he know's it's murder

  • S01E08 Short Fuse

    • January 19, 1972
    • ABC (US)

    A chemist rigs a bomb in his uncle's car to gain control of his uncle's company, then plants clues to make Columbo suspicious of the company's Vice-President.

  • S01E09 Blueprint for Murder

    • February 9, 1972
    • ABC (US)

    An architect kills his business partner and deliberately lets Columbo suspect him, leading Columbo to think that he's hidden the body in the foundation of a building under construction. He plans to let Columbo dig up the site and find nothing, knowing that its the perfect place to hide the body since Columbo would never look in the same place twice.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Étude in Black

    • September 17, 1972
    • ABC (US)

    The mistress of a conductor becomes a target for murder after threatening to tell all to her lover's wife.

  • S02E02 The Greenhouse Jungle

    • October 15, 1972
    • ABC (US)

    Jarvis Goodland, along with his nephew, plan a kidnap scam to break the nephews trust fund, but after the money has been collected, Jarvis kills his partner.

  • S02E03 The Most Crucial Game

    • November 5, 1972
    • ABC (US)

    The manager of a football team kills the team's owner, disguising himself as an ice cream vendor as a cover. He then uses a recording of a faked phone call as an alibi to prove he was elsewhere at the time of the murder.

  • S02E04 Dagger of the Mind

    • November 26, 1972
    • ABC (US)

    While on a work trip to London, to learn the techniques of the British police, Columbo gets involved with the murder of Roger Haversham, a rich old businessman who is financing the careers of two rundown theater stars. When Sir Roger threatens to end their careers, because he felt betrayed, he's killed. A short while after, his butler figures out the motives for his master's murder, and blackmails the actors, who have no other choice than to kill him and make it look like he commited suicide due to remorse, because he murdered his employer. Columbo stills manages to catch both the murderers, with the help of a pearl and a new umbrella.

  • S02E05 Requiem for a Falling Star

    • January 21, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    A fading movie star tries to murder a writer who is attempting to blackmail her, but accidentally kills her P.A.

  • S02E06 A Stitch in Crime

    • February 11, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    Leonard Nimoy plays a heart surgeon whose talents turn to murder. Stung by jealousy, he's planning a surgical death for his brilliant but ailing associate. Will Geer plays the intended victim.

  • S02E07 The Most Dangerous Match

    • March 4, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    A chess grandmaster disposes of the champion, who keeps coming back on him.

  • S02E08 Double Shock

    • March 25, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    A wealthy man is murdered; his twin nephews stand to inherit, but which one committed the crime?

Season 3

  • S03E01 Lovely but Lethal

    • September 23, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    Viveca Scott, the founder of Beauty Mark Cosmetics, is being threatened by her rival David Lang. When he finds out that her revolutionary cream formula actually removes wrinkles, he has the formula pirated.

  • S03E02 Any Old Port in a Storm

    • October 7, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    Wine producer Adrian Carsini discovers that his younger brother Enrico plans to sell the family vineyards to pay his playboy-life debts, and sets out to murder him. He locks him in a wine vault and turns off the air and conditioning, then drags the body out to the ocean and makes it look like Enrico died during a scuba-diving accident. Columbo is suspicious of the contradictions that show up in the autopsy, and soon realizes that Adrian is the murderer. The final clue is the wine that was spoiled when the vault's air conditioning was turned off. Only Adrian could tell the difference, so Columbo secretly gets him to sample the wine and declare it unfit. Once Adrian realizes his wines were ruined, he is forced to throw them over a cliff, as Columbo looks on. In the end, Columbo takes in a relieved Adrian, confessing that Carsini is one of the few killers he was reluctant to bring in.

  • S03E03 Candidate for Crime

    • November 4, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    A Senate Candidate running for office kills his campaign manager by making it look like he was the target for the killer's bullet.

  • S03E04 Double Exposure

    • December 16, 1973
    • ABC (US)

    A film maker kills one of his clients. in a break, during the screening of a new ad campaign

  • S03E05 Publish or Perish

    • January 18, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    A publisher hires a Vietnam vet to kill his star author and thus give himself an alibi before the writer can defect to another publisher.

  • S03E06 Mind Over Mayhem

    • February 18, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    Dr. Marshal Cahill, head of a think tank, is forced to protect his plagarizing son by killing the professor, Nichols, who discovered the plagarized information. Cahill programs a robot to take his place during a war game exercise that he runs from an isolated room, then fakes a hit-and-run accident on Nichols and plants evidence to make it look like a drug theft gone awry. The first thing Columbo notices upon arrival is a match burned down to the base - something Columbo knows well because it's how you light a cigar. And Dr. Cahill is the only other cigar smoker around. There are a lot of other little things that Columbo notices as well, and with the help of a child prodigy he discovers how Cahill used the robot to provide himself with an alibi. But without one major clue, Columbo arrests the son to force Cahill, who was willing to kill for his son, to confess his crime to protect the boy.

  • S03E07 Swan Song

    • March 3, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    A Country and Western singer kills his overpowering wife in a plane crash while he parachutes to safety.

  • S03E08 A Friend in Deed

    • May 5, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    A police commissioner provides an alibi to a friend who has just killed his wife. Later the commissioner kills his own wife and gets the friend to repay the favour.

Season 4

  • S04E01 An Exercise in Fatality

    • September 15, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    A health club owner kills his partner who is about to uncover a fraud and makes it look like an accident

  • S04E02 Negative Reaction

    • October 15, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    Brilliant photographer Paul Galesko plans to murder his domineering wife, Frances, and pin the crime on an ex-convict named Alvin Deschler. His plan is to make it look as if Alvin kidnapped his wife and killed her before picking up the ransom money.

  • S04E03 By Dawn's Early Light

    • October 27, 1974
    • ABC (US)

    The head of a military school kills one of the governors by sabotaging the gun which is used on Founder's Day.

  • S04E04 Troubled Waters

    • February 9, 1975
    • ABC (US)

    While holidaying on board a cruise liner, Columbo helps capture the killer of the singer with the ship's band.

  • S04E05 Playback

    • March 2, 1975
    • ABC (US)

    An inventor video tapes his mother-in-law's death, and then replays it back to the security guard, to give himself an alibi.

  • S04E06 A Deadly State of Mind

    • April 27, 1975
    • ABC (US)

    A doctor kills the husband of the woman,he is having an affair with. but is seen leaving the house by a witness who is happens to be blind.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Forgotten Lady

    • September 14, 1975
    • ABC (US)

    A fading actress kills her husband when he refuses to back her comeback show.

  • S05E02 A Case of Immunity

    • October 12, 1975
    • ABC (US)

    An ambassador from Suari and his code clerk kill the chief of security in an attempt to make it look like the chief was a traitor, who blew up the legation safe and stole £600.000 on behalf of a dissident group. But Columbo gets suspicious. He just have problem crushing the ambassador's alibi. And then, when the code clerk turns up dead, the ambassador has an alibi again. But even if Colombo could rock the two alibis, there is always the immunity problem.

  • S05E03 Identity Crisis

    • November 2, 1975
    • ABC (US)

    A spy is killed on a lonely beach by his contact, but the killer has been photographed beforehand walking with the victim.

  • S05E04 A Matter of Honor

    • February 1, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    The owner of a bull ranch in Mexico gives his workers the day off, and then talks his number one man into fighting the bull who nearly killed his son. But instead he shoots him with a tranquilizer gun, and lets the bull kill him. Colombo, who is on vacation in Mexico, gets dragged into this case by an admiring colleague, but he has trouble convincing the Mexicans that the accident is really homicide. And how do you prove that the bull is a murder weapon?

  • S05E05 Now You See Him

    • February 29, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Master magician the great Santini is amazing audiences at the Cabaret of Magic. What they don’t know is that Santini hopes to pull of the grandest illusion of his career - making club owner Jesse T. Jerome disappear. The crude Jerome is the only person who knows that Santini was a Nazi death camp guard named Stefan Mueller, He has been blackmailing the magician since learning his dark secret.

  • S05E06 Last Salute to the Commodore

    • March 2, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    The family and friends of brilliant naval architect Commodore Otis Swanson have gathered for the company’s annual party. The commodore, however, has become increasingly discontented with the way his son-in-law, Charles Clay, has developed the shipbuilding firm into a vast, impersonal corporation. He is tired of being surrounded by freeloaders like his alcoholic daughter, Joanna, his irresponsible nephew, Swanny, and of course, Charles. The only man he respects is Wayne Taylor, the head of the boatyard. In fact, the Commodore intends to sell the company. That night, Charles is wiping clean the belaying pin used to bash the Commodore’s skull.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Fade in to Murder

    • October 10, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Ward Fowler, who plays debonair television detective Lieutenant Lucerne, has a reputation for being a difficult actor. His series is a hit, however, so the network and studio executives again and again capitulate to his demands. Although separated, husband and wife team Sid and Claire Daley continue to produce the Inspector Lucerne program. Claire continually advises everyone else to go along with their stars demands. Not even Sid knows that Claire is blackmailing Ward. Claire discovers Ward in Canada. She knows he deserted from the United States Army during the Korean War. If that information got out ,it would ruin Ward's career. When Claire takes a phone call in Ward's trailer, the actor overhears her saying she’ll be getting a sandwich at Tony’s Deli. Ward gets to Tony’s Deli just after Claire disguising himself with a ski mask and bulky parka he pretends to be a hold up man.

  • S06E02 Old Fashioned Murder

    • November 28, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    The female head of a museum hires one of the guards to rob the museum to collect the insurance money. But during the robbery she kills him and her own brother, and makes it look like they killed each other. The guard/robber's brother reports a strange message on his answering machine, that makes it seem that he has been killed. And Columbo gets the case. When Columbo first comes to the crime scene, he notices that the lights are off, a gold medallion in the robber's pants, and signs that pointed to the fact that he was going abroad after the heist. And he concluded that these clues mean that someone else was involved.

  • S06E03 The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case

    • May 22, 1977
    • ABC (US)

    Two former college friends, now partners in an accounting firm, become enemies when one realizes the other has embezzled funds. The reason for his embezzling ways is his wife, she demands nothing but the best.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Try and Catch Me

    • November 21, 1977
    • ABC (US)

    A writer of murder mysteries wreaks revenge on her nephew-in-law by blaiming him for her niece's murder.

  • S07E02 Murder Under Glass

    • January 30, 1978
    • ABC (US)

    A famous food critic is threatened by a restaurant owner, and so the critic leaves. Soon after, the cook dies. Columbo's involvement is welcomed by all the other chefs in the area, but Columbo wonders why the dead restaurant owner slammed the drawers before he died. And how could the poison that killed him enter an unopened bottle without the killer even being in the room? Could it have been suicide? But then there's the cheques to a mysterious society, and the victim's calender. Can Columbo's cooking skills really match the food critic's taste?

  • S07E03 Make Me a Perfect Murder

    • February 28, 1978
    • ABC (US)

    Mark McAndrews a top network programmer is promoted to a New York position. His assistant, who is very ambitious and his lover, expects to get his old job. But of course he feels she is out of her league and needs more experience. Kay, feeling betrayed, decides to seek revenge.

  • S07E04 How to Dial a Murder

    • April 15, 1978
    • ABC (US)

    A famous psychiatrist uses an appointment with his doctor as his alibi while he calls his house, where his dead wife's lover is. The call serves as the first step in a conditioning reflex on the psychiatrist's dogs. The other part is the word Rosebud as uttered by the victim. When Columbo arrives on the scene, the psychiatrist is very understanding when police say they may have to put his dogs to death. But Columbo notices how friendly the dogs seem, and then there's the telephone that's hanging from it's hook.

  • S07E05 The Conspirators

    • May 13, 1978
    • ABC (US)

    An Irish poet, who fronts a peace organization while secretly running guns, kills an arms dealer who tries to swindle him.

Season 8

  • S08E01 Columbo Goes to the Guillotine

    • February 6, 1989
    • ABC (US)

    Lt. Columbo delves into the world of magic, ESP and slight of hand as he investigates the death of a magician, and there appears to be a tie to a prodigal psychic supported by a government founded institute on parapsychology.

  • S08E02 Murder, Smoke and Shadows

    • February 27, 1989
    • ABC (US)

    An egocentric film director resorts to his mastery of special effects to murder a vengeful friend who discovers the director's role in the movie stunt death of the friend's sister years before.

  • S08E03 Sex and the Married Detective

    • April 3, 1989
    • ABC (US)

    A sex therapist catches her boyfriend with another woman when he thinks she is out of town. She then disguises herself and manages to kill him while in disguise, not realizing that a potential suitor saw her enter the bathroom as a dark-haired woman and exit as a blonde.

  • S08E04 Grand Deceptions

    • May 1, 1989
    • ABC (US)

    Frank Brailie runs a private military foundation for wanabe soldiers owned by the wheelchair bound General Padget. The General has become suspicious of Frank as a great deal of money seems to be going to a Special Projects Fund. The General tells a close colleague to investigate Frank and the Special Projects Fund. Instead of reporting his fraudulent findings back to the General, he decides to blackmail Frank for some of the money, Frank agrees and starts to plan his murder.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Murder, a Self Portrait

    • November 25, 1989
    • ABC (US)

    A famous artist, Max Barsini, lives with his wife Vanessa and a beautiful live-in model named Julie at his beach house/studio. Max's ex-wife Louise lives in the beach house next door. Together, these women comprise Max's own little harem. He loves them all in different ways, but, more importantly, likes to control them. In fact, Max derives a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that they all fight for his attention and are reliant upon him financially and emotionally. The competitive jealousy between the women reaches a head at the dinner table one night when Max asks each of them what they think of the other. Their answers prove the intense rivalry between the women.

  • S09E02 Columbo Cries Wolf

    • January 20, 1990
    • ABC (US)

    Columbo is asked to investigate the disappearance of Diane Hunter, director of a men's magazine. Naturally, the prime suspect is her lover and co-editor Sean Brantley, who spends lots of time with the young girls he works with.

  • S09E03 Agenda for Murder

    • February 10, 1990
    • ABC (US)

    Columbo matches wits with a brilliant attorney responsible for the murder of the one man who could stifle his meteoric political career.

  • S09E04 Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo

    • March 31, 1990
    • ABC (US)

    Columbo unwittingly becomes part of a deranged woman's diabolical plot to destroy the two men she believes responsible for her husband's death in prison. After murdering one, she moves in on the other, Columbo, to kill the person closest to him, his wife.

  • S09E05 Uneasy Lies the Crown

    • April 28, 1990
    • ABC (US)

    While investigating the death of a popular actor, Columbo must outwit a cunning dentist, who has set up his wife for a murder in order to keep up his image and expensive lifestyle.

  • S09E06 Murder in Malibu

    • May 14, 1990
    • ABC (US)

    An ambitious womanizer, rejected by the romance novelist he planned to marry, ends the story she was writing with a gun and makes the murder look like robbery gone awry.

Season 10

  • S10E01 Columbo Goes to College

    • December 9, 1990
    • ABC (US)

    Lt. Columbo is invited as guest speaker in a Criminology course and squares off against two cunning students, who are confident they have duped the lieutenant with various leads, when their professor is found murdered.

  • S10E02 Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

    • February 20, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Wade Anders, a former security expert, hosts the show Crime Alert. A rival host, news reader Bud, discovers Wade was in a porno movie and plans to tell the world then take over his show.

  • S10E03 Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

    • April 29, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Lt. Columbo is pitted against an equally brilliant, nationally recognized criminal defence lawyer who murders his rock star girlfriend when he discovers she is seeing another man.

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Death Hits the Jackpot

    • December 15, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    After winning a $30 million lottery, photographer Fredy Brower, who wishes to keep the money a secret from the wife who is divorcing him, arranges with his uncle, wealthy jeweler Leon Lamarr (Rip Torn), to pretend the lottery ticket is Lamarr's, until the divorce is final. Little does Brower know his uncle is having an affair with Brower's wife. Lamarr kills Brower in order to keep the lottery winnings for himself.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 No Time to Die

    • March 15, 1992
    • ABC (US)

    Columbo attends the wedding of his police officer nephew. While her husband takes a shower, the bride disappears from the bridal suite. The groom enlists Uncle Columbo's help in unraveling the case. Seems she has been kidnapped by a psychopath who intends to kill her once he consummates "their" marriage.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 A Bird in the Hand

    • November 22, 1992
    • ABC (US)

    Given a deadline to pay his debts or else, chronic gambler Harold (Greg Evigan) plants a bomb under the Rolls Royce of his uncle, sports magnate Big Fred (Steve Forrest). However, Big Fred is killed by a hit-and-run driver while jogging that very morning, and the Rolls Royce explodes when Fred's gardener tries to move it out of the way of the TV camera crews. Just when Columbo thinks he has the goods on Harold, it is Harold who turns up dead.

  • S10E04 It's All in the Game

    • October 31, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    Nick Franco is a violent, two-timing gigolo and his current paramour, Laura Stanton, has had enough. With the help of a young woman named Lisa, she murders her lover and sets herself up with an airtight alibi. When Columbo starts sniffing on her trail, Laura quickly works to seduce the married detective, hoping that her sex appeal will throw the usually stubborn Lieutenant off the scent.

  • S10E05 Butterfly in Shades of Grey

    • January 10, 1994
    • ABC (US)

    Ego-maniac Fielding Chase, is a radio talk show host who in order to prevent his daughter from moving to New York, murders a member of his staff.

  • S10E06 Undercover

    • May 2, 1994
    • ABC (US)

    A photograph is the only clue for Columbo when two dead men and a seven year old mystery with $4 million dollars involved as well as an obnoxious insurance investigator come into play.