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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • September 26, 2002
    • CBS

    Missing Persons Squad have to solve the case of a 28-year-old female marketing executive who appears to have simply walked away from every thing in her life, having left everything of hers behind. She was last seen by her doorman on the night that she vanished, her apartment appears to be intact with even her purse and cell phone left behind in her apartment. Her parents and co-workers reveal that she is a hard worker, and that she is a loner and had just been dumped by a married co-worker with whom she had an affair. A security tape from her apartment building shows her walking away into the night. Jack fears that she is lost forever until a ransom note appears on her mother's email list demanding a million dollars for her safe return.

  • S01E02 Birthday Boy

    • October 3, 2002
    • CBS

    For his eleventh birthday, Gabe Freedman is going to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium with his father. When the two get separated at the subway station, Bob is convinced he will meet up with his son at the next station, or at the park itself. After being unsuccessful in locating his son, Bob calls in the team who is convinced that the boy was abducted until evidence leads them to believe that Gabe may have run off on purpose.

  • S01E03 He Saw, She Saw

    • October 10, 2002
    • CBS

    Four different witnesses claim that a woman was abducted from a mall parking lot while her husband was standing just yards away with his back turned to her.

  • S01E04 Between the Cracks

    • October 17, 2002
    • CBS

    they investigate the disappearance of a 19-year-old model who left a half-packed suitcase on the bed in her apartment.

  • S01E05 Suspect

    • October 24, 2002
    • CBS

    A 17-year-old vanishes from his private boarding school campus.In which he is last seen by the charismatic headmaster of the private boarding school that he attends .

  • S01E06 Silent Partner

    • October 31, 2002
    • CBS

    The team investigate the disappearance of the VP (Erich Anderson) of an investment-banking firm who vanished at a San Diego airport and left behind her two empty suitcases behind in the airport.

  • S01E07 Snatch Back

    • November 7, 2002
    • CBS

    prominents assistant district attorney whose child vanishes from a park filled with suspects and twists.The 2-year-old daughter of an old friend of Jack's, ADA Angela Buckman , disappears while being cared for . Usually the team sets up a timeline and tracks the victim's whereabouts as evidence comes in, filling in pieces of the mystery as they go. But here, Jack and his agents have no clue what happened to the child beyond her swift disappearance.

  • S01E08 Little Big Man

    • November 14, 2002
    • CBS

    Jack and the team search for teenager William Hope, who goes missing in a very bad neighborhood after a confrontation with a local bully. Considered a good kid, William was living in a foster home after 18 months on the street and seemed destined for a better life when he disappeared. The squad discovers that his older brother Aaron, recently released from juvenile hall, visited William, despite the fact that his foster family forbade Aaron from being in their home. Jack and the others then learn that William was seen getting into a car with Aaron immediately prior to disappearing, and they fear that the good kid may have gone bad.

  • S01E09 In Extremis

    • November 21, 2002
    • CBS

    Dr. Anwar Samir, a third year resident at a New York hospital suddenly goes missing following a disagreement with his superior and the rejection of a proposal by his girlfriend. Given his Saudi Arabian background, almost inevitably suspicions arise of terrorist links. Witnesses and colleagues begin to question past "suspicious" behaviour, and disagreement manifests within the team itself as to the presumption of guilt as the Joint Terrorism Task Force also becomes increasingly involved.

  • S01E10 Midnight Sun

    • December 12, 2002
    • CBS

    When a man leaves his home in the morning with his daughter to take her to school and then to open his dry-cleaning store, but they both of they never make it there .

  • S01E11 Maple Street

    • January 9, 2003
    • CBS

    Annie Miller disappears on her way to school. The group looks into her disappearance, with their suspects ranging from the local mayor, to Annie's godfather, all the way to a young man working for the father of her best friend. Twenty-four hours after Annie's disappearance, her best friend Siobhan Arintero also vanishes, leaving only a collection of videos to help find the two girls.

  • S01E12 Underground Railroad

    • January 16, 2003
    • CBS

    Jack and the team search for a pregnant woman, Kathy Dobson, who disappeared from a hospital before being told that she has serious complications. As the detectives race against time to find Kathy, their investigation gradually reveals that Kathy's seemingly happy life actually hasn't been going very well. She is eight-and-a-half months pregnant and, under the tight control of her husband Paul, has withdrawn from her family and friends. Paul's brother Ritchie, who has been following Kathy and providing Paul with addresses she visits, lists a woman who may be affiliated with an "underground railroad" that helps battered women. When the team members find the woman, they learn that she has been assaulted by Paul -- but she still refuses to lead them to Kathy.

  • S01E13 Hang On to Me

    • January 30, 2003
    • CBS

    Chet Collins has been searching for his son since the boy was kidnapped four years earlier on a camping trip, and is the one case that Jack has never been able to forget. When Chet disappears, leaving behind only his wedding ring and the mountains of debt he had accumulated in his search, Jack will go to any lengths to find Collins and save him from himself.

  • S01E14 The Friendly Skies

    • February 6, 2003
    • CBS

    The team investigate a disappearance of a flight attendant who may have been having a relationship with one of the pilot's.

  • S01E15 There Goes the Bride

    • February 20, 2003
    • CBS

    A bride disappears at her own wedding and suspicions of kidnapping. Meanwhile, the team explores the relationship between the newlyweds, who were lived together for a little while.

  • S01E16 Clare de Lune

    • February 27, 2003
    • CBS

    A girl vanishes from a psychiatric hospital, and it appears she may have escaped with a staff member.Then the team learns of a troubling incident from her past that may hold the key to her disappearance.

  • S01E17 Kam Li

    • March 13, 2003
    • CBS

    They search for a retired U.S. Army officer who has disappeared right after a dinner that was given in his honor by former members of his Vietnam platoon

  • S01E18 The Source

    • April 3, 2003
    • CBS

    Delia , a television reporter, disappears in the middle of the investigation of a nightclub owner who is a suspected drug dealer. They also discovers that Delia was working on the case of a murderer on death row who she thought was innocent, and who might be linked to an assistant district attorney working with Jack on the case.

  • S01E19 Victory for Humanity

    • April 10, 2003
    • CBS

    They search for a young high-school teacher who disappeared after a night class in the Bronx, turning up contradictory information about the subject.

  • S01E20 No Mas

    • April 24, 2003
    • CBS

    The team find themselves up against the ropes as multiple mysteries arise in the case of a boxer. Dante Jones disappears moments before a bout with a $500,000 purse that which could have made him a title contender. Jack suspects it's stunt, but Vivian, a Jones fan, can't believe that the charity-loving, straight-arrow fighter would go doewn that low road. The search goes in a new direction when his younger brother who he is always bailing out of trouble, vanishes. Then it's learned he has made 2 million dollers in the past five years,but he only has $6000 in his bank account.

  • S01E21 Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?

    • May 1, 2003
    • CBS

    Jack's methods for investigation of child molester could result in the case being kicked out of court. Then on top of that, the Office of Professional Responsibility decides to investigate the team, but their real target is Jack

  • S01E22 Fall Out (1)

    • May 8, 2003
    • CBS

    With the aftershocks of Sept. 11 and man named Barry , who lost his wife that day and then his job soon after. The man lashes out at her former boss an employment-agency owner. Blaming her for his wife's death and his own failure to find a job, Barry kidnaps the woman for ransom.Then he demands the money be exchanged at a bookstore, but when the cash is delivers Berry is provoked and takes the store's patrons hostage. Among them is Samantha,and given Jack's affection for her complicates the negotiations.

  • S01E23 Fall Out (2)

    • May 15, 2003
    • CBS

    When the team tries to plot a strategy after they find out that Samantha has been shot and that she might be critically injured in the hostage crisis situation. Jack makes a deal with Barry so that Sam can get help and Jack goes in there and takes Sam's place.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Bus

    • September 25, 2003
    • CBS

    A school bus is abducted by kidnappers who demand more and more for ransom.

  • S02E02 Revelations

    • October 2, 2003
    • CBS

    When a priest disappears Jack begins to think that the man is involved in some wrongdoing rather than the possible victim of a crime.

  • S02E03 Confidence

    • October 9, 2003
    • CBS

    A missing-persons case becomes a criminal investigation when, after a recently engaged woman disappears, it turns out that she was running a confidence scheme.

  • S02E04 Prodigy

    • October 23, 2003
    • CBS

    When a 14-year-old violinist disappears on the night of a concert, the team follows her and her valuable violin's trail and Samantha bravely tries to recover from the gunshot wound.

  • S02E05 Copycat

    • October 30, 2003
    • CBS

    Malone searches for a missing woman whose description matches those of a series of murder victims from a 12-year-old case only to learn that Graham Spaulding is pulling the strings, and drawing on incidents in Jack's past to lure him into a trap.

  • S02E06 Our Sons and Daughters

    • November 6, 2003
    • CBS

    When a high school sex-scandal leads to murder it is the team's job to figure out who did it and why.

  • S02E07 A Tree Falls

    • November 13, 2003
    • CBS

    The team is baffled as to why no family members come forward after a Latino boy is abducted in mildde of the day time from a street in Spanish Harlem.

  • S02E08 Trip Box

    • November 20, 2003
    • CBS

    After A fireman heroically pulled two people from a burning building he vanishes. The team begin to suspect some firemen might be guilty of arson.

  • S02E09 Moving On

    • December 11, 2003
    • CBS

    The team search for a Doctor that has disappeared after a jog in the city with her ex-husband

  • S02E10 Coming Home

    • December 18, 2003
    • CBS

    When Luke Horton disappears after a class reunion, the team initiates a search for him, and learn that Luke was living a double life and was finally ready to come clean.

  • S02E11 Exposure

    • January 8, 2004
    • CBS

    The team has a wealth of suspects from which to choose as they search for a missing paparazzo who felt responsible when one of his pictures outing a TV star led to the actor's ruin and eventual suicide, and vowed to redeem himself and his career by helping an environmental watchdog group expose a corporation's cancer-causing pollution.

  • S02E12 Hawks and Handsaws

    • January 15, 2004
    • CBS

    The team searches for a missing criminal defense attorney. While investigating the man's life, Jack begins to believe that his recent behavior is the result of paranoid schizophrenia.

  • S02E13 Life Rules

    • January 29, 2004
    • CBS

    The team Search for a missing motivational speaker only to find that there is an abundance of suspects,The find out that they man is no who he appears to be.

  • S02E14 The Line

    • February 5, 2004
    • CBS

    When a female ex-cop-turned-bounty-hunter is shot then goes missing the team must investigate her where about's

  • S02E15 Wannabe

    • February 12, 2004
    • CBS

    A 12 year old boy (Jake Thomas) goes missing. The team discovers that the boy had a rough 24 hours leading up to his disappearance. He disappeared in the middle of the school day, the only clues a broken miror, a discarded hall pass, and blood on the wall....until a picture of him is sent around the school.

  • S02E16 Risen

    • February 19, 2004
    • CBS

    A new lead reveals details about a missing woman's sexual history.

  • S02E17 Gung Ho

    • February 26, 2004
    • CBS

    When a young soldier recently returned from Iraq disappears, Jack and Danny look into his disappearance only to learn that the soldier may have more secrets than they want to uncover.

  • S02E18 Legacy

    • March 11, 2004
    • CBS

    The team searches for a man who goes missing after leaving his wife's hair salon to deposit the day's earnings following an argument with her. Meanwhile, Danny resists getting pulled back into the life of his convict brother who is up for parole, and Martin's impending firearms qualifications test dredges up unsettling memories for him.

  • S02E19 Doppelgänger

    • April 1, 2004
    • CBS

    The team investigates a missing woman's boyfriend, with whom she lived. However, they determine that he has a twin brother and quickly turn their attention to him.

  • S02E20 Shadows

    • April 15, 2004
    • CBS

    When Sam helps Martin search for his missing and terminally-ill aunt, they discover that she's been using her nursing skills to assist other dying patients in committing suicide; his father's Alzheimer's diagnosis prompts Jack to attempt a reconciliation.

  • S02E21 Two Families

    • April 29, 2004
    • CBS

    When a father who goes missing while trying to prove that his son a death-row inmate who is scheduled to die in two days is innocence, The past 11 years of the missing Mans life have been devoted to proving that his son, was wrongly convicted of killing a young married couple in front of their daughter during a convenience story robbery. While the team does not rule out that the despondent man could have brought harm upon himself, the team members find themselves wondering if the man is right about his son innocence.

  • S02E22 The Season

    • May 6, 2004
    • CBS

    The team Looks for a college football coach who goes missing after being fired for his role in the team's dismal season performance,but the investigation soon uncovers that the Coach new policy of suspending players who have academic and behavioral issues caused the football team to repeatedly play without its main players and suffer defeats due to this rule. As a result of this, The team begin to suspect that it was some of the angry players, or members of the school administration and even a high-stakes gambler who all are facing financial losses resulting from the teams losing streak. Meanwhile, Malone must make a difficult decision when his wife surprises him with her strong desire to relocate their family to Chicago, where she has just been offered a superb job opportunity

  • S02E23 Lost and Found

    • May 13, 2004
    • CBS

    When the team searches whether foul play was involved in the adoption of a 16-year-old girl who went missing back in 1991 shows up at the FBI offices with an article she found online, which makes her believe she was kidnapped as a young child. Meanwhile, Jack tells the team he's moving to Chicago with his family.

  • S02E24 Bait

    • May 20, 2004
    • CBS

    The team searches for a mother and her two children, who are last seen boarding a yacht which is later found adrift in New York's Harbor with only its dead captain aboard. Meanwhile, Malone gets ready to leave the team and move with his family to Chicago.

Season 3

  • S03E01 In the Dark

    • September 23, 2004
    • CBS

    The team searches for a recently blinded girl and her companion who disappeared during a camping trip. Vivian takes over as the supervisor, while Jack struggles to say goodbye to his family.

  • S03E02 Thou Shalt Not

    • October 7, 2004
    • CBS

    The team search for a nurses' aide who who disappeared from a rural road while changing a flat tire, only to discover that she is actually a fugitive wanted for the bombing of an abortion clinic.

  • S03E03 Light Years

    • October 14, 2004
    • CBS

    This time, the team searches for a delusional appearing Sci-fi fanatic who disappeared from his appartment after ranting on about those "out to get him" (before peeling back the tinfoil covering his windows). Jack also has to deal with the consequences of his actions in the affair and how it affected the rest of the team.

  • S03E04 Upstairs Downstairs

    • October 21, 2004
    • CBS

    When a nanny, and the child she took care of, disappear from her employers' home after being fired by them, the team must determine if the nanny is a kidnapping victim, or a kidnapping suspect.

  • S03E05 American Goddess

    • October 28, 2004
    • CBS

    The winner of a plastic surgery make-over T.V. show vanishes during a publicity event, which was all about her.

  • S03E06 Nickel and Dimed (1)

    • November 4, 2004
    • CBS

    A young mother disappears after leaving her three year old son with a babysitter.

  • S03E07 Nickel and Dimed (2)

    • November 11, 2004
    • CBS

    To find a missing young mother who was recruited as a drug mule, Samantha goes undercover to lure the drug trafficker who recruited the young woman.

  • S03E08 Doppelgänger II

    • November 18, 2004
    • CBS

    When a homeless woman disappears from a shelter, the team is forced to re-examine the case of twin brothers Greg and Rick Knowles. Five months earlier (Doppelganger), Greg Knowles had confessed to a series of brutal murders, but the team was always convinced that it was Rick who had actually performed the killings. When Greg is released from jail and exonerated of the crimes, the team has to work against the clock to prove that Rick is the guilty party and to save one twin from the other.

  • S03E09 Trials

    • November 25, 2004
    • CBS

    When a juror disappears, the initial belief is that his disappearance is connected to the trial that is being covered, where a young man named Terrell Brooks has accused of murdering Janelle Billingsley. When the team investigates further, they learn that not only did Ducek change his will to leave his younger lover a fortune, but he has been rather mysterious about a painting from his youth in Czechoslovakia. The team soon begins to believe that Ducek is really a former Nazi soldier named Klaus Reinhardt.

  • S03E10 Malone v. Malone

    • December 9, 2004
    • CBS

    Things with Jack and Maria's divorce are getting nastier as Maria's attorney forces Jack to relive not only his childhood traumas, but also throw his affair with Sam in his face and attack his dedication to his job.

  • S03E11 4.0

    • January 6, 2005
    • CBS

    Tara Patterson disappears from a bus stop on her way to an S.A.T. prep course, and the team is called in to investigate the disappearance of the 4.0 student. While investigating, the team soon finds out that Tara is in deeper then they think when they start learning about smart drugs and married men with secrets.

  • S03E12 Penitence

    • January 13, 2005
    • CBS

    When Mac, a prisoner only two weeks from parole, disappears during a fight in the yard along with another prisoner, his sister contacts the FBI for help. No one can figure out why a member of the Aryan gang would escape with a black prisoner. While Martin and Viv talk to the other prisoners and Jack tries to wade his way through the sister's lies and half-truths where her brother is concerned, Danny focuses on a new prisoner who Mac had been protecting.

  • S03E13 Volcano

    • February 3, 2005
    • CBS

    When Ian Norville disappears on a field trip to a museum in Manhattan, the team gets involved, but it isn't long before Jack turns his suspicion to his father, Daniel, who soon admits that he didn't take the necessary precautions with his son, who happens to be autistic.

  • S03E14 Neither Rain Nor Sleet

    • February 10, 2005
    • CBS

    After postal worker Rosie Diaz goes missing during what seemed to be a regular workday, the team initially connects her disappearance to her cargo, which include $12,000 worth of the game Demon Storm, which all the kids were after. But when the team gets in touch with child protective services, they learn that Rosie recently had her foster children taken away after an anonymous abuse call. A search of her home uncovers a DVD containing child pornography, and the team starts to look at the case from another angle. Danny comments on Martin and Sam's obvious closeness, and wonders why they're keeping it quiet.

  • S03E15 Party Girl

    • February 17, 2005
    • CBS

    When a spoiled heiress in her early twenties is kidnapped, the team has to work against the clock to save Chelsea, who is being featured on a website giving fans the option to choose whether she lives or dies. As they continue to investigate her disappearance, the team learns that Chelsea had finally been starting to grow up, but she may not have time to enjoy her new life.

  • S03E16 Manhunt

    • February 24, 2005
    • CBS

    Martin is swamped with guilt after a young boy is kidnapped shortly after he jogs by. The team tries to reassure Martin that his presence was a help rather than a hindrance as they search for the kidnapped child, but Sam's continued reluctance to admit to their relationship partnered with Martin's jealousy of her relationship with Jack only cause more problems.

  • S03E17 Lone Star

    • March 10, 2005
    • CBS

    Lance Hamilton is a successful real estate agent in his early thirties who disappears one day after showing a house. When the team gets involved, they soon realise that Lance had more than one dealing with a local hood, Jimmy 'The Tooth' Fusco, and begin to suspect that Lance may not have been the good guy everyone thought he was. After tracking down the woman Lance had recently been spotted kissing in his office, the team needs to revise their opinion, knowing now that Lance is one of the good guys, but wondering if he's died for his beliefs.

  • S03E18 Transitions

    • March 31, 2005
    • CBS

    When Stephanie Healy doesn't show up for choir practice, the team heads in to investigate and soon learns Stephanie had recently had a fight with her boyfriend. While speaking with Eddie, the team is shocked to learn that Stephanie used to be Stephen Patrick Healy. Convinced that the truth to what is happening in Stephanie's present lies in her past, the team investigates who Stephen was. Vivian has trouble hiding her worsening problems from the team, and is upset that Martin has been talking to Sam about his suspicions.

  • S03E19 Second Sight

    • April 14, 2005
    • CBS

    After a young woman named Agnes Deschamps goes missing, the team takes a look into her disappearance and learns that the young woman was believed to be a psychic. Sam has trouble accepting that one of their witnesses purports to be a psychic, although she is thrown when the woman correctly points out her problems with Martin. Jack, Martin and Danny pick up the extra hours with Vivian out awaiting heart surgery and together the team manages to track the young woman down after a supermarket parking lot kidnapping yeilds an unlikely clue.

  • S03E20 The Bogie Man

    • May 4, 2005
    • CBS

    Seven years ago, a thirteen-year-old girl named Amber Bryce went missing, and suspicion fell on her boyfriend, then-seventeen-year-old Curtis Horne. When Daisy Thorpe, who had become obsessed with getting justice for Amber's death, also ends up missing, the team is called in to investigate. While Martin and Danny work from the office, Sam and Jack work in the field, starting their investigation with the local cleric, Amber's father, and trying to find out why Curtis Horne has stayed in town all these years. While Vivian is home having troubles with Reggie, Martin makes a decision about his relationship with Sam.

  • S03E21 Off the Tracks

    • May 5, 2005
    • CBS

    Danny is skeptical when the pregnant girlfriend of his missing estranged brother, Rafael "Rafi" Alvarez, and mother of their 9-year-old son, tells him that Rafi has transformed himself into a responsible family man, who recently obtained a loan to open his own body shop. But Danny's investigation uncovers that Rafi has been seen with a convicted car thief, and the large sum of cash he'd been flaunting for his purchase of a body shop didn't come from the bank. Though Jack makes the point that Rafi may have legitimate explanations for the suspicious circumstances, Danny braces himself for the very real possibility that his brother may have put himself in harm's way.

  • S03E22 John Michaels

    • May 12, 2005
    • CBS

    John Michaels is a 71-year-old insurance investigator who went missing after last being seen getting into a car with two strange men. While investigating his disappearance, the team finds that he had recently tried to make amends with his ex-wife and has been trying desperately to get his older daughter on the straight and narrow. Things get strange in the case though, and all is not as it seems.

  • S03E23 Endgame

    • May 19, 2005
    • CBS

    Paige was last seen sneaking out of her office at the same time as an NYPD detective was asking her boss to direct him to Paige for a routine inquiry. To the team's surprise, the NYPD detective turns out to have been an imposter, causing them to question why Paige chose to run from this mystery man, what he wanted -- and if he caught up with her. Further investigation uncovers that the seemingly upstanding and socially conscious Paige was involved in a lucrative identity theft ring with close ties to a terrorist on a watch list who was recently seen in New York with her. Meanwhile, the remaining team members are gravely concerned about Vivian, who is undergoing open-heart surgery on that very day.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Showdown

    • September 29, 2005
    • CBS

    Martin and Danny are ambushed by Emil Dornvald, who ends up killing the prisoner they are transoprting. Martin is in serious condition, and a barely wounded Danny is at the end of his rope as he tries to find the man who put Martin in the hospital in critical condition. Jack has his hands full with keeping Danny in check and hunting down Emil Dornvald, the mercenary who had previously worked for General Gamba. Things get sticky when Victor Fitzgerald and Tom Banes of Homeland Security get involved, determined to make a deal with Nuru, whom Jack believes isn't the friendly that Homeland Security believes he is.

  • S04E02 Safe

    • October 6, 2005
    • CBS

    The team searches for a missing teenager who was paranoid about his own personal safety and left an ominous message behind.

  • S04E03 From the Ashes

    • October 13, 2005
    • CBS

    The team adds a new member who already as a connection to one of the team as they search for a missing prostitute.

  • S04E04 Lost Time

    • October 20, 2005
    • CBS

    After evidence surfaces suggests that a woman believed murdered by her lover seven years earlier may be alive, Jack wonders if he went too far trying to get a confession.

  • S04E05 Honor Bound

    • October 27, 2005
    • CBS

    Wendy Kim goes missing during her shift at the family deli, and the team gets involved to find out what happened to the young Korean woman. It isn't long before they learn that Wendy had recently broken off an engagement to a young Korean man her parents were very supportive of, and that she had recently been doing a lot of on-line dating and had gotten herself involved with the wrong kind of men, including one who wouldn't take no for an answer.

  • S04E06 Viuda Negra

    • November 3, 2005
    • CBS

    After James Costa is kidnapped after enjoying a night out with his wife in Mexico, Danny and Jack go in at the request of James' mother-in-law, but find that between the Mexican authorities and the grieving wife, no one is too willing to help them. While Vivian, Sam, Martin and Elena work the case back in New York, Jack encounters resistance from the locals, and it is only with Danny's help speaking Spanish that they are able to get much of the information they need. The team soon becomes suspicious of Lucy Costa, convinced she knows more about her husband's disappearance than she is saying.

  • S04E07 The Innocents

    • November 10, 2005
    • CBS

    The team worries about a grieving father who couldn't accept his daughter's death, especially after child pornography is found in his home.

  • S04E08 A Day in the Life

    • November 17, 2005
    • CBS

    After young Shawn Hopkins disappears one night after leaving the arcade, his parents soon begin to believe that the team is not doing everything to find their daughter, and are shocked to learn that their son has been gambling and has also been seen with a local drug dealer. After learning that Shawn had taken up the cause of a friend who had been raped, Larry and Susan Hopkins are relieved to learn that their son wasn't doing anything wrong, but worried that he still might not come home.

  • S04E09 Freefall

    • November 24, 2005
    • CBS

    Max Cassidy vanishes after leaving a message on his wife's voicemail, with both Jack and Ann frantic to find him. While investigating, Jack realises that Max was having an affair, and that he's gotten much deeper into a case than he should have following the murder of his partner, Jimmy, a man Max had felt was too green for undercover work. Both Jack and Ann fear the worst as the team tries to hunt down Max.

  • S04E10 When Darkness Falls

    • December 8, 2005
    • CBS

    Sam agrees to do a favor for a friend by looking into the identity of a young amnesiac who was found wearing expensive clothes by two police officers. The investigation leads them to a play the woman was involved in and a mugging gone wrong, then they follow the trail to the woman's past, which seems to have been the trigger for her amnesia. Jack takes some time off work to deal with his father, who is getting worse as his Alzheimers begins to take over and his kidneys fail. Jack finally convinces Frank to seek help, but it's too late, and Jack has to say goodbye to his father.

  • S04E11 Blood Out

    • January 5, 2006
    • CBS

    The team investigates when a young paramedic with gang ties disappears. Jack and Ann bond over their recent losses.

  • S04E12 Patient X

    • January 19, 2006
    • CBS

    After therapist Gina Hill disappears, the team investigates and initially suspects that one of her patients may be involved. After discussions with Gina’s fiancé and her own therapist, the team follows the trail of clues to a bartender named Vince with an unusual ability to get good women to do whatever he wants them to. Martin continues to struggle with his recovery.

  • S04E13 Rage

    • January 26, 2006
    • CBS

    When a school teacher goes missing, the team's investigation leads them to suspect that she may have been too closely connected to a student.

  • S04E14 Odds or Evens

    • February 2, 2006
    • CBS

    After Andy Reynolds, a dishonorably discharged U.S. Marine, goes missing, Jack heads to Tokyo, where Reynolds once confessed to raping a young woman. Back in the U.S., the other agents continue to investigate Reynolds' life, and learn that he had recently gotten the victim to tape a sworn statement that he wasn't the rapist after learning that a former lover had given birth to his child.

  • S04E15 The Stranger

    • February 9, 2006
    • CBS

    When Leah Robinson goes missing after a confrontation with a young man at an art gallery, the team mvoes in to investigate and soon become suspicious of Leah, suspecting her of murdering young women that she believed to be involved with her husband, Ken. Ann isn't quite ready to take her romance with Jack public, and their relationship gets rocky when their different methods of handling the case tip off the suspect.

  • S04E16 The Little Things

    • March 2, 2006
    • CBS

    The team investigates after five-year-old Ethan Heller is carjacked from the family car, and Danny starts to figure out what's going on with Martin.

  • S04E17 Check Your Head

    • March 9, 2006
    • CBS

    The team tries to track down a reclusive columnist who hadn't left her apartment in months and was communicating with numerous prisoners.

  • S04E18 The Road Home

    • March 30, 2006
    • CBS

    The team searches for 18-year-old Brandon Parker only to learn that 15-year-old Matt Jameson had stolen his former teammate's identity in order to get a job to support his three younger siblings after his mother had taken off. They manage to connect Matt to an old friend from a former foster home, Casey Miller, and soon realise that Matt has gotten in over his head while trying to keep his younger sisters and brother together. Sam starts to get suspicious of Martin's behavior and confronts him on his drug addiction. She goes to Danny looking for help, but Danny is reluctant to get involved in Martin's problems.

  • S04E19 Expectations

    • April 13, 2006
    • CBS

    Megan Sullivan is H.I.V. positive, pregnant and missing. Initially the team suspects that her husband, who seemed to be less than thrilled about the baby, is involved, but soon learn that Megan had received a call from a prison, and their search tracks them to a former lover, who gave her H.I.V., her husband's former mistress, who had seen her taking part in a tense conversation not long before she vanished, and her own H.I.V. specialist, who had recently given her bad news. Martin thanks Danny for his help, and tells him that he is continuing to seek counseling for his addiction.

  • S04E20 More Than This

    • April 20, 2006
    • CBS

    After Breck Mulligan goes missing from the women's shelter he had been working at, the team is called in to investigate. Breck was originally assigned to work at the shelter as part of a his probation for drug related offences, but the plight of the women and children seeking help had gotten to him and he had continued to work for the shelter, even going so far as to sleep with rich older women to get donations to help the shelter. The team is surprised to learn how little faith Breck's family and friends had in him, discovering that his friends had staged in 'intervention' the night he went missing, trying to convince him to walk away from his new life.

  • S04E21 Shattered

    • April 27, 2006
    • CBS

    The team searches for a teenage figure skater who disappears after practice one day and discover that many people in her life had reason to worry. The team's investigation leads to the rink's operator, a convicted rapist who was the last to see the girl.

  • S04E22 Requiem

    • May 4, 2006
    • CBS

    The team searches for Ted Jordano and his teenage children after the three turn up missing and their house is a veritable bloodbath.

  • S04E23 White Balance

    • May 11, 2006
    • CBS

    Jack finds himself in the hotseat when a young white woman and a young black man, go missing on the same night and Jack is ordered to put more of the team's resources into finding the young woman.

  • S04E24 Crossroads

    • May 18, 2006
    • CBS

    After attorney Jennifer Nichols disappears, the team investigates the last few days in her life and soon find that she had grown disillusioned with her most recent relationship with Allen Davis. Discussions with a married ex-lover reveal that Nichols had recently gone through an old case file relating to a ten-year-old bank robbery, which has a connection to her recent relationship. Jack and Ann avoid discussing a recent development in their relationship -- her pregnancy.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Stolen

    • September 24, 2006
    • CBS

    Bryan Parker is questioned by the FBI after being found alone on the road by a police officer, his hand bandaged. He tells them about a young boy his father had abducted, and soon the team is searching for Todd. The search initially goes nowhere, and Sam continues to question Bryan, but they get a lead when Bryan identifies a snapshot of the boy that reveals his identity to be that of missing boy Daniel Ellison. It isn't long before the squad realises that Daniel isn't the first boy that Parker grabbed, and follow his past to find him and the missing boy.

  • S05E02 Candy

    • October 1, 2006
    • CBS

    Cindy Peterson, a mother who had become a stripper to support her family, goes missing after work one night, and Jack sends Elena in undercover at the strip club to learn what she can. Danny moves in to keep an eye on her after someone catches on to her spying, while Vivian discovers that Jim Peterson hasn't been completely honest with them. Jack faces censure from Olczyk over his relationship with Ann, and is angry with Ann after she admits to him that she thinks he let their relationship cloud his judgment in the Davis investigation.

  • S05E03 911

    • October 8, 2006
    • CBS

    The team searches for Jessica, a 911 operator who disappeared after a man called and asked for her by name.

  • S05E04 All for One

    • October 15, 2006
    • CBS

    The team investigates when Malia Norton, a teenager at a detention center, disappears after being threatened by one of the other residents. Malia had been involved in a drinking and driving accident that had seriously injured her sister's boyfriend and killed another young man. The investigation at the detention center uncovers a lot of secrets that some of the residents would prefer to keep well hidden.

  • S05E05 The Damage Done

    • October 22, 2006
    • CBS

    Jack and the team investigate when Sadik Marku's son goes missing along with the boy's mother, and Samantha worries that Jack is more interested in settling an old score with Marku than with finding the missing woman and boy.

  • S05E06 The Calm Before

    • October 29, 2006
    • CBS

    The team investigates when Aaron Gibbs ends up missing one night and soon learn that he had been lying to his wife about quitting his job, and had been working nights in a fight club. During the course of the investigation, Jack and the others learn that Aaron's disappearance was connected to events that took place during Hurricane Katrina, when Aaron was fighting to save his sons, and follow the trail of evidence, believing that the events of that night in New Orleans hold the key to finding the truth about the missing man.

  • S05E07 All the Sinners, Saints

    • November 5, 2006
    • CBS

    Martin brings the team in on the hunt for a young woman that went missing after a priest attempted to exorcise a demon from her. He begins to feel guilty when he finds out he used to work with her, but doesn't remember her.

  • S05E08 Win Today

    • November 12, 2006
    • CBS

    Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Alex Stark after his girlfriend reports him missing, and soon learn that Alex didn't own a cleaning business like he said he did but was actually involved in an illegal gambling operation. Jack goes undercover at a club that Alex would gamble at to find out what happened to him, and ends up being taken hostage by an associate of Alex's who becomes convinced that Jack is actually there to kill her. Unfortunately for Jack, his team believes that he has changed his cover story and has no idea that he's actually been kidnapped.

  • S05E09 Watch Over Me

    • November 19, 2006
    • CBS

    The team investigates the disappearance of social worker Eric Hayes, who had given thirty days notice to his job not long before. When their investigation leads them to a young pregnant woman who had already lost one child to the system, the agents begin to believe the disillusioned social worker may have been having an affair but soon discover that he may have been trying to right the wrong that drove him from his job. Danny has trouble with the investigation, as it reminds him of his own experience in foster care. Jack confides in Samantha about his relationship with Ann, but it may be too late.

  • S05E10 The Thing With Feathers

    • December 3, 2006
    • CBS

    Vivian thinks about her recent surgical problems while searching for a missing woman with a terminal condition.

  • S05E11 Fade-Away

    • December 10, 2006
    • CBS

    When 17-year-old Ted Soros goes missing after a basketball game, the team begins an investigation, soon learning that Ted was an emancipated minor who was living on his own to attend a school with an exemplary basketball program. Learning he had recently contacted his mother with a request for legal advice from an uncle, the team begins to suspect that Ted may have done something that he could face criminal charges for, and realise that Ted's secret is connected to a university recruiting party. While the team works Ted's disappearance, Jack learns from Ann that she lost the baby, and waits for her at the clinic while she seeks medical attention.

  • S05E12 Tail Spin

    • January 7, 2007
    • CBS

    The team tries to determine whether or not the recent disappearance of an air traffic controller has connections to the Middle East. The team soon learns that his wife died in an automobile accident and he was having an affair with her sister.

  • S05E13 Eating Away

    • January 14, 2007
    • CBS

    Barry Rosen goes missing shortly after being poisoned with bleach in a chili eating contest. While investigating Barry's disappearance, the team soon learns that he had been approached to throw the eating contest, and also that he had been spending a lot of time with a local prostitute in an effort to learn how to act around women. Danny is caught in the middle when Carlos asks him for a letter of reference in an upcoming custody review, and Elena informs him that Carlos is actually suing her for sole custody of Sofie. Danny warns Carlos that he is not going to be caught in the middle.

  • S05E14 Primed

    • January 21, 2007
    • CBS

    When a young artist disappears, the team is concerned that one of her subjects may have been unhappy with her work.

  • S05E15 Desert Springs

    • February 18, 2007
    • CBS

    The team searches for missing water plant supervisor Jason Turner, and learn that he had become the target of a lot of anger after recent layoffs at the plant. Carlos comes to the office looking for Elena.

  • S05E16 Without You

    • March 4, 2007
    • CBS

    Elena is frantic when her daughter Sofie goes missing, and the team has a full schedule as they must also search for a missing female tourist named Jenny.

  • S05E17 Deep Water

    • March 11, 2007
    • CBS

    A newly elected senator goes missing and Jack immediately turns his attention towards her husband.

  • S05E18 Connections

    • March 18, 2007
    • CBS

    The team searches for a fifteen-year-old girl who lived with her grandfather and was last seen at an Internet café. Sam gets an unexpected visit from her estranged sister.

  • S05E19 At Rest

    • March 25, 2007
    • CBS

    Sam's darkest secrets are revealed when her sister goes missing she decides to search for her without the team's help.

  • S05E20 Skin Deep

    • April 8, 2007
    • CBS

    When a young, interracial boy goes missing, race and money appear to play the starring roles in the investigation.

  • S05E21 Crash and Burn

    • April 15, 2007
    • CBS

    A former soldier, now stuntman, goes missing and the team learns that he changed his will only short time before he went missing which makes them wonder who needed the money.

  • S05E22 One and Only

    • April 29, 2007
    • CBS

    The team searches for Chris Manning, a family court judge with a soft side who went missing after meeting with a young boy caught between his mother and his abusive father. Suspicion initially turns anyone Manning may have riled up due to his court rulings, but after his clerk is shot in what appears to be an attempt on Manning's life, the team learns that the secret behind Manning's disappearance is tied up with something that happened over twenty years earlier.

  • S05E23 Two of Us

    • May 6, 2007
    • CBS

    A high school student goes missing after leaving her prom early to get some rest in her hotel room, leaving behind a bloody dress and a lot of questions about what may have happened to her.

  • S05E24 The Beginning

    • May 10, 2007
    • CBS

    A teenage girl disappears after joining a cult. In the office, Elena encounters problems with Carlos in their custody battle for Sofie.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Lost Boy

    • September 27, 2007
    • CBS

    The four-year-old adopted son of a celebrity couple is kidnapped, and the team must determine if the reason has to deal with the parents' status or the boy's own Sudanese origin.

  • S06E02 Clean Up

    • October 4, 2007
    • CBS

    The team considers if a father who cleans crime scenes for a living led to his disappearance with his daughter.

  • S06E03 Res Ipsa

    • October 11, 2007
    • CBS

    The team searches for a missing mother who they believe may be searching for her son, who is also missing.

  • S06E04 Baggage

    • October 25, 2007
    • CBS

    When a woman disappears after her boyfriend is killed by the police, the team suspects gang involvement. Later, Sam learns she's pregnant.

  • S06E05 Run

    • November 1, 2007
    • CBS

    An office shooting forces a woman to disappear, possibly to hide a deep secret.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Who & What (CSI Crime Scene Investigation)

    • November 8, 2007
    • CBS

    Crossover episode with CSI (Season 8 Episode 6) Grissom and the team join forces with Jack Malone, an FBI Agent from New York to track a serial killer.

  • S06E06 Where & Why

    • November 8, 2007
    • CBS

    (Crossover episode with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 8 Episode 6.) Malone's team joins forces with Gil Grissom, a CSI from Las Vegas, and his team as they track a serial killer with ties to New York.

  • S06E07 Absalom

    • November 15, 2007
    • CBS

    When a college student disappears after making racial remarks in a class, the team wonders if those may be directly connected to his disappearance.

  • S06E08 Fight/Flight

    • November 22, 2007
    • CBS

    The disappearance of an ultimate fighter leads the team to investigate his background, where they learn the man had a number of enemies.

  • S06E09 One Wrong Move

    • December 6, 2007
    • CBS

    The team determines if an ex-con's past criminal activity caused her to disappear after visiting a prison inmate. Det. Mars and Agent Johnson also continue their investigation.

  • S06E10 Claus and Effect

    • December 13, 2007
    • CBS

    A child prodigy turned store Santa vanishes and the team wonders if he had criminal connections.

  • S06E11 4G

    • January 10, 2008
    • CBS

    Malone and his team start off the new year investigating how a private investigator might have went missing.

  • S06E12 Article 32

    • January 17, 2008
    • CBS

    The team work on a case where a veterans-hospital worker vanishes and have two leads.

  • S06E13 Hard Reset

    • April 3, 2008
    • CBS

    Jack goes missing after taking a case into his own hands which soon becomes intertwined with a human trafficking prostitution case that Vivian is working on.

  • S06E14 A Bend In the Road

    • April 10, 2008
    • CBS

    While struggling to deal with the aftermath of Jack's accident, the team searches to find a teen heart transplant recipient, believing her disappearance might be connected to her donor. Samantha talks to Brian.

  • S06E15 Deja Vu

    • April 24, 2008
    • CBS

    The team searches for a coma patient who had woken up after three years only to disappear.

  • S06E16 A Dollar and a Dream

    • May 1, 2008
    • CBS

    After the latest lottery winner goes missing, the team works to figure out why.

  • S06E17 Driven

    • May 8, 2008
    • CBS

    A truck driver goes missing after saving a boy's life, and the team determines if that has anything to do with his disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack's mental health is examined by a psychiatrist.

  • S06E18 Satellites

    • May 15, 2008
    • CBS

    Five people with an odd connection go missing from a coffee shop, and the team determines what the connection had to do with their disappearance. Meanwhile, Spade gets ready for the birth of her child.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Closure

    • September 23, 2008
    • CBS

    A man, whose daughter went missing years ago, also goes missing, and the team tries to connect his desire to help another couple missing their son. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to adjust to his new boss, Clark Medina.

  • S07E02 22 x 42

    • September 30, 2008
    • CBS

    A rising exec is abducted from a Taxi after attending a rooftop party. The team also continues to learn to adjust with their new boss.

  • S07E03 Last Call

    • October 14, 2008
    • CBS

    A white-collar criminal goes missing on his way to testify against a former associate and the team must find out why.

  • S07E04 True / False

    • October 21, 2008
    • CBS

    The team discovers a long festering secret which sets off a deadly chain of events when they investigate the disappearance of the teenage son of a Secret Service man.

  • S07E05 Rise and Fall

    • October 28, 2008
    • CBS

    The team must shift their attention from a case they are working on and hand it over to Martin, after a child is reported to have been kidnapped at a mall.

  • S07E06 Live to Regret

    • November 11, 2008
    • CBS

    The team finds a secret to a bank manager's past after she vanishes, which may just hold a clue to her disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack is named head of the department once again.

  • S07E07 Rewind

    • November 18, 2008
    • CBS

    The team searches for a paraplegic who had been injured two years earlier in a car accident and is now missing. Their investigation shocks them when they discover the truth in what may have caused his disappearance.

  • S07E08 Better Angels

    • November 25, 2008
    • CBS

    Jack and Samantha head to Los Angeles to look into the disappearance of a man who vanished after attending a funeral.

  • S07E09 Push Comes to Shove

    • December 2, 2008
    • CBS

    The team must decide whether or not a doctor's past is a factor in her disappearance.

  • S07E10 Cloudy With a Chance Of Gettysburg

    • December 16, 2008
    • CBS

    A TV weatherman arrives at work bleeding from his side and the team tries to beat the clock to find out what that has to do with disappearance.

  • S07E11 Wanted

    • January 6, 2009
    • CBS

    The team is called in to investigate the custody kidnapping over a teen who vanished after last seen with her mother. But the case takes a turn when they discover the teen was living a secret life. Meanwhile, there is a bump in the road of the relationship between Jack and Samantha.

  • S07E12 Believe Me

    • January 13, 2009
    • CBS

    The team searches for a bar owner who goes missing shortly after his statue of St. Theresa cries. Brian's visit takes a new turn.

  • S07E13 Once Lost

    • January 27, 2009
    • CBS

    Elena is forced to face the consequences of her past, as the team is put on the case to search for her former partner who went missing during an undercover sting.

  • S07E14 Friends and Neighbors

    • February 3, 2009
    • CBS

    The team tries to hunt down the person who kidnapped two neighbors from a suburban home. The case takes a surprising turn when the agents discover the identity of the abductor.

  • S07E15 Chameleon

    • February 10, 2009
    • CBS

    The team uncovers a history of deception as they search for a man posing as a college student vanishes.

  • S07E16 Skeletons

    • February 17, 2009
    • CBS

    The team investigates after a woman attends a self-defense class with her infant son and then both disappear after the class ends.

  • S07E17 Voir Dire

    • March 17, 2009
    • CBS

    While working on a high profile civil case, a trial consultant vanishes. Jack and Sam learn how to make adjustments as Brian and Finn spend more time together.

  • S07E18 Daylight

    • March 31, 2009
    • CBS

    The team believes that the past of a missing psychologist's brother might have played a role in his disappearance. Martin's relationship with Kim takes a spicy turn.

  • S07E19 Heartbeats

    • April 7, 2009
    • CBS

    The suspect list keeps growing as the team investigates the disappearance of a Russian matchmaker.

  • S07E20 Hard Landing

    • April 14, 2009
    • CBS

    A billionaire's son disappears after crash landing a small plane in the woods. Kim Marcus returns and her relationship with Martin develops.

  • S07E21 Labyrinths

    • April 28, 2009
    • CBS

    The team looks for a missing journalist after her hardcore exposes are published on an on-line magazine. They begin to suspect a politician, the subject of one of her latest entries. Meanwhile, Brian remains in Sam and Finn's life.

  • S07E22 Devotion

    • May 5, 2009
    • CBS

    The team searches for a missing teen who's abductor left behind an amateur tape with her appearing on it.

  • S07E23 True

    • May 12, 2009
    • CBS

    After Hannah's boyfriend disappears from Chicago along the way to New York, Jack hesitates to assign the team on his case.

  • S07E24 Undertow

    • May 19, 2009
    • CBS

    The team searches for a man who goes missing after a late night dive and try to zero in on who could be responsible for his disappearance. Meanwhile, Danny and Elena take their relationship to another level.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Motive: The Making Of Without A Trace

    • CBS

    An inside look at the making of the series, "Without A Trace". Includes interviews with the executive producers and cast members.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Fingerprints: The Look

    • CBS

    An interview with John Peters, the director of photography, describing the "look" they are striving to create for the show.