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Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 1

    • February 27, 1979

    Two new prisoners, Karen Travers and Lynn Warner, are inducted into Wentworth Detention Centre and have to adjust to the harsh regime and the tough women they meet there. Karen, convicted of stabbing her cheating husband to death in the shower, turns out to be an old flame of prison doctor Greg Miller. Lynn has been convicted of kidnapping and burying a baby alive, and though she loudly protests her innocence, she is bullied by the other women, led by their 'Top Dog', murderess Bea Smith. Meanwhile, young inmate Sally Lee hangs herself in her cell while going through serious drug withdrawal. Tough lesbian Franky Doyle goes berserk when she learns her girlfriend Doreen is being moved to another cell and destroys the Recreation Room. Bea burns Lynn's hand in the press and Lynn reports her for it, putting Bea's upcoming parole in jeopardy. Late at night, bent screw Officer Yates lets Bea out of her cell so she can go and scare Lynn into withdrawing her complaint.

  • S01E02 Episode 2

    • February 27, 1979

    Lynn withdraws her complaint, so Bea's release is approved. The prisoners hold a farwell party for Bea and Mum. Mum leaves her beloved garden in the hands of Lynn. Mum is released into the care of her daughter, Lorraine, and Bea gets a lift into town from Eddie. Meg and Bill are having problems with their teenage son Marty, who tells them he wants to move out and get a place with his girlfriend. With Bea gone, Franky siezes the opportunity to take over the press and announces she is now in charge. Greg tries to talk Karen into appealing against her sentence, realising her husband was abusing her. Lynn goes on hunger strike until her innocence is believed. Mum's daughter rejects her, saying she doesn't want her coming home with her, so Mum checks into a grotty bedsit in town. Bea spends her first night of freedom in luxury at a hotel. Next morning, she visits daughter Debbie's grave and picks up a package from her old cellmate, a ""present"" for her husband. She then makes her way back ho

  • S01E03 Episode 3

    • February 28, 1979

    With Franky's hold over the women growing, she attempts to show the screws who is in charge by getting the women to stay in the dining room until she gives the order for them to leave. Prostitute Chrissie Latham tries to seduce Bill but he turns her down. Lizzie and Marilyn mess around with the wiring so that Eddie will be called in. Marilyn and Eddie climb up into the roof for a "liaison". Bea's return sends Franky over the edge and she starts a riot in the dining room. Bea, Doreen and some of the women are trapped in the laundry; Franky, Lizzie, Chrissie and others are in the dining room. Franky wants the gates unlocked so she and Bea can fight it out. Trapped in Franky's side, pregnant prisoner Rosie Hudson goes into labour. Meg is taken hostage by Franky's mob and tied up in the dining room. Bill tries to talk Franky into letting Meg go. She agrees, but in the handover all hell breaks loose as she and her gang overpower the officers and let Bea's women out. Bea and Franky fight one

  • S01E04 Episode 4

    • March 6, 1979

    Bill dies on the way to hospital and Rosie gives birth to a boy. Meg is devastated as the police investigation into Bill's murder begins. The cops aren't getting very far; meanwhile, Eddie tells Marilyn he saw who stabbed Bill. Bea and the girls learn from him that it was Chrissie who killed him. They attack and scalp Chrissie, and she is transferred away to another prison. Meg turns up for work, yells at everyone and is sent home by Erica til the funeral is past. Mum collapses at the bedsit and her landlady goes through her belongings. After the funeral, Erica tells Meg that she doesn't have to come back to the prison, she will get compensation from the Department for Bill's death. Meg is furious and tells Erica she isn't going anywhere.

  • S01E05 Episode 5

    • March 7, 1979

    Mum recuperates from her collapse at her daughter's home but has to pretend to the children that she is an aunt as Lorraine told them their grandmother was dead. Franky and Bea fight during a dance class in the Rec Room. Yates is caught smuggling the pill in for Marilyn. Suspected of being the one who supplied Sally Lee with drugs, she is reprimanded by Erica and quits in disgust. Bea reads the girls' tea leaves and Lizzie pinches a bottle of surgical spirit from the infirmary. Mum can't deal with Lorraine any longer and walks out, after which Judith Anne learns that she is really her grandmother. Mum is rearrested for shoplifting and sent back to Wentworth. Meg is still going loopy after Bill's death and tells Lynn her hunger strike is a waste of time. Lynn digs a hole under the fence and plans to escape but is caught by Meg and Vera and collapses. Greg examines her and tells her she is pregnant.

  • S01E06 Episode 6

    • March 13, 1979

    Lynn reveals she must be pregnant after being raped by her employer, Mr Bentley, father of the baby she is supposed to have buried alive. Franky bullies Lizzie into giving her some of her buy-up and later steals her false teeth when she refuses. Marilyn learns she is to be paroled in a few days. Eddie proposes to her but she turns him down, though she agrees to move in with him. Horrified by Lynn's story, Meg's attitude softens again and she tells Erica she believes Lynn. Vera is having trouble with her ailing mother but refuses to put her in a home. Lizzie and Doreen plan to escape with a pair of rusty old wire cutters but in the end Lizzie is too drunk to go. Franky's brother Gary comes to visit and tells her he wants to build a farm and have her come to live with him there. Judith-Anne comes to visit Mum. Meg and Erica think there is enough evidence to have Lynn's case reopened.

  • S01E07 Episode 7

    • March 14, 1979

    Lizzie finds a stray cat in the garden and brings it into the prison. When it dies, she blames Franky for killing it, but it turns out she did it accidentally herself by giving it water from the garden tainted with weed killer. Lizzie then tries to fake amnesia in order to get an early release but Meg sees right through it. Gary Doyle comes to visit Franky again and gives her a copy of his plans for the farm. Later, the other women deface the plans by scribbling all over them. Mum suggests Franky work in the garden to keep her away from Bea. Erica and Meg ponder Franky's chances of a parole. Some male prisoners come to work outside the fence to work on the drainage system and Lynn befriends one of them, a guy named Doug. Vera's mother has a heart attack and dies. Marilyn is released to live with Eddie but, unable to get a job after being inside, she considers going back on the game.

  • S01E08 Episode 8

    • March 20, 1979

    Bea and the girls find out about Franky's plans to get paroled and live on the farm so they try to rile her into blowing her chances. Marilyn gets a job at a hotel but she is demoted after beauty consultant Helen Masters complains about her and then quits after being sexually harassed by her boss. She goes back on the game to buy Eddie a birthday present, prompting them to have a row and she walks out on him. Helen Masters is sent to Wentworth charged with manslaughter after her car is used in a hit-and-run. At first she is to be bailed but when she tries to skip the country the police send her to jail. She finds it hard to settle in, tormented by Vera and teased and bullied by the other prisoners. Finally, she announces she is withdrawing her bail application and intends to make as much trouble as possible while she is in Wentworth.

  • S01E09 Episode 9

    • March 21, 1979

    Following Helen's decision to withdraw her bail application, her special privileges are removed and she is put in to share a cell with Bea and Doreen. She offers to hold beauty classes for the women and is blackmailed by her assistant, who claims he knows her alibi for the night of the accident is fake. Marilyn and Eddie make up briefly, but she finally walks out on him for good to go back on the game after a boozing session with an old friend. After listening to Lynn's story about her innocence, Helen puts her lawyer on Lynn's appeal and agrees to pay for it. Meanwhile, the truth about Lynn is finally revealed: Mrs Bentley buried her own baby. Cleared by the police, Lynn says goodbye to Mum and is released.

  • S01E10 Episode 10

    • March 27, 1979

    Helen raises a protest against the food being served up to the women. Erica agrees to come and taste it, so Bea and Doreen make it really inedible. Erica is disgusted by the food and agrees to let some of the women help out in the kitchen. Lynn goes back to her home town but is having a hard time. Her father won't acknowledge that she is pregnant and her mother is busy making up stories about where the baby's father could be. Lynn writes a letter to Doug, the male prisoner she met at Wentworth; back at the prison, Mum tries to dissuade Doug from getting in touch with Lynn. However, Mr Warner finally sticks up for Lynn in the face of criticism from a local priest. Following her mother's death, Vera is lonely and depressed. She gets drunk, goes to a bar and picks up Graham Lang, an off duty cop, who she takes home with her. Marilyn is brought back to Wentworth; she and Eddie can't sort out their differences. Helen gets Doreen to forge her signature on a contract written up by James to gi

  • S01E11 Episode 11

    • March 28, 1979

    The Governor introduces a volleyball program to let the inmates work off their tension. Doug gets out of jail and turns up at the Warner farm to see Lynn. Mr Warner offers him a job on the farm, but they end up running away back to Melbourne together to get married. Graham Lang arrives at the prison to interview Marilyn and asks Vera to help him get information out of her. During a volleyball game, Marilyn accidentally hits Vera with the ball, giving her the opportunity to have her sent to the pound. Later, Bea advises Marilyn to give Lang the info he wants, to get Vera off her back. Franky gets a telegram about her brother Gary having an accident, but as she can't read, she doesn't know what it says. She gets Doreen to read it for her, but Doreen is too scared to tell her what it really says and she rebuffs Mum's efforts to help. In the end it is Karen who tells Franky the truth, that he is critically injured and in hospital. By the time Franky gets to the hospital to see Gary, he has

  • S01E12 Episode 12

    • April 3, 1979

    Karen talks Franky down from the roof and offers to teach her how to read. She makes another pass at her during a lesson, though, and gets a slap in the face. Back in the city, Lynn and Doug move in with his friends Bernie and Suz. She refuses to sleep with Doug until they are married. They get married in the back garden with a celebrant; meanwhile, Bernie talks Doug into doing a payroll job with him. Meg wises up to Vera and Lang's heavying of Marilyn and warns them off. Bea gets Eddie and Marilyn to make up at last and she agrees to tell Lang what he wants to know. This done, Lang breaks off a dinner date with Vera and drops her like a hot potato. After being rejected by Karen, Franky muscles in on an escape plan of Lizzie and Doreen's. They steal a step ladder and, with Doreen's teddy in tow, the three of them climb over the fence to freedom...

  • S01E13 Episode 13

    • April 4, 1979

    No sooner are the escapees over the fence than Lizzie suffers chest pains. Franky and Doreen take her back to the fence, where she asks the guard to let her back in. As news of the escape spreads, the women are locked in their cells and Vera attempts to tighten security. Franky and Doreen mug a young boy for his fish and chips and sleep in a barn for the night. Vera reports Eddie and Marilyn's relationship to Erica, prompting her to cancel the contract with Eddie's firm. Lynn reluctantly agrees to drive the getaway car for Doug and Bernie.

  • S01E14 Episode 14

    • April 10, 1979

    The payroll robbery goes disastrously wrong as Bernie is killed and Doug is shot. Lynn then ends up crashing the getaway car and goes into labour. She manages to get to a phone box and calls Greg for help, but both Doug and the unborn baby die anyway. Franky and Doreen continue their exploits on the outside, but Doreen is getting fed up and contemplating going back to Wentworth. Eddie gets sacked for losing the prison contract but when his boss visits the prison in his place, Bea and the girls bully him into giving Eddie his job back. Meg is dismayed to learn that Marty has left home. The new prison social worker, Jean Vernon, arrives and is given Bill's old office, annoying Meg by throwing out his things. Karen gets a visit from her unsympathetic mother. Judith Anne comes to visit Mum, but Mum realises something is wrong with the girl and gets Jean to try and help her find out what.

  • S01E15 Episode 15

    • April 11, 1979

    Doreen and Franky masquerade as nuns and con people into giving money to charity... them! They go to the home of an old spinster, Miss McBride, who invites them in for tea, planning to batter and rob the old woman. Greg hires Steve Wilson as Karen's new lawyer to represent her at her retrial. Judith Anne comes back to see Mum and tells her that she is pregnant, and that Lorraine disapproves. With Jean's help, Mum decides to apply for parole to look after Judy and the baby when it arrives. Lynn is brought back to Wentworth on remand. New prisoner Monica Ferguson turns out to be an old pal of Bea and Lizzie's, having done time with them before. Vera reports Greg and Karen to Erica when she catches them kissing in the infirmary. They have to come clean about their former engagement, and Erica agrees to let it go this time, but if there is any further trouble, Greg will be replaced.

  • S01E16 Episode 16

    • April 17, 1979

    Doreen stops Franky battering Miss McBride and the old lady is so taken with them that she invites them to stay. After a while, Doreen decides to tell her who they are, but she tells her she has known all along: she enjoys the company and says they can stay as long as they like. Mum gets out on parole and moves into a flat with Judith Anne. After a lot of persuading, Monica agrees to Bea's suggestion that she let Marilyn and Eddie run her milkbar while she is inside. Marilyn is released, never to return again. Bea, Monica and Lizzie set Vera up for "bashing" Monnie, so Erica instructs her to take a few days off until the incident can be investigated. Meg and Karen find Lynn on the floor of her cell, bleeding after slashing her wrists with a piece of broken mirror.

  • S01E17 Episode 17

    • April 18, 1979

    Lynn is rushed to hospital after her suicide attempt. Jean blames herself for the incident. Barbara Davidson, Erica's niece, arrives in Wentworth charged with drug smuggling. She ignores Auntie Erica's advice not to tell the women they are related. Barbara gets Lizzie to tell her about the frame-up on Vera, then tells Erica about it. Erica is furious, transfers Monica to another cell, and reinstates Vera. Karen tells Steve about her husband forcing her to have an abortion and beating her. Franky, Doreen and Miss McBride have a party for the old woman's birthday, but it is gatecrashed by the arrival of her nephew, Trevor. He recognizes the fugitive pair so they bundle him into a cupboard, say goodbye to Miss McBride and flee.

  • S01E18 Episode 18

    • April 24, 1979

    When a young girl, Sarah Roberts, accepts a lift home from a man who says he knows her father, she ends up getting raped. Her parents, Catherine and Ken, are concerned that she is so late coming home from school, but it is not until the next day that Sarah tells her mother about the attack. The police come to the Roberts' home to interview the girl. Catherine vows to avenge the attack on her daughter. Barbara has drugs smuggled into the prison, telling Vera that Monica has asked her to get them for her. She plants the drugs in Monica's cell, and they are found thanks to a cell search instigated by Vera. Monnie is packed off to Solitary. Since the drugs were brought in right under Bennett's nose, Barbara wants Vera to do her a few favours. Meanwhile, Erica announces a crackdown in security as Bea vows to get even with whoever framed Monnie. Jean visits Lynn in hospital. She tries to get her to write to her parents and reconsider not hiring Steve as her lawyer. As for the escapees, Doree

  • S01E19 Episode 19

    • April 25, 1979

    Bea is furious to learn from Vera that Barbara is inside for smuggling drugs. Lynn, back from hospital, helps Bea and Lizzie find Barbara's drug supply. Bea force feeds her with them, drawing the screws to the scene, and shows them the drugs that they failed to see being smuggled in. Erica sends Barbara to Solitary and tells Vera off. When Franky sees that Toddy has hit Doreen, she is furious. She knocks him out with her gun and the pair quickly move onto pastures new. Jean asks Meg if she can move in with her. Sarah Roberts tries to get her life back to normal after the rape. She spots the man who raped her at a shop and calls Catherine, who promptly runs him down and kills him in the street.

  • S01E20 Episode 20

    • May 1, 1979

    Franky talks Doreen into robbing a hardware store but the hold-up goes wrong when the police arrive on the scene. Franky tries to make a run for it, shooting a policeman, but is gunned down in the process. She dies in Doreen's arms, telling her to flee while she can, her last words a defiant "bloody bastards..." Doreen runs off. Catherine Roberts arrives at Wentworth, charged with killing Sarah's rapist. She has a hard time dealing with the startling alien world of prison life, while back at home hubby Ken drowns his sorrows and hires Steve to take on her case. She is released on bail. Jean moves into Meg's unit and flirts with Dr Greg. Karen gets a letter from Franky, sent before her death. Soon after, the women hear on the radio she has been killed. Karen realises Greg is paying Steve Wilson to defend her and is furious. Doreen turns up at the prison gates and asks to be let in. Back in the cell block, Doreen spots Karen and attacks her, blaming her for Franky's death.

  • S01E21 Episode 21

    • May 2, 1979

    Doreen is acting like a second rate Franky clone now she's back inside, rounding up a posse of women and slicking her hair back. Erica warns her not to cause any more trouble after the attack on Karen Travers. Later, in their cell, Lizzie tells her she doesn't buy her tough act for a second. Nonetheless, she causes trouble during Karen's class and bullies Lynn. After an upsetting visit from her father, though, Lynn promptly joins Dor's gang to steal buyup from the girls. Lizzie learns her brother Angus is dying and wants to see her. Lizzie refuses, until Bea talks her into it. Erica accompanies Lizzie on her day out, leaving Vera in charge. The wife of the man Catherine killed wants money from the Roberts as compensation. Steve angrily tells her to keep away or she will be charged with extortion and blackmail. Catherine refuses to plead temporary insanity. Barbara's case comes up before the VJ. On the way to the hearing, she tells Meg she intends to implicate one of the officers in a d

  • S01E22 Episode 22

    • May 8, 1979

    At the VJ's hearing, Barbara backs down and claims she was the only one involved in bringing the drugs into the prison. Vera tells the VJ that Barbara is Erica's niece and subtly suggests she has given her preferential treatment. When Erica returns, she is furious to learn that the Department are considering investigating her running of Wentworth thanks to Vera's meddling, and demands to know from Meg what went on while she was away. Lizzie arrives to see Angus and the pair waste no time in fighting with each other. He tells her she's getting nothing in his will and then snuffs it. Lizzie pinches something valuable anyway and smuggles it back into the prison. Steve and Jean get Mr Warner to come back and talk to Lynn, as her tough image will affect her trial. However, Doreen intimidates him during their visit in the garden. Catherine gets three years and Ken has to sell his share of the business to cover their legal costs. Karen learns her retrial starts in a couple of days.

  • S01E23 Episode 23

    • May 9, 1979

    Steve tries to track down Karen's mother to give evidence at the retrial, but she refuses point blank to do so. Lynn and her father make up, and Lynn gets 12 months for her part in the disastrous payroll robbery. Catherine is struggling to settle in with the women; she finds it hard to adjust to their less than refined ways and has to learn the "no lagging" code. In addition to this, Sarah turns up at the prison to moan her parents don't love her. Erica clashes with Vera over her telling the VJ that she and Barbara are related. Erica's ex, Michael, tries to talk her into giving Barbara preferential treatment. Doreen continues to bully Barbara and goads her into a fight, egged on by Vera. Unable to cope any longer, Barbara barricades herself in her cell and theatens to burn the place down.

  • S01E24 Episode 24

    • May 15, 1979

    Barbara remains barricaded in her cell overnight, until Erica manages to talk her out by promising to protect her from Doreen and Vera. Barbara is then transferred to another prison, after an apology from Doreen, who has finally dropped the tough act and returned to her old self. Steve tries to keep Karen's spirits up as her retrial begins, despite the prosecution's determination to prove that she is a liar who is simply playing for sympathy. Lynn's father arranges a work placement for her at the nursery belonging to his friend Syd Butterfield. Catherine gets a visit from Ken, who tells her he is moving to Sydney to work: the house will be let out and Sarah sent to live with relations.

  • S01E25 Episode 25

    • May 16, 1979

    Lynn starts her work release at Butterfield's nursery but runs off in tears after a misunderstanding with Syd over some money. Jean has to tell Erica that Lynn has gone missing, but Lynn turns up at the prison of her own accord soon after. A mysterious new prisoner arrives at Wentworth charged with shoplifting, but neither the police nor prison staff can get her to give any details about herself, not even her name. At Karen's trial, the prosecution accuses her of making up the stories about her husband abusing her. Things look bleak until, at the last minute, Karen's mother shows up unexpectedly to give evidence. The murder charge against Karen is reduced to manslaughter, cutting her sentence to just two years.

  • S01E26 Episode 26

    • May 22, 1979

    The news about Karen causes celebrations among the inmates and staff. The mystery new prisoner is identified as a Susan Rice, but the woman remains an enigma. Jean is puzzled as to why she was shoplifting, as it turns out she is not short of cash. However, she is estranged from her husband, who has filed for divorce. She gets out on bail but is almost immediately rearrested for the same crime. After attacking Doreen and freaking out in the Rec Room, she tells Meg that her husband is having an affair with a pop star, Jason Richards. Vera bumps into ex-Officer Yates in a bar, who invites her to a party at her place. Yates introduces Vera to a man called George Lucas, whom Vera becomes smitten with and they go out on a date. However, it turns out that George is the man Yates was working for when she was sacked from Wentworth for drug dealing.

  • S01E27 Episode 27

    • May 23, 1979

    The mystery of Susan Rice deepens, when it emerges that nobody connected with Jason Richards has ever heard of Susan's hubby. Susan herself continues to freak out at the least opportunity. She says that it was Richards' idea for her husband to divorce her. She later learns her husband has applied for custody of their kids. Another screaming fit in the Rec Room ends with her trashing her cell and she is so upset she has to be sedated. Meg is concerned about Vera's involvement with Yates and George Lucas. Vera begins to think he is only interested in her because he wants her to take over Yates' drug dealing in the prison. He comes to the prison to see her and they are seen kissing by Doreen and Lynn. Later, George tells Vera that Yates has been arrested and asks her to look after her when she arrives in Wentworth. Steve makes enquiries about Karen being able to go to Uni on the outside.

  • S01E28 Episode 28

    • May 29, 1979

    Anne Yates arrives back at Wentworth as a prisoner, and Erica tells her officers not to reveal details of her crimes. The women bully Yates, who demands that Vera protect her, threatening to turn George in to the police if she refuses. Lizzie steals Yates' file from the office, so Bea can see what Yates is inside for. Bea later gives it back to Yates and tells her to get rid of it. Lynn is allowed to go back to the nursery and has to tell a horrified co-worker that she is in prison. The woman tells Syd she won't work with a criminal, but Syd sticks up for Lynn. Doreen and Lizzie forge Erica's signature on a work release form, but Jean sees through their ill-conceived deception. Psychiatrist Dr Weissman gives Susan Rice the all-clear, when she acts very calmly and rationally. She goes to court and gets a fine and a good behaviour bond.

  • S01E29 Episode 29

    • May 30, 1979

    The prisoner step up their bullying campaign against Yates now that they know what she is inside for. Yates gives her file back to Vera and steals a knife from the dining room after Vera refuses to give her anything to protect herself with. Monica ambushes her in the corridor and takes her to Bea. Bea and Yates fight, leading to Yates pulling her knife, stabbing Bea and running off. She hides in one of the laundry driers; Vera, unaware she is inside, walks past and shuts the door. Meanwhile, neither officers nor prisoners know where Yates is and the hunt begins to find her. Susan Rice throws acid in Jason Richards' face live on TV. She is brought back to Wentworth, now completely loopy, and is attacked by Doreen. Meg and Jean discover that Richards is in fact Susan's husband, not his lover. Lynn meets Syd's son Geoff, who is instantly attracted to her.

  • S01E30 Episode 30

    • June 5, 1979

    Yates is missing and the search begins for her. Next morning, Lizzie finds her dead in the drier. Vera realises she was to blame but keeps quiet. With Bea in hospital, Monica decides to take over as Top Dog and clashes with Noeline Burke. They both blame each other for killing Yates, but Noeline is packed off to the pound for lying to Erica about it. Meg tells Mum about Bea being in hospital. Mum goes to visit her but is not allowed in, as Judith-Anne lets slip to Jean that Meg has been visiting them. Steve invites Jean to dinner to meet Clara Goddard, who is interested in funding a halfway house. Later, Clara turns up to asks Steve for legal advice, saying she is about to be arrested. With Yates dead, Vera plans to flee the country with George but he goes without her, leaving her with an envelope of money.

  • S01E31 Episode 31

    • June 6, 1979

    Bea learns she will be going back to Wentworth soon, so she drugs her police guard and escapes from the hospital. Mum is shocked when Bea turns up on her doorstep but agrees she can stay for a few days, against Judith-Anne's protestations. Panic ensues when Meg turns up to visit Mum. Noeline continues to throw her weight around with Bea absent so Monica, Lizzie and Doreen give her an extremely hot shower. Furious, Noeline pinches Lizzie's fags and rips the arms and legs off Doreen's teddy. Syd fires Lynn without warning. George Lucas turns up at Vera's place and forces her to turn him into the police. Clara Goddard tells Steve she has been charged with embezzling a lot of money. She cannot afford to pay her bail and is sent to Wentworth on remand, where she is a big hit with the other women.

  • S01E32 Episode 32

    • June 12, 1979

    Meg is suspicious when she finds a packet of Bea's cigarettes and Mum has to make excuses. Meanwhile, Bea has hidden in the next room. Later, Bea asks Mum to go see Val and get some cash so she can buy a dress and a wig. Judith-Anne goes instead, but Val has moved. She buys the dress and wig herself so that Bea will leave. Meg realises Mum must have been hiding Bea. She and Jean go back to the flat, and narrowly miss bumping into Bea. Jean has to tell Lynn she has been fired, but Jean eventually manages to talk Syd into taking her back. Noeline tries to bully Clara, and bashes Karen when she stands up for her. She then recruits thick Martha as her offsider, but Monica thumps her anyway and threatens to spin dry her. Jean moves out of Meg's unit. Vera pays George's bail but he ties her up in her flat and skips the country.

  • S01E33 Episode 33

    • June 12, 1979

    Bea returns to Mum's flat, furious over Judith-Anne lying to her. Judith-Anne finally agrees to find out where Val is, but after she contacts Val, Val calls the police. Bea spots the police in time and turns up on Val's doorstep, forcing her to let her stay. Later, a policeman arrives at Val's house looking for Bea. Erica finds Vera tied up in her flat and calls the police. Vera admits it was Lucas who tied her up. She learns she may face charges for associating with known criminals. Erica wants to demote her, but Meg gets her to reconsider. Monica tries to show her dominance over the women with a sit-in but Karen breaks it. Doreen tries to stand up to her but nobody backs her up. Clara refuses Steve's offer of bail. Noeline is moved in to share a cell with Karen.

  • S01E34 Episode 34

    • June 19, 1979

    Bea hides in the garden until the policeman has left, but the girl who lives at the house next door sees Bea hiding outside. Bea and Val see her talking to the policeman outside, but nothing comes of it. Lizzie tells Doreen she intends to try to get back in Monica's favour and if she's got any sense Doreen should join her. Lizzie tries to suck up to Monica with memories of when they were first inside and the previous governor ("Mollie Repton"), which reminds Monica of Lizzie home brewing skills and asks her if she could still cook up something for the women. Meanwhile, Bea is somewhat the worse for wear after a hard night's drinking and is looking forward to another night out with the same blokes. She and Val are interrupted by the girl next door, Yvonne, who wants to meet Bea. Bea is concerned when she hears form Val that Yvonne's parents leave her unsupervised for much of the day, and gets a bit mother-hen-ish. Lizzie can't get yeast for home brew, so Monnie tells Lyn to bring some in, claiming that it's to make some decent "bread". Marianne de Vere, a socialite friend of Steve's, visits him to find out what's happened to Clara and instantly endears herself to all of us with her opening remarks that London is full of "coloureds" and is "no place for a white woman". She expresses an interest in funding the halfway house so Steve says he will arange a visit for her. Karen gets permission for University study. Marianne visits Wentworth and talks to Erica. Monica brings Lizzie a couple of buckets to help make the grog. Erica takes Marianne around the prison and Steve feels the need to apologise to Karen for her snotty attitude. He also tells her about the halfway house project and his hope that she might be able to work there. Yvonne waits for Val to leave and tells Bea she has seen her photo in the paper and wants to find out about what Bea did and why. Noeline finds out about the grog when Doreen comes to ask Doreen advice about it. Lynn manages to hide the yeast in

  • S01E35 Episode 35

    • June 20, 1979

    The home brew causes friction amongst the women, as Monica sells it on but won't give Lizzie any. Clara gets permission to have a birthday party and the women are allowed into the kitchen to prepare for it. Lizzie takes yeast from the kitchen and makes more booze in a cupboard, but Noeline muscles in on the scheme. The party goes well, until Noeline sneaks away and gets roaring drunk in the Laundry, where she's found by Erica and Meg. Col Burke's siege continues, but he doesn't know what to do next. He asks to see Noeline and she arrives with Vera, somewhat the worse for wear after her booze exploits. Noeline sneers at Col, dismissing him as useless and while he is distracted, Vera rescues Mrs Woods. Col runs out of the house after them all and is shot dead by the cops. Noeline is distraught. Yvonne spitefully calls the cops on Bea after she breaks up a rowdy party the girl is throwing.

  • S01E36 Episode 36

    • June 26, 1979

    The police turn up at Val's place and arrest Bea, but she persuades them Val didn't have any choice but let her stay. She is brought back to Wentworth and welcomed back by Doreen. With little effort, Bea reclaims the press. That night after lights out, Noeline punches her, but next morning it is Noeline who wakes up worse for wear. Bea goes to the Governor and admits she walloped her. Monnie is still adamant she's in charge, leading to a brawl between them, during which Meg is knocked out. They finally declare a truce. Erica furiously cancels Lynn and Karen's day releases when no-one will say where the booze came from, so Clara takes sole blame for the alcohol and is sent to Solitary. Steve tells Karen he has feelings for her but is rebuffed. Greg looks after Meg after her accident and they end up spending the night together.

  • S01E37 Episode 37

    • June 27, 1979

    Meg and Greg are nervous around each other after spending the night together. Doreen appears to be developing a crush on Lynn and is upset to realise Lynn's parole is looming. Noeline learns that she will be released in a week's time and is warned to keep out of trouble, but both Erica and Meg know she will be back before very long. Marianne de Vere agrees to fund the halfway house and wants to throw a garden party for the women, to which the media will be invited. Despite Vera's reservations, both Erica and the Department agree to it. Marianne also donates a new colour TV for the Rec Room. Clara is given permission to do the catering for the garden party, at which Lizzie and Doreen start a food fight. Everyone later gathers in the Rec Room for the unveiling of the new TV, only to find it has been smashed by the now released Noeline.

  • S01E38 Episode 38

    • July 3, 1979

    Erica cancels all privileges, including Lynn's work release and Karen's study release, and tightens security following the disaster at the garden party. Bea is feeling increasingly left out as Clara proves a big hit with the other girls and suggests she is thinking of stepping down as Top Dog. Meg realises that Noeline must have been the one who smashed the TV. A Greek woman called Irene Zervos arrives on prostitution charges; she speaks very little English and is very distressed at being inside. Karen offers to act as communicator for her. Monica shows her racist side by bullying Irene and abusing her. It turns out that she and her family are illegal immigrants and are likely to be deported.

  • S01E39 Episode 39

    • July 4, 1979

    Erica announces that a Visiting Justice has been appointed to investigate her running of Wentworth; Vera is thrilled, planning what she will change when Erica is sacked and she is appointed Governor instead. Clara cements her popularity amongst the women by getting Monica to leave Irene alone and successfully asking Erica to resume the work release. Karen and Steve try to help Irene further. Irene's brother, Alex, and his wife, Tessa, learn that they are allowed to stay in the country and mistakenly think this means Irene can also. The VJ transfers Clara to another prison. Vera and the prisoners lay it on thick to the VJ but it backfires on Vera in spectacular fashion: rather than being promoted to Governor, she is to be demoted to make way for a new male Deputy Governor.

  • S01E40 Episode 40

    • July 10, 1979

    Vera is livid as former Vietnam vet Jim Fletcher arrives to start work as the new Deputy Governor. Fletcher wastes little time before he manages to annoy both the officers and the women. Lynn is caught supposedly trying to smuggle letters out but claims she has been framed. Her work release is cancelled. Monica throws a fit when her parole is turned down. Irene gets released, then promptly rearrested for being an illegal immigrant. New prisoner Joyce Martin arrives and Jim knows her husband from Pentridge. She tells the women that she is the only one who knows where the proceeds from their robbery is and so she has thousands of dollars waiting for her when she gets out.

  • S01E41 Episode 41

    • July 11, 1979

    Lynn frets about her parole as she protests the letters were planted on her. Fortunately, she has Meg and Erica on her side. Doreen steals some pills from the surgery and plants them under Lynn's pillow, where they are found in a cell search. Lynn is sent to Solitary, but Lizzie suddenly realises that Doreen set her up. Joyce's husband Harry comes to visit her, anxious to get his hands on the robbery money. She refuses to tell him. He returns later with some men in a truck and tries to abduct her from the prison grounds. Jim intervenes and is injured in the scuffle. Meg asks Greg to consider giving up his job at Wentworth. Monica decides to sell her milk bar to Marilyn and Eddie.

  • S01E42 Episode 42

    • July 17, 1979

    Jim recovers from his minor injuries as Joyce recovers from her narrow escape at the hands of her husband. Not wanting Harry to get to the money, she asks Monica to help her move the money somewhere safer after she is released. Erica learns that Jim and his wife, Leila, are separated. Lizzie tells Erica that she framed Lynn: Lynn is let out of the pound and Lizzie suffers loss of privileges. Meanwhile, Lizzie confronts Doreen, telling her she knows it was her who did it. Doreen spitefully tells Lynn that it was Lizzie who set her up and Lynn turns on the old woman. However, Monica soon works out the truth about the whole incident and tells Lynn the truth. Lynn is furious and calls Doreen a worm, rubbing mud in her face. Steve is invited to lunch by an old flame, Jennifer Collins, who proposes they go into partnership together.

  • S01E43 Episode 43

    • July 18, 1979

    Lynn refuses to forgive Doreen and learns she is to be released. She and Doreen sort of patch things up before Lynn leaves, but Doreen is still distraught over the whole thing, and confused over her feelings for her. Monica refuses to get involved in Joyce's troubles, especially as she has just got her parole and will be leaving along with Lynn. However, when Monnie's husband Fred turns up to tell her he has huge gambling debts, she agrees to help Joyce in order to pay them off. What Monnie doesn't know is that Fred's lying through his teeth and he wants the money to live it up with his girlfriend, Blossom Crabtree. Dimwit Martha Eaves overhears Monica and Joyce discussing their plans, and reports back to Harry Martin and his gang, telling them when Monnie will be released. When the release finally comes, though, Lynn leaves first and is accidentally abducted instead.

  • S01E44 Episode 44

    • July 24, 1979

    Monnie is eventually released, little suspecting what a narrow escape she had. Lynn tells the kidnappers she isn't called Monica: they believe her but say they will keep her as a hostage to put pressure on Joyce. Karen hears from her student friend about the lecture she missed from the sociology lecturer Peter Clements, and lends her a tape she made. Monica looks up Joyce's aunt Madge, who knows about the money but is glad to let Monnie take it. Karen meets Jennifer, Steve's legal partner and - it appears - now his lover. Madge's neighbours Edie pops over to borrow a jug of milk: Madge tells Monica that Edie and Horace are due to be evicted. Edie returns home and ignores another reminder that her house is to be demolished. Karen is introduced to Peter Clements: he says he will be taking some time off to do research. He asks to speak to Karen: he evidently knows she is in Wentworth and asks if he can give her a few pointers for his research. Joy visits Joyce and is told they have kidnapped Monica. Joyce instantly realises from the threat to ruin the hostage's "pretty face" that she cannot be talking about Monica, and laughs when she hears the description of the blonde 20 year old who is the hostage. Bea doesn't find this quite as funny when she realises Lynn is in danger. Julie returns to the gang with the news that they have the wrong woman , but she says they have to hang onto Lynn until they get the money. The man who has bought the house comes round in person to tell Edie and Horace to get out. Peter Clements gives Karen a lift back to Wentworth: he tells her that he actually wants to study the staff rather than the prisoners and asks her for background information on the officers. Joyce informs on Vince and his mates to Jim: he passes on the information to the police (apparently Julie was foolish enough to put her real address in the visitor's book) and they are arrested. Monnie arrives home as Fred is on the phone to the his girlfriend Blossom. She sends him of

  • S01E45 Episode 45

    • July 25, 1979

    Monica scours Melbourne looking for Fred. Meanwhile, Blossom and her boyfriend Bruce con Fred out of the money, so he goes home again with his tail between his legs. Monnie is livid and beats him senseless, landing herself back inside. However, Blossom is also arrested for having the stolen money, and it isn't long before Monnie and Joyce realise who she is and what she has done. Edie rolls about the town drunk and throws a brick through the window of the refuge that turned her and Horrie away. After shoplifting and attacking a woman with an umbrella, she is sent to Wentworth, where Jim takes pity on her. Dr Clements continues his research at the prison and upsets Doreen by referring to her as a lesbian.

  • S01E46 Episode 46

    • July 31, 1979

    Lizzie befriends Edie, and she is moved into Lizzie & Doreen's cell. Monica and Joyce try to beat Blossom up when they realise exactly who she is. Monica tells Joyce that Blossom didn't get her share of the money. Jim starts to realise that there is some link between the three women. Blossom wants Vera to protect her, but she refuses; later, Monica bashes Blossom and is sent to Solitary. On the way, she and Jim are intercepted by Edie, who tells them Lizzie is having a heart attack. Doreen loses the plot and attacks Monnie through the bars of the solitary cell, blaming her for Lizzie's condition. She is promptly carted off to a psychiatric hospital. Jim gets slipped a note telling him where the key to Joyce's safety deposit box is. Later, when Joyce goes to check her hiding place, she finds the key is gone. She accuses Bea of stealing it, but Bea suggests that Jim has taken it.

  • S01E47 Episode 47

    • August 1, 1979

    Erica introduces new security measures to try and ferret out the key (ie metal detectors). Monica gets out of the pound. Blossom approaches Jim for help: she offers him half the money to help her smuggle the key out of the jail, and he agrees. Bea suggests to Vera, who reports to Erica, that Jim is having it off with a prisoner. When Blossom gets probation, she calls Jim to arrange getting the key out. Vera overhears the phone call, reports him to Erica, and he is swiftly suspended. Lizzie accuses Peter Clements of sending Dor round the twist. Greg and Jean are suspicious of him and his motives. Meanwhile, Peter's colleague Tom Burton is having an affair with Karen's college friend Melinda Crosse. His wife Carol drunkenly tells him she'll kill him if she ever finds out he's having an affair.

  • S01E48 Episode 48

    • August 7, 1979

    The suspended Jim has a motel liaison with Blossom, and gets her to tell her where the key is, then turns her over to the police. He gets reinstated and gets a large reward for his part in the capture; Monica and Joyce get charged for their parts in the saga, and Joyce is transferred to another block. Jim learns Leila has a new boyfriend. Tom Burton tries to break off the affair with Melinda, who blackmails him with incriminating photos: she wants $5000 or she'll send them to his wife. He tries to call her bluff, and the photos end up in his wife's clutches. Lizzie gets out of the infirmary and returns to her cell, where she is fussed over by Edie. Edie, meanwhile, is worried about returning to the outside, and is upset by Jean discussing it with her. Jim takes Jean to task over her insensitivity. Peter tries to get hold of the officers' files, and manages to get hold of Jim's army file, which reveals he has a phobia of blood.

  • S01E49 Episode 49

    • August 8, 1979

    The women plan to make a fool of Jim when they learn that he is afraid of blood. They talk Greg into holding first aid classes for them, and plan to humiliate him during it. Edie is worried about him and tells Vera the women are up to something. During the class, the girls pour red liquid over Monica; Jim gets flustered and over-reacts. They plan another surprise for him later on, but are thwarted by Edie. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Edie are becoming firm friends. Jean tries to find Edie somewhere to live when she is released, while Lizzie plots to help her friend stay inside with her. Jim offers to help Edie financially. The night before she is due to be released, she passes away in bed, leaving Lizzie distraught. Jim arranges to pay for her funeral. Carol Burton calls the cops on Melinda and has her arrested for blackmail; she arrives at Wentworth and is shocked to find Karen is already an inmate there.

  • S01E50 Episode 50

    • August 14, 1979

    Noeline Burke is returned to Wentworth after a job she does with daughter Leanne goes wrong, and gets a pasting from Bea for smashing the TV set last time she was inside. Jean Vernon, who has moved back in with Meg, tries to help the Burke family by encouraging Leanne to claim the dole, to Noeline's disgust. Leanne and her boyfriend Denny look for a way to get quick cash, and Meg returns home to find her flat has been broken into. Melinda learns she is pregnant. Greg prepares to leave Wentworth for his new practice, but agrees to help out until they get a new doctor. A media blackout surrounds the arrival of a mysterious new prisoner in Solitary, and the women speculate as to her identity.

  • S01E51 Episode 51

    • August 15, 1979

    The new inmate in Solitary starts protesting and banging on her cell door to be let out of the pound, joined by Bea and the other women in support. The woman, child killer Bella Albrecht, is let out of Solitary, but a veil of silence surrounds her presence there. As the other women try to get the gen on her, Erica tells Karen the truth about Bella but makes her promise to keep quiet. Karen refuses to tell Bea anything, but she gets the info out of Peter Clements. Later, alone in the shower block, Bella is attacked. Meanwhile, Meg realises that it was Leanne who burgled the flat, but Jean persuades her not to turn her into the police.

  • S01E52 Episode 52

    • August 21, 1979

    Bella's attacker is Martha, but she's only trying to be friendly. Erica agrees to let Martha act as Bella's bodyguard. Out in the garden, Monica attacks Bella and is sent to Solitary. Bella confides in Karen about her past and what led her to Wentworth. She also tells Karen how stupid she thinks Martha is, which Martha overhears. Martha storms off after an argument in the shower block, leaving her alone, after which Bella is knocked out and drowned in a sink. In the aftermath of the murder, Erica banishes Peter Clements from the prison when he admits he told the prisoners about Bella. Jean persuades Meg to let Leanne move in with them, and she quickly turns the place into a pigsty.

  • S01E53 Episode 53

    • August 22, 1979

    Melinda finds Bella's body in the shower block and Bea falls under suspicion of her murder. Noeline schemes and points the finger at Bea and Monica: Bea has an alibi in the form of Greg, so Monica becomes the chief suspect. They are both sent to Solitary anyway. Lizzie tries to confess to clear her mates, but nobody believes a word of it. Melinda cons Greg into helping her in court, by using her pregnancy to get off on a good behaviour bond. As soon as she is free, she goes to see him and demands an abortion. He realises she never had any intention of having the baby and only used it to get released. Disgusted by the whole matter, Greg resigns from Wentworth. Meg very quickly grows tired of Leanne's antics and complains when she arrives at the prison to see Noeline. Noeline passes something to her during the visit, which turns out to be a ring stolen from Bella's body after her murder.

  • S01E54 Episode 54

    • August 28, 1979

    The officers search the prison for Bella's missing ring, unaware that Noeline smuggled it out to Leanne. However, Meg later catches Leanne with it. Noeline is questioned by the police and reveals she found the ring in Martha's locker. Martha accidentally confesses to Erica that she murdered Bella, so Bea and Monica get out of Solitary. Martha simmers in Solitary following her confession. When her meal is delivered, she jumps Vera and puts a fork to her throat, dragging her up onto the roof and threatening to chuck her over, but Jim manages to diffuse the situation and save the day. Greg quietly leaves Wentworth, saying goodbye to Karen. Peter Clements' thesis is published and ridicules both Vera and Jim. Karen nervously awaits her parole hearing but it appears to go badly and she is convinced she has blown her chance at release.

  • S01E55 Episode 55

    • August 29, 1979

    The women decide to hold a farewell party for Karen to cheer her up, but Monica throws cold water on their optimism, saying she once had to wait months for a decision on her parole. Jean arranges an interview for Leanne as a cashier in the supermarket down the road. Lizzie reminds Karen about the halfway house project as a way of getting her to look to the future. As Vera wakes up Monica, the camera dwells for a second on her bedside reading matter . Jean lends Leanne a neckscarf for her interview to disguise the fact that she isn't wearing a bra under her teeshirt. Vera snaps at Jim for not supporting her when Bea comments they should have just dropped Vera off the roof. Meg discusses Peter Clements' thesis with Jean, who think he was accurate about Vera ("a sociosexual neurotic fulfilling frustrated needs") but Meg defends her. Noeline suggests Greg only left because Meg was trying to seduce him. Vera lets Karen know she's got her parole by brusquely ordering her to go and pack her things. Noeline grudgingly says goodbye to Karen and advises her not to get in any more trouble. Vera sneers at Karen that she expects to see her back inside. Karen leaves Wentworth with the thirty dollars she brought in plus $172.50 wages. Jim and Vera refuse to let her say goodbye to her friends or Erica. Jean collects her on the other side of the gate to drive her to the place where she is staying. Leanne gets the supermarket job and attributes her success to the fact that the manager "kept perving on me tits". Karen goes to stay with Marjorie Whitton, a friend of her mother's who lays down the house rules to her in no uncertain terms (and an uncertain Welsh accent). Doreen returns to Wentworth: she does not seem to be cured, and doesn't respond when Meg uses her name, or recognize Lizzie or Bea. Bea realises that Doreen has been drugged. Jean makes up a phony shopping list for Meg so she will look in on Leanne at the supermarket. Lizzie refuses to work in the laundry with less than

  • S01E56 Episode 56

    • September 4, 1979

    Jean asks Erica to keep Leanne's arrest from Noeline, so she has the papers censored. However, Lizzie finds a clipping in the bin and gives it to Bea. Greg refuses to come and examine Doreen's foot, so Bea declares a hunger strike until he comes. When Bea tells Noeline about Leanne's arrest, she starts throwing things, so the screws lock them all in the dining room. Bea tells Erica she will stop the stand-off if she sees Greg. As soon as she is out of the dining room, though, Monny and Noeline call off the hunger strike and Jim marches Bea straight to Solitary. Erica is furious with Jim for countermanding her orders while Noeline is released as planned. Karen meets Melinda at Uni, who invites her to come and stay with her, as Karen has had enough of Mrs Whitton. Greg tells Melinda that if she has an abortion, she will be charged with perjury and sent back to Wentworth.

  • S01E57 Episode 57

    • September 5, 1979

    Karen moves in with Melinda. She goes for a job interview but the woman realises who she is and sends her packing. Melinda books an abortion under Karen's name and goes away to have it done, telling Karen and her father that she is just going away for a few days. With Bea in the pound, Monica takes over the press. On the outside, Toni McNally, wife of a drugs kingpin, shoots a woman dead in a pub toilet and is brought to Wentworth on remand. She ingratiates herself with the others by passing on goods smuggled in by her lawyer, effortlessly taking over as Top Dog. Meanwhile, the witness who saw Toni kill Jackie Coulson is moved to a safe house for protection, but runs away from her police guards. Jim asks for leave to try and sort out his family problems.

  • S01E58 Episode 58

    • September 11, 1979

    Toni gets her drug delivery, in amongst tins of fruit. Monica refuses Toni's effort to recruit her as muscle, so she hires Martha. Vera complains to Erica about the special treatment Toni is getting. The fruit is found in Toni's locker and she is sent to Solitary until the VJ sees her. Back among the women, she shares the dope with them that she hid from the screws. The request for a replacement for Jim is refused, but Toni uses her contacts to arrange his leave and get him out of her way. Jim and Vera bond over a few drinks and end up kissing. Vera is lovestruck, and then crushed to learn Jim and Leila are trying to mend their differences. Greg and Karen find out that Melinda had her abortion after all using Karen's name. Karen is disgusted and moves out of Melinda's flat.

  • S01E59 Episode 59

    • September 12, 1979

    Toni smuggles more contraband in, and passes the dope around. Monny tries to get to the pound to tell Bea that Toni is dealing. Vera reports the drug taking to Erica, but Toni points out nobody can prove she is involved. Later, Erica confesses that the Department have ordered her to go easy on McNally, and she is close to quitting. Monica tells Vera where the contraband is hidden; Toni tells Monny she knows it was her who lagged. Karen checks into a hotel and gets a job at a smelly cafe, but gets the sack after an old woman runs out without paying her bill. A friend from uni takes her to a meeting of the PRG, where she meets Angela Jeffries, who runs it. Angela offers her a place to stay and a job as her secretary.

  • S01E60 Episode 60

    • September 18, 1979

    Monica is in trouble from Toni and Martha, out to get her for lagging and blow her parole. However, Meg realises that a fight between them was a set up and Monica is released after all, vowing never to be back. Sean McNally cuts Toni off, refusing to supply her with any more contraband. Now that the supply has run dry, the women tire of her and reject her, leaving only Martha on her side. Meanwhile Glenys, the witness to Toni's crime, is followed around by McNally's hitmen. Karen takes up her post with Angela Jeffries, who tells her they finally have the funding for the Halfway House. She wants Karen to try and persuade Greg to go back to the prison, but he still refuses. Later, Greg is alarmed to learn that Angela is gay.

  • S01E61 Episode 61

    • September 19, 1979

    Bea gets out of Solitary, and Vera delights in warning her about Toni. However, Bea shocks the girls by making no effort to take over again. They later agree to work together to get on Vera's nerves, annoying big Martha. Toni tells her husband's cronies that she wants Glenys killed: later, Glenys is captured by the hitmen following her, who drive her into a forest at night, where a grave has been dug for her. Ted Douglas talks Erica out of resigning. Instead, she is going on leave for a while to think things through. Greg finally agrees to come back to the prison and goes out for dinner with Karen. Angela tells Karen that she is a lesbian. Meg goes to see Mum and a now very pregnant Judith-Anne, and finds Mum's health is rapidly worsening.

  • S01E62 Episode 62

    • September 25, 1979

    Bea realises Toni is dealing drugs and hits Doreen for going along with her. Doreen tries not to tell Erica it was Bea who hit her, but accidentally lets it slip. She begs Erica to recommend her parole, despite Greg's reservations about her mental state. After examining Mum, Greg says she has a chest infection and needs rest. He suggests Karen move in with them to look after them; later, Mum collapses while home alone. Angela holds a meeting about the Halfway House, with Erica and Greg in attendance. However, Karen acts very childishly resulting in a telling off from a furious Angela. Glenys escapes the hitmen and flags down a passing driver, angering Toni. Meanwhile, Glenys is under police guard again, but still gets a threatening letter in her dinner.

  • S01E63 Episode 63

    • September 26, 1979

    Meg finds Mum unconscious and calls Greg, who says she has pleuresy. She is admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, Erica finds out about Meg visiting Mum against regulations, and she is furious. Doreen makes up with Lizzie, but rebuffs Bea's attempt to mend fences. Toni gets a visit from Ros Coulson, daughter of the woman she killed. Next day in court, Glenys withdraws her testimony and Toni is cleared. On the steps of the court, Ros guns her down. Erica goes on leave, and Jim returns to take over as Acting Governor. He immediately tries to show his authority by announcing cell changes, earning the women's anger. Bea threatens to set fire to some mattresses unless Jim returns them to their old cells. He agrees, but takes away all their privileges instead.

  • S01E64 Episode 64

    • October 2, 1979

    Ros arrives in Wentworth as the women learn of Toni's shooting. Dr Weissman interviews Ros and certifies her as sane. Martha tries to heavy Ros, but Bea takes her under her wing. Later, though, Bea is sent to Solitary for knocking Martha out. Ros learns from Jim that Toni has died in hospital. The women grow restless against Fletch's regime when he orders an exercise period at 6.30 in the morning. Karen agrees to move in and look after Mum and Judith-Anne. Ron, Mum's son-in-law, visits and tells them he will do what he can to help even though Lorraine wants nothing to do with them. Meanwhile, Karen thinks she is falling in love with Angela, but Angela puts her straight, telling her she simply feels gratitude and not love.

  • S01E65 Episode 65

    • October 3, 1979

    The officers are up in arms about Jim ordering compulsory overtime but he backs down in the face of union action. Two prisoners are transferred from Barnhurst: one is a mother called Pat O' Connell, in for aiding and abetting her crim husband and son - the other is none other than Chrissie Latham. Unfortunately, it is Meg who has to induct them. She demands Chrissie be sent back to Barnhurst and the officers go on strike to support her. Bea gets out of Solitary as Vera plots to get rid of Jim. Karen visits Lorraine and persuades her to visit Mum. She wants Mum to come back to live with her, but Mum insists she take Judy back too. Karen and Angela learn that Doreen's mum is looking for her so Angela asks Erica to visit the woman and see what her intentions are.

  • S01E66 Episode 66

    • October 16, 1979

    Jim arranges to have Chrissie kept out of Meg's way. Erica tells Jim she has decided to resign, though she hasn't done so officially yet. Jim tells Ted Douglas he has had enough of being Governor, but won't work under Vera Bennett. Douglas talks Erica into coming back after all, leaving Vera fuming. Erica visits Doreen's mother, Alice Hemmings, who tells her she doesn't want to see Doreen. She is horrified when Erica tells her Doreen is in jail. Alice visits Angela to offer financial aid for the halfway house, and Angela tries to talk her into visiting Dor. Later that day Doreen gets a visit from a woman she does not know - Alice Hemmings. Mum gets out of hospital, just as Judith-Anne goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy, Daniel.

  • S01E67 Episode 67

    • October 17, 1979

    Alice Hemmings pretends to Doreen that she is there on behalf of the Halfway House and doesn't tell her who she is. Vera sneers Alice is wasting her time with Doreen; later, Alice tells Karen she realises she has left it too late to come back into Doreen's life. Erica returns to work. Chrissie taunts Meg into almost hitting her. Ros suggests to Bea they send her to coventry rather than beating her up. Erica warns Bea she will be held responsible if anything happens to Chrissie. Mum finally reconciles Judith-Anne with her mother and they all go back to live with Lorraine and Ron. Someone breaks into the infirmary and smashes into the medicine cabinet to steal drugs.

  • S01E68 Episode 68

    • October 23, 1979

    Greg notices drugs have been stolen from the infirmary and a search is carried out. Meanwhile, Chrissie is being violently ill in the toilet and accuses Bea of poisoning her. Bea is sent to the pound but when Chrissie throws up hours later, Erica realises Bea is not responsible as the medicine in question causes vomiting immediately, and she is released again. Ros suggests that Chrissie is making herself ill, which Chrissie eventually admits. However, she says she has been doing it to cover up the fact she thinks she is pregnant. Karen moves into the halfway house. Pat is visited by Angela, who tells her she has filed the divorce papers, and her mum and kids. Her mother tells her she is struggling with the kids and that if Pat isn't out by Christmas, they will have to go into care.

  • S01E69 Episode 69

    • October 24, 1979

    Chrissie's pregnancy is confirmed by Greg and she tells him she wants an abortion. Bea and the girls continue to bully and threaten Chrissie, until Pat finds out she is pregnant and asks Bea to lay off. Greg arranges for Chrissie to be transferred to Maternity to think about her options. A work party from the men's prison is coming to repair the fence, and Karen visits Doreen to tell her that Pat's son David will be among them. Chrissie lets Pat into Maternity, where there is a window looking out into the garden. David spots her at the window and they talk; she tells him she is divorcing his dad so she can be paroled to be with the kids for Christmas. However, they are caught together by Vera, who acidly tells Pat that she has just blown her parole.

  • S01E70 Episode 70

    • October 30, 1979

    After Vera reports Pat over the incident with David, Erica agrees to Jim's suggestion to go easy on her and not take the matter any further. Bea thinks that Chrissie must have lagged and wants to thump her, but Pat stops it. Karen gets Doreen's room ready at the Halfway House and tells Alice she should stay away from Dor unless she is prepared to tell her who she really is. Doreen is released, but finds it hard adjusting to life on the outside. Alice and Doreen bond while on a drive together; later Alice tells Karen the reason she doesn't want Dor to know who she is - she's dying of cancer. Chrissie decides to have her baby after all. Rosie prepares for baby Sam's first birthday, oblivious to the fact that he will be taken from her when he reaches a year old.

  • S01E71 Episode 71

    • October 31, 1979

    Pat's efforts to persuade Rosie that Sam will be taken away from her fall on deaf ears. She says she will kill herself if they take her baby away. Dr Weissman is called in to see her, but Vera has nastily hinted that if the authorities think she is unstable they will take Sam away. As a result, she acts very calm when she sees the doc, meaning he cannot recommend reversing the Department's ruling, so Sam is handed over to foster parents in front of her. Ros refuses to see Dr Weissman and plead temporary insanity in court, thinking she will get off. She is brought back from her trial in a terrible state, having been sentenced to life. Alice tells Karen she won't be coming back to see Doreen as it is getting too hard and gives her a goodbye present of perfume. Dor realises it is the same perfume her mother used to wear and works out who Alice is at last.

  • S01E72 Episode 72

    • November 6, 1979

    A furious and upset Doreen demands to know why neither Alice or Karen told her the truth. Finally, Karen tells her that her mother is dying and takes her to see her. When Doreen returns to see Alice again, she does not answer the door and appears to be unconscious. Vera starts typing classes for the women and plans a small birthday party in the staff room but nobody shows up for it. Meg tries to counsel Rosie, but Chrissie sticks her nose in and makes her worse. Ros goads her into attacking Chrissie during a typing classes. While everyone is preoccupied, Ros sets off the fire alarm and escapes in a repair man's van. A now completely loopy Rosie thinks Chrissie has stolen Sam and punches her in the stomach. Meanwhile, Karen and Doreen arrive home at the Halfway House to find Ros waiting for them in the kitchen.

  • S01E73 Episode 73

    • November 7, 1979

    Doreen begs Karen to let Ros stay the night and she reluctantly agrees. Next morning, cops arrive at the Halfway House to tell Doreen that Alice is in hospital. Doreen and Karen wait at the hospital for news, only to be told that Alice has passed away. Ros goes to the brothel where her mother worked, but the man who runs it wants her to sell herself as payment for hiding her. She steals money and goes back to the halfway house. Karen tells her she needs to leave, but Doreen plans to let her hide out in her mother's house. Ros is worried that she will get Dor into trouble, so she runs off. On the way to catch a bus to Sydney, she stops to help an old drunk who collapses in the street, and is recognized by a passer-by who calls the police. Ros is promptly arrested again. Bea learns that Rosie has been transferred to a mental institution.

  • S01E74 Episode 74

    • November 13, 1979

    Ros is brought back to Wentworth. The police think she hid at the halfway house and a reporter, Alex Fraser, starts sniffing around the house to find out more. Ros refuses to tell the police where she was hiding. Karen eventually admits to Greg that she did let Ros stay. Greg is furious at having to lie to the police to save Karen and Doreen. With Christmas approaching, Lizzie suggests the women write their annual Christmas play, so Bea and Ros use the chance to ridicule the officers. Vera runs herself ragged trying to have the play cancelled and sabotaged, but the women submit a fake script for Erica's approval. Pat hears Andrew tried to run away from home again. Mrs Devlin comes to visit and says that the kids will have to go into care if she hasn't got her parole by Christmas. Karen supplies Alex with info to write an article on Pat's plight, in a bid to persuade the parole board to release Pat.

  • S01E75 Episode 75

    • November 14, 1979

    Christmas Eve and the women are making the final preparations for their play, which turns out to be a complete character assassination on all the officers and staff. They all walk out of the play in turn after being insulted and so the dejected women give up and pack everything away halfway through. Erica is furious following the publishing of the article on Pat and tells Greg to choose between the prison and the halfway house. Doreen makes a cake for Lizzie's Christmas gift, soaked in alcohol, which Vera confiscates. Pat is released, and sees how hard a time David is having when she visits him in Pentridge. Later, the police turn up on Pat's doorstep to tell her that David has escaped.

  • S01E76 Episode 76

    • November 20, 1979

    Following David's escape, Pat is bothered by a horde of reporters. She gets a message to go and meet David at his hideout and tries to get him to give himself up. He and his friend Shayne steal a car to flee the state and the police set up a trap to catch him at Pat's house, assuming he will go there to say goodbye to her. At Karen's urging, Greg goes to try and warn Pat what is going on. A gunfight follows; Karen hears on the radio that a cop and another man have been killed. She assumes it is Greg. Ros is depressed that nothing came as a result of the play and gets rather too chummy with Chrissie. Doreen goes on her first date since her release, but panics and runs off when the guy tries to kiss her. Lizzie picks the lock of Erica's office and steals some of her sherry.

  • S01E77 Episode 77

    • November 21, 1979

    Karen arrives at Mrs Devlin's house but Greg is okay: it turns out it was Shayne who was killed in the shootout. Pat is arrested and sent back to Wentworth, but she tells the cops she doesn't know where David is now. She gets an extra year in court. Mrs Devlin tells her she needs to go into hospital for an operation, so the children will have to go into care after all. David, meanwhile, vows revenge on Greg, blaming him for Pat being recaptured. With help from Chrissie, Ros manages to get into the surgery and steals drugs from the cabinet but she drops one by accident. Later, Greg finds the dropped capsule and realises other pills are missing. The screws don't find the drugs in the cell search. Bea and Lizzie realise that Ros and Chrissie were involved; Vera catches them with the pills so Chrissie lags on Ros. Chrissie is confined to Maternity and Ros is sent back to Solitary.

  • S01E78 Episode 78

    • November 27, 1979

    Karen and Greg's engagement doesn't go down well with Doreen, who is displeased at the changes at the Halfway House. Bea confronts Ros when she gets out of Solitary, intent on bashing her. She wallops her, but the screws arrive and blame Ros, sending her straight back to the pound. Erica cracks down on security and Vera, predictably, goes well overboard with her tough measures. The inmates have a whipround to buy an engagement pressie for Karen and Greg. Jim is reunited with an old army buddy, Geoff Butler, who promptly hits on Meg and is rebuffed. David O'Connell plans to kill Greg, despite Herbie's pleas that he not do it, and stakes the surgery out. He gets Herbie to call the surgery, and opens fire on the person who comes to answer the phone...

  • S01E79 Episode 79

    • November 28, 1979

    Karen is rushed to hospital, her life hanging in the balance following the shooting. Greg, Doreen and Karen's mother keep a vigil at the hospital. The police suspect Greg was the target and not Karen as the doctors tell him that there are fragments of the bullets dangerously close to her heart. They need Karen's mother's permission to operate and try to remove them. Meanwhile, David O'Connell refuses to turn himself in. When he tells Herbie that he will try to kill Greg again, Herbie shops him to the cops. The VJ gives Ros another three days in the pound. Political activist Janet Dominguez arrives in Wentworth and proves to be an intelligent, eloquent woman, despite the screws' assumptions about her. Ros befriends her through the wall in Solitary. Meg dines with the Fletchers and Geoff. Leila is horrified when Jim invites his old pal to move in with them.

  • S01E80 Episode 80

    • January 22, 1980

    Ros approaches Janet to suggest they try and escape together. Janet arranges for a woman to visit Ros and slip some drugs to her. Kathleen twigs something is going on and suggests that the drugs, which Ros plans to drug the screws with, could be poison. To prove her wrong, Ros takes some of it - and promptly drops to the floor. Meg agrees to go out with Geoff, prompting Leila to phone her behind Jim's back to warn her about him. Pat learns David has been captured and charged with shooting Karen. As Karen regains consciousness in hospital, her mother suggests to Greg that he and Karen move to Queensland with her after the wedding.

  • S01E81 Episode 81

    • January 23, 1980

    Greg suspects that Ros has been drugged when nobody can wake her after her collapse. Janet's appeal is turned down, so the escape will go ahead. Bea wants to know what Ros and Kath are up to, so Lizzie offers to try and get moved into their cell to snoop. Kath worries the terrorists will kill anyone who gets in the way of the escape. Meg tells Jim that Leila tried to warn her off Geoff, and later tells Geoff she doesn't want a relationship with him. Geoff wants Jim to go overseas with him to become a mercenary. Later, while at the pub with Jim, a man hits on Geoff so he beats him senseless in the toilets.

  • S01E82 Episode 82

    • January 29, 1980

    Lizzie's attempt to get moved in with Ros and Kathleen is thwarted by Vera. Leila grows more concerned that Geoff Butler is dangerous when she reads in the paper about the man being beaten up in the pub toilet. She warns Meg about him and then finds a gun and a machete in Geoff's bag. After Ros drugs the officers, Janet's terrorist cronies storm the prison to free them. In the midst of the drama, Erica shows up, concerned that she couldn't contact anyone at the jail on the phone. Ros, Janet and the terrorists abseil down the building: Janet orders one of the men to shoot Erica and she falls to the ground in slow motion...

  • S01E83 Episode 83

    • January 30, 1980

    Erica lies wounded in the arm, but Ros is forced to go with Janet. A police officer is shot by one of the terrorists and Janet is shot in retaliation - she tells Ros to make a run for it. The women watch through their windows and the alarm wakes Chrissie in maternity and she goes to the window and sees Ros run in the opposite direction from the surviving terrorist when he opens fire on her. Jim is called to the prison and takes over temporarily from Erica as she is in the infirmary . Bea and Pat hear the news on the radio in their cell saying that two people were killed. The Commonwealth police ask to interview Kath but Vera can't wake her up. Erica is reluctantly taken to hospital. Janet refuses to give the police any information. Leila phones Meg to tell her about Geoff's attack on the man in the pub and for once it seems to sink in with Meg that Geoff might not be all he appears to be to her. Ros gets away from Wentworth on the back of a truck and steals a change of clothes from a clothesline. Jim speaks to the women at breakfast and tells them any help they can give the police will be rewarded. Ros follows Chrissie's earlier advice and makes her way to the docks. Chrissie volunteers to speak to the police. Detective Marshall gives Kath a hard time with a ruthless display of shouting and sheer bad acting but she can't tell him anything useful. Chrissie demands remission in return for her information about Ros making off on her own, and talking to Kath later, she realises where Ros has probably gone. Jim tells Meg she doesn't have to worry about Geoff any more, as he's reported Geoff to the police. He advises Meg to avoid him for a while. Geoff returns to the Fletchers' from the golf club where he had been arrested and later released: he packs a bag and leaves. The police have a final word with Janet, but she refuses to help the police trace Ros, calling her a "squeamish little bitch" for saving Erica's life. Meanwhile, Ros is picked up by a sailor just boarding

Season 2

  • S02E01 Episode 84

    • February 5, 1980

    Jim overpowers Geoff and roughs him up, and Meg is horrified how violent he becomes. The police arrest Geoff. Chrissie wants to go back to the Laundry, and Vera agrees if she will lag. The women get Chrissie to help smuggle from the kitchen, but she betrays them and they get caught. Bea suspects Chrissie of lagging. Bea helps Pat write to Herbie about the trial, which Kathleen will smuggle out to a visitor. Chrissie tips Vera off, but it's a set-up: she just walked into a trap which proves she is the lagger. After an attempt to throw the letter over the fence also backfires on Chrissie, Bea tells her not to let on to Vera that they're on to her: it could be useful. The letter to Herbie was intended to go out through Angela Jeffries, but that fails too. Jim catches Ros and Lizzie stealing more kitchen stuff, but when Erica and Vera arrive on the scene, Ros accuses him of striking her.

  • S02E02 Episode 85

    • February 6, 1980

    Everyone is questioned over the striking incident, but eventually Ros confesses she made it up and Jim is cleared. She is sent back to Solitary (yes, again!) David O'Connell's court case is looming, but when Greg recognizes Herbie at the court, Herbie's lies about being David's hostage are revealed. Found out, he changes his statement, implicating Pat and thwarting her chance of appeal. Later, Pat receives word that David has committed suicide. New social worker Paul Reid starts work at the prison, but he's rather eccentric and not all that easy to get along with. Chrissie wrongly sizes him up as a soft mark. Erica gets wind that Vera is using Chrissie as an informant and orders her to drop it. Lizzie gets news that an old acquaintance of hers is dying and wants to see her, but she angrily refuses. Greg gets Dr Herbert to agree to take over his practice, including the prison.

  • S02E03 Episode 86

    • February 12, 1980

    Pat is distraught after David's suicide, attacking first an insensitive Chrissie and then Greg (whom she blames for his death). Beause of this, she is refused permission to attend the funeral, but Paul manages to talk Erica round and she is allowed to attend. Lizzie tells Greg not to blame himself for what happened with Pat, and after a small leaving do he departs for his new life with Karen. Paul recommends Ros spend the maximum time in Solitary. Lizzie is questioned by the police in relation to the aforementioned dying Ralph Campbell, and she thinks they're trying to blame her for the theft of money on the night twenty odd years ago when the shearers died at her hands. However, Erica confides in the staff that the police think Lizzie may be innocent of her original crime after all.

  • S02E04 Episode 87

    • February 13, 1980

    After Lizzie's intensive grilling by the cops, Bea and the girls suspect there's a cover-up going on regarding the old woman, and decide to get to the bottom of it. Chrissie uses her key to get into Erica's office and pinch Lizzie's file, which she passes on to Bea. Paul arranges for journalist Mal James to visit the women, to try and get them interested in making their own newspaper, and they slip the goss on Lizzie to him. James calls Erica for a comment, but she denies there is a cover-up and wants to know where he got his facts. Finally, Lizzie is told the truth: Ralph Campbell confessed on his death bed that he murdered the shearers, not Lizzie. She is shattered. On Paul's recommendation, Ros gets another week in the pound when the VJ comes to the prison. Paul's car is stolen, but when it is recovered the culprit turns out to be his son, Tony.

  • S02E05 Episode 88

    • February 19, 1980

    Lizzie tries to cope with the news she spent the past twenty years in jail for a crime she did not commit and panics at the thought of being released. Bea suggests to her she might get compensation from the Department. Erica hunts for the culprit who leaked the news, and Vera accuses Paul of being to blame. Paul eventually gets a confession from Bea and forces Chrissie to hand her key over. He also arranges for Lizzie to go and stay at the Halfway House when she gets out. Lizzie steals a radio from Vera's locker and smuggles it into Ros in Solitary. The women hold a farewell barbeque for Lizzie in the garden, and have a tearful goodbye. When she gets out of the gate, though, Doreen hasn't turned up to get her and she's left sitting on her suitcase alone. Meanwhile, Paul tries to get through to Tony, who says he's chucking college, to no real avail.

  • S02E06 Episode 89

    • February 20, 1980

    Erica takes an upset Lizzie to the Halfway House in a taxi, but it turns out Doreen didn't know she was coming: Paul forgot to let them know and gets carpeted by Erica. Lizzie has a hard time dealing with the no-booze rule. Doreen stands up her boyfriend Kevin when Lizzie cooks a surprise dinner. Caroline Simpson and her mother Vivienne Williams turn up at the Halfway House seeking refuge, after Vivienne is beaten by her husband. Rhonda says they can't stay and sends them to a refuge, but instead they go home. When Mr Williams pulls a rifle on them, Caroline stabs him in the back with a bread knife. Vera hunts for her missing radio. Ros gets out of Solitary, and asks Paul to return the radio to its owner. He leaves it on the staff room table. Paul and Tony clash again when he says he wants him to finish college, and Tony threatens to move out.

  • S02E07 Episode 90

    • February 26, 1980

    Caroline and Vivienne try to cover-up Brian's murder, thinking the police will never believe it was self defence, and make it look like a burglary. Vivienne is guilt-ridden, especially when she learns Brian had a large life insurance policy. When the cops question them again, Vivienne confesses. Caroline admits to the murder in self-defence, but the police say she will find it hard to prove. The screws wonder how a prisoner got into the staff room to return Vera's radio, and decide there must be a key on the loose. Erica, though, correctly suspects Lizzie of being responsible and drops the matter, even after Paul owns up to returning it. Tony Reid is in trouble when the police raid a friend's house while they are getting a delivery from drug dealer Sharon Gilmour. Doreen has trouble juggling her past and her present, unwilling to tell Kevin where she lives.

  • S02E08 Episode 91

    • February 27, 1980

    Paul bails Tony out, who lies he knew nothing about the drugs. Sharon is unable to raise bail money and is sent to Wentworth. Vera incites trouble between Bea and Sharon; after Sharon tells Bea she is inside on drug charges, they brawl, and Bea gets soup thrown in her face. Sharon is visited by her sister, Judy Bryant, who tells her Tony's charges were dropped. When Sharon realises Paul and Tony are related, she threatens to incriminate Tony unless Paul gets her charges dropped. Caroline and Vivienne arrive in Wentworth, and Vivienne appears to have lost the plot. Caroline is angry that her mother hasn't had proper medical treatment, and refuses to call ex-husband Michael for help. Lizzie suggests Doreen tell Kevin about her past; later, after he drops her some distance from the Halfway House, he follows her home where a passing cop tells him it's a house for ex-crims.

  • S02E09 Episode 92

    • March 4, 1980

    Paul reels from Sharon's demands, and though Tony insists Sharon was lying, Paul soon realises Tony is the liar. Sharon tells Vera the connection between her and Paul, and Vera reports him to Erica. Sharon learns Tony has confessed to the police and she has nothing on them any more. Bea sends Margo, Lil and Bev to duff Sharon up: they attack her in her cell and try to scalp her, but Chrissie gets in the way and is knocked to the floor. She goes into very premature labour and is rushed to hospital. Doreen is talked into phoning in sick so she can go to the country with Kevin, and leaves Lizzie to phone work, posing as her aunt. Unfortunately she can't work the phone and gets roaring drunk. Ros is transferred to J Block so she can continue her studies. Vivienne stops eating and communicating, and later Jim and Caroline find her catatonic.

  • S02E10 Episode 93

    • March 5, 1980

    Margo, Lil and Bev are sent to the pound after the attack on Chrissie and Sharon. Chrissie confirms Bea was behind it, and a disgusted Erica sends Bea to Isolation until further notice. Chrissie wakes from sedation to learn she has a new baby girl, which she names Elizabeth. She learns the baby will need long-term treatment and must remain in hospital after Chrissie goes back to the prison. Doreen gets the sack from work because Lizzie cocked up phoning in sick for her. Lizzie turns up at the prison to see Bea, and though Vera refuses, Jim allows it. Lizzie tells Bea about Caroline & Vivienne being at the Halfway House, who passes it on to Jim, and Caroline admits it. Sharon gets another visit from Judy, and in a bid to shock, reveals to Meg that Judy is not her sister but her girlfriend.

  • S02E11 Episode 94

    • March 11, 1980

    Paul agrees to try and get Bea out of Isolation if she encourages the craft project. She agrees, then sends the word to down tools. Vera is delighted that things have fallen through; Paul is furious, but Bea feigns innocence. Lizzie and Doreen aren't on good terms after Lizzie got Dor sacked. Jim tries to get Lizzie, Doreen and Rhonda to testify on Caroline and Vivienne's behalf. Lizzie and Dor are in the pub with Kevin, and when Jim turns up in uniform to talk to them, Kev realises they've been inside. Dor is upset when he says he doesn't want to see her for a bit. Sharon, Tony and the others arrested in the raid go to court, where Sharon tells a load of lies to get herself off the hook. However, the Judge sees through her and gives her two years, letting everyone else off on a bond.

  • S02E12 Episode 95

    • March 12, 1980

    Sharon is furious to be brought back to Wentworth, and is put in to share with Chrissie Latham. They form something of a partnership, and Sharon gets Judy to smuggle drugs in for them. Before long, she has both Pat and Caroline for customers, and has Bea set up to keep her in Isolation. Sharon gets the women to resume the craft project. Chrissie goes to Isolation and tells Bea that Sharon's in charge of the women now; Bea attacks her through the bars but Sharon comes to the rescue. Later, after lights out, Sharon and Chrissie's relationship turns sexual. Lizzie gives Kevin a drunken piece of her mind for dumping Doreen. Later, he turns up out of the blue to ask Doreen to go for dinner, where he proposes to her. Vera tells Erica she thinks Jim and Caroline are getting too close for comfort. Caroline agrees to let Paul contact Michael, but when he comes to visit they only argue, and Jim escorts him out again.

  • S02E13 Episode 96

    • March 18, 1980

    Doreen announces her engagement, but Lizzie goes to grill Kevin before deciding if she is pleased. Doreen tells Lizzie that when they get married, she is going to come and live with them. Several of the women are high as kites thanks to Sharon's drug dealing, including Pat who ends up collapsing. When the cause of the collapse is known, Erica orders a cell search, but Sharon outfoxes them and avoids being caught. She arranges another drug drop from Judy, this time at the hospital when Chrissie goes to visit the baby. Chrissie isn't keen, but agrees. When she gets into the hospital toilets, though, she is attacked from behind… Caroline gets another visit from Michael, he agrees to testify on her behalf but isn't pleased by her growing relationship with Jim. Paul has more problems with Tony, and falls out with Meg over it. He buys her flowers to apologise, leading Tony to think maybe he fancies her.

  • S02E14 Episode 97

    • March 19, 1980

    Chrissie's "assailant" at the hospital is Judy. Chrissie details the drug drop for her. Sharon seeks muscle from Margo's gang, who want drugs in exchange. Thinking the dope is on Chrissie, they attack and search her, but find nothing. Judy leaves the drugs in a can by the fence, and Sharon wants Pat to go and collect it. Pat tells Bea, who asks her to play along; she then tells the screws someone is using drugs to try and take over. Erica refuses to let Bea out of Isolation. Pat collects some of the drugs and leaves the rest, but tells Sharon there was nothing there. Prompted by Bea, the screws find the can. Bea gives the rest to Erica, who finally relents, and Bea strolls back into the Laundry as Sharon is about to get a bashing from Margo, Lil and Bev. Doreen learns that Kevin's mother is coming to meet her. Caroline is advised to plead guilty to manslaughter by her lawyer.

  • S02E15 Episode 98

    • March 25, 1980

    Bea regains control of the women, with Sharon and Chrissie helpless to resist. Judy comes to visit Sharon, and when Meg searches her she finds drugs on her: she is admitted as a prisoner, exactly as she planned. Sharon is not pleased; Judy warns Chrissie off. Bea asks Pat to plant drugs in Sharon's cell, which are hidden in one of the stuffed toys. The toy ends up in Paul's office, and Chrissie is manipulated into retrieving it. Pat plants the drugs in Sharon's soap dish - and is caught in the act by Judy. Doreen and Lizzie testify at Caroline and Vivienne's committal hearing, which goes poorly, and the women learn they will have to stand trial. They cannot afford to pay their bail, though Michael wants to pay it. Meanwhile, Doreen meets Kevin's disapproving mother when she arrives for a visit.

  • S02E16 Episode 99

    • March 26, 1980

    Judy does nothing to stop Pat, and Sharon is sent to Solitary when the screws find the drugs in the cell. The women are frosty with Bea, thinking she lagged. Chrissie crumbles and tells Erica where the drugs came from. Judy admits she did nothing to stop Sharon being caught, as she felt she needed to be taught a lesson, and that she knew it would keep her away from Chrissie. Caroline refuses to let Michael pay their bail. Jim wants to secretly pay the bail money, and so Paul eventually agrees to be a front for him. Vivienne is signed over to Paul's care and is released. Doreen and Mrs Burns aren't getting along, and then Kevin tells his mother she is an ex-jailbird… Meg goes for dinner with Paul: their night is interrupted when Tony arrives with Sally, who he tells them is pregnant.

  • S02E17 Episode 100

    • April 1, 1980

    Mrs Burns tells Doreen that if she and Kevin marry, she will disown him. Lizzie chases her down the street with a frying pan, but eventually talks Mrs Burns round. Lizzie and Doreen go to celebrate, get wrecked and try to shoplift booze under cover of one of Lizzie's fake turns. However, when Dor walks out of the shop with the booze, the cops show up. The VJ gives Sharon another week in the pound; relations improve between Judy, Chrissie and Bea. Chrissie agrees to stay away from Sharon. When Judy finds out Sharon will be gone another week, she smacks Bea in the face so she can get sent to Solitary to be nearer her. Paul goes to check on Vivienne, but there's no answer, and nobody has seen her for days. Caroline tells him where to find a spare key: he lets himself in and finds her unconscious, having taken an overdose. Paul agrees to let Sally stay a while.

  • S02E18 Episode 101

    • April 2, 1980

    Thanks to Lizzie, Doreen is sent back to Wentworth and faces losing her parole. Lizzie comes to visit, and asks Erica if she can come back too. Kevin finds out that she is back inside and arrives to tell her he'll stick by her, but she refuses and calls off the engagement. Sharon won't talk to Judy in Solitary after Judy tells her she let Bea and Pat frame her. Judy is sentenced to a year, and tells Chrissie she can have Sharon. Bea attacks her and dunks her head in a filled sink. Sharon lies to the police that Judy was behind the whole drugs op on the outside. Tony wants Paul to let Sally stay a while longer. Sally has an abortion; later, her ex, Bill, causes trouble for Tony when she won't go back to him, and provokes him into thumping him. Caroline is distressed to learn of her mother's suicide attempt and wants to go and visit her.

  • S02E19 Episode 102

    • April 8, 1980

    Doreen and Lizzie go to court. Lizzie gets a fine, but Doreen gets more time, even after Kevin speaks in her defence. She thanks him, but she still can't marry him. Back at the Halfway House, Lizzie hits the bottle. Chrissie learns she will be allowed Elizabeth if she stays on her best behaviour. Bea tells her to stay away from Sharon, or she'll never get her baby. When Sharon gets out of the pound, Chrissie shuns her. A jealous, rejected Sharon causes trouble when she sees how close Judy and Doreen are. Judy tries to bash her, but is stopped when Chrissie smashes her over the head with a chair. Erica tells Chrissie she may have to recommend against her getting Elizabeth. Tony gets three months on a prison farm for hitting Bill. Bea wants the women to be payed for the craft things they make. Caroline finally agrees to let Jim pay her bail money.

  • S02E20 Episode 103

    • April 9, 1980

    Sharon refuses to tell the truth about what happened to Judy, despite Chrissie facing the prospect of losing Elizabeth. Chrissie is furious and rejects Sharon. Judy recovers from her injuries and, after Sharon has a fight with Pat, tells Erica the truth about what happened. Erica finally relents and lets Chrissie have her baby. She says goodbye as she moves to Maternity with Elizabeth, leaving Sharon behind. Lizzie goes on another shoplifting spree, including trying to walk out of a shop wearing a fur coat, but nothing is working. Back at the Halfway House, Rhonda finds her stolen goods and calls the cops, delighting Lizzie. Caroline is released on bail to live at the Halfway House, and Jim comes to visit. Paul suggests the women form a drama group. Pat refuses to appeal her sentence.

  • S02E21 Episode 104

    • April 15, 1980

    Aiming to get back to Wentworth, Lizzie refuses to co-operate with the cops, but her elation at getting back inside is crushed when Vera puts her in another block and won't let her see her mates. At the court, she is furious to get off with a small fine, and Erica has to stop her doing anything silly. Lizzie later comes to visit Bea, who tries to talk her out of committing a crime to get put back inside. Jim and Caroline grow closer and closer on the outside, until she discovers he is married. Lizzie tries to warn her off, telling her ex-prisoners and officers aren't allowed to associate. But the next day, Jim is summoned to see Erica, who tells him she had an anonymous call accusing he and Caroline of having an affair. Judy's health begins to cause concern, and she collapses in the garden, but she won't see a doctor. Later, she has pains in her arm. A drama group come to the prison to do a performance, led by ex-convict Ken Pearce, who quickly catches Bea's eye.

  • S02E22 Episode 105

    • April 16, 1980

    Jim admits to visiting Caroline, but dismisses any suggestion they have been having an affair. At home, Leila wants to send Matthew to a private school, but he doesn't have any money to do so after bailing out Caroline and Vivienne. Leila gets a phone call telling her this, and that her husband is seeing Caroline, and she throws Jim out. Lizzie is arrested for shoplifting again. After sneaking into the Magistrate's office at her trial and flushing his memoirs down the loo, she is thrilled to be returned to Wentworth for six months. Judy's health worries continue, but the sister can't do anything to help unless she has the tests she's refusing. Bea is smitten with Ken, as the women get the drama bug. Pat continues to refuse an appeal, and learns that Andrew has run away from the home again.

  • S02E23 Episode 106

    • April 22, 1980

    There's trouble for the Fletchers and Meg when Geoff Butler returns, his trial looming. He tries to force Meg into changing her testimony, and lets himself into the Fletcher house to terrify Leila. Jim and Caroline's relationship hots up, to Michael's disgust, and he tries to pay Jim to stop seeing her. At the trial, Geoff gets off on a bond and is later approached by Michael, who suggests they team up to get back at Jim. Pat finally agrees to appeal her sentence after seeing the recaptured Andrew. Judy confides in Doreen about her past, and as her pains worsen she tells Sharon she's scared because her mother died young of a heart attack. Bea grows closer to Ken, while the drama class ends with Doreen and Sharon brawling. A stray dog is found in the garden, so Doreen and Lizzie try to hide it in the prison. Vera keeps finding it and taking it away. She tells them she's taking it to the RSPCA, but changes her mind and, to Meg's surprise, decides to keep it herself.

  • S02E24 Episode 107

    • April 23, 1980

    Geoff and Michael embark on their plan to split up Caroline and Jim. This involves terrifying the living daylights out of Leila, by plaguing her with threatening phone calls and lurking outside her house. She tries to tell Jim how scared she is, but Caroline turns up and interrupts them. Late at night, Leila has a brick thrown through her window. Greg Miller returns to town for Pat's appeal, and Erica asks him to have a word with Judy Bryant. She wants him to talk her into having tests done after she collapses again. Judy tells him of her fears that she'll die in surgery, and Greg tells Sharon she needs to talk her into it or she'll die. Lizzie is not impressed to learn that Vera has given the stray dog a home, but gives her a coat for the dog anyway. To Vera's dismay, the dog's real owner claims it while they're out for a walk in the park. There's strong opposition towards the drama group being reinstated, but Erica wants it to go ahead, and needs Bea to make it work.

  • S02E25 Episode 108

    • April 29, 1980

    A terrified Leila is convinced Geoff has been terrorizing, but he has an alibi for the brick through her window: Meg and Greg saw him in a bar at the time. In fact, it was Michael who did it. The harrassment continues when Leila has graffiti sprayed across her lounge room doors. Meanwhile, Geoff is also lurking around outside the halfway house and un-nerving Caroline. Jim threatens Michael to leave them all alone. Meanwhile, Geoff suggests they plant drugs on Jim and call the cops, and wants Michael to deliver them to Jim's hotel. Michael is blissfully unaware that the parcel is, in fact, a home made bomb. Attempting to scare Judy into having her tests done, Lizzie fakes a turn during the drama class. Greg realises she is faking, but finally Judy agrees to go for tests at the hospital. Ken tries to whip up the women's enthusiasm in Shakespeare (but he could be wasting his time, let's face it.) Pat is negative about the chances of her appeal being successful. Bea falls further for Ken,

  • S02E26 Episode 109

    • April 30, 1980

    Bea is furious, thinking Ken has made a fool of her, and calls a halt to the drama class. Paul desperately tries to salvage the situation, and engineers a meeting between them. Ken tells her the blonde girl was his daughter, Debbie, and things get back on track. Pat has one last visit from her kids before her appeal, and tries to think positive. Leila's living on her nerves, and has a blazing row with Jim in front of the kids. Jim doesn't think either Geoff or Michael is responsible; Caroline also gets a threatening letter. With the police circling, Geoff instructs Michael to deliver the parcel to Jim's hotel room. He doesn't get that far, and has to leave it at the reception. Later, as Jim rests in his room, Leila and the boys turn up at the hotel to visit, and collect the parcel from reception for him. As Nicholas and Matthew wrestle with the parcel outside Jim's room, the bomb explodes.

  • S02E27 Episode 110

    • May 6, 1980

    A stunned Jim reels after the explosion: the boys are dead, and Leila is critically injured. Michael remains unaware that the parcel was a bomb, and Geoff demands payment from him for setting Jim up. As he waits for Michael outside the bank, Geoff hears the news of the explosion on the radio, and is furious to discover Jim is not dead. He pulls a gun on Michael and takes him to a house. Jim lashes out at Caroline, blaming her for the explosion; soon after, they learn Leila has also died. A grieving Jim takes some sleeping pills and booze and passes out, as Geoff lets himself into his house. At Pat's appeal, Greg testifies in her defence, and her sentence is reduced. As a result, her parole is rushed through, and she is released, with her kids waiting at the gates for an emotional reunion. Judy learns that she will need a pacemaker. Ken tells Bea that he's worried about Debbie going off the rails, and getting in with a bad lot. Bea comes up with a scheme to have Debbie spend a day in We

  • S02E28 Episode 111

    • May 7, 1980

    Geoff is interrupted in the process of preparing to shoot Jim by reporters at the door, and flees. He returns to Michael, who he has tied up in the empty house, and rants a lot. He plans to frame Michael for killing Jim, and then fake Michael's suicide. After he leaves, Michael manages to free himself from his bonds and turns up at the halfway house, where he spills the beans to Caroline. Meanwhile, Geoff turns up at Leila's funeral. Debbie's visit to the prison is approved, despite Vera's strenuous objections. Debbie is not impressed, being inducted and treated like a regular criminal. After a string of group sessions with the women though, and hearing some of their sad tales, she seems to be coming round. Meanwhile, Lizzie turns religious when she is befriended by Salvation Army Captain Barton, and gets a day out with the Salvos. She spends time collecting for them, but predictably steals as much as she puts in the tin.

  • S02E29 Episode 112

    • May 13, 1980

    As the cops hunt for Geoff, Michael is arrested and carted off to a psychiatric hospital. Geoff outsmarts the police and escapes from his hideout, and Jim arrives home to find him waiting for him. As a confrontation develops, Geoff is finally shot dead by a police marksman. Kerry Vincent arrives in Wentworth, transferred from Barnhurst. She is an artist, and gets a cell of her own so she can paint, and the women are sceptical of her. The money Lizzie stole from the Salvation Army is found on her when she returns; she loses her buyup and is wracked with guilt. However, Captain Barton is amused and forgives her. She embarks on a path of morality, announcing she is giving up smoking, and lecturing the other women. Bea's plan to put Debbie on the straight and narrow appears to have worked - she goes back to live with her mother. Judy meets with Captain Barton, and angrily tells him she doesn't believe in God.

  • S02E30 Episode 113

    • May 14, 1980

    Kerry settles into Wentworth, but no-one is sure what to make of her. Vera is especially harsh on her, harbouring resentment that she was never allowed to follow her dream of becoming a painter. David Austin, Kerry's agent, requests Kerry be allowed out for her exhibition. She gives Vera a painting of hers she likes, and suggests she get David to frame it. Meanwhile Sharon, angry that Kerry rejected her advances, stirs the women up that Kerry is a lagger. Doreen and Lizzie fiddle the buyup to help Lizzie out since hers has been cancelled. When they are caught, this seems proof of Sharon's accusations. Judy goes through her operation, and Captain Barton is by her bedside when she wakes. Sharon is refused permission to visit Jude in hospital. With Geoff's reign of terror finally over, the press interest in Caroline and Jim intensifies. He wants to return to work, but Erica orders him to take some time off. She calls the Department for a replacement.

  • S02E31 Episode 114

    • May 20, 1980

    Jim's replacement, Jock Stewart, starts work. The lagging rumours about Kerry persist, and worsen when the D Block women are caught making home brew. The assumption is Kerry blew the whistle, but actually Jock overheard them discussing it. A painting she had been working on is destroyed, but she takes the blame for it; she thinks Bea was behind it, but in actual fact it was Sharon. On the day of the exhibition, David fails to bring an outfit for Kerry to wear. Vera foolishly lets her go in her uniform, but David has set it up to play for press sympathy on Kerry's plight. Erica is not pleased to see Kerry in her prison garb. Vera is horrified to overhear David tell the press an officer forced Kerry to give her a painting. Caroline and Vivienne go to trial and are released on bonds. Caroline and Jim agree to say goodbye and go their separate ways. Doreen's mother's will is finally sorted out, and she is now the owner of Alice's house.

  • S02E32 Episode 115

    • May 21, 1980

    Kerry and the other women come to an understanding, and Bea hints to her that Sharon ruined her painting. Vera is furious with Kerry after David's comments at the exhibition that she bullied her into giving her the painting. She is called to Erica's office to explain herself, and Erica gives her the benefit of the doubt. However, an angry Kerry wrongly assumes Vera stole her lightbulb and tells the Governor that she did indeed bully her. Erica tells Vera she has no choice but to suspend her until the matter is investigated. Doreen is hassled by some men who want to offer her a substantial sum of money for her mother's house. She's not keen to sell, and wants Kevin's advice. Kevin proposes to her again, and she accepts. Judy has had enough of Sharon and, after one argument too many, tells her that their relationship is over. Captain Barton convinces Lizzie to try and look for her daughter, Marcia. Jim returns to work.

  • S02E33 Episode 116

    • May 27, 1980

    Vera is gutted following her suspension. Jock tells her the truth will come out eventually; next day, he threatens Kerry into withdrawing her allegations. Doreen and Kevin quickly marry in the prison garden, with Bea, Lizzie, Meg and Erica present. Meanwhile, Jock offers to pressure Doreen into selling her mother's house, and slaps her, but is overheard by Sharon, who suggests he buy her silence. Captain Barton informs Lizzie he has found Marcia. A scheme is cooked up to give Bea and Ken some private time together, under cover of an art class run by Kerry. Bea is to model for the artists, but switches with Judy, whose face is covered by a veil. Unfortunately Sharon blows the gaff, and Vera catches Bea and Ken in the storeroom together. Erica angrily takes away Kerry's painting priveleges, and bans Ken from Wentworth entirely. The women know Sharon was to blame - though Erica says that if anything happens to her, Bea will be blamed. Later, while taking away Kerry's art materials, Vera

  • S02E34 Episode 117

    • May 28, 1980

    There's a lockdown in Wentworth following Sharon's death, and a griefstricken Judy blames Bea for killing her, but she is as much a suspect as Bea is. She threatens to have her revenge, and is moved to Isolation out of the way. Sharon's death is eventually ruled as an accident, but nobody believes that. Meanwhile, the Department are fed up with Kerry's constant press coverage, and insist on her early parole. One of the conditions placed, though, is that she has nothing more to do with David Austin. Lizzie doesn't know whether to meet the woman claiming to be Marcia. Doreen is terrified as Jock puts on the pressure to sell the house. Kevin visits and tells her he doesn't want her to, but Jock is present, and prevents her whispering to Kev. He plants contraband in her cell, and reports to Jim that he thinks Kevin passed her something. After a cell search, Dor ends up in the pound. Later, Jock pays her a visit to say that if she doesn't do what he says and sell her house, he might have to

  • S02E35 Episode 118

    • June 3, 1980

    Prostitute Helen Smart is admitted to Wentworth and turns out to be an old friend of Kerry's. She recognizes Jock and says he's got a bad reputation. Kerry is released but she struggles to cope without David around. Judy is refused permission to go to Sharon's funeral. Jock is still bullying Doreen; Kevin discovers the men intent on buying Alice's house intend to knock it down. Doreen finally agrees to the sale. Kevin turns up at the prison, but isn't allowed to see Doreen as she's still in Solitary, so he sees Bea. Helen, on tray duty, offers to be a go-between and pass messages to her. Helen is released and passes on Doreen's message to Kevin that she had to sell or ""he would have killed me"". Doreen tells Judy that Bea didn't kill Sharon, but refuses to say who did. However, Jude pieces it together and confronts Jock. Vera is also beginning to have her suspicions. Lizzie meets Marcia and her daughter, Josie - but are they everything they appear to be?

  • S02E36 Episode 119

    • June 4, 1980

    Vera keeps quiet over Jock when he reminds her how he helped her with Kerry, but later overhears Judy accusing Jock of killing Sharon, and finally reports him. Paul tells the solicitor after Doreen's house that she isn't selling, and threatens to report him to the police. The police question Jock about the murder, and he is suspended. Before he leaves, Jock gleefully admits to Judy that he killed Sharon, and she slaps him. Erica tells Judy they have no real proof that Jock is the killer, apart from Judy's sayso. An angry Judy wants Bea's help to ensure Jock doesn't get away with murder. Lizzie is just getting to know Marcia and Josie when Marcia announces they are leaving as they can't afford to stay in the city any longer. Lizzie wants to loan them money, but doesn't have any until her compo comes through, so Doreen agrees to let them stay in her house. Kerry and David defy the court order that they are not to see each other, and end up having sex. Paul laters drops by to check on Ker

  • S02E37 Episode 120

    • June 10, 1980

    Judy mulls her options to protest against Sharon's death, and they decide to stage a strike in their cells. As some of the women hoard food, the verdict from Sharon's inquest comes back - accidental death. The women announce they're staging a sit-in in the Rec Room until the Department agree to a fair inquiry into the murder. Leanne Burke arrives in Wentworth and most of the women are disapproving of her thanks to Noeline's reputation. Leanne kicks up a stink about being in a single cell, and sets fire to it in the middle of the night. She is put in to share with Judy, but Jim makes snide remarks about Judy's interest in her. Leanne tells Judy she doesn't care, and asks to work with Jude in the garden. Paul wrestles over whether to report Kerry for violating her parole, but decides against it. Kerry sees David having dinner with another woman and throws a drink over her in a jealous rage. Back home, Kerry invites Helen Smart over and they hit the bottle. Kevin helps Marcia and Josie mo

  • S02E38 Episode 121

    • June 11, 1980

    Erica tries to talk the prisoners out of the Rec Room, and tells them Jock is finished in the prison service. Vera cuts the power, and they spend an uncomfortable night in the dark. Next morning, they give up the protest. Noeline comes to visit Leanne and she asks her to pass on a message to the press that they're staging a demo in the garden. Predictably, Noeline can't be trusted and tells Vera. The women are confined to the building as a result. Another scheme has to be thought up, and this time it's violent. Judy, Margo and Lizzie take Erica and Meg hostage in the Governor's office with a garden fork. The other women ambush Vera in the Laundry, strip her and tie her up. When Jim finds her, the women are gone, and heading for the roof with her keys. Margo and Lizzie are left in charge of Meg and Erica, but Lizzie gets drunk on Erica's booze. Paul gets word to a drunken Lizzie that Marcia is there to see her, and she opens the door: she and Margo are overpowered by the officers outsid

  • S02E39 Episode 122

    • June 17, 1980

    Everyone at the prison is stunned by Leanne's death, bringing a sudden halt to the demo. The police go to Noeline's work to tell her the news, only to find she's been pinching money from the workers since she started there. She gets six months and arrives back in Wentworth - neither prisoners nor officers are pleased to see her. Noeline warns that she blames Bea for her daughter's death, but Judy tries to take the blame. She assumes the role of Noeline's protector, perhaps as a way to allieviate her guilt over Leanne's death. Lizzie is offered forty grand in compensation. Soon after, Marcia tells Lizzie that Josie needs an operation on her leg, but it will cost too much money. Paul, Bea and Doreen's fears grow that Marcia is a fraud, out to get Lizzie's compo. Kerry's behaviour grows more erratic, and Paul warns that if she and David continue seeing each other, she will end up back in jail. She later has a blazing row with David at the gallery, and smashes him over the head with an ash

  • S02E40 Episode 123

    • June 18, 1980

    Thinking she has killed David, Kerry flees from the gallery and disappears. David is very much alive, but Paul has no luck tracking her down, and has to report her. Meanwhile, Kerry seeks out Helen's help, gets hold of some pills, swigs them down with booze, and passes out. David finds her, but instead of getting help, he steals some of her paintings. Paul does some detective work to find out if Marcia is a fraud. Lizzie tells Marcia she's going to use her compo to pay for Josie's operation, but Bea gets a message out threatening her. Marcia realises the gig is up, and they take off. Now with proof, Paul has to tell Lizzie that Marcia is not her daughter; later she confides in Bea that she knew all along. Noeline flaunts Judy's backing in Bea's face, and gets up everyone's noses. Erica tries to warn Judy to keep away from Noeline, to no avail. Noeline feeds Jude a sob story about needing money for her family, and Judy hints at where she'll find Margo's stash from her book. Noeline glee

  • S02E41 Episode 124

    • June 24, 1980

    Helen finds Kerry out cold but alive, and calls Paul to get help. Paul recommends Kerry go to a sanitorium for treatment, rather than back to jail. Meanwhile David, thinking she is dead, tries to buy a painting Kerry gave to Doreen. Paul and Erica con David into handing over a large sum of money for it, then announce Kerry is still alive. Marcia turns up at Wentworth to tell Lizzie the truth, that her real name is Ellen and she knew the real Marcia, who died some years ago. Lizzie tells them that as far as she is concerned, they are her family now, and she's giving them the cash for the op anyway. Meg moves into a new flat, and meets her neighbour, young mother Gail Summers, who is struggling to cope with her screaming children. Noeline, the only one with buyup after the riot, sells fags to the other women at extortionate prices. She manages to break into the storeroom to steal supplies, and gets Judy to keep watch. However, the screws usher Judy away, and Noeline ends up trapped insid

  • S02E42 Episode 125

    • June 25, 1980

    The women embark on a ridiculous attempt to cover up Noeline's absence until they can unlock her from the store room in the morning. This also includes a fake food poisoning bout as a diversion while Judy retrieves her. Bea wants to know why Judy is helping Noeline, and she says she was going to take the money herself as she is planning to escape. Noeline lags on the women's fake poisoning to Erica and the screws carry out a search. Meanwhile, Judy uses Noeline to lead her to Margo's money, but Margo catches Judy out. Meg gets involved with Gail's problems, to Vera's disgust. She suspects that Gail's husband Tim is beating the children. Later one of the kids, Jason, ends up in hospital, and Meg tells the doctor she thinks Tim is abusive. Factory owner Andrew Reynolds approaches Erica about a work release programme at his factory. Predictably, Vera argues against the scheme, but Erica is keen and tours the factory.

  • S02E43 Episode 126

    • July 1, 1980

    The work release is to go ahead, to the women's delight. The party of women who are to go initially includes Bea, Doreen and Judy but not, to her annoyance, Lizzie. Judy suspects Margo's money may be in the kitchen, but when Noeline goes there to hunt for it, she ends up getting thrown in the skip by Margo and her heavies. Vera and Jim find her, and think she was trying to escape. She loses her buyup. Noeline's horse wins and Margo has to pay her out a lot of cash. Vera is suspicious that Lizzie still has cigarettes, and Noeline suggests she and Doreen have been pinching from the store room. She has planted items in their cell, and they are found by the screws in a cell search. Bea is furious at Noeline and thumps her, before grassing her into Erica. Bea and Noeline are both sent to the pound, and Bea taken off the work release. Meg seeks Paul's advice about Gail Summers. However, after a particularly nasty screaming match, Gail tells the police that Tim hasn't been abusing Jason - she

  • S02E44 Episode 127

    • July 2, 1980

    The work release programme gets underway, with Erica warning dire consequences for anyone who screws it up. The women meet sleazy foreman Vince Talbot, and cool-as-a-cucumber accountant Kay White. Doreen suspects Judy is going to take the chance to escape from the factory. Meanwhile, Kay seems to have the gambling bug and gets involved with Margo's book, while Andrew Reynolds shows a more than professional interest in Erica. Gail arrives in Wentworth on remand, and is advised not to tell the women why she's really inside. She gets a visit from Tim, who informs her he is divorcing her and has been granted custody of the kids. She ends up telling Lizzie and Doreen the truth about her crime, who are horrified. Noeline gets word that her younger kids are to be put into a home, and she decides to smuggle her race winnings out to delay this. She asks Judy to pass it to them at the factory, and though Jude initially considers keeping the cash for her escape, she eventually gets the money to t

  • S02E45 Episode 128

    • July 8, 1980

    There's trouble at the factory involving the delivery drivers, and Doreen is keen to get Kevin the delivery contract when she hears it's up for tender. She needs to find out the lowest bid so Kev can beat it. However, Noeline overhears all this. The other women torment Gail for abusing her children, until Judy intervenes and sticks up for her. Noeline manipulates her into trusting her, despite Judy's warnings that Noeline is trouble. Noeline suggests that the screws will protect Gail if she lags on Doreen about the contract. When her cell is trashed, that's exactly what she does. The women wonder who the lagger is - Noeline or Gail? Meanwhile, Doreen's troubles get even worse when Vince Talbot traps her in the store cupboard and rapes her. Erica seems to be softening towards Andrew Reynolds. Noeline is given a chance to go to work at the factory. Tony Reid is released from the prison farm, but finds it hard to readjust to his old life.

  • S02E46 Episode 129

    • July 9, 1980

    Doreen struggles to cope after being raped by Vince, and desperately tries to get taken off the work release scheme, but Erica twigs something's going on and refuses to let her, even after she trashes a cell and attacks Noeline. She confides in Judy about what happened, and she promises to look out for her. Erica's relationship with Andrew Reynolds develops until he admits to her he is married. Noeline is allowed to go on work release; Bea gets out of the pound and is told that if she stays away from Gail she may get to go too. Margo is having trouble covering her bets thanks to Kay's gambling bug. Tony struggles to find a job, and Meg suggests he use a false name to get employment.

  • S02E47 Episode 130

    • July 15, 1980

    At the factory, Noeline complains that her machine doesn't work, but Vince is more interested in Doreen. Meg is suprised to see letters in the mail for both Judy and Bea. Judy volunteers to go to the store room when Vince has his eye on Doreen and she uses the opportunity to issue a warning that she knows what he's up to and she isn't afraid of anything he can do to her. Bea and the other women torment Gail in the laundry, but Lizzie is beginning to have sympathy for her. Kay tries to put off paying her debts to Margo, and shrugs off Margo's threats, asking her which of the two of them is more likely to believed. Gail asks Paul to find out who is looking after her children. Vince wants to know what Doreen has told Judy and warns her to keep quiet in future. Meg tells Paul there is a letter for Judy from her sister saying their father is ill and he wants her to go and see him. Bea also gets a letter - from Ken. Paul advises Judy that there is no chance of getting compassionate leave for her to visit her father, but that if he'd been in the same country it might have been possible: Judy replies with disgust that she wasn't even allowed to attend Sharon's funeral, so why should she want to visit an old man she hadn't even seen for twenty years? She goes on to say that as far as she's concerned he died a long time ago. Meg saves Gail's daughter Katrina from being run over outside the flats and finds that Tim's new girlfriend Pam has been left in charge of the kids and has just popped out for a packet of fags. Doreen and Lizzie try to persuade Bea to reply to Ken's letter. The women on the work release discuss previous escape attempts and Judy learns about Bea's escape from hospital. Judy notices that two bolts of cloth are missing from the stores and worries they will be blamed for it, but Kay tells her that Vince has probably taken them. Doreen tries to get the information on the tender from Kay but is told that it is Vince's responsibility. Next time Vince asks for v

  • S02E48 Episode 131

    • July 16, 1980

    Erica tells Meg and Vera that the doctors think Judy's heart condition was brought on by electrical interference from the driers. Meg passes on the information in Judy's letter about her father and Erica is displeased not to have been told before. Bea warns all the women, including Doreen, not to mess up the work release program. Gail is reduced to tears by the women's taunts. Erica finds out that Meg hasn't told her that she's Gail's next door neighbour and says she wants all information on prisoners to be passed to her directly in future. Still in her policewoman's uniform, Judy phones an ex-lover, and she is invited to stay there while her husband is away on business for a few days. Vera goes straight to Gail and tells her that the children have been put in a home. Meg is appalled by the spitefulness of it and tells Vera so. Erica finally takes Doreen off the work release program, but tells her Andrew Reynolds will be warned not to accept any tenders from Kevin, no matter how low they are. Meg explains to Gail the home circumstances that led to her children being taken into care and tells her it may improve her own chances of getting custody. Gail isn't so sure and wonders if she could be trusted alone with the kids ever again. Doreen is forced to tell Bea what Vince has been doing to her. Captain Barton takes over Gail's case in Paul's absence and suggests she contacts Parents Anonymous. Pauline offers to lend Judy money to help her get the forged papers from a contact she got inside. Tony comes to the prison, having found a job in Adelaide with the chance of a partnership if he can get the money from his father. Meg stops Vera from holding forth on the subject of child abuse by saying that from what she's heard of her childhood her mother's treatment of her would count as mental cruelty. Vera counters with a question: if Meg's own childhood was so wonderful, why does she never speak about it? Flowers arrive for Erica from Andrew. Lizzie finds out from a file on

  • S02E49 Episode 132

    • July 22, 1980

    Kay promises to keep Vera occupied to give Noeline time to get the bolt of cloth out of the tea room window . Andrew follows Kay's tip-off and is waiting outside to catch Noeline's brother collecting the cloth. When Vera hears of the incident, she immediately cancels the scheme and takes the women back to Wentworth. Pauline gives Judy the last $100 she needs for the passport but the Weasel has heard about Judy's escape on the radio and works out he can ask double his price for a "urgent" job. Erica reprimands Vera for exceeding her authority by cancelling the work release without asking Erica's permission first. Bea sees Margo and Mouse waiting to see the Governor and finds out that it was Noeline's fault the scheme was cancelled. Noeline tries to put the blame on Kay, saying she was already stealing material from the factory and involved her in the scheme. Erica doesn't believe her and sends Noeline to solitary. Judy plans to get the rest of the money she needs for her passport by conning money out of an illicit gambling club. After failing to trick Meg into giving the information, Lizzie finds out next day when delivering the meals that Noeline isn't in solitary and Bea suspects she's been moved to another wing to keep her out of their way. Erica tells Andrew that Noeline has been transferred to a country prison (Barnhurst) and informs the staff that the project is back on. Vera shows Jim the report she's made on the incident at the factory and plans to send it to the Department, but Erica points out that an honest report would reflect badly on Vera herself as it happened while Vera was supervising. Vera tears up her report in disgust. Paul has asked for extended leave to go to Adelaide with his son, and Erica asks Meg if there are any more secrets the two of them share that she hasjn't bothered to pass on. She tells Meg to pass on the message to Paul that if he isn't back within the week, she'll have to ask the Department for a replacement, possibly on a permanen

  • S02E50 Episode 133

    • July 23, 1980

    Judy is brought back to Wentworth (and claims sarcastically to Jim that she's Doris Day) charged with escaping, assault on a policewoman, stealing police property (the uniform, which she is still wearing) and impersonating a police officer. Jim and Vera notice she is also carrying a large amount of money that the police have not noticed, so Jim logs it in as Judy's own property even though Judy admits she got it through extortion. Judy at first refuses to go into the solitary cell, but Jim manages to persuade her. As she sits in the cell her profile undergoes some unusual video effect . Next morning, Erica sees Judy and offers to help, but Judy tells her it's too late as she should have done something earlier to fix Jock Stewart. Bea makes herself known to Andrew Reynolds and Vince on her first day at the factory. Andrew offers Bea a private deal to put to the other women: they will be paid an extra 10 dollars a week each for making non-Government clothing on the side. Doreen has taken over the press in the laundry and helps Gail out with a broken sewing machine. After consulting with the women to get their agreement, Bea makes an excuse ("oh, women's troubles, you know") to get to see Mr Reynolds to say the deal he proposed is fine by her. Doreen warns Gail not to raise her hopes about her court appearance. Lizzie tells the women that Judy is back and in isolation. Bea frays the cable on her sewing machine and asks Vince to fix it: Margo switches the power back on as soon as he touches it, giving him an electric shock . Doreen realises that the following Tuesday she and Kevin will have been married six weeks: Lizzie is reminded that the same date (the 29th - month unspecified!) will be her 72nd birthday, and goes to Captain Barton to ask for a half day's leave to see Ellen and Josie. Vera overhears Margo talking about the extra wages and volunteers to go to the factory next day when meg mentions she can't go because of Gail's trial. Erica is suspicious about the a

  • S02E51 Episode 134

    • July 29, 1980

    Erica phones Andrew to let him know she won't let him take advantage of her or the women, though she does not cancel the project entirely. Doreen wonders why Lizzie has sweets instead of fags in her buyup. Captain Barton asks Bea what she thinks of the idea of a birthday party for Lizzie: Bea suggests that they keep it quiet and make it a surprise party. Jim clashes with Erica when he assumes the factory project has been cancelled. Hazel Crowe takes Andrew out onto the fire escape to discuss the issue of the prison workers: she lays down a list of conditions and threatens a strike knowing he can't afford to risk it. Meg takes Lizzie out of the laundry at Bea's request so she doesn't find out about the arrangements for the party. Jim finds Lizzie moping in her cell alone: their conversation prompts Lizzie to a flashback to Edie's death, but she looks up to find she's addressing her sob story to empty air as Jim has walked away. Ellen arrives to visit Lizzie and finds her in a very black mood. Ted phones Erica to tell her Paul has resigned, and she asks if a replacement can be found. Bea and Doreen give Lizzie the cold shoulder in the rec room to get rid of her so they can put up the decorations. Andrew visits Erica at home to plead his case. He admits to using her and the women, and Erica immediately forgives him. Lizzie's birthday breakfast is a miserable affair, and Meg asks her to take a tray to isolation to get her out of the way. Judy isn't in any better spirits, but when she hears it's Lizzie's birthday, she gives her Sharon's cigarette lighter as a present. Vera disapproves when Jim and Meg both seem to be giving presents to Lizzie and wants to know what is in the bottles Ellen has brought in for the party. Meg fetches Lizzie from her cell where she is celebrating on her own with a party hat made out of newspaper . When Meg switches on the rec room lights, Lizzie realises she hasn't been forgotten after all. Ted Douglas tells Erica that Paul's replacement will

  • S02E52 Episode 135

    • July 30, 1980

    Andrew accuses Kay of stealing and fiddling the books. When she offers to pay him back with her gambling winnings, he declines and asks her what would have happened if she had lost. Vince stops Kay leaving the office and Andrew phones the police. Erica tells Vera and Jim that the scheme is over, but the newspaper article reporting Kay White's arrest next morning gives Vera further excuse to spread insinuations about Erica. After the women have also seen the paper, Bea assumes that Kay should be blamed for the end of the work release, and Doreen wonders if Noeline might have been right after all to claim that she was framed by Kay. The new social worker, Agnes Forster, arrives for her first day at work in a battered old car, which she parks in Erica's space and then leaves Erica with a heavy kit bag to carry inside for her. Ted Douglas is already waiting for Erica to discuss Vera's report. Erica cannot deny any of the "accusations" and even admits that she'd seen Andrew outside work hours. Nevertheless, Ted tells Erica there will still have to be an enquiry. Jim shows Agnes to her new office. Vera offers Ted a written report but he tells her to post it to him, as the Department is unlikely to take any action for some months. Kay White is brought to Wentworth on remand on charges of embezzlement and theft. Erica tells Kay she's putting her in isolation for her own protection. Judy is allowed to rejoin the other women and tells them she's seen Kay being taken to isolation. Lizzie is on tray delivery duty and Margo tells her to pass a message on to Kay to pay up or else. To reinforce the message, Margo mixes some disgusting yellow detergent into Kay's dinner. Agnes is too busy making her office into a home away from home to be interested in reading the prisoners' files Meg brings for her. Kay is unable to eat her meal and protests to Vera, demanding to see the Governor. Erica slips away from work to see Andrew and tell him she won't be able to see him again. Andrew's wi

  • S02E53 Episode 136

    • August 5, 1980

    Jim and Vera catch Kay trying to force Margo to taste her food. Margo vows she'll get back at Kay. Erica admits to Meg that she had been lying about her relationship with Andrew, but declares she knew nothing at all about the fraud. Jim reports the incident with Margo and warns Erica that the women will go to any lengths to pay Kay back for losing the factory work project. Doreen is off her food. Judy defends Kay, pointing out that she helped her escape by getting a dress from the factory. Vera wants to know how Kay can possibly owe Margo money when she's been in isolation the whole time. Judy overhears Vera pressuring Kay and tells Kay that for her own sake she should stay in solitary as long as she can. When Meg announces that the women have been given permission to have a barbecue, Bea seems keen for Kay to attend and tells Judy she should make it up to Kay on behalf of all the women. Vera takes Kay to see Agnes, but she's already gone home. Judy asks Erica to let Kay go the barbecue to let the women show her there's no hard feelings. Margo drops a glass on the floor while working on kitchen duty and puts a few nice long slivers in her pocket for later use. Doreen tells Bea and Lizzie she's pregnant and it can't be Kevin's baby. Dr Weissman sees Kay and explores the roots of her gambling addiction. Meg has a go at Vera for her constant attempts to undermine Erica. The barbecue is held in the rec room and Kay attends, but when she bites into her hamburger, blood spurts from her mouth . Margo gets the blame for putting glass in Kay's food and is confined to her cell. Kay gets a letter from Vince and Vera uses it to try to get Kay to give her more evidence against Erica. Kay refuses to give Vera any information, telling her she's the vilest thing she ever met. Erica works late in the office and suffers an involuntary flashback sequence of the high points of her relationship with Andrew which reduces her to tears . Judy overhears Kay say that she wants to phone Vince

  • S02E54 Episode 137

    • August 6, 1980

    Erica tells the women they will all lose seven day's remission as punishment for the attack on Vince. Bea agrees with Margo that it must have been Kay who lagged on them. Judy suggests that the best way to get back at Kay might be to undermine her claim to be cured of her gambling addiction. Bea tells Margo she is going to give Kay credit and takes a collection to give her the funds to do so. Lizzie calls Agnes a lazy bitch when she finds she hasn't done anything about her application to visit Josie in hospital. Margo and Judy try to tempt Kay into laying a bet by discussing forthcoming races in front of her, but she claims not be interested. Erica promises Lizzie she will arrange for her to visit Josie. Vera finds Agnes slumped across her desk in her office and raises the alarm, but when Jim goes to check on her he find she has only fallen asleep. His soft spot for old ladies means he doesn't report the incident, but he doesn't take Agnes up on on her offer to share her lunch of raw vegetables. Bea drops in on Kay to give her a gentle warning and after Meg has sent Kay to lunch, Bea pours a kettle full of water over her bed. When Jim mentions to Agnes that he feels he needs a new start, she points out an advertisement for the Governorship of Barnhurst, and their conversation shows that she has not always been as hopeless at her job as she now is. Bea advises Doreen to go straight to Erica to get permission for an overnight visit with Kevin, but Vera intervenes and redirects her to Agnes, who gets her name wrong and pays very little attention to Doreen's request. Kay is tempted into a game of poker and the others players let her win to trap her into playing for money. Jim tells Meg and Vera about the job at Barnhurst, and they both encourage him to apply, though Vera hardly manages to conceal her delight at the prospect of getting Jim out of her way. Margo gives Kay her poker winnings and takes it back again as a bet on a forthcoming race. Bea goes to Agnes and tel

  • S02E55 Episode 138

    • August 12, 1980

    Kevin thinks he is the father of Doreen's baby and is delighted with the news. Meanwhile Bea is advising Doreen to go to Erica if Agnes won't help her arrange the abortion. Erica asks Agnes why she's allowed Doreen a second visit from Kevin and tries to push her into coming up with some ideas to justify her salary. Kevin meets Doreen in the garden: though she hedges at first, she eventually admits that Kevin is not the father of her baby and tells Kevin and Meg that Vince raped her. Kevin insists that she must report it to the police. Kay places a bet with Margo using some money she'd hidden away for emergencies. Doreen tells Bea that Agnes had passed on information about her pregnancy, and Bea approves of Kevin's decision to go the police. Erica has to calm Kevin down, and later at dinner with Meg she admits that she feels personally responsible for Doreen's plight. Kay's solicitor advises her to co-operate with Dr Weissman and make an attempt to give up gambling: Kay pretends she already has. Bea tells the women to boycott Agnes and go direct to Erica will all their problems. Margo gives Kay her winnings but deducts what Kay still owes her from the factory. Doreen is interviewed by a policewoman, who decides that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Vince. Agnes refuses to let Dr Weissman use her room to interview Kay, as she thinks psychiatrists are a waste of time, so he is forced to see her in the interview room. Agnes fails to turn up for a classification meeting, even though Erica had reminded her of it earlier: both Meg and Vera say they think Agnes should be retired. Judy tells Doreen she thinks Kevin is going to the police only because he wants revenge, not out of concern for her. Vera finds Kay giving Margo a shaking after she loses her last cent. Erica goes to see Ted Douglas to ask for a replacement for Agnes: he asks her opinion of Jim as a potential Governor, and she lets him know she has some reservations. Both Lizzie and Judy ask to see Erica

  • S02E56 Episode 139

    • August 13, 1980

    Kevin realises that Doreen intended to let him think the baby was his, and he is equally appalled at the thought that she let someone else have sex with her to try to get him a job. Kay tries to make peace with Margo as she hopes not to be returning after her trial. Doreen plans to escape in order to be able to talk to Kevin again, and Judy offers to go with her to look after her. Bea asks Meg to put in a word in support of Doreen getting day release, but Erica tells Meg she won't be able to get approval in time. Kay realises that Judy is not intending to return after her escape, as she has told Bea she would. Lizzie's singing makes the officers leave the shower block to give the women time to finalise the escape plan. Kay offers to give her clothes to be adapted as a disguise, and Bea insists that both Doreen and Judy have to be back by 4 o'clock. Erica tries to persuade Kevin not to give up on Doreen and invites him to talk to Doreen in her office at half past twelve. Lizzie overhears Kay telling Vera about the escape, and manages to get outside to warn Doreen and Judy in time. The escape attempt Vera is expecting fails to take place. Doreen is called to Erica's office: Kevin tells her he's leaving her and wants a divorce. Doreen makes a good show of being noble about it, but afterwards goes to her cell and drafts a note to Bea, Lizzie and Judy. She pretends to be sick when Vera finds her in the cell, and in the shower block, she is about to cut her wrists with a piece of mirror when Meg interrupts and takes her to talk to Agnes. Agnes gets it all wrong and apologises for not arranging the day release yet, and Doreen has to tell her she's too late once again. Agnes accuses Meg of keeping her in the dark deliberately, but Meg tells her she would have been up to date if she'd read the reports on her desk. Doreen pretends she's back with Kevin to stop the other women bothering her with questions. Bea takes a vote on whether to fix it so Kay is imprisoned, and the vo

  • S02E57 Episode 140

    • August 19, 1980

    Bea blames herself for not noticing anything wrong with Doreen. Meg tells Lizzie that her visit to see Josie has been arranged, but Bea is suspicious that something must be wrong as permission was granted unusually quickly. Judy tells Margo to get lost when she comes to Kay wanting her to place a bet. Ted comes to see Erica, and she repeats her demand that Agnes must go, and threatens to withdraw her from working contact with the prisoners. Ellen comes to collect Lizzie and tells her that the doctors are giving Josie tests for bone marrow disease. A conversation with Jim convinces Agnes she must resign and she phones Erica to tell her so. Jim goes straight to Erica's office accusing her of victimising Agnes, not realising that Ted Douglas is in the office too. Jim is later summoned to see Ted in Erica's office and told he can no longer be considered for the Governorship of Barnhurst after his outburst against Erica. Kay asks Erica if she can be sent back to isolation until her trial as she fears she may be set up again. Margo gets her runner Linda to put pressure on Kay to place a bet when she delivers Kay's meal to isolation, but Kay sends her packing. Erica offers to arrange a transfer for Agnes, but she stands on her dignity and refuses, asking to be left alone, as she still has "a lot of packing to do". Lizzie tries to cheer Josie up, as she is worried by all the tests she's been given. Vera wants the social worker's office to be given over to the senior staff, saying she's sick of writing up reports in reception: Meg wryly comments that maybe she shouldn't write so many. Bea is allowed to visit Doreen in sickbay but she is still in very low spirits and Jim sends her away before she can get much of a reaction from Doreen. Ellen comes to see Lizzie next day to tell her that Josie's tests were positive and she needs urgent treatment in Chicago. At Kay's trial, Dr Weissman says Kay showed no intention to reform herself and used her meetings with him only as a means

  • S02E58 Episode 141

    • August 20, 1980

    Vera takes Kay to her cell and gives her five minutes to make her bed. Doreen and Lizzie compare the size of their bank balances. Margo holds onto Linda's "commission", as she's obviously not tough enough to be an effective bookie's runner and hasn't made very much. Vera comes back to check on Kay's hospital corners and makes her start all over again, but she is distracted by the sound of Bea threatening one of the background prisoners in the corridor outside for trying to bring drugs in. Vera drops a hint to Kay that she should spy on Bea and find out what's going on. Bea objects when Vera brings Kay to the laundry to work, but Vera assigns Doreen to look after her. Linda wants her money from Margo immediately as she's got a visitor and Bea makes Margo pay up. Linda's visitors are her son Danny and his aunt Sheila, who seems to be giving the kid a hard time: Linda passes Danny the money. Kay reports to Vera that she'd tried to provoke a fight with Bea and she'd backed off. Danny's aunt takes the money from him as soon as they are through the gates: he runs away from her. Doreen tells Bea she suspects that Kay is working as an informer for Vera. Margo refuses to take Kay's buyup in payment for a bet and demands cash instead. Danny's aunt finds him in her garage, where he has hidden something in a pile of boxes. Kay tries to provoke Bea by mentioning Debbie and drugs: on cue the TV news has a report of a woman arrested for smuggling heroin. Kay seems to have become suddenly very accident prone in the dining room and ends up with porridge all over her . Erica orders Kay to forget about the incident and tells her she will have to change her attitude or the same thing will happen again. When Kay returns to the laundry, no-one is speaking to her, so she approaches Phyllis later in the corridor and offers to get drugs for her. Bea overhears some of the conversation and reminds Phyllis that Kay has been sent to Coventry. Tracey Morris arrives at Wentworth on remand: she i

  • S02E59 Episode 142

    • August 26, 1980

    Bea barricades Kay's cell door to ensure that they can have a "private chat". When Kay denies having any drugs, Bea punches her on the nose, followed by an extended grapple on the floor. The fight is broken up by Vera and Meg. Kay's cell is searched but nothing is found. Meg is surprised when Kay asks to go straight back to the women. Bea won't give Erica the full details of Kay's drug dealing, so Erica sends her to solitary to await the VJ. After getting patched up by the sister , Kay walks back into the rec room, bruised but unbowed. Lizzie finds out from Kay what has happened to Bea, but after that no-one speaks to her. Hazel follows her out of the rec room wanting to buy drugs, but Kay says she needs cash to set up a deal and asks Hazel to place a bet for her with Margo, who earlier refused to deal with Margo directly. Lizzie doubts that Kay had any drugs anyway and suggests it must have been a set-up to get rid of Bea, but Doreen points out that Mouse must have got stoned on something. Doreen asks Meg to get her some Vitamin C tablets with the money left over after buying her the wool to knit baby clothes. Linda makes a phone call to her sister and is told that Danny has run away. Jim reluctantly agrees to find out what has happened. Hazel's horse loses and Margo calls in her credit, but Hazel has to put her off. Sister Franklin reports some methedrine tablets missing from the surgery. Kay tells Hazel she can't give her any money, so Hazel reports sick to avoid having to confront Margo in the laundry, but the sister gives her a few aspirin and sends her back to work. Margo heavies Hazel to pay up, and Vera overhears enough to work out what's going on. Vera turns Danny away when he comes to visit his mother. The newly promoted Inspector Grace comes to interview Tracey, and seems to be working on the assumption that Tracey's father, who's on a business trip in Hong Kong, is involved in the drugs smuggling. As he is leaving, Inspector Grace remembers where he has

  • S02E60 Episode 143

    • August 27, 1980

    Vera tells Tracey that covering up for her friend isn't going to do her any good, and drops dark hints about what Bea might do to her, but Tracey continues to protest her innocence. Jim remembers Danny mentioning that he sometimes stayed with a friend and is determined to find the boy, but Meg warns him to be careful. Kay tries to tempt Phyllis to place a bet with her rather than with Margo by offering double the usual pay out to her first five punters. Vera puts Kay to work in the rec room where Tracey is writing a letter to her father, hoping that Kay will be able to get Tracey to reveal her contacts. Kay has her own agenda: she starts off frightening Tracey with what could happen to her and hints that if Tracey can get money in, she will be able to buy protection for both of them. Tracey's father Bob Morris arrives to visit her, but Vera wants to keep him in reception until she has phoned Inspector Grace to get his permission. Bob doesn't have any more success getting Tracey to say who gave her the parcel. Tracey stupidly asks him for money in front of Meg, who has to point out that it is against regulations. Bob Morris goes to Erica and complains that Tracey is obviously terrified of something, but she silences his bluster by pointing out that Tracey might be making up the story about the "friend" and be entirely responsible for the smuggling attempt herself. Doreen is taken out of the rec room on Vera's suggestion, which makes Judy suspicious about what Vera really wants from Tracey. Meg overhears Vera talking tactics on the phone with Inspector Grace, and accuses her of putting pressure on Tracey, and implies that Tracey asked for money to pay off Vera. Lizzie manipulates Meg into putting Doreen back in the rec room, which effectively puts an end to Kay's cosy chats with Tracey. Judy, Lizzie and Phyllis turn over Kay's room and take her remaining cash: Phyllis later provokes Kay by waving the note in the air and claiming to have found it. Jim overhears Linda's

  • S02E61 Episode 144

    • September 2, 1980

    Judy finds Tracey crying in her cell and tries to comfort her. Tracey asks her to talk to Bea and explain that she was set up. She also tells Judy about the threats sent in via Kath. Lizzie and Judy plot to stop Kay taking over as top dog and decide to undermine her gambling racket. Linda tells them she's only working for Kay because she needs the money, but also partly because she's scared of her. Vera gets a threatening phone call while she is on night duty telling her to lay off Tracey. Jim gives Danny a key to get back into his flat after school. Vera tries to prove she isn't scared by the threats by continuing to persecute Tracey. Doreen throws a jealous tantrum when she overhears Judy and Lizzie expressing concern about Tracey. Vera brushes off Meg's opinion that she should tell the police about the threat, and says she suspects that Tracey's father was behind it. Doreen attacks Officer Maguire for following her around . Meg reports to Erica that she thinks Doreen is on the verge of a breakdown and the surveillance on her should be relaxed. Danny goes through Jim's cupboards and helps himself to some cigarettes. Judy suggests to Lizzie that they get Margo to choose them a winning horse and place a large bet with Kay to clean her out. Danny finds Jim's gun and aims it at him as he comes home , but Jim gets him to put it down. Judy pushes Kay to accept a bet of $20 at 10/1. When it comes in first, Kay delays paying up. She finds Hazel in the corridor and forces her to "place a bet", which means she takes money from her and chooses the horse herself. Judy is surprised when Kay pays her full winnings next day, and Kay issues a general warning to all the women not to destroy her operation. Hazel admits some of the money came from her and Judy realises that Kay has backed herself into a corner: there is very little cash left in circulation and one more big payout will be the end of her, as she won't be able to pull the same stunt again. Jim tells Danny about his fam

  • S02E62 Episode 145

    • September 3, 1980

    Judy explains to the women that they might be able to pull off a similar trick to the one in "The Sting" by fixing the newspapers and betting on a race which has already been run, so Kay can't possibly win and will have to pay out. Doreen snubs Lizzie when she comes to try to cheer her up. Linda has been successful for once and brings Kay back large payment from bets. Inspector Grace visits Vera in hospital: she tells him she's had enough and won't help the police any more. Judy tells the women she can get advance news of a country greyhound race and will ask Tracey to tape it and play it back as if it were a live broadcast. Vera returns to work, telling Meg she refuses to be intimidated. Tracey hints to Judy that she was responsible for Vera getting attacked. Erica is outraged that Inspector Grace asked Vera to spy on Tracey. Lizzie gets the evening papers from Meg, asking if she can deliver them herself, which she does, after removing all the racing pages. Several minor scuffles are staged in the rec room: Vera takes the bait and cancels all TV and radio privileges. Kay refuses to take this setback seriously and starts a book on the games of dominoes in the rec room. Judy tells Tracey she reminds her of Sharon, and takes her hand, but Tracey tells her there's been a misunderstanding and she's not interested. Doreen sees them together and spitefully accuses Tracey of being Judy's new girlfriend, saying that Bea will sort her out when she returns from solitary. Later on, Doreen throws another tantrum when the women ignore her in the laundry. Bob tells Meg that he blames himself for Tracey: Meg sympathises and agrees it is hard being the parent of a teenager. Jim takes Danny for new clothes and a haircut before he goes to see his mother. Tracey is indignant when Bob brings up Vera's accusation of lesbianism. Lizzie has a harder time getting the papers away from Meg for a second day running, but she only needs to fix one copy, as Kay comes looking for the papers and t

  • S02E63 Episode 146

    • September 9, 1980

    Lizzie tells Meg she thinks Kay must be dead, and gives a very unconvincing version of her "self-defence" alibi. Meg is not convinced and tells Jim she thinks it is completely out of character for Lizzie to be violent. Lizzie explains the whole "sting" operation to Erica, and Erica suprisingly says she believes the self-defence story and confines Lizzie to her cell rather than sending her to solitary. Judy blames herself for yet another death when Linda comes to tell the women the news about Kay. Doreen thinks Linda should go to Erica and take the blame. Tracey tells Kath she's being released and is very confident in Joe, saying that he would never believe she had informed on him. The women keep quiet at first when Erica appeals for any information which could help Lizzie, but later Judy changes her mind when told that Kay actually isn't dead, only unconscious. Bob is worried that Tracey will be in grave danger on the outside, and he refuses to pay the bail to get her out. Lizzie tells Linda that she feels she owes her life to her, so she must let her take the blame so Linda can get out and look after Danny. Doreen overhears Judy trying to cheer Tracey up and goes into the cell after Judy and Tracey have gone to the dining room and takes Tracey's mother's wedding ring from its hiding place (in plain sight on top of the bed!). Inspector Grace tells Bob that the police believe there is a gang member inside Wentworth already, which makes Bob reverse his decision and pay the bail. Tracey stops Doreen in the corridor and asks if she knows anything about her ring. Doreen tells Tracey she despises her for playing "poor little rich girl", admits she took the ring and gives it back. Bob invites Meg to dinner when he comes to collect Tracey, though she excuses herself on the grounds that it is against regulations. Doreen tells Judy she's better off without Tracey. Lizzie refuses to change her mind about taking the blame, but next day Erica has to tell her that she may have to

  • S02E64 Episode 147

    • September 10, 1980

    Tracey delivers a well-aimed knee to the groin area of one of the men, and gets away from them, though she runs straight into a gun battle between two thugs and the men who are chasing her, who turn out to be police officers. Doreen is completely despondent and tells Lizzie she's doesn't think she'll ever amount to anything. Inspector Grace tells Bob that Tracey is going back to Wentworth, as he's taking her into "protective custody" (?) after she has given him the names of Joe's friends. Meg is in reception when Tracey is brought back, and learns that Tracey is worried above all by Bea's imminent release from solitary, but Bea has already been released and is in the laundry catching up with the news. Erica is a little sniffy when Tracey alludes to other suspicious deaths in Wentworth before Kay, and tells her that is precisely why she should tell an officer if she is threatened. Bea and Doreen move in on Tracey (with Kath in tow), but Judy warns them that three officers are coming down the corridor. This is obviously a lie, as the scenes on either side of this go to great pains to establish that most of the officers are off sick. Judy is astonished at Tracey's gullibility with regard to Joe. Bea incites Margo to attack Tracey by telling her that it was Tracey who brought in the drugs that Kay used to set them both up. Erica tells Jim he must take a rest, and advises him to expand his social life beyond the prison. Judy tries to argue Tracey's case with Bea, but Bea tells that Margo gets first bash anyway. Kath overhears this and scuttles off to warn Tracey. Meg also advises Jim to go out and enjoy himself for a change. Margo, Lil and Cavelli rough up Tracey but Kath arrives in time to stop them. Tracey points out to Kath that she might be out of a job with Joe's boss after what she's told the police. The heavy who was going to arrange Tracey's "accident" visits Kath pretending to be her boyfriend and passes her a cigarette which has a message for her written inside

  • S02E65 Episode 148

    • September 16, 1980

    Vera takes Bea to see the Governor. Judy and Lizzie realise that Kath was set up to put her hands in the press, but can't work out what Bea has got against her. Bea claims the incident was accidental, but Erica bans her from using the press to prevent any more "accidents". Doreen torments Tracey by switching her radio from classical to rock and telling her what Bea did to Kath. Meg is annoyed that Jim has changed the rotas to give himself more time to pursue his disco-going. Bea tells Judy about Kath getting orders to kill Tracey, and warns her that Tracey is still in danger, and so are they if they stand in the way of whoever's out to get her. Erica says that all of Tracey's future visitors must have her personal approval. Vera accuses Jim of not caring about the prison any more, so almost as a dare he invites her to come out with him to see how it's better than sitting at home. Tracey finds out from Judy why Bea injured Kath. After a visit to Tracey, Bob has another heart to heart with Meg and invites her to dinner again. This time her excuse is that she's on late shift. Doreen jealously watches Tracey playing Scrabble with her friends and sweeps the board onto the floor. Vera feels unhappy and out of place at the disco, especially when Jim gets the come-on and leaves her by herself. Bea wants to know what Doreen is going to do when her parole comes up in a few weeks' time. Jim spins a line to his latest conquest while Vera looks on in disbelief, though she soon gets the old "do you come here often?" from a man called Damien. They end up going back to Vera's flat and early next morning Vera finds he has gone, leaving her a note. Doreen is rude to Erica when she asks what she's planning to do after she is released and Erica puts her on trolley duty for the rest of the week to give her time out of the laundry to think. Vera is horrified when Jim tells her has no intention of seeing the girl from the disco again, and even more so when Jim doubts if Damien will keep h

  • S02E66 Episode 149

    • September 17, 1980

    After hearing the gunfire, the prisoner discuss who may have been shot. Jim tries to call Vera back to work, but she claims the doctor has given her something to relax her, though it sounds more like she's taken a half bottle of whisky already. After being locked in their cells, Bea and the others decide it must have been Tracey who was shot, but Tracey shouts out to them that it was Meg. Jim reports to Erica that Meg is not as seriously hurt as she might have been, as the bullet passed straight through her. Erica increases security and bans outdoor exercise periods. When interviewed by Erica, Tracey tells her that Bea deliberately injured Kath with the steam press to put her out of action. This turns Bea against Tracey again, but Judy suggests they need do something to make Tracey trust them all again. Vera goes to visit Meg in hospital, but is more concerned to tell Meg of her own worries that she's made a fool of herself in front of Jim by picking up a complete stranger. Vera leaves when Bob visits, bringing a huge basket of flowers. At home, Vera imagines her mother telling her "you're getting old and hard before your years", and hits the bottle in despair. Judy suggests they all play a truth game: she admits she wanted to kill Jock Stewart and wonders who else had ever contemplated murder. Bea agrees that a discussion might help and asks Phyllis to fix the press to give them a morning off work. Erica approves the "group therapy" session and even agrees that Tracey could be moved in to share with Judy. Bob visits Meg in hospital again and urges her to take up a safer profession. Judy leads the others in role-playing, asking Doreen to be Bea while she plays Tracey: Doreen (as Bea) says she'd accept an offer of $10,000 to kill her, but Kath takes Bea's part and says she wouldn't do it. The discussion (or argument) swiftly turns on Doreen and her need to be liked: Bea admits she's sick of having to look after them all as if they were a bunch of kids. Lizzie suggest

  • S02E67 Episode 150

    • September 23, 1980

    Erica warns Doreen that if her story is true, she could be charged herself along with Lizzie, Bea and others with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Doreen is taken to an interview room to prevent her taking to Lizzie until Erica has got her reaction to Doreen's allegations. Jim is annoyed to be called back after signing out to take Lizzie to Erica's office. Bea and Lizzie wonder why Doreen's away so long, and Lizzie wonders if it's to do with their investments, though she soon finds out it isn't. She sticks to her story and gets Jim to back her up by asking if he saw Linda anywhere near the cell. When told to wait outside, Lizzie puts her ear to the door and hears Jim say that he'll go to see Linda on his way to work next day. When Lizzie and Bea criticise Doreen's actions, she admits it's only because she was scared to live on her own. Lizzie says she hopes Linda sticks to the story or they'll all be in a lot of trouble. Vera suffers at work, but it's not clear if it's flu or a hangover. When Jim calls on her, Linda denies Doreen's allegations. Vera tells Bea to keep away from the press, and since it can't be fixed all the pressing will have to be done by hand. Mouse explains to Tracey why they have to go along with Lizzie taking the blame, and Jim overhears part of the conversation. Vera hangs up on the service company when they won't come to fix the press the same day. Jim relays the conversation to Erica, though he admits he didn't hear any direct threats against Doreen. Nevertheless, Erica decides to transfer Doreen to maternity to make her less dependent on her existing friends. Charles Baldwin interviews Lizzie and is suprised she isn't interested in using self-defence as mitigation. Bea tells the service engineer what is wrong with the press but he insists it needs a new part. Doreen goes to maternity, leaving her teddy behind, saying it's time for her to grow up. Linda comes to visit Lizzie but Jim turns her away as she's to be a witness at Lizzi

  • S02E68 Episode 151

    • September 24, 1980

    Lizzie is welcomed back to Wentworth by Vera with her usual compassion: Vera tells her she'll die a criminal, and Lizzie retorts that she won't have long to wait to see that for herself. Jim thinks Lizzie's sentence was very harsh, and the other women are also appalled, Judy in particular urging Lizzie to appeal. Doreen reads baby books to Chrissie and Jane in maternity, though they are already beginning to resent her interference. Lizzie warns Doreen to keep her mouth shut about the verdict, or risk getting the others who testified charged with perjury. Vera visits Meg at home and volunteers to cook a meal for them both, after helping herself to a (very) large whisky. Jim has to wait for Vera to arrive before going home and warns her not to turn up late for work again. Vera helps herself to a powder she's hidden at the back of a filing cabinet drawer. Judy tells Lizzie that she can appeal against her sentence rather than the conviction without getting Linda into trouble as her guilt has already been decided. Julian warns Jim that the interior design business isn't stable to frighten him off investing money in the business. Erica also advises Lizzie she should appeal against her sentence. Chrissie complains to Erica that Doreen is driving the women in maternity crazy with her helpful childcare hints: Erica tells her to be patient for another week and promises to talk to Doreen. Officer Bailey offers to do Vera's shift when she asks if she will swap with her. Jim tells Meg he's had enough of Vera when he finds out she's coming round to cook Meg dinner again. Doreen suggests to Erica that she could try to get work as a nurse's aid when she's released. Sarah is a little surprised to find Jim can't go to dinner as he's working and wonders why a building contractor would be working in the dark. Doreen is horrified to find that Jane and Chrissie have brought a stray cat into maternity. Jim tears a strip off Vera for leaving work early, even though she's arranged for Offi

  • S02E69 Episode 152

    • September 30, 1980

    Tracey asks Judy for advice about Vera's spiteful comments. Vera blames Jim's rosters for her being a physical wreck, but Jim hints that there could be other reasons for that. Bob admits he is seeing Meg when Tracey challenges him to deny it, though when we see Meg at home she is waiting for Bob, who seems to have stood her up. Doreen visits the hospital with Erica and is interviewed by Dr Henderson and seems to make a good impression on him. Judy reminds Tracey she has Meg to thank for saving her life and so perhaps she could let her father express his gratitude to Meg however he wants. Vera snidely remarks to Jim that he seems very interested in interior design all of a sudden. Doreen gets along well with the kids in the children's ward and impresses Dr Henderson with how well she has been coping. He doesn't even seem to mind Doreen throwing the kids roughly onto their beds and then admitting in the next breath that some of them can't smile because they've just had their appendix out. Bob turns up late at Meg's with a takeaway Chinese meal : later he tells Meg about Tracey's concern about their relationship and Meg realises that Tracey must have got the information from Vera. Vera phones Meg and offers to come round on her afternoon off and look after her, but Meg tells her politely not to interfere in her life. Vera snaps back that Bob is only cultivating her to get better treatment for Tracey. Bob tells Meg that Tracey has phoned him to tell him that it's all right between them. He also uses the visit to urge Meg to find another job, but she says she loves what she does and doesn't want to leave Wentworth. Lizzie's appeal against her sentence begins : when she hears the case announced as "The Queen versus Birdsworth" she cackles "What a match, eh?" . Jim approaches Erica about the staffing situation and points out the effect the long hours seem to be having on Vera. When Jim eventually manages to speak to Sarah on the phone, she won't agree to any of his suggest

  • S02E70 Episode 153

    • October 1, 1980

    Sarah leaves Jim's flat in a hurry. Jim finds his wardrobe open and realises why Sarah has fled. Judy tells Tracey to go to Erica about the threatening note, but Bea is also told, and she says she'll make her own enquiries. Bob arrives at Meg's flat to drive her to work on her first day back. Chrissie worries that her baby will soon be one year old and will be taken away from her. Jim sees Meg arriving at work with Bob and makes a snide comment which angers Meg. Erica promises to take action over the threat to Tracey. Chrissie admits to Doreen that she put the note on Tracey's bed, though she didn't know what was in it. Inspector Grace arrives and Meg finds out from him about the threat to Tracey. Chrissie owns up to Bea about the letter. Tracey sees her solicitor who tries to calm her fears. Jim puts on his uniform for his next visit to see Sarah, but Julian tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Tracey goes to court with an armed police escort. Doreen offers to look after Elizabeth until Chrissie is released. Judy suggests that Chrissie should contact the PRG about Elizabeth. On her return to Wentworth, Tracey asks Meg to see her father, as she wasn't allowed to talk to him at the court. Doreen goes to Erica to tell her that the note was passed on by someone who didn't know what was in it, and Erica concludes that any threat to Tracey comes from outside Wentworth. Vera disagrees, as she's seen the women apparently conspiring in a huddle in the laundry, though they were really making preparations for Doreen's farewell party. Jim catches Judy giving Tracey a comforting hug and tells them they are disgusting. Vera catches Bea with goods from the kitchen and searches her cell. Meg tells Jim he's talking nonsense when he implies that Tracey and Judy are having an affair. Bea agrees to inform Erica as soon as she's aware that Tracey is in danger: in return Erica allows the farewell party for Doreen to go ahead, and as a further "punishment" she sends Bea back to w

  • S02E71 Episode 154

    • October 7, 1980

    The police car is driven through the back streets, but eventually runs into a police ambush: the driver from McNally's gang and the policewoman in the back of the car are both shot, but Tracey is pushed clear out of the car and sustains only a bad graze to the face . Lizzie comments that it doesn't seem like only six months since Doreen was picked up by the police: Bea tells her not to blame herself for getting Doreen into trouble. Tracey is brought back to Wentworth. Doreen gets a visitor at home: her neighbour Cheryl is investigating why there is a light on in a previously empty house and when she finds out it is Doreen she invites her to dinner. Doreen refuses and hurriedly shuts the door. Bob arrives to see Tracey, and as Meg is preparing to go home she takes a call at reception to say that the policewoman has died in hospital. Judy admits to Tracey that she had a relationship with a man once in America but implies that she didn't have sex with him. Meg tells Tracey about the death of the policewoman. Erica tells Meg she's considering having her flat redecorated and Meg suggests (in all innocence) that she asks Jim for Sarah's address. Doreen reports for her first day's work at the hospital. Jim offers to contact Sarah on Erica's behalf, but can't get an answer. Tracey is given a two year sentence. Doreen stays after her official leaving time to finish telling the kids a story. Bea gets a birthday card from Ken, though no-one else has remembered. Bob wonders if Tracey might be turning lesbian: Meg tells him that women in prison need friendship and that her attachment to Judy is probably innocent. Lizzie brings Bea an improvised birthday cake with a single candle. Tracey hears on the TV news that Joe has been found hanged in his cell. Sarah refuses to do the job for Erica and tells Jim bluntly that she never wants to see him again. Chrissie asks Erica about the PRG's campaign to allow mothers to keep their children until their third birthday. Erica agrees to cont

  • S02E72 Episode 155

    • October 8, 1980

    Chrissie is put into street clothes for her visit to Elizabeth, and Vera tells Jim they are supposed to ignore Doreen if they see her at the hospital. Erica wants to know why Jim tried to put her off using Sarah's firm: he notices she is going through prison files and accuses her of jumping to conclusions. Doreen recognises Elizabeth, but a nurse suggests she keeps out of sight or she will give the game away. When Doreen sees Vera she pretends not to know her but advises her cattily to keep away from the children to avoid spreading germs. Vera retaliates by letting everyone know that Doreen has been in prison. Bob arrives for a visit and sees Judy comforting Tracey, but when he asks Tracey about it she is indignant that he should suspect her of having a relationship with Judy. Chrissie asks to work outside the maternity unit to keep her mind occupied, and her mention of Barnhurst reminds Erica of a woman who escaped from that prison several years ago. Erica hears about Vera's remarks at the hospital and warns Vera that she will report it to the Department if Doreen loses her job as a result. Chrissie is listening at the door outside Erica's office and hears her warn Vera that if she's ever heard expressing similar attitudes, she could lose her job. Bob asks to see Judy and begs her not to "ruin" Tracey's life: Judy refuses to let it get to her and tells Bob that being lesbian means learning not to be upset by petty prejudices like his. Erica shows Jim the file on Jacki Nolan (alias Sarah Forrest prisoner number 304114 ), and gives Jim the opportunity to talk to Sarah and persuade her to give herself up to the police. Sister Brookes tells Doreen she's asked for her to be transferred to another part of the hospital. Doreen goes round to Vera's flat and tells her what she thinks of her, adding that all the women in Wentworth hate her. Despite her claim that nothing Doreen can say could upset her, Vera is obviously shaken and takes a large gulp of whisky as soon as Dor

  • S02E73 Episode 156

    • October 14, 1980

    Vera comes back from work in tears. Doreen's absence from the hospital is noticed, but the nurses assume that Elizabeth has been moved to another ward. Jim lies to Erica and pretends he hasn't had chance to talk to Sarah, so Erica says she will have to tell the police. Sarah is packed ready to leave for London, but changes her mind and tells Julian she's tired of running. Sister Brookes finds out Elizabeth hasn't been transferred to another ward and finally makes the connection with Doreen's failure to turn up for work. Doreen visits her neighbour Cheryl and passes Elizabeth off as her sister's baby (and then has to lie about having a sister). Jacki is brought to Wentworth and pretends not to know Jim. Meg and Erica discuss Vera's drink problem and wonder why they hadn't noticed it before. Lizzie and Bea can't understand why Judy is making such a fuss about the rumours of her relationship with Tracey. Meg tells the women that Elizabeth has been kidnapped. Cheryl thinks Doreen should take Elizabeth to a doctor as she's running a temperature. Doreen notices a police car pulling up outside her house and leaves Elizabeth with Cheryl to go and talk to them, even inviting them into her own house to check that she doesn't have the baby. Erica goes to see Vera at home and tells her she hasn't passed on her resignation to the Department. Vera is horrified that Meg has told Erica details of her private life and tries to deny that he has a drink problem. Jacki tells Jim she doesn't bear a grudge against him for being back inside. Erica asks Dr Marshall to visit Vera, but Vera isn't pleased when he calls round to see her. Doreen goes back to the hospital and brazens it out, claiming not to know anything about Elizabeth. Dr Marshall tells Vera she's run down, and gives her a medical certificate, but she throws it away and resorts to a large medicinal whisky. Julian visits Wentworth to see Jacki and accuses Jim of being responsible for her plight. Jacki tells the women about her

  • S02E74 Episode 157

    • October 15, 1980

    Officer Barry takes Chrissie to the hospital to see her baby, who is ill in intensive care. Chrissie is assured by hospital staff the baby is going to be alright even though she is on the critical list. Judy moves out of Tracey Morris's cell in a bid to stop the lesbian rumours. Doreen is put back inside, for kidnapping Chrissie's baby. Erica tells her she is disappointed with her, but promises to help her during the trial. Meanwhile, when Chrissie is brought back to Wentworth, she tells Joyce Barry she knows Doreen kidnapped the baby and she is going to kill her. Erica warns Latham about getting revenge on Doreen, then when Doreen is brought into the Governor's office, she confronts her but in the end, Chrissie understands Doreen's good intentions when Doreen tells her she "kidnapped" the baby because they are putting her in a home. Jim brings Tracey back to the laundry to work, but Mouse assumes it is to be near Judy and makes slighting remarks. Judy asks Jim to be moved out of the laundry so he reluctantly agrees to put her in the workshop. Meg takes Doreen to isolation until she can see Dr Weissman. Erica tells Meg that Elizabeth will be back with Chrissie in a few days and asks her advice about Vera. Meg says that Vera's problem is basically loneliness and agrees to visit Vera at home to see how she is coping. Lizzie is amazed to see Doreen back in solitary and even more so when Doreen admits that she took Chrissie's baby. Tracey sulks when Meg tries to talk to her and accuses her of only being interested in her father' money. Meg is upset and confides in Jim: he tells her to think of herself for a change. Judy asks Tracey to consider her father's feelings and try to accept Meg as a step-mother. Erica sees that Meg is upset and sends her home. Jacki is returned to Wentworth to serve the remaining two years of her original sentence plus fifteen months for escaping. Jim and Erica are both surprised by the severity of the sentence and Erica tells her she should ap

  • S02E75 Episode 158

    • October 21, 1980

    The police question Vera about the robbery but say they're unlikely to be able to help her. Tracey apologises to Meg and congratulates her on the wedding. Vera returns to work but Erica tells her she doesn't look well enough so Vera has to admit to the drink problem and beg to be allowed to stay at work. When Erica asks what has happened to upset her, she tells Erica about being robbed. Jacki isn't pleased with the newspaper article about her case. Vera catches Tracey in the laundry with an uncensored newspaper, but amazes the women by only telling Lizzie to return it to the staff room. Jim tells Erica about his unsuccessful visit to Julian and recommends they try the PRG and attend the meeting conveniently planned for that very evening. Meg asks for leave in four weeks, and Erica is a little dubious until she finds out about the wedding. Julian calls a friend who's a judge for help with Jacki's appeal. Jacki tells the women again that she's not interested in anyone helping her, and just wants to be left in peace to serve her sentence. Vera turns down Wendy's invitation to come out with a group of colleagues after work when she finds they're going to a pub: instead she goes home and pours her booze down the kitchen sink . Jim addresses the PRG meeting to get their support for Jacki: Myra Desmond proposes a poster campaign. Bea asks Meg why Tracey has been given extra cleaning duties by Vera and tries to help her by asking other women to volunteer to help. Next morning, Vera can't believe that Tracey has finished all the work single handed, but when Doreen admits that some of the other women helped, Vera goes straight to Erica and reports that Meg is giving Tracey special favours. Julian tells Jim not to waste his time with the PRG as his influential friends will do much more good. Jacki requests a phone call to ask Julian to give up trying to help her and finds out from him that Jim has been sticking his nose in too. Tracey is told she will probably be transferred

  • S02E76 Episode 159

    • October 22, 1980

    Bea tells the women to keep quiet about Jacki's relationship with Jim or risk having her transferred to Barnhurst. Erica promises Julian to speak to Myra and the PRG, but gives no guarantees that she can influence them. Vera is behind a store room door and overhears a conversation between Jim and Jacki: she goes to Erica and asks why Jacki is still in Wentworth. Erica tells her it wouldn't look good to have another prisoner transferred so soon after Tracey and for very similar reasons. Vera nevertheless tells Jim she's putting in a report to get Jacki moved "on security grounds" and makes a few snide remarks, but she tears the report up when Jim tells her why Jacki escaped. Lizzie and Doreen are inspired by Jacki's ability to run her own business and put in a request to Erica to let them start studying to improve themselves. Bea is a bit depressed by Lizzie and Doreen's hero worship of Jacki and points out to them that her own future involves another ten years in Wentworth. Doreen and Lizzie ask Jacki if she'll speak up for Bea if she gets a chance, but she won't even consider it. A reporter from "The Verity" arrives at Wentworth looking for an angle on Jacki's story just as Myra arrives to see Erica. Bea tells Jacki that she doesn't want her help, but asks her to pass on a message to Ken Pearce when she gets out. Myra agrees to Erica's suggestion to lay off the campaign for Jacki for a while. She also tells Erica she has four crates of books to donate to the prison library. Lizzie and Doreen notice the reporter lurking outside the perimeter fence and talk to him about Bea, but their remarks are totally distorted and appear under the headline "Jacki Nolan should not be released". Doreen suggests the pantomime they do for maternity every year could be performed to children from outside. Bea is hauled over the coals by Erica for the newspaper report but she denies any involvement. Erica gets a call from Ted Douglas who is obviously not pleased, but she refuses to name

  • S02E77 Episode 160

    • October 28, 1980

    Erica tells Jim to organise a special work programme to give the inspector less opportunity to find fault, but Vera thinks putting up a good front amounts to defrauding the Department. Lizzie and Doreen are set to work sorting out the books in the library and Lizzie finds a history of the Wentworth area, which mentions extensive wine cellars which form the prison's storm water drainage system. Meg asks Erica to be her matron of honour. A new prisoner, Anne Griffin , is brought to Wentworth charged with armed robbery after holding up a shopkeeper with a knife. She seems very distressed and says that the money the police found on her was a loan from her friend Megan. The women on the work detail clear the earth from around a concrete slab in the garden and manage to lift it. Anne tells a policewoman that her friend Megan is on holiday which is why they can't trace her. Doreen suggest Mouse is sent down the drains to investigate as she's less likely to be missed. Bea and Judy create a diversion in the garden by pretending to chase a snake and Mouse manages to get down the drain unseen by the officers. Anne tells Lizzie and Doreen that her husband took their daughter away from her when she was only a baby. The inspector arrives at Wentworth and pretends to be Phyllis' uncle to test if regulations on visitors are being followed. The women have to go inside for lunch leaving Mouse still underground. Vera doesn't realise who Stuart Gillespie is and is rude to him. The receptionist Julie phones Erica to warn her that the inspector has arrived a day early and is on his way to her office. Bea shouts down the drain to get Mouse to come back up. Gillespie goes into the grounds and questions the safety of having unarmed officers supervising a bunch of prisoners carrying garden tools, though he misses seeing Mouse popping her head out of the hole to see what's going on. Towards the end of the day Gillespie asks Erica why no-one has asked to see his identification and points out

  • S02E78 Episode 161

    • October 29, 1980

    Judy finds Bea lying unconscious and calls for help. When Vera goes to report the incident to Erica, she tries to pretend in front of Gillespie that it is only a routine matter, but he insists on hearing her report. Judy tells the women in the rec room about the attack on Bea: Lizzie reckons there must be a basher in operation and any of them could be the next victim. Bea can tell Erica nothing useful about the attack, so Erica asks for surveillance to be stepped up on Bea and all her group. Vera suggests (prophetically, as it turns out) that this will only "drive them underground". Bea tells the women she needs to know anything which could identify her attacker. Gillespie "recommends" that the security gates be locked at all times and that armed guards should be posted round the perimeter fence. The script arrives for the pantomime and Vera wants to set to work censoring it, but Erica tells her there are more important things to do. Anne's Legal Aid solicitor tells her that the police need to trace her friend Megan to check her alibi, but Anne insists she saw Megan off from the airport. Casting is settled for the pantomime: Doreen as Cinderella; Lizzie as the Fairy Godmother; and Bea and Judy as the Ugly Sisters. Gillespie talks to Bea in person, and warns that he is ready to "knock her off her perch". Vera is told off by Gillespie for letting Lizzie talk back to her. Erica phones Ted Douglas to ask how long they must all put up with Gillespie's interference. Margo comes to the rec room to report to Bea that no-one in the other blocks has any information on who bashed her, but Bea ropes her in to act a part in the pantomime, along with Mouse. Doreen finds all her money has been stolen and Lizzie is upset when suspicion falls on her first. Helen Smart returns to Wentworth for not paying a fine for soliciting (and with a fine collection of accents, predominantly French, but wandering all over Europe). Margo finds that some of her money is missing too: Bea announces

  • S02E79 Episode 162

    • November 4, 1980

    Judy claims the money was planted in her cell. Bea is prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, but doesn't rate her chances of getting the other women to believe her, even when she gives them the money back. Bea suspects that it is Gillespie who is stirring up trouble, possibly as a way of getting her transferred. Doreen tells Lizzie she thinks Erica is getting the sack, and when Bea hears this, she reckons it gives Gillespie an even better motive. Erica rejects Gillespie's demand that the pantomime is cancelled and tells him she'll put her job on the line to ensure "That show will go on". As Bea predicted, the women are not impressed with Judy's story about the money. Bea is outraged that the women seem to have lost interest in the pantomime. Erica passes on Gillespie's latest instructions to the staff: all officers are to take a refresher course in unarmed combat, the armoury is to be restocked and the pantomime cancelled. Vera passes on what she overheard in the rec room, suggesting that the pantomime won't go ahead anyway. Margo complains that Judy hasn't repaid her in full and Bea has to break up a fight between them. Later Bea works out that the thief must be one of the women who claimed to have been robbed, and was given back money that was never stolen. Helen passes on rumours from C and D blocks that Erica has resigned, so Bea tells her they aren't true. Erica gets permission from the Department to stage the pantomime as long as Gillespie's security instructions are followed to the letter. Bea uses the exercise period to appeal to the women to unite against Gillespie: Vera stops their discussion and remarks that the pantomime is cancelled. Bea demands to see the Governor and passes on information about the thefts, blaming Gillespie. Erica doesn't take the accusation seriously and is able to tell Bea that the pantomime is going ahead after all. Judy gives Margo the missing three dollars out of her own money. Margo sees the arms delivery van when she is

  • S02E80 Episode 163

    • November 5, 1980

    Vera catches up with the policewoman just as she is leaving to tell her the truth about Anne's letter. Bea finds Anne packing her bags, confident that Megan will clear her. Anne is asked for a sample of her handwriting to prove she didn't write the letter she handed over to the police. Judy tells Bea that Mouse and Irene want to come along on the escape. Margo says Doreen must be mad to trust Helen with her money, and Bea warns Helen not to take a penny more than she needs. Meg asks Vera if she's sure there was no letter from Megan: if the letter was forged by Anne, then perhaps Megan is just a figment of her imagination. Lizzie rehearses her part in the pantomime with L plates on, as she's a "learner" Fairy Godmother . Bea tells Helen to get a plan of the storm water drains so they know where to park the getaway vehicle. Lizzie talks to Anne about her daughter, and by an odd co-incidence, the daughter also seems to be called Megan. Helen is released. Anne is told that a graphologist confirmed the letter was written by Anne herself. Helen plays the dumb blonde to get a copy of the plans of the drainage system from a man at City Hall. Anne admits to Bea that she forged the letter: Meg sees part of the conversation and accuses Bea of threatening Anne. Helen comes back to Wentworth on the pretext that the officers didn't hand over all her property on release: in the garden on the way out she picks up the tennis ball the women are playing with and substitutes another which contains the plans. Bea is now convinced it was Anne who bashed her and suggests they set her up to do something illicit and see if she lags to the officers. Gillespie outlines his requirements for security at the pantomime: all officers will have to work at the time of the pantomime. Meg is annoyed when Gillespie demands the pantomime costume materials are searched merely because Bob had handled them. Jim tells the women the pantomime will be held in a marquee in the grounds as Gillespie doesn't want

  • S02E81 Episode 164

    • November 11, 1980

    The story Anne tells Jim and Vera is very confused, and she eventually agrees she made the whole thing up. She is returned to the laundry where she starts to talk again about her friend Megan. When she tells the women about finding Megan dead and the doctors describing it as a cot death, it becomes obvious she's talking (at least in part) about a baby. Anne says that she named her baby after her best friend, but now no-one can help her as they are both dead. Vera can't persuade Meg to change her mind and take back her resignation. The women try to pretend that the escape plan was just a joke, but Anne isn't convinced and flies into a rage. Bea realises it was Anne who attacked her. Later on, Anne has returned to "normal" and helps Lizzie with her lines. Meg talks to Bob about being born in prison: she says her mother was given a 5 year sentence during the war for black market activities and her father was a US soldier. Judy gets Anne to stand in as Prince Charming to show Margo how it should be done, but Vera cuts Anne down to size by reminding her that her family had disinherited her. Anne now admits she stole the money to all the women in the rec room. Judy passes the information on to Bea, and they work out how to manipulate Anne's behaviour, as she seems to lose control either when ordered about or left out and ignored. Helen demands free driving licences from Weasel, as he was already paid for Judy's passport. Anne overhears the women discussing what they would have to do to provoke her and get her transferred: she cannily manages to recover her self-possession and not react to their taunts. Vera calls on Meg at home and tells her again she shouldn't have resigned. Helen dons a blond wig and does a passable imitation of Doreen to get the bank to cash her a cheque for $3,000. The women try to get Anne to talk about Megan in front of Vera, but Anne cheerfully admits she made the whole thing up. Vera tells the women that Meg has resigned. Meg gets a note from Mart

  • S02E82 Episode 165

    • November 12, 1980

    On the day of the panto and escape attempt, Gillespie is suspicious and snooping around backstage. The panto is a roaring success with the kids present, and under cover of costume, Judy, Doreen, Mouse and Irene make their escape down the tunnel. Back above ground, Lizzie has been pondering going with Dor, and when she finds Teddy left behind, her mind is made up and she ventures down after them, pursued by Bea, determined to bring her back. After watching what has been going on, loopy Anne tips a wheelbarrow of dirt on top of the entrance to the tunnel, burying it from sight and effectively trapping them all down there. And then disaster strikes when the tunnel collapses on top of the escapees, crushing Irene and trapping everyone else... Meanwhile, Meg prepares to start a new life with Bob, as they tie the knot.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Episode 166

    • February 4, 1981

    Judy and Mouse dig in the rubble with their bare hands, but they only turn up Irene's dead body . They shout for help and hear Bea's voice on the other side of the cave-in: Bea tells them that Doreen and Lizzie are still alive. Meanwhile, Anne is making a rockery on top of the tunnel, but Gillespie sees her and sends her back inside the marquee. Bea has to help Doreen free her leg , but she still isn't able to walk, so Bea goes back alone to try to get help. Margo and Hazel are worried that Bea and Lizzie haven't come back , especially when Vera notices that Bea isn't around, but Margo manages to cover for her. Bea reaches the entrance to the tunnel but can't get the lid up. Gillespie notices the ladder and raises the alarm: all the kids are sent home. Bea finds her way back to Doreen and Lizzie and suggests they all sit down and wait for help to arrive: Lizzie points out that they've made sure that no-one knows they are down the tunnel and if they are relying on Anne for help, they may be in for a long wait. Judy and Mouse find the other end of the tunnel and try to clean themselves up before coming out into the daylight. The women are sent back to their cells and it's only when the costumes come off that the officers realise there are six prisoners missing. Gillespie blames the officers' incompetence for the escape, especially Vera when she admits she suspected Bea was missing but didn't report it straight away. Judy's letter to Erica is found in a cell search and handed over to Gillespie, but he shrugs off its claim that his repressive security measures caused the escape. Judy and Mouse find the van, but a youth has just broken into it and is going through the glovebox. Judy ties him up and shoves him in the back of the van. Mouse and Judy check the driving licences for their new identities. The inspector investigating the escape points out there are no tracks around the base of the ladder and asks iof there is any other way they could ahve escaped. Gillespie wa

  • S03E02 Episode 167

    • February 10, 1981

    Jim overhears Mouse and Margo discussing the escape and what might have happened to Doreen and Bea, and Irene's death in the cave-in. Anne is also listening as they pass her cell and she assumes that it's Bea who is dead. Mouse agrees to show the officers where the tunnel is, but Gillespie nevertheless orders that she loses remission. Lizzie uses a piece of her costume tied round a stick as a torch, but Bea grabs hold of it and rushes off down the tunnel. Chrissie asks Gillespie for permission to hold a first birthday party for Elizabeth: he refuses and says he will make sure that child welfare are informed and come to collect Elizabeth promptly when she is one year old. Mouse leads the officers to where Lizzie and Doreen are. Anne is told that Dr Weissman may want to see her again after he's interviewed her family. Bea is eventually found banging her hands on a security grille trying to get through. Erica tells Gillespie he had no business interfering over Chrissie, and as a gesture she countermands his order and says the women may be let out of their cells, though the garden must remain out of bounds until the tunnel is sealed off. Bea is worried that her loss of control will diminish her in the eyes of the other women. Erica tries to get the women to tell her about Judy's plans, but no-one will lag. Mouse passes Chrissie a note to deliver with the meals to sickbay: when Bea reads it she knows for sure that it was Anne who buried them alive. Meg returns to work. Judy hitches a lift with an old hippy type. Bea's angry glare in the laundry is enough to unsettle Anne and ask to go back to her cell. Margo tries to persuade Bea not to go ahead with her threat to kill Anne. Judy's saviour introduces himself as Wally and invites her to come back to his cabin for something to eat. Anne asks to nurse Elizabeth, and Chrissie hardly has time to blow out the candle on the birthday cake and for Meg to take a couple of pictures with a Polaroid camera when the woman from child

  • S03E03 Episode 168

    • February 11, 1981

    Wally tells Judy he saw her photo in the newspaper, but tells her he has no intention of telling the police where she is, inviting her to stay as long as he likes. He is surprised when she turns down the offer of "a smoke", so Judy offers to explain why she is so opposed to drugs by telling him her story. Lizzie and Doreen are allowed out of sickbay. The women are delighted by the TV news that Judy is still on the run: Gillespie is annoyed and wants to have TV and radio privileges taken away. Erica tells him she will only agree to have the newspapers censored. Bea regrets that Anne has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital before she had the chance to fix her. Gillespie tells Vera to censor the papers but cuts her down to size when she suggests his own idea about TV and radio. Judy is disappointed that the letter she left in her cell hasn't been mentioned in the newspapers and is inspired by Wally's' suggestion that she writes to the Ombudsman. Doreen is told she'll be facing an additional charge for the escape at her trial for kidnapping. When Erica suggests that she hires some legal representation, Doreen is forced to admit that she has no money left in her account. Wally tries to persuade Judy not to send her letters, but ends up agreeing to post them for her. Lizzie takes an old packet of yeast from the kitchen to make grog and sets to work in the rec room store cupboard using two cleaning buckets. The TV and radio in the rec room mysteriously stop working. Next day a diversion is arranged as Vera is carrying the papers inside, so that Lizzie can get hold of an uncensored paper. Bea is pleased that Judy's letter has made the press after all. Gillespie tells the officers that they must work in pairs from now on: Erica is forced to agree with him. Lizzie hands Vera a letter she's written to the Ombudsman, but is told it has to be posted in a special envelope. Erica goes to see Ted Douglas to ask him again to do something about Gillespie, and he agrees to put

  • S03E04 Episode 169

    • February 17, 1981

    Vera gives Lizzie mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while the women wait for the ambulance to arrive. Meanwhile, Hazel removes the bucket of booze from the store room behind Vera's back. Ted Douglas tells Erica a teacher will be appointed to a new education facility in the prison. Vera feels guilty that she didn't believe Lizzie at first, but she recovers her usual character in time and remembers about the grog manufacture, which she rushes off to investigate. When she gets to the rec room, the buckets have vanished but Vera tells Bea she must have known what was going on and must see the Governor. In hospital, Lizzie describes her near-death experience to a doctor in the usual cliched terms involving bright lights at the end of a tunnel. Vera takes Bea to the Governor to explain what she knows about the home brew, and Bea is honest for once: she tells Erica the home brew has been flushed down the toilet. Erica decides not to punish anyone for the incident, and tells Bea officially that Gillespie has gone. Erica asks Colleen if her husband could fix the rec room TV: she says her husband is hopeless as a handyman but says a retired neighbour, Sid Humphrey would be perfect for the job. Lizzie's doctor alerts a friend in the media to her story as a way of putting pressure on the authorities to have her freed. Sid visits the prison and agrees to fix the TV for the cost of parts only. Vera is puzzled and disconcerted when the women are friendly to her, as Bea agreed to Erica that they would be. Erica reverses all of Gillespie's extra security measures. Sid fixes the TV and tells Bea that one of the valves had been deliberately removed, and as he leaves he offers his services to Erica as a general handyman in future. Judy hides when a visitor for Wally drives up on a motorbike, but it is only his daughter Micki. Bea plots to get Sid back to do some more repair jobs to help him out. Micki offers to deliver a letter from Judy to the PRG. Doreen sees her solicitor, who tells her

  • S03E05 Episode 170

    • February 18, 1981

    Wally tells Judy he's concerned that Micki is getting too involved in Judy's campaign to improve conditions, and Judy agrees to talk to Micki. Erica tells Meg that Lizzie won't be able to get a visa to enter the United States with a criminal record. Meg tells the women to humour Lizzie's plans to emigrate until she is fully recovered. Wally tries to warn Micki of the risks she's running, and when Judy sees she is not convinced, she tells Micki that she won't do the interview. Doreen gets two years for escaping and three months for the kidnapping. News of Lizzie being returned to Wentworth persuades Judy to do the interview after all, and Judy suggests that the tape could be posted to the TV station, but Micki wants to hand it to Graeme Hopkins in person. Erica visits Lizzie in hospital and asks the doctor the effect of telling her truth about America: he advises against it, and Erica thinks it best he just tells Lizzie she isn't strong enough to travel. Micki phones Graeme Hopkins and fixes a meeting in a car park near the TV station. Lizzie is returned to Wentworth in a wheelchair, though she insists on getting out as soon as she's inside reception. Micki delivers the tape by throwing it to Graeme Hopkins and driving off fast, but not before he's had time to write down part of the licence plate number. Judy, Micki and Wally wait impatiently for Judy's tape to be broadcast , but at the end of the program there is only a brief report about Lizzie being returned to Wentworth. Micki thinks the tape wasn't shown because the reporter didn't get a personal interview with Judy. Bea dons a pair of Marigolds and fiddles with the light in the store room to fuse the lights in the whole prison as a way of giving Sid more work to do: the lights go out in the staff room just as Vera is telling Jim that Lizzie must be told the truth about the America trip. The women are locked in their cells and they realise the trick has backfired on them when Jim tells them that Sid has been app

  • S03E06 Episode 171

    • February 24, 1981

    Graeme Hopkins arrives at Wentworth threatening to expose the contents of Judy's tape if Erica won't agree to grant him an interview. Helen Smart comes home to find Judy waiting for her: after a bit of persuasion (and a wad of banknotes to cover her lost "business") she agrees to let Judy stay for a while, but she is slightly worried when Judy vows that she intends to avenge herself on Gillespie and Jock Stewart. Erica warns Graeme Hopkins that his campaign to free Lizzie could kill her, but she agrees to let him talk to her so she can hear it in Lizzie's own words. At first, Lizzie says she does want to get out of prison, but when Hopkins tells her he can't help her get a visa, she turns on him and says she doesn't want his help. Helen is sceptical about Judy's enthusiasm when she finds out her tape is to be shown on TV after all, saying the police won't act on the word of a criminal alone. Bea overhears Meg and Vera discussing the TV broadcast and Erica's interview, and cooks up a little diversion so she can talk to Sid. She tells him she can make it up to Lizzie by fixing it so the TV doesn't get taken away. Sid pretends he can't fix the TV, so it is left where it is, but Doreen has the valve which will make it work again. Only extracts from Judy's tape are shown on Graeme Hopkins' programme and the names of Gillespie and Jock Stewart are bleeped out: Erica is able to answer Judy's accusations by pointing out that Gillespie has left, the security has been tightened and that Sharon's inquest returned a verdict of accidental death. Judy is angry at the betrayal and demands that Helen traces Jock Stewart for her and finds out which massage parlours he uses. Sid brings flowers for Lizzie and Vera lets him give them to her himself. His little speech of apology touches Lizzie and she admits she hasn't had a gentleman bring her flowers for over 30 years. Helen tells Judy that Jock Stewart has been seen as a customer at Doris' massage parlour, and has to give Judy a qu

  • S03E07 Episode 172

    • February 25, 1981

    Jock tells Judy she's now going to work for him: he wants $300 every time he visits - if not, he'll bash her and turn both Judy and Helen over to the police. Doreen is noticeably more enthusiastic about the classes than the other women. After leaving the massage parlour after a hard night's work, Judy has to fend off a kerb crawler and ends up being chased by two patrolcar policemen. Helen suggests that Judy should go away somewhere quiet, but Judy says she wants to get Jock in her own way, no matter how many men she has to go with. Only Doreen turns up for David's classes. Jim tells Sid he ought to make a list of his tools so he knows if any of them go missing. Judy goes back to work at the massage parlour , and when Jock comes to collect his money he hits her across the face when she says she hasn't got it yet. He suggests that if business is slow she ought to offer something more than "a gentle rub-down". Judy gives Helen back $800 for her to start an account in Doreen's name: she says she won't be needing it as she intends to turn herself in. Helen is dismayed to see her pick up the phone, but Judy tells the police to follow Jock Stewart if they want to find her. Sid asks Meg if Lizzie can help him in the garden by telling him what had been planted there before. Jock tries to demand sex from Judy, and she attacks him just as the police burst in to arrest them both . Meg warns Sid that his gifts to Lizzie could get her into trouble. Doreen has her nose put out of joint by Phyllis' visit to the library to suggest some ideas for classes to David. Erica calls Doreen to her office to show her the papers for Kevin's application for divorce. Doreen refuses his solicitor's offer of maintenance. Judy is brought back to Wentworth, still in blue frock and full wig , giving Vera difficulty identifying her . David offers to help Doreen fill in the forms Erica has given her. Judy is so pleased with herself for fixing Jock Stewart that she brags about it to Erica, and tells h

  • S03E08 Episode 173

    • March 3, 1981

    Doreen tries to take the blame as Jim returns her to her cell, but he obviously doesn't believe her. Bea and Lizzie are both in favour of letting David take the blame. Next morning, Jim reports what he saw to Erica, and says he doesn't think Doreen should be held entirely responsible. Erica orders David that he can no longer speak to Doreen if she's on her own, and suggests that he tries to interest more women in his classes. Bea tells Doreen not to waste time mooning over David, as she'll never get anywhere. Sid asks to drive Meg and Lizzie to hospital, but Meg agrees only if he will keep it quiet. Vera accuses David of seducing Doreen, and her tone carries more than a hint of the spite she feels because it wasn't her. Bea snaps and tells Doreen she's had enough of her always going on about David. David starts to approach the women individually about his classes, but Hazel tells him she isn't much interested after her bad experiences at school. David and Doreen sort out their differences but when David comes to the laundry to announce his new course in "modern living", Bea has a hard time convincing Doreen that he didn't come to laundry just as an excuse to see her. Lizzie tells Sid about her husband "Blossom" (a nickname obviously, though not much preferable to his real name, Tennyson). Sid offers to let Lizzie live in his house when she's released in about a year. Vera brings a new prisoner into the rec room: Sandra Hamilton, who is on a three week sentence for driving without a licence. Sandra recognises Judy from her TV appearance. In the shower block next morning, Sandra starts asking Doreen and Judy a lot of questions and Bea has to warn her about respecting other people's privacy. Doreen tells Sandra about David's classes so she will have someone else to go with, and when she mentions wanting to give David a present, Sandra offers to get her boyfriend to smuggle something in. David tries to soft soap Vera to get another staff member on his side. Sandra and

  • S03E09 Episode 174

    • March 4, 1981

    Bea orders the women to send Sandra to Coventry so she can't get any more information. Judy overhears Sandra ask Jim to be allowed to make a phone call and using considerable knowledge of regulations to get her own way. Doreen borrows Bea's torch so she can finish knitting the socks after light out. Doreen breaks the no talking to Sandra ban to ask her if she'll agree to go top classes with her, and she manages to give David his present. However, Erica comes in to the library to see how classes are going and David hides the socks on the bookshelves. Bea and Doreen try to cheer Judy up by saying she did the right thing for all of them while she was on the outside. David shows Vera the socks and she comments acidly that he ought to start knitting classes. When she next sees Doreen she can't resist making a snide comment which makes Doreen run back to her cell. Bea and Lizzie find her in tears and decide to attend the classes to settle the score. They turn up next day with a few extra bodies in tow, and Bea lets David know that any personal information he learns about the women must remain private, but she accepts his explanation that he didn't mean to hurt Doreen's feelings. Sandra is cleaning the showers when someone creeps up behind her and knocks her out by pushing her head against the tiled shower wall. Vera discovers her when she's coming round , but she claims to have slipped on a wet patch. Bea says they will change tactics and turn the tables on Sandra to try to find out more about her. Vera sends Sandra for another examination after she comes over dizzy. When Sandra returns to the rec room, the women start to interrogate her. She starts to flirt with Judy dropping a heavy hint that she thinks they'd get on just fine if they could share a cell. Judy objects when Sandra is moved to share her cell, after Sandra has gone to Erica to ask for a transfer. Meg and Colleen speculate on the connection between Sandra's "accident" and her request for a cell change. Bea t

  • S03E10 Episode 175

    • March 10, 1981

    Bea tells the women they can use Sandra to feed her information which supports their cause. Meg gives Lizzie the news that Sid has had a stroke, and promises to ask permission for her to visit him in hospital. Sandra says she's willing to pay the women for information, but only if it's what she thinks her editor will want. Three new prisoners are brought to Wentworth: when the van door is opened, one of them, Jenny Armstrong, has been given a bloody nose by one of the others, Georgie Baxter. Jenny is in prison for not paying a parking fine. Georgie is manhandled shrieking into reception and after wiping the fingerprint ink all over Jim's face , she is sent straight to solitary . When she is left alone there, she tears up the uniform she is supposed to put on. Meg introduces the third new inmate, Evelyn Randall, to the women in the rec room. Sandra complains the stuff the women are telling her is too boring to print. Evelyn announces that she's a herbalist and antagonizes Bea by calling her ignorant after Bea scoffs at her "profession". Sandra agrees to listen to Evelyn's story if she'll snoop around for gossip about Judy and Doreen. Lizzie talks to Jenny in sickbay and finds she was arrested when she got back from Asia for not paying a fine before she left. Bea says she is going to frame Sandra to have her put in solitary out of everyone's way. Lizzie visits Sid in hospital. Evelyn warns Sandra that she's liable to end up in solitary, but Sandra isn't too bothered and thinks she might get a story on Georgie that way. Bea realises why Evelyn is sticking up for Sandra and warns her not to interfere. Sandra gives Doreen tips on how to attract a man. Erica wants Georgie kept in solitary until she learns how to behave. Doreen is seen by Erica after Miss Vaughan's report, but Doreen rejects the offer of counselling. She tells Erica she won't make the same mistakes in any future relationship. Evelyn is affronted by David's suggestion that she attends his classes and tells

  • S03E11 Episode 176

    • March 11, 1981

    Bea dashes off to make Evelyn reveal what was in the the mixture she gave Doreen. When Evelyn finds out that Doreen heated up the mixture, making it toxic, she says she can take no responsibility if people ignore her instructions - just as her unfortunate patient who died had done, by eating the preparation for skin cancer that was supposed to be an ointment. David offers to talk to Georgie when she is released from solitary later that day. Doreen is soon back to normal and both she and Lizzie apologise to Evelyn, much to Bea's disgust. Evelyn is worried when she finds out that Sandra is in isolation, and won't be able to write the article to help her case, but Judy suggests it would be just as good if she could cure some illness while inside prison, such as the rare tropical illness they've just heard about: Evelyn points out that none of them seem to be suffering from it. Judy and Lizzie both offer to help Evelyn get the herbs and plants she needs to carry on her work, despite Bea's protests. Georgie's boyfriend Mike ("The Bike") comes to visit her, but Jim sends him away, saying she's in solitary and to come back next week. David follows Mike and tells him to come back again that afternoon. Georgie agrees to David's suggestion that she could wear uniform overalls rather than a skirt, but still won't promise to come to his classes. Erica refuses to let Evelyn have any books on herbalism, but reluctantly allows her to have "decorative" plants in her cell when Evelyn points out that the other women have them. Lizzie reads out the shopping list for Evelyn, which includes belladonna... Judy pinches some mouldy bread out of the skip for Evelyn to use to grow "cultures". Georgie turns up at David's classes, but as soon as she sees the women laughing amongst themselves, she assumes it about her and attacks Bea. Bea notices how David tries to stand up for Georgie. Mike returns for his visit and has it approved by Erica in person. Lizzie offers to hide Evelyn's "cultures"

  • SPECIAL 0x35 Prisoner In Concert

    • March 15, 1981

    The cast of Prisoner filmed a concert special inside Pentridge prison, which aired on TEN in 1981. Many of the cast were stage performers, unleashing their inner musical side in this TV rarity. And yes, that’s Sheila Florence as Village People’s own leather man.

  • S03E12 Episode 177

    • March 17, 1981

    A doctor arrives to carry out tests for tropical diseases: Evelyn scoffs at him from her bed in the infirmary. Dr Granger warns Erica that if Sally was the contact there could be an epidemic. No-one can explain how Lizzie became infected until Jim remembers that she'd brought Sally a meal when she was in sickbay. Georgie is forcibly removed from solitary for an examination and an injection of antibiotics. Dr Granger suspects typhoid and orders all food in the kitchen to be destroyed and that block H should be isolated from the rest of the prison. He also tells the officers they won't be allowed to go home. Judy reports back to Bea that she wasn't allowed to get out of the block to go to the library. Evelyn challenges the nurse, claiming that she could cure herself and refusing the injection. Sandra is moved out of isolation to make room for the female officers: when she finds out about the quarantine she begs Vera not to put her back with the other women. Georgie is put in Judy's cell. Sandra tells Bea she nursed her mother when she was dying of cancer, which is the reason she is so scared of illness. Judy enjoys the show as Georgie strips off for bed : Vera happens to spy through the peephole and tells Meg about it when she goes back to the cell they are sharing. Vera is also put out that there's no-one to bring clothes in for her so she has to wear a prison issue nightie. Meg's temperature shoots up even though she's been immunized. Erica sleeps at her desk overnight. There is only porridge for breakfast, so most of the women stick to tea. Jim sets them to work disinfecting the building and burning the food. David asks Georgie why she did her sums but not the written questions: Georgie privately admits to Judy that she can hardly read or write. Dr Granger gets a phone message that the original contact has died, but typhoid is not suspected. Food is to be brought in from the outside. Evelyn tries to leave sickbay to get her herbs, but Dr Granger stops her, so when

  • S03E13 Episode 178

    • March 18, 1981

    Sandra is persuaded to come back inside. Evelyn seems worried that her medicine isn't working on Meg. Sandra is told she could be charged with attempting to escape: Erica tells her she will he sent to solitary (with an aside to Jim that the male officers will now have to bed down in the interview room) and warns her against an escalating cycle of ever more serious charges that could make her stay in Wentworth permanent. Doreen overhears that Meg is getting worse and recovers what's left of the medicine from Evelyn's cell and flushes it away in the shower block. Georgie checks up on Judy, but is told to look after Bea, who seems to be in a much worse condition. Erica suggests to Dr Granger that the epidemic may be non-bacterial as the antibiotics seem to be having little effect. Evelyn points out to Lizzie that Meg seems much better, and indeed she comes out of her coma. When Vera accompanies the delivery of meals to Sandra in solitary, she loses no time in reminding her that she's a prisoner just like any other, and by refusing to say where the meal was prepared she manages to trick Sandra into refusing to eat it. Meg doesn't remember being given Evelyn's medicine, but Evelyn points out to Dr Herbert that she refused to take the antibiotics herself and she is better. He nevertheless refuses to let her treat the other women unless her remedy is analysed. Doreen is relieved to see that Meg is better when she delivers the meals to the infirmary, but when Meg asks if the remedy has been tried on anyone else, Doreen is forced to confess that she has got rid of the rest of it. Evelyn promises to make more from ingredients in the prison garden. Vera wonders why she isn't infected as she'd shared a cell with Meg, but Jim assures her they must both be immune. When Vera visits Meg in sickbay, Meg tells her she thinks it was Evelyn's remedy that cured her. Doreen tells Georgie about Evelyn's remedy, and Georgie rushes off to put pressure on Evelyn to make some more of it for J

  • S03E14 Episode 179

    • March 24, 1981

    Dr Granger says he wants to carry out further tests on the women to confirm his suspicions. Jim reports Georgie's attack on Judy, but Erica tells him to put Georgie in solitary for now and bring Evelyn to her office immediately. Erica tries to get an admission of guilt from Evelyn but she brazens it out, knowing that Erica has no proof. Sensing that she isn't going to get anywhere, Erica visits Georgie in solitary to ask her about the incident with Judy, and seems very unsympathetic to Georgie's side of the story. When Judy is questioned, she tries to put Georgie's case, but admits she told Georgie she was lesbian and thought she felt the same way. Dr Granger gets the test results: the women were poisoned by pollen from the pandanus candelabrum plant, but he tells Erica he can't see any way Evelyn could have got hold of it, as there was none in her cell or in the prison garden. Jim is relieved that the quarantine can be lifted. Bea seems to be on the mend and learns from Dr Granger what caused the "epidemic". Putting two and two together, she works out that it must have been deliberate and also who must have been responsible. Evelyn admits to Erica that she knew of the effects of the pollen as it is a traditional poison of some Aboriginal tribes. Margo says she's going straight when she is released in a few days: her boyfriend Wayne has been released from Pentridge and has a job and a house for them both to live in. Bea asks Lizzie what she brought back from her last trip to visit Sid. Wayne arrives to see Margo out of visiting hours: Jim recognises him from Pentridge. Judy, Doreen and Lizzie still aren't convinced that Evelyn poisoned anyone, so Bea tries to get Evelyn to admit it in front of everyone. Evelyn is taken aback when Bea reveals that she knows about the pollen and she eventually admits sprinkling it on some people's food. In a panic, Evelyn runs out of the rec room and bumps into Jim. When she accuses the women of threatening her, he takes her back to t

  • S03E15 Episode 180

    • March 25, 1981

    Sandra protests to Meg when her breakfast is brought to solitary that she didn't cause the fire. In the dining room, the other women are speculating about where Evelyn is, and what is likely to happen to Sandra. Margo phones Wayne but finds that the line has been cut off: Meg offers to pass a message to him that Margo wants to be collected on her release next day. Jim deals with Sandra in Erica's absence, and agrees to allow her out of solitary for half a day if she will use her journalistic skills to try to find out who really caused the fire. Lizzie passes on to the others that Evelyn is in hospital. Vera drops a heavy hint when she brings Sandra back to the laundry and Bea has no trouble picking it up, realising that Jim has put her back among them deliberately to act as a stool pigeon. Meg visits Wayne and is appalled by the squalid living conditions. Bea decides to get Sandra to write some good PR for them by convincing her that Evelyn started the fire herself to make it look as though the women were persecuting her to get a transfer. David tells Georgie the tests show she has "glue ear" and a simple operation can correct it. He offers to tell someone in her family that she's going into hospital, and she warns him not to contact her mother, who only cares about "those girls". Bea goes to Jim and tells him that Evelyn paid some of the women to steal the rope and turpentine for her from the garden shed. He seems unconvinced until Bea asks him if Evelyn had been angling for a transfer. Jim goes to search Evelyn's cell and finds the stuff hidden in the bottom of the locker. Sandra thanks Bea and agrees to write whatever story the women want. Judy apologises to Georgie for coming on strong to her and Georgie's response is "Rack off, you old dyke". Margo and Sandra are both to be released: Margo asks Bea to look after her profits from running the book until she can collect it, as she fears that both she and Sandra will be searched. Wayne and Gary are waiting for the

  • S03E16 Episode 181

    • March 31, 1981

    Vera wants to censor a letter from Ken Pearce to Bea when she sees it contains praise for Bea for setting his daughter straight, but Meg persuades Vera to let Bea have the letter uncut. Meg also passes on to Bea the message from Margo, so Bea realises that Margo had come to get her money. After hearing about the latest scene with Georgie, Bea advises Judy to stick to her own age group in future. Judy asks Bea what she would do if her own daughter had been lesbian, and Bea answers honestly that she'd prefer any of her kids not to be gay, if only because of the unhappiness it seems to have brought Judy. Erica agrees to David's suggestion to encourage Bea to look after Georgie by putting Georgie in to share a cell. To make room, Doreen has to be moved out to share with Judy. Vera can't help herself and makes the obvious remark: that Judy might have more luck with Doreen in view of her past experience of "warped" relationships. Georgie taunts Judy by pulling down the shoulder strap of her overalls as if she's going to do a strip for her: Judy slaps her face, and unfortunately Vera happens to walk in at that moment and come to the wrong conclusion. Meg is overheard by Vera trying to arrange a job for Margo using the staff room phone. Doreen uses David's class to make a protest about the way he's having her moved around like a piece of furniture, and goads Georgie into a fight. David asks Bea to come outside to discuss Georgie, thinking they are too far away for her to hear, but forgetting Georgie's lip-reading skills. He tells Bea she can help Georgie just as she helped Debbie Pearce. Margo hangs around by the perimeter fence until she can talk to Bea, who tells her to be in the same place later that afternoon if she wants her money. Lizzie overhears Vera reduce Judy to tears with a series of insults, culminating with "lumbering 40 year old degenerate". Bea asks Judy to arrange for Margo to have her money using the same tennis-ball trick as was used for Helen to get the

  • S03E17 Episode 182

    • April 1, 1981

    Hazel comes to Judy's cell to see if she's all right, and has to listen to a tirade against Georgie for her trouble. Bea cuts Georgie short for crowing over Judy's humiliation, but when Hazel stops by Bea's cell in an attempt to act as peacemaker, Bea is equally unrepentant and unwilling to apologise or stand down. The atmosphere in the laundry is fraught with tension and Judy asks to work in the garden to get away from the conflict. Mouse is given permission to go with her. Erica calls Doreen childish for bearing a grudge and takes away her privileges for a week. Mouse tells Judy that most of the women are on her side, but Judy doesn't want to be pushed forward to take over Bea's place as top dog. Doreen is refused permission to join Judy in the garden and has to work in the laundry: several times violence seems about to break out. Hazel warns Doreen that stirring up trouble will only backfire on her. Judy fills Doreen in about what happened while she's been away in solitary. Hazel tries to stay neutral as Mouse urges her to join Judy's side. Georgie tries to intimidate Hazel into saying that she's on Bea's side, which has exactly the opposite effect. Lizzie tries to share her worries about the situation with David: she tells him about Franky Doyle and the riot as a way of indicating what will happen if there's a challenge to Bea's authority. Hazel tells Judy she's on her side, and Georgie tries to stir things up by switching off the TV: Judy challenges her to a fight any time she likes. Doreen falls out with Lizzie because she's sharing a cell with Georgie, but they make up their differences. David tries to find out from Judy what's going on: she tells him to get Bea to stop protecting Georgie and adds that she thinks David has been duped by Georgie. David's suggestion that the two rival groups of women are separated during recreation time is rejected by Erica who is keen to pretend that the rivalry does not exist. She says that she will attend the pottery class a

  • S03E18 Episode 183

    • April 7, 1981

    Meg is also injured and the women are locked in the dining room: Judy asks for the gate to be opened so that Bea can get medical attention. Erica wants Bea taken to hospital for X-rays. The women are locked in their cells, and Judy says she won't take any blame for the incident. Bea now has a nasty abrasion on her left temple and Sister Johnston wants her transferred to hospital, but the Department won't give permission for Bea to be moved in view of her past record of escapes. Bea comes round and refuses to go to hospital anyway, so Erica insists that she signs a statement that she has refused medical treatment. Meg finds out that the cleaner's job is still available. Jim suggests that Bea doesn't want to leave Wentworth in case anyone takes over while she's away. Wayne tells Margo the details of the payroll job. Erica addresses the women in the rec room and tells them they have all lost buyup for two weeks and a fine will be deducted from all their wages. Judy apologises to Erica and Meg for the trouble the violence caused: Georgie is contemptuous and says she wouldn't have apologised, as she isn't sorry for what happened. Margo suggests that to divert suspicion they should carry on working after the payroll job, but Wayne doesn't look convinced. Bea is returned to her cell, still looking groggy, and realises that she was wrong about Judy and that they will share their buyup after all. Meg calls on Margo but no-one is home: a neighbour tells her they've gone out in the car. Jeannie tells Doreen she now regrets the childhood Georgie had to put up with. Bea has breathing difficulties from a nightmare about being back in the tunnel. Doreen tries to make up with Georgie and asks her to forgive her mother but Georgie refuses. Jeannie thanks Doreen for trying to help them get back together. Bea is about to make peace with Judy, but collapses in a faint and is taken to hospital. Margo and Wayne observe the woman delivering cash to the bank: Margo notices that the case is

  • S03E19 Episode 184

    • April 8, 1981

    Det. Insp. Thorne arrives to control the handling of the siege, and snipers and gunmen take up position all around the building. Margo tells Wayne she's worried that Bazza will snap and open fire at the slightest provocation. Bea is returned to Wentworth, and Vera asks her if she isn't worried that someone might have taken over while she's away. Georgie is persuaded to carry on with David's classes. The two women react differently to being taken hostage: Mrs Dyson whimpers in a corner while Mrs Mitchell is excited that her shop will get free publicity by appearing on TV, and happily sets about making cups of tea for everyone. The women at Wentworth see the TV report on the siege, but Margo is not identified by name. The police phone the shop and Wayne demands a getaway car. Erica tells Meg that Margo has specifically asked for her as a go-between, and orders her not to take part - in vain. Meg goes into the shop to talk to Margo. Vera lets the women know that it's Margo who's involved in the siege. Mrs Dyson faints and Meg persuades Wayne and Bazza to release her and offers to take her place as a hostage. Meg comes out of the shop with Mrs Dyson and passes on the demands to the police: she goes back in after warning the police about Bazza's edginess. Bazza asks Meg to eat the food she's brought back in first, in case it's been drugged. Erica tells Sally Dean, the new trainee officer that the emphasis at Wentworth is on rehabilitation and introduced her to Vera, who is to supervise her. Vera immediately starts to show off in front of Sally, putting a prisoner on loss of privileges for being in a corridor unaccompanied by an officer. Mrs Mitchell suggests to Wayne that he should phone up a TV station with his demands: he is so amazed to be put straight through to the news room that he increases his demand to $100,000 as well as the getaway car. Vera meets her match in Bea, who manages to convey to Sally who's really running the show without giving Vera any grounds t

  • S03E20 Episode 185

    • April 14, 1981

    Georgie interrupts the TV news about the siege to tell the women her own news about David's decision on her parole. Bea won't accept Judy's defeatist attitude that there's nothing they can do about it. Margo is brought back to Wentworth. Vera's isn't very sympathetic to Sally's complaints about finding it hard to handle Bea. Vera confirms the story about Georgie's parole. Bea says they won't go to any more classes and leads the women in preparation for other protests. Jim is surprised by Bea's request for an extra exercise period for all the women. Meg objects to David's insistence on blocking Georgie's parole. Vera passes on a message to Meg to give to Margo, which she says she will want to pass on personally. The message turns out to be that Wayne is dead. Bea warns Margo not to do anything silly during the protest. The women stay in the grounds after their exercise period and refuse to go inside until David comes out to talk to them. Sally runs back inside as she's unable to control the women on her own, but when the other officers follow her outside, the women are sitting down on blankets concocting their lists of demands as if they were having a picnic. Bea hands over the list to David, and points out that if the women boycott his classes he won't have a job. Georgie leads the women in throwing tennis balls and other objects at him as he leaves. Jim goes back inside and loads a rifle, and orders armed guards to be posted around the fence. David challenges Vera and she admits that she told Georgie and that, unlike him, she isn't a hypocrite and doesn't go behind the women's backs. Lizzie is taken ill during the protest because the food they put aside from the kitchen is off, but they find themselves at the wrong end of a gun barrel when they try to get help for Lizzie. Margo cracks when she hears that the police are being called again and rushes towards Vera who fires her rifle... Bea shows the stick Margo was holding to Sally to prove to her that Margo wasn't

  • S03E21 Episode 186

    • April 15, 1981

    Erica tells Sally she's fallen for the oldest trick in the book and warns her that her work must improve. Vera sympathises with Sally, but only as a means of impressing on her once again the need to imitate her own methods. David tells Erica he will try talking to Bea directly. Lizzie asks permission to have a day on the outside to recover from her recent sickness. Erica refuses, but after Lizzie has left the office she tells David that she intends to find a prison visitor for Lizzie - someone of her own age. Meg has found Georgie a job in a supermarket, and Mike visits Georgie to tell her they could share a room when she's paroled. Bea reiterates that David must withdraw his objection to Georgie's parole if he wants the women to come back to his classes, so he is forced to agree. The parole board chairman allows David to change his recommendation, but points out that Georgie's record in prison will also have to be taken into account. Ivy Butcher arrives as Lizzie's prison visitor. Bea notices Meg looking pained at Sally's heavy handed attempts to impose discipline. Ivy leaves her visitor's pass on the bench next to Lizzie, who palms it and hides it in her pocket. Georgie tells the parole board her life story. After hearing that Meg has fixed a job for her, she is granted parole. Doreen tells Sally the women laugh at her for imitating Vera. Meg is interested by the parole chairman's idea of having a resident parole officer in each prison. Bea says goodbye to Georgie and tells her to forget all of her friends inside if she wants to make a go of life on the outside. Lizzie's surreptitious sewing makes Bea and Doreen suspicious. After being sent on a false errand to find Vera, Sally is furious at being tricked and storms back to the laundry. When the women just laugh at her, she raises her arm to hit Doreen, but Vera stops her in time. Georgie is collected at the gate by Mike on his bike. Vera invites Sally for dinner to talk over her problems at work. Georgie isn't im

  • S03E22 Episode 187

    • April 21, 1981

    Vera thinks that Lizzie hasn't escaped at all and that the women are hiding her to play a joke on the officers. Jim says the same thing to Erica, and Erica throws a fit of pique and has the women confined to their cells until Lizzie turns up - or the women admit what they are doing. Lizzie selects some clothes and a hat from a charity shop then pretends to have left her bag on the bus: the woman running the shop not only says she can take the clothes and pay for them later, but also give Lizzie two dollars from her own purse. Lizzie makes the money go further by buying something in a chemist's and conning the assistant into giving her change from ten dollars instead of the two she really gives him. Doreen predicts Lizzie will be back by the next day at the latest. David goes to Bea's cell to find out what's going on, as he suspects it's another trick to have his classes cancelled. Vera finds him and tells him off for straying outside his allotted area. Lizzie stops off for "afternoon tea" - but we see her push open the door of a public bar. Erica changes her mind and decides that there should be a full scale search of the prison after all. Lizzie catches a bus to go and visit Sid. Meg asks Vera to work her late shift so she can go home to entertain Bob's clients. When Lizzie arrives at the nursing home, a doctor tells her that Sid isn't there, as he's away visiting his son. Lizzie goes away, but returns at the end of the day even more drunk, and is put in a spare room to sleep it off. Bob phones Meg to ask her to change out of her uniform before she comes home. The women string the officers along by shouting to each other about where Lizzie might be hiding. Mr Leifenbacker recognises Meg from the TV coverage of the siege, and Meg is forced to admit she's a prison officer, not knowing that Bob has told the Leifenbackers a quite different story. After they leave, Meg is furious that Bob lied about her job, and won't speak to him next morning at breakfast. Erica decid

  • S03E23 Episode 188

    • April 22, 1981

    Bob tries to apologise to Meg, but he still wants her to change her job. Lizzie is interviewed by the police about her escape and is warned she may face some serious charges. Meg tells Erica she wants to look for another job, but one where her existing qualifications will be sufficient. Erica agrees to make enquiries for her. Vera and Jim oppose the conjugal visits scheme, so Meg is given the job of organising the women to get the garden tool shed screened off and cleaned up for use as a visiting suite. Jim tells Vera it's pointless objecting to the scheme, and they can just rely on the women to ruin it without any help from them. Bea won't let anyone help clean out the shed, even though Hazel and Chrissie are keen. Chrissie's accuses Bea of being selfish and blocking the scheme just because she can't see Ken. David reports back to Erica and recommends that the visiting ban on Ken should be lifted. Erica announces that all existing bans on visitors will be lifted, but that the visiting suite is for the use of husbands and de factos only. Bea promptly volunteers to help clean up and decorate the shed. Lizzie sneaks into Erica's office and steals her table lamp, helping herself to a swig from the decanter as she leaves. Erica inspects the new visiting suite and notices the lamp , but doesn't make a fuss about it. Meg is delighted when Erica tells her about an opportunity as a welfare officer, but Erica also asks her to make sure she's doing this for the right reasons. Hazel applies for a conjugal visit, though she has to suffer Vera's sarcastic comments when she admits the man isn't her husband. Meg hands her application for the parole and probation officer to Erica for her approval. Lizzie is refused permission to have a visit from Sid. Chrissie has a surprise visit from Mick O'Brien, an ex boyfriend who tells her he has a job and offers to give Chrissie and Elizabeth a place to live when she is paroled. Chrissie is called to the Governor's office for bad news: Child

  • S03E24 Episode 189

    • April 28, 1981

    Chrissie returns to the laundry sobbing and Bea makes veiled remarks to Vera to indicate that she holds her responsible. Doreen predicts Meg will be back soon as an officer, just like the last time she resigned. Meg finds Chrissie in her cell in tears, but can't do anything more for her than promise to speak to Erica about arranging another visit from Mick. Bea writes a letter to Ken to tell him he can visit again and seals it with sealing wax. Erica hopes the issue of the paternity of Chrissie's child won't be brought up again as she's due for parole in a few weeks. Meg convinces Erica that supervised visits from Mick can't do any harm. A reporter arrives to interview Erica about the visiting scheme: her optimistic description is heard over the reality - Vera inspecting a child's rag doll to check it for contraband. Ted Douglas phones Meg to make an appointment to discuss her application. When the reporter is shown around the visiting suite the couple in occupation protest that they are being treated like animals in a zoo. Bea advises the women to go along with the schemes for now, as the officers are obviously happy to bend the rules - for her and Ken as much as for Chrissie and Mick. Hazel is taken to the Governor's office to be interviewed, but Erica calls a halt to the interview when the journalist only seems interested in whether Hazel had sex during the visit. Ted agrees to let Meg go as an officer if she will take on all the casework from Wentworth. He adds that she will have to start on a course the following day or wait for three months for the next one. Erica is pleased by Ted Douglas's praise for the press coverage , but her face falls when he tells her that Meg is leaving immediately. Bea is not happy with the newspaper report at all as Erica is given all the credit for thinking up the scheme and it is made to sound much better than it really is. Chrissie goes to Erica to ask for an unsupervised visit as the newspaper claims they are available to all th

  • S03E25 Episode 190

    • April 29, 1981

    No-one will talk to Bea in the rec room, though Hazel and Chrissie pointedly talk about her as if she wasn't there, provoking Bea to speak up in her own defence, but this only leads to a shouting match. When Vera breaks it up, Chrissie demands to see the Governor immediately to ask for another unsupervised visit from Mick to make up for the one she lost. Erica refuses and points out she is being very short-sighted to create so much trouble with her parole coming up. After a promise of a visit the following week if she is still inside, Chrissie calms down, but while Vera is showing her back to her cell, she manages to turn her against Bea again by pointing out that Chrissie is very unlikely to get her parole, so why should she worry about jeopardising it? The argument between Chrissie and Bea duly resumes, this time developing into a real fight: Vera takes Chrissie off to solitary gloating that now she will certainly lose her parole. Bea tells Lizzie that if the women don't want her as top dog, they can fend for themselves. Erica asks Vera to release Chrissie from solitary without punishment. Ken is delighted when Erica phones him to let him know about the unsupervised visit with Bea. The women won't even take a smoko when Bea says, so she steps away from the press and pushes Hazel off the sewing machine. Judy reluctantly takes over the press, but she says it doesn't mean she's agreeing to be top dog. Doreen is sick of all the bickering and asks to be put to work somewhere else. Ken's daughter Debbie comes to stay with him: she asks him about Bea and whether he's serious about her. David tries to persuade Chrissie to come to his class on "modern living". Doreen comes over all secretive when Bea sees her writing a letter and asks who she's writing to. Doreen says she still wants to be Bea's friend but doesn't want to get involved in any trouble. Erica tells the other officers that Meg will be starting soon as a parole officer. At the mail call, Doreen gets a letter an

  • S03E26 Episode 191

    • May 5, 1981

    Bea refuses to talk to Ken on try to persuade him to give up his work for the PRG, but Debbie says she won't allow Bea to stand in the way of her parents getting back together. Lizzie interrupts Bea in the middle of an extended flashback to her scene in the storeroom cupboard with Ken: Bea is obviously still in her daydream when she asks Lizzie if Ken would ever say something he didn't mean. Lizzie agrees that he wouldn't which confirms Bea in her opinion that she ought to try to fight for whatever relationship she can have with Ken. Vera tries to bring Bea down to earth by telling her that she's been talking to Debbie, and that she vowed never to let Ken see Bea ever again: Meg overhears and tells Vera she should know better than to bait a prisoner. Debbie gets Ken to agree to have her mother come to stay - ostensibly to help her shop for the wedding. Bea gets Erica to agree to an unsupervised visit by pretending that she only wants to do what Debbie asked. Vera supervises the phone call Bea makes to Ken and loses no time in letting Bea know she isn't fooled and knows why she really wants the visit. Mouse annoys Chrissie by asking her if she really lied about Mick being Elizabeth's father, and Chrissie picks on Bea in her turn, provoking her into a bout of hair-pulling. Jim breaks up the scrap, but only sends both women to their cells to cool down. Debbie phones her mother and insists that she must come to visit or risk having her marriage destroyed once and for all. Ken comes to visit Bea: he tells her the way to get out earlier is to play the officers at their own game. She hints that he should try to get Erica and David to agree to have him working at Wentworth again. Chrissie asks Meg if she's only stringing her along and will get her own back (for Bill's murder, by implication) by blocking her parole at the last minute, but Meg convinces her that she has no such thoughts. Ken gets permission to resume his visits to Wentworth in an official capacity; when he ar

  • S03E27 Episode 192

    • May 6, 1981

    Chrissie lays into Mick as soon as she's through the front door of the new flat , accusing him of only being nice to her as a way of getting her to have sex with him. She changes her tune immediately she hears that he's arranged a visit to Elizabeth. Vera finds herself outnumbered in a discussion of how to handle Bea after her break-up with Ken - oddly she seems to be the only one to favour sending Bea to solitary. Chrissie tells Mick she doesn't want anything from him. Doreen tells Judy she's done something stupid: not only has she got herself a pen friend through a lonely hearts' club but she's painted a very flattering picture of herself and can't work out how to satisfy her pen friend's request for her photo without revealing the truth. Judy asks Meg for help and she agrees to bring in a Polaroid camera from home. Mick and Chrissie visit the children's home: the wire fence around it appals Chrissie and she says it looks just like a prison. The matron won't let Chrissie give Elizabeth a teddy bear in case it makes the children jealous. David tries to interest Bea once again in working for improvements in prison conditions, but Bea tells him she's sick of do-gooders like him using her as an intermediary to get through to the women. Elizabeth plays contentedly with her teddy bear Meg agrees to take close-ups of Doreen to try to make her look as good as she can. Mick phones the matron to ask if they would be allowed to take Elizabeth out of the home if they were accompanied by a responsible person - like Chrissie's parole officer. David shows Bea details of a new project and tells her she could be trained to use a Braille typewriter . Several days later, Doreen gets a reply from her pen friend Peter Hope and immediately asks to use her phone call privilege. Chrissie agrees with Mick's complaint that she's only interested in him as a means of getting Elizabeth back and throws a tantrum and a few piles of crockery. Jim and Meg overhear Doreen arranging to meet her pen

  • S03E28 Episode 193

    • May 12, 1981

    Bea and the others are keen to know how Doreen's day out went. She tells them Peter wasn't what she expected, and that Erica had taken away her phone privileges, but not the rest of it. Judy suggests Doreen carries on writing to Peter, just as a friend. Meg's boss Mr Muirhead asks for a report for Child Welfare on Chrissie and Mick as parents, and she says she can give them a positive recommendation. Vera sets to with a will censoring the mail and finds a "pornographic" magazine addressed to Angie Dobbs . She hands over the letters to the women with a thumbnail sketch of the contents of each one. When they protest and ask why the mail has been censored, she suggests they ask Doreen. Doreen has to explain the bit she left out before. Erica explains to David the reason for her apparently harsh decision to make an example of Doreen. Bea tells the women that they will have to double output in the laundry when she's away studying so the officers aren't given any excuse for saying the laundry can't operate without her. She taunts Vera that her boyfriend will get the benefit from the Braille project (as he must be blind) but has to explain the joke as it's obvious Vera knows nothing about it. Vera passes on the information to Colleen who knows nothing about it either and wants to know who's supposed to be supervising Bea. Doreen is officially "forgiven", by Bea at least. Mr Muirhead tells Meg that Chrissie will probably be granted one day a week unsupervised visiting with Elizabeth. Vera taunts Doreen for writing to a man old enough to be her father, so Doreen tears up her latest letter from him. Meg fails to turn up for the classification meeting on time, so the Braille project is ripped apart by everyone present. Jim suggests that it might be possible to run the scheme for three half days instead of five full days, and this proposal is carried. Erica convinces Jim later that Bea could work full time after all if Judy could be persuaded to take over the laundry. David te

  • S03E29 Episode 194

    • May 13, 1981

    Judy urges the women to stick together and support the strike: only Doreen mutters grumpily that she can't why they should put themselves out when it seems to be largely for one person's benefit. Jim finds out about the strike when he finds the laundry at a standstill and the women refuse to obey his direct order to return to work. Chrissie starts packing and tells Mick not to answer the phone when it rings. But he does and it's Meg, who tells him there's only an hour to go before the police are called in. The women amuse themselves by chucking wet sheets around in the laundry. Meg calls round at the flat and manages to persuade Chrissie to take Elizabeth back. Erica refuses to give in to the strikers and tells Jim to have the women locked in their cells. The police are already waiting when Meg, Chrissie and Mick arrive outside the home, but the matron decides not to take the matter any further. However, one of the detectives thinks he's seen Mick somewhere before. Doreen looks through her letters from Peter "No-Hope". Judy reminds her she'd have hurt his feelings by rejecting him and suggests she writes to apologise. Colleen gets a glint in her eye when she hears about the strike, and goes to Erica to accuse David of deliberately organising it. Chrissie and Mick go to the registrar's to get married, not realising that there is a waiting period of a month and a day. Erica puts Colleen's accusation to David: he denies it but Erica tells him if it proves to be true he will be asked to resign. Meg gets advice about a Legal Aid application for custody of Elizabeth. Colleen catches David talking to Bea and orders him out of the dormitory area. Chrissie is now determined to go through the proper channels to get Elizabeth back. Vera and Colleen both have a go at David, calling the education centre a failure and a security risk. David goes to Erica and says that his relationship with the rest of the staff has deteriorated to the point where he can no longer carry out his wo

  • S03E30 Episode 195

    • May 19, 1981

    Chrissie phones Meg at work to tell her about Mick's arrest and that she is in danger herself of being charged with harbouring a fugitive. Colleen tells the women that none of the officers are opposed to projects for the women in principle - only if they are going to cause more work. Erica accuses Vera of hypocrisy for spouting the Union line, but has it thrown back at her when she isn't willing to promote Colleen on the grounds that she isn't ready for the responsibility: Vera accuses her of really being worried by Colleen's Union position. Phyllis brings some dirty washing from the workshop, and is sent off to get some tools for Bea, who reckons the best way to undermine the officers is to create a lot more unnecessary work for them. Meg manages to convince the detective that Chrissie didn't know Mick was an escapee, so she is allowed to go without being charged. She says goodbye to Mick, who is confident he won't get a long sentence as he only had two months left before parole when he escaped. Erica tells Colleen she is to be promoted to senior officer, but warns her to be more flexible about the rules as in the current climate officers abusing their authority will cause serious trouble. Bea organises sabotage of all the machines in the laundry. Vera predicts that she and Colleen will work well together as they have similar ideas on prison discipline: Colleen can only manage an uneasy smile in reply. Mick is extradited to Southern Australia for sentencing. Vera and Colleen are suspicious when all the machines break down at once, and search the women and their cells for tools. Vera confiscates extra goods not bought through the buyup. Erica is unhappy with the way the incident has been handled and makes the officers continue the search for the tools on overtime. Erica addresses the women while they are still locked in their cells: the tools were eventually found in an officer's locker but had been planted there. Mick's sentence is three years, adding one year to

  • S03E31 Episode 196

    • May 20, 1981

    The corridors are silent when Jim and Colleen check up later, though the din resumes after their dialogue. The women are taken for their showers a few at a time next morning and are then locked back in their cells. Chrissie tells Meg that the only way she can get Elizabeth back now is to earn a little money on her own account: she goes for a job in a restaurant, but the owner sees through her claim to have references from New Zealand. Lizzie tells Bea she's too old to get involved in any protests. Meanwhile, Doreen is trying to calm down Judy by telling her that Bea has everything under control. After seeing an article in the paper, Chrissie's brother Derek calls on Meg to ask if he can help Chrissie, as he feels he let her down when they were kids: he offers to have Chrissie and Elizabeth live with him and his wife. Erica proposes to the officers that a round table discussion with the inmates might help, but Colleen demands that the officers are armed. The meeting goes ahead in the rec room: Bea gives a list of their demands but when they get nowhere and try to leave the officers shoulder their arms. Bea demands an outdoor exercise period when Erica tries to call a halt to the meeting. Chrissie calls at the home to see Elizabeth and finds Derek has traced her there : he tells her he can help her get permanent custody of Elizabeth. Chrissie wants to know why he didn't come forward earlier and he tells her it was because he couldn't support the accusations of incest she made against their father, who is now dying of cancer. When Chrissie finds her father is staying with Derek and his wife, she turns down the offer to go and live with them. The women go back inside unwillingly after a short exercise period. Lizzie is taken ill, and Judy injures Officer Barry when she pushes her aside while trying to help Lizzie. When Colleen sees that Jim does not punish Judy, she tells him that if there is any more danger to the officers, she will call them all out on strike. Erica t

  • S03E32 Episode 197

    • May 26, 1981

    Chrissie tries to convince Meg that the half-naked man fleeing her flat is an old friend, but Meg suspects she is back on the game and threatens to report it if Chrissie doesn't agree to visit Derek . Vera thinks the barricaded women should be forcibly removed, but Jim thinks they should just be allowed to get hungry enough to come out in their own time. He also suggests that Lizzie is left to wander around the building, as he hopes she will convince some of the women to change their minds. Sure enough, she goes to talk to Doreen and Lizzie and tells them about the Pentridge guards who have been brought in. Bea wakes up at Barnhurst and is greeted by Officer Roberts , who gives Bea a match for her cigarette by throwing across the cell and when Bea picks it up she sees that it's already been lit. Chrissie goes to visit Derek to find he is at the hospital: his wife receives a call from Derek to sya that their father has died. Ted Douglas visits Wentworth and finds out that the women are on hunger strike until Erica and Bea are returned. Bea meets up with Marie Winter and tells her she has no desire to challenge Marie's top dog position. Lizzie gives Doreen and Judy some food she's smuggled out of the kitchen. Derek thinks the way is clear for Chrissie to move in with him and Brenda, but Brenda has no desire to be stuck with another member of his family. Bea discovers that her cell-mate is none other than Tracey Morris, who is off with a work party that brings magic mushrooms into the prison. Later, when she confronts Tracey with this, Tracey says she is forced by Marie but that mushrooms aren't really "hard" drugs anyway. Brenda makes it clear to Chrissie that she doesn't want her living with her and Derek. Colleen catches Lizzie sneaking food to the women. Chrissie is granted custody of her and Elizabeth to move in with them. At breakfast time next morning, the women once again refuse to come out of their cells. Chrissie gets approval to have custody of Elizabeth.

  • S03E33 Episode 198

    • May 27, 1981

    At breakfast Judy, Hazel and Phyllis all "vie" for top dog, but it is only a ploy to make the staff feel that there will be too much unrest if Bea is not returned. Margo, who is going in for sentencing that day, doesn't want to be a part of it. She expects to get 4 to 5 years. Another "brawl" is staged in the laundry. Colleen reports it to Erica, but Erica merely says that fighting for Bea's place is to be expected. Margo gets 10 years and tells Judy she'll take part in anything. Jim broods to Meg about how badly he was treated as acting Governor. Meg tells him to do something about it. At a staff meeting, Erica says she wishes to form a Prisoner's Needs Committee. Vera, Jim, and Colleen exchange irritated glances. Back in the laundry the women continue to call each other fat and stupid until Margo snaps and genuinely bashes Judy. Judy is blamed and sent to solitary. Jim tells Vera he is looking for another job. Vera is delighted and wishes him luck. Margo announces to the other women that she is Top Dog. Down at Barnhurst, Bea is enjoying the quiet and tells Tracey she's content to stay there. Janie thinks it would be fun to drug Bea with mushrooms. Marie agrees and they force Tracey to do it. Erica discusses the Prisoner's Needs Committee with Margo. It is a short discussion. At lunch, Tracey drops mushrooms into Bea's soup. A doped-up Bea sees everyone laughing at her . Jim is off to visit an employment agency. Vera is delighted and wishes him luck. Bea, still heavily drugged, tells Officer Roberts. Officer Roberts calls Bea a lagger and says the mushrooms keep the women happy. Jim is told at his interview that prison officers are unemployable and that he should stick to his job. Marie visits Bea in her cell. Marie thinks Bea has had a change of heart until she finds herself being choked to death. Officer Roberts pulls Bea off Marie and throws her in solitary. Erica decides Wentworth needs Bea back and she arranges it. Bea is escorted out of Barnhurst as the ot

  • S03E34 Episode 199

    • June 2, 1981

    The driver of the police van is dead and the officer unconscious. A very disoriented Bea stumbles out of the van and walks away. Lizzie brings Judy breakfast in solitary and tells her Margo has taken over. A friendly driver discovers Bea by the side of the road. Bea can't remember where she is or how she got there but she must get home to her daughter, Debbie. The lady gives her a lift. Erica releases Judy from solitary and asks her to head the Prisoner's Needs Committee. When Judy learns that Bea is coming back she agrees to help all she can. Bev and Lil tear up Doreen's cell. Doreen agrees to give Margo her buy-up and place bets with her. Bea arrives at her house but finds it occupied by strangers. Judy comes into the rec room and announces Bea's imminent return. Margo tells everyone not to get too happy - the Big Red's not back on top yet. While wandering about the streets, Bea remembers an apartment number - #5. Erica is concerned that Bea has not yet returned and informs the police. After getting directions from a helpful police officer , Bea finds the apartment, but Mum has moved. The occupant gives her Lorraine's address. At Lorraine's, Bea finds that Mum has moved yet again. She is given Mum's new address by the babysitter. Bea at last finds Mum. Mum puts Bea to bed. The police tell Erica that the van officer is in a coma and that they believe Bea caused the accident in order to escape. In the laundry, Lizzie sings a song about Bea's return to annoy Margo. They hear a radio report about Bea's escape. Margo tells Lizzie to sing about that. Mum realizes that Bea is disoriented and finds a crack on her head . Erica informs the staff that they are to have a new senior officer, Terry Harrison. Jim knows him from Pentridge. Vera is not pleased that there is to be another male officer. Judy arranges to have Margo's cell stocked with buy-up goods. The police arrive at Mum's, she denies having seen Bea. Terry arrives at Wentworth. Jim is happy to see him, Vera is n

  • S03E35 Episode 200

    • June 3, 1981

    Meg goes to phone the police but Mum tells her Bea needs medical attention. Meg agrees to go see Bea before alerting the authorities. In Erica's office, Judy and Doreen explain that they planted buy-up goods on Margo but that someone must have double-crossed them. Erica lets them off but wants no more in-fighting. Vera rebuffs Terry's advances, Jim then bets Terry that he can't get Vera to agree to a date. Mum and Meg arrive at the house to find Bea has left - with Mum's house keeping money. Meg calls the police. The police report that the van officer has come out of their coma and cleared Bea of causing the accident. Mum says that she went to Meg just after Bea arrived, but they are sceptical. Bea goes to school to pick up Debbie. No one knows who Debbie is. While pretending to side with Margo, Lizzie discovers that it was Phyllis who alerted Margo to the set up. Lizzie lures Phyllis to the laundry, where Judy and Doreen attack her. Margo arrives and has Bev and Lil put Judy up against a dryer to damage her pacemaker. Judy is forced to beg Margo's forgiveness . Bea returns to Mum's. Mum tells Bea the police are after her and tries to give her some money. The police barge in just as she is handing it to Bea. Terry asks Jim for help in trying to chat up Vera. Jim tells him that Vera loves nightclubs and discos. Terry asks Vera to recommend her favourite disco. Terry realizes Jim set him up. Bea and Mum are brought to Wentworth. Vera gladly reminds Bea why she's in prison - for shooting her husband just after being released for killing his mistress. Vera alerts the women to Bea's return. Margo looks worried. Vera visits Bea in solitary and tells her about Debbie's overdose. She tells Bea she doesn't believe her amnesia story for a second - but, just in case, she'll always be on hand to help her remember. Mum tells the other women about Bea's condition. They don't believe it. Mum's watch, which she's been allowed to keep so as to keep track of her heart medication, goe

  • S03E36 Episode 201

    • June 9, 1981

    Terry finds Bea weeping hysterically in the corridor. She begs to see Meg. Bea tells Meg that she almost killed Margo, but doesn't understand where the violent urge came from. In the laundry, Lizzie and Doreen are now convinced Bea's faking. Judy asks Margo why Margo didn't tell the screws about Bea's attack on her. Margo replies - in a very hoarse voice - that she'll get even with Smith in her own way. Meg tells Bea some more about the last ten years. Bea once again becomes hysterical and tries to climb the fence . After hauling her back inside, Jim feels Bea is a fraud - but Terry and Meg are convinced she's genuine. Terry asks the women if there was a fight between Bea and Margo. Everyone denies it, except for Mum. Margo has had just about enough of Mum. Lizzie tells Bea that she knows that she's putting on an act, but that she'll back her up. Bea tells Lizzie to go away. Lizzie looks indignant. Meg meets one of her new probation cases, a young man named Nick Clarke. He has a bad attitude. Margo visits Mum in her cell. Mum tells Margo she's not afraid of her. Margo says she'd better be. Bob meets Meg at her office and reminds her they're entertaining business collegues. Meg tells Bob about Nick and says he reminds her of Marty. Lizzie tells Judy and Doreen she has a plan to help Bea. Jim tells Mum he doesn't believe Bea and Mum gives him a good verbal thrashing. Since she is elderly and middle-class, Jim looks properly thrashed. Meg visits Nick's flat. His flatmates are running about in a state of undress and Nick is talking about picking goods up off the back of trucks. Meg is concerned about this enviroment. Out in the garden, Margo sees Jim bring Mum her pills. Lizzie pretends to be attacked by Bea. Bea tells Erica that Lizzie - "Or whatever her name is" - set her up. Terry is concerned and thinks Erica should bring in Dr. Weissman straight away. Meg visits Nick's parents. His father wants nothing to do with him. Erica does not believe Lizzie's story, but tell

  • S03E37 Episode 202

    • June 10, 1981

    Bea finds Mum unconscious and stays with her while Jim runs for help. Margo comes in tossing Mum's pills in her hand. Bea asks for them back but Margo refuses. When Jim and Erica come running back Bea tells them that Margo has the pills. A search of Margo's cell yields nothing, but when everyone leaves Margo retrieves the bottle from under her waste basket and goes to rinse them down the sink. Bea walks in. She demands the bottle be handed over. Margo knees her in the stomach. Bea grabs Margo by the hair, spins her around and flattens her with a punch to the jaw. Vera runs in and prevents Margo from being strangled. Margo hands over the pills saying she found them in the rec room. Doreen catches Terry and Vera flirting. Doreen visits Bea and says that after this second attack on Margo no one will believe her amnesia story. Bea becomes upset and tells Doreen that she doesn't know who she is or what she's talking about. Doreen reminds her of the time they were trapped in the tunnel. Bea doesn't understand. Doreen finally believes her. Margo is waiting for Doreen outside the cell. She tells Doreen that Bea is off her rocker and that something has to be done about her. Doreen says not to hurt Bea - that she's sick. Margo says she's gonna be a whole lot sicker. Lizzie catches Terry and Vera flirting. Jim visits Mum in the infirmary and tucks her in. Vera and Terry have another date and kiss on Vera's doorstep. Vera issues her standard invitation "for coffee", but Terry declines. The next morning, Terry tells Jim he's lost the bet and gives Jim the money. Meg tells Nick she's found him a job as a warehouse packer. Jim and Mum have another chat - Jim is worried that Mum may have a bad go of it at her trial for harbouring Bea. Nick finds out his flatmates have been arrested for possession. He phones Meg for help, but she's off trying to help Mum's case. Meg discovers that the prosecution is determined to come down hard on Mum. Vera confides her feelings for Terry to Meg. Te

  • S03E38 Episode 203

    • June 16, 1981

    At meal time, Margo acts terrified of Bea. Both Mum and Vera notice. Bea later tells Margo not to act frightened of her. Margo then bashes Doreen in front of Bea and the other women. She asks Bea what she intends to do about it. Bea asks why she should do anything about it. Doreen is more convinced than ever that Bea must have lost her memory. Erica speaks to Mum about her trial and is not pleased with Mum's defeatist attitude. Terry and Vera make plans for the evening. Terry asks if he should bring along his uniform so that "he won't have to go home for it in the morning". Erica interupts them and Terry excuses himself. Vera is left with a big smile on her face. Bea meets again with Dr. Weissman. He shows her the coroner's report on Debbie. Bea has a flashback of Debbie visiting her and begging for help. Bea breaks down. She is still crying when she returns to her cell. Mum asks if Dr. Weissman no longer believes her. Bea tells her the reason. Mum then asks if it bothered Bea to use Debbie's memory like that. Bea confesses to her that her memory has indeed returned, but she desperately wants to get out of Wentworth. She does promise Mum that she won't let Margo hurt Doreen again. The next morning Bea pays Margo a visit, tells her to watch herself, knocks her about a bit and pours scalding coffee on her hand. Margo runs to Vera and says she has proof Bea is faking, but she won't testify unless she's promised a transfer to Barnhurst. Much to Terry's shock, Vera quickly agrees. When Margo leaves he tells Vera that Barnhurst is a medium security prison and that all transfers must be cleared with the Governor. Vera doesn't care. Bea, Mum and Margo are all taken to court (Margo claims to be going to appeal her sentence). Bea's phase of the trial begins and Margo ("Margo Jane Gaffney") is brought out as the first witness for the prosecution. She tells the (usual six person ) jury that Bea's amnesia is a charade and that she's been forced to back her up. The defense puts J

  • S03E39 Episode 204

    • June 17, 1981

    Bea tells her counsel that she wishes to change her plea to guilty. On the stand, Bea testifies that she only had amnesia for a few hours immediately following the accident but that she knew who she was when she went to Mum and forced Mum to help her. Mum is asked if this is true. She looks at Bea and then agrees that it is. Margo tells the women in the laundry that she gave evidence against Bea. Judy says that Margo had better be prepared if Bea doesn't get off. Margo laughs and says that she's being transferred to Barnhurst. Vera, who is listening outside the laundry, has her own private laugh. Mum is acquitted and Bea is sentenced to an additional 18 months. Outside the court, Mum thanks Meg and then says good-bye to Bea (and a quiet thank you). Bea smiles at her as she is driven away. Margo asks Jim when she's being transfered to Barnhurst. Jim doesn't know anything about it. Bea is returned. Erica asks her, confidentially, when her memory really returned. Bea tells her it was when she was locked in the storeroom. Margo is in the rec room bullying Doreen when Bea enters. Vera enjoys the tension. Bea tells the women her story, Doreen is not too happy with her. Terry has a talk with Margo and offers to bring her in cigarettes. Meg asks Bob to give Nick a job. Bob refuses. Terry tells Vera that she must go to Erica and try to honor her deal with Margo. Vera tries to argue but her libido soon gets the better of her. Nick phones Meg threatening suicide. Bob refuses to let her run to him. They later find out it was a hoax. None of the women will even acknowledge Margo's presense, let alone speak to her. Nick throws a rock through Meg's window. Bob chases him and Nick is caught. Bob says he'll give him a job and a room in the house just to prove that Nick hasn't got what it takes. Terry and Vera talk to Erica. At first Terry takes the blame for making the promise to Margo, but Vera quickly owns up. Erica is disgusted with both of them and says there is no chance Margo

  • S03E40 Episode 205

    • June 23, 1981

    Lizzie's book is officially "opened". Mr. Muirhead visits Meg at home and tells her that Nick absolutely must move out. Lizzie does very well with her first race. Terry moves in. Vera finds the betting ticket in his jacket pocket. Bob refuses to throw Nick out saying that it is his house and he can have anyone he wants in it. Bev and Lil are assigned as Lizzie's bodyguards. Margo collects her race winnings from Terry then turns around and shows Vera the money. Vera says that Terry wouldn't do such a thing. Margo laughs and says Vera must have it bad. Margo tries to place a bet with Lizzie, but is physically thrown out of the laundry by Bev and Lil. Margo asks Terry to place another bet for her, he agrees. Nick is blamed for some missing petty cash. Bob defends him. Margo informs the women that she has her own ways of placing bets. Vera confronts Terry about placing bets for Margo. He gets angry with Vera, but when she starts to cry he apologizes and says he won't do anything more for Margo unless she provides useful information. He later tells Margo the same thing. Lizzie has problems picking a horse so she asks Bea to read tea leaves. A relunctant Bea does so and says she sees "a hammer". Lizzie takes this as a divine revelation since there is a horse called Hammerhead in the race. Margo tries to get Phyllis to place a bet for her. Phyllis refuses. Margo then sneaks into Judy's cell and takes her tape recorder. Phyllis sees this and reports to Bea. Hammerhead is picked to come in dead last, but Lizzie poo-poohs this and offers double odds on the favorite. Bea, Doreen and Judy tear up Margo's cell and assault her when she comes - but there is no sign of the recorder. Hammerhead comes in dead last. Margo sneaks into the empty rec room and removes Judy's recorder from behind some books on the shelf. Lizzie confesses to Bea that she took too many bets and now does not have enough money to pay the women. Margo asks Terry to come into her cell. She says that she's prepar

  • S03E41 Episode 206

    • June 24, 1981

    Bea bails Lizzie out of trouble by having her give the women back their original bets and IOUs for the rest. Terry brings in a bottle of scotch for Margo. Her information - that Lizzie is running the book - doesn't impress Terry much, but Margo says if he doesn't give her the booze she'll never tell him anything else. He gives it to her. Meg and Nick have a cosy chat about his family. Although Meg doesn't notice, Nick is beginning to look at her with dewy eyes. Terry tells Vera that he got info from Margo, but doesn't tell her about the scotch. Vera is determined to put an end to Lizzie's book. Lizzie comes up with a plan for her IOUs. She'll bet the women she owes double or nothing that she can pick 6 out of 8 races. Judy has her tape recorder returned, but a cassette is missing. Margo tells Hazel that she has a bottle of scotch and she'll share if Hazel will side with her. Hazel tells Margo to go drink her scotch. Lizzie tells the women her plan; she'll pick one horse from each race and put the names in a tin. Bob has lunch with a Swedish contact, who just happens to be a Nordic babe . Lizzie won't let anyone see the names she's picked until after the races. Margo sees through her con and tries to tell the women, but they ignore her. Then Vera bursts into the laundry as the women are listening to the races. She discovers the IOUs on Doreen all signed by Lizzie. The women peek in the tin and see that Lizzie has picked 7 winners. Lizzie is marched into Erica's office, but Erica doesn't very much care. She "punishes" Lizzie by sending her to the maternity block to help out. Bea knows Margo must have lagged on Lizzie and she figures that Margo must have used the missing cassette to get something on Terry. She figures if Margo is going to blackmail a screw she'll be dangerous indeed. Nick brings Meg some lunch and asks if she and Bob have an "open" relationship. Meg blushes and chooses not to discuss such things. Terry and Vera argue over Lizzie and how the women shoul

  • S03E42 Episode 207

    • June 30, 1981

    Jim runs for help. Margo comes to in the infirmary, but has no idea who hit her. Bob tells Meg that he has no interest in Arna and invites Meg to have lunch with them that afternoon before he takes Arna to the airport. Vera questions Margo about the attack. Margo decides it was Terry who did it and tells Vera about the tape and the scotch. Margo repeats the story to Erica, but Vera returns from a cell search claiming to have found nothing. Margo is not very surprised at this. Bea is off the hook, as she was in the rec room the entire time, but both Terry and Doreen walk in afterwards. Bea is pretty sure Terry is the basher. Jim comes right out and asks Terry. Terry is shocked that Jim would even ask. Meg has lunch with Bob and Arna. When Arna finds out that Meg is a parole officer she is very interested as many of her family are involved in Swedish prison reform. She asks to see Wentworth. Bob says it will be no problem. Terry visits Margo in the infirmary and asks her who attacked her. Margo says he did. Jim walk in on them and Margo claims he's threatening her. Jim doesn't believe her, but thinks Terry was awfully stupid to be alone with her. Judy tells Bea that all her cassette tapes have gone missing. Erica decides that Margo cannot be returned to the other women so she must be put into isolation. Margo's none too thrilled with this. Doreen is crook and runs to the toilet every few minutes. Judy's tapes have been returned - obviously played - and Hazel's have disappeared. Bea figures the screws are trying to find the incriminating tape and wants to know who bashed Margo. Doreen takes off for the loo again. Erica asks Jim if he could escort a guest around the prison. Jim reminds her he has the afternoon off. Arna arrives. Jim gives up his afternoon. The women are impressed by Arna and her stories of Swedish prisons. Bea sees a lot of potential for the Prisoners Needs Committee. Vera delivers Margo's meal to her in isolation. Margo tells Vera that when she gets ou

  • S03E43 Episode 208

    • July 1, 1981

    Judy asks Bea what she intends to do with the cassette, but Bea is not yet sure. Meg gets to Nick as he is being escorted to prison. She says how sorry she is for the misunderstanding. A very bitter Nick tells her he could care less. Erica visits her mother in the country. Jim, as Acting Governor, has all of the women's' recorders and tapes confiscated and says that since they have proven to be a security risk they will no longer be allowed. He also orders a cell search for the incriminating tape. They do not find it - Bea has it taped behind the glass of her over-sink cabinet. Erica and her mother argue. Florence has a bad spell. As Erica runs out of the room to get help, Florence peeks after her. Erica is outraged when Gwen, her mother's companion, tells her the "fainting spell" was just Florence's way of ending an unpleasant conversation. Bea decides it is as good a time as any to organize the Prisoners Needs Committee and takes a group of women to meet with Jim about the return of the tapes and recorders. Jim is very abrupt with them and says no. Meanwhile in the staff room, Terry, Vera and Jim are busy listening to hard rock tapes in an effort to find Margo's. Erica has dinner with Meg and Bob and complains about her mother. While Terry is conducting late night rounds he finds Bea waiting for him in her cell. She hands him over the tape. He is wary of taking it. Bea says that he's a decent screw and as long as he's prepared to do a favour in return, she's happy to return it. As soon as he departs, Bea pulls a copy from her pyjama pocket. Terry informs Vera that Bea has handed over the tape, but Vera is certain there's a copy. Erica visits her mother again, this time with her brother, James. She is determined to have a decent conversation with her mother and feels that James' presence will help since she prefers him. The conversation goes typically, ending with Erica snapping and Florence moaning that she'll die soon. Doreen bounces into the laundry waving her n

  • S03E44 Episode 209

    • July 7, 1981

    Jim finds Vera sobbing in the rec room. She asks to be excused for the afternoon and Jim agrees. The family doctor phones Erica and informs her that her mother has collapsed and is in hospital awaiting an operation. She has had a cerebral thrombosis and Erica must come immediately. Vera catches Terry at home and persuades him not to move out just yet - that they must have one last attempt to get the tape. Jim confronts Bea and says that Terry is about to resign and reminds her that a decent officer is very likely to be replaced by a Jock Stewart. Bea feigns ignorance. Erica and James arrive at the hospital. They visit their mother before she goes into surgery. Florence keeps repeating that she's sorry. "Sorry for what", Erica asks? Florence says to ask the doctor... and with those enigmatic words she is wheeled away. Erica does ask the doctor, and he tells them that Florence had a boy before either of them and that this child died as the result of an accidental fall. But Florence blamed herself and when Erica and James were born she felt she couldn't be trusted with them That's why she had been such a distant mother. Erica wishes she could have had a long talk with her mother. Too late. The surgeon comes in and informs them that their mother did not make it through the operation. Terry makes one last attempt to get the cassette from Bea. When she refuses he says that he's off to the Governor's to resign and that she is welcome to accompany him. Bea stops him and gives in. She'll hand over the duplicate (And there is only one) right after lunch. After lunch, however, Bea finds her cell ransacked and the tape gone. Terry finds Vera in the rec room with stuff taken from Bea's cell (mostly food items) He yells at Vera and says that Smith was going to return the tape of her own accord. Vera starts to cry and Terry quickly apologizes. He asks Vera if she found the tape and she says she hasn't. Terry then notices a container of sugar. He dumps out onto a tray and - sure en

  • S03E45 Episode 210

    • July 8, 1981

    Judy is stunned at meeting Lori and asks how she found her. Lori explains that her adoptive parents, the Youngs,were afraid that Judy was going to try and contact her during her escape so they told Lori everything. Judy asks her to return the next day after she's had a chance to compose herself. Michelle is entertaining the women with her story of leaving Jim in her dust, when Judy walks in. Bea and Doreen want to know all about her visitor (assuming it was a professional do-gooder) but the Jude is evasive. Judy then runs into Erica in the hall and asks her if she may have a special visit the next day. Erica wants to know specfically why and Judy refuses to be specific so Erica just walks away. Discovering that Terry was the supervising officer at the meeting, Erica asks him why Judy should need another visit. Terry informs her that the visitor was Judy's daughter. Jim asks Meg if she can recommend anyone from Legal Aid to help Michelle. Erica tells Judy that she may have her special visit. When Lori comes the next day for her visit she encounters Jim who knows nothing of it. She tells him who she is and Jim asks her if she's sure she means Judy Bryant. He verifies the meeting with Erica and then, looking pretty amused, he escorts Lori to the garden. Lori asks Judy why she gave her up for adoption but Judy is vague. Judy does tell her that she got herself put into prison to protect a "friend". Lori finds that very touching. While they are talking, Tony Morton from Legal Aid arrives to see Michelle. Jim then tells Lori that her time is up. When she asks if she can return the next day, Jim says that that's impossible and that she'll have to wait til the next week. Lori is concerned because she didn't bring much money, but she promises her Mum that she won't leave without seeing her again. Michelle meets with Tony, who tells her that her prospects are grim. No one can locate this "old lady" who saw her training in the park. Michelle then asks Jim if he can arrange for

  • S03E46 Episode 211

    • July 14, 1981

    The Keep-Fit class ends with Jim about as winded as the women. Meg visits with Erica, who thanks her for the dinner. Erica then tell Meg that she must go to the country to sort through her mother's things. "Going through Mother's dresses", seems to especially upset her. Both Michelle and Henry meet with Tony Morton. The police have now established Michelle's fingerprints at the crime scene and, without the "mysterious old lady", things look worse than ever. Michelle shoots Henry a look. As he leaves, Henry assures Michelle that he'll do what he can. In the laundry, Doreen blows kisses and makes cooing noises at Lori. Vera enters and, sensing a good opportunity, tells Lori to help Doreen at the washer. Erica and James drive down to the country. James wants to sell the family home, Erica does not. Doreen purposely has Lori pour dye into the washer. Gwen brings Erica and James their mother's personal letters. Erica trembles before them, but James insists that she start reading them. The sheets come out of the water a deep blue. Vera yells at Lori and drags her out of the laundry. Erica is frozen over a particular letter. James asks her what's wrong. It is a love letter from their father to their mother. "Spring is here..." and the music plays as Erica reads the thing. Erica is profoundly moved that their parents once loved one another. Lori tells Vera that she didn't know it was dye she had used. Vera is prepared to believe her but advises her to wise up. Lori then meets with Meg for her report. She gives Meg nasty attitude. Meg doesn't understand this and informs Lori that if she is forced to hand in a bad report she could get a very severe sentence. This doesn't seem to register and Lori continues with the attitude. Jim wanders into Michelle's cell. She is moping about her missing witness. Jim agrees to go to the park and look for the woman as well. Judy has words with Doreen in the laundry, then Terry enters and informs Doreen and Bea that they are to have a new cel

  • S03E47 Episode 212

    • July 15, 1981

    Bea and Judy search for Doreen. Bea tells Lizzie to keep an eye on Lori. Lori claims she isn't at all frightened and that Doreen is too stupid to know what to do with a knife. Lizzie sits her down and tells her to shut up. Doreen saunters into the rec room. When Bea and Judy ask her about the knife, Doreen says she moved it. As Lori goes back to her cell Doreen has a naughty smirk that convinces Bea and Judy that she's up to something. When Bea forces Judy to tell the women about Lori's true identity, a shocked Doreen quickly confesses that she has set up a little "surprise"...Meanwhile, Lori is at the door of her cell having spotted a rope tied to something above the door. Vera catches her creeping into the cell and decides to investigate. Vera pushes the cell door open and a bucket of soap powder dumps on her head. In a rage, she hauls Lori off to solitary. Doreen tries to explain, but the powder-drenched Vera is in no mood to listen. An agitated Judy yells at the laughing women that they have to get Lori out of trouble. Vera throws Lori into solitary and asks if she's a perverted lesbian like her mother...or didn't she know. Lori puts a good face on it and says that she did. Vera smirks, says it takes one to know one, and slams the door shut. She then goes to Judy's cell and lets her know that she's told Lori about her. The next morning, Vera, still in a fury, is typing out her report when Jim asks if Michelle has left for trial. Vera says she has and throws in some snide remaks about his concern in the matter. Doreen explains the matter to Erica, who agrees that Doreen should take Lori's place in solitary. Erica also insists that Doreen apologize to Vera. Doreen reluctantly does so and Vera, after some sharp prodding from Erica, reluctantly accepts it. Lori is touched when Doreen arrives to take her place. Lizzie asks Erica for permision to visit Sid, who has moved back into his house. Erica agrees to arrange it. Judy expresses her fears to Bea that Lori may rej

  • S03E48 Episode 213

    • July 21, 1981

    While running in the park, Jim comes across Amelia and speaks with her. He shows her a photograph of Michelle and she recognizes her. Amelia says she hasn't seen Michelle in a couple of weeks and, when Jim asks her about the night in question, Amelia says she remembers see her that night because it was the night of her deceased friend's birthday and she was depressed. She also recalls the time - between 6 and 7 - because she always walks at that time. An ecstatic Jim whisks her off to court. Michelle's judge is winding down his gloomy summation when Jim and Amelia come in. Because the defense has vital new information, court is adjourned until the next morning. Lizzie returns to the rec room after visiting Sid and is told of the planned birthday celebration. Lizzie asks the women if they will all join together and knit things for Sid. They all agree. A chirpy Jim returns to work, followed closely by Michelle. She bats her eyes and thanks him. The women are busily knitting in the rec room, when Michelle enters and asks to speak to Bea privately. Later that night, Doreen and Lizzie question Bea about the conversation but don't get much response. Lizzie pesters Colleen about looking after Sid and setting up his Meals On Wheels. Colleen rolls her eyes and says she'll see to it. Lizzie then asks if she and Doreen can have kitchen duty in order to cheer herself up. Colleen rolls her eyes and agrees. Amelia takes the stand. As well as testifying to the things she told Jim, she says she didn't come forward sooner because she has a broken TV and can't read newsprint. When the prosecuter hassles her a bit further, Amelia states, "Young man, I am not in the habit of telling lies!" And that. pretty much, is that. The judge gives a new final summation with quite a different slant. While in the kitchen, Lizzie decides to bake a cake for Sid and Doreen starts stashing goods for the party. Michelle is acquitted. Outside the court she thanks Amelia and promises her a new color TV.

  • S03E49 Episode 214

    • July 28, 1981

    Terry is not happy to see Kathy. He advises her to keep quiet about their marriage as it might put her in danger from other prisoners. Since she has already received a threat, Kathy agrees. Bea is upset with Lizzie and Doreen about ruining Lori's party. Jim runs in and tells them to get a stretcher for Sid who has collapsed. Sid doesn't want to be carried by women, but Bea tells him to get on the stretcher for Lizzie's sake. In the infirmary, Sister says that Sid is fine - he merely overexerted himself. Lizzie speaks to Meg and Erica about an early parole so that she can take care of Sid. They agree to do what they can. In the laundry, Bea warns Kathy again about working out any "arrangements" with Terry. Vera walks in and Doreen tells Kathy that Vera likes to be chummy with the prisoners and to be called by her first name. Kathy calls her Vera and is immediately shot down. Kathy laughs at the joke and is surprised to find out Vera is involved with Terry. Meg tells Lori that her foster parents have been informed and that both her report and Lori's own testimony must blame her actions on Judy's influence. Lori is appalled, but Judy insists she go along with Meg's advise. Bea notices Terry and Kathy avoiding one another and demands to know what's going on. Kathy tells them she was married to Terry 12 years before. Bea is somewhat concerned that Kathy will inform for Terry, but Kathy reassures her that there is nothing between them and that she's married again (Her current hubby is in Pentridge). Kathy also goes down the list of men she knew between Terry and her husband..."Well, you've got to be nice to people." Kathy then receives another threatening note in her cell. She asks Vera to speak to Terry. Vera doesn't understand why Terry should be interested in seeing her, so Kathy tells her why. Vera runs to the staff room and confronts Terry about his past marriage. Terry owns up. Evidently Kathy cheated on him the entire time, got pregnant, got drunk, lost the baby an

  • S03E50 Episode 215

    • August 4, 1981

    Bea and Judy give Kathy's cell a thorough check for any more booby-traps. Inspector Grace arrives to see Kathy. Vera is most unpleasant to him and explains to Terry that she's had dealings with him in the past. Dinah eavesdrops on this conversation. Bea and Judy are concerned about Lizzie, who is moping about and won't reveal why. Terry arrives to take Kathy to Grace. Kathy doesn't want to go and Bea tells her she doesn't have to. Terry then points out that if she doesn't go the police will certainly suspect she knows more than she does. Bea concedes to this point and Kathy goes with Terry. While in the corridor, the riot alarm is sounded. Terry leaves Kathy behind a locked gate while he goes to investigate. Dinah sneaks up behind Kathy and smashes her head into the gate twice. Terry finds her a minute later unconscious. Jim tells the women in the laundry that Kathy has been bashed. Bea is getting pretty irritated with the unknown assailant. Grace wants to know why the riot alarm went off and why Kathy hasn't been brought to him. He informs Vera that he has plenty of other things to do. Vera suggests that he go and do them. Jim comes on the scene and also stalls Grace. Grace gets fed up and leaves. Terry follows him outside and offers to try and find out information from Kathy, who, he informs the inspector, was attacked during the false alarm. At meal time, Bea questions Dinah about her whereabouts during the assault. Dinah claims to have been in D block but both Bea and Judy are highly suspicious. Jim questions Vera about the incident. The similarities to Margo's bashing concern him and he wants to make sure Terry isn't "cultivating informers" again. Vera blurts out that Terry and Kathy were married and then rushes out leaving Jim in utter amazement. Dinah Walford leaves Wentworth as Alison Marie Page is inducted for a three month sentence for theft. Erica speaks to Alison, who quite evidently is not prepared to adjust to the situation. She is a "nice" middle-clas

  • S03E51 Episode 216

    • August 5, 1981

    Doreen leads the verbal attack on Alison until Judy intervenes allowing Alison to run out of the rec room, bumping into Bea on her way out and somehow managing to scratch Bea's face. Doreen is amazed when Bea tells her they ought to just forget the whole thing. Jim warns Terry against putting too much trust in Inspector Grace. Sid arrives to visit Sid and Vera is just about to send him away when Meg tells her about the engagement and she instantly melts and offers her congratulations. Sid and Lizzie discuss their wedding plans: Captain Barton has agreed to marry them and Lizzie suggests the ceremony should take place in the garden. Erica is taken aback when Lizzie asks her if she will give her away at her wedding, but she agrees when Lizzie explains that this will mean she won't come back. Meg visits Alison Page's husband Don: he is worried that the children will suffer after an article in the paper about Alison. Having seen the interior of her house, one wonders how Alison can give herself such airs given her terrible taste in wallpaper. Meg is unable to convince Alison to calm down and try to make friends with the women and discusses this with Erica. Erica takes Lizzie out shopping for clothes for the wedding . Lizzie doesn't have enough money, so Erica pays for her. Back at Wentworth Sid's son, Gordon Humphrey, comes to visit Lizzie unannounced. He expresses his strong disapproval of Sid's engagement to Lizzie, and tells her he believes that she is only after his father's house. He threatens that he will stop Sid ever seeing his grandchildren again if the marriage goes ahead. Alison's family comes to visit her: her children are having problems at school now it is known that their mother is in prison.Terry tries to get the truth out of Kathy about Dinah's responsibility for the threats and murder attempts. Terry finds Dinah, but she won't give him information for nothing. Terry rings Grace and tells about Dinah and her pimp. Terry tries to have an evening togethe

  • S03E52 Episode 217

    • August 11, 1981

    Bea hears Alison howling and rushes to the rescue, using a chair to break the circuit. Jim gives Alison mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Vera is delighted by Terry's proposal, and accepts. Alison is transferred to sickbay, with burns to her hands. Jim praises Bea for her swift reaction. Jim reports Alison's suicide attempt to Erica, who suggests that she could be moved to share a cell with Judy. Terry makes an excuse to get out of having dinner wth Vera and Meg. Vera tells Meg that she will give up her carreer now that she's getting married. Meg is asked to contact Alison's husband. When Sid visits Lizzie, she tells him that she can't marry him and scuttles away without giving a reason. Meg tells Don about Alison's "accident": he rightly complains that someone ought to have been watching her. He is allowed to visit Alison in sickbay at Wentworth. Jim phones Vera at home to find where Terry is: he turns up back at Vera's flat rather the worse for wear after a bashing, but refuses to tell Vera anything about it. Doreen and Bea chat about Lizzie's wedding, but Lizzie tells them it's off and then gives them all the details about Gordon and his threats. Erica calls Bea to her offfice to discuss what happened between Lizzie and Sid and Bea agree they should work together to try to help Lizzie. Erica visits Sid, and tells him about Gordon's visit to Lizzie. Terry manages to force a name from Kathy, which is Paul Tranter, a pawnbroker. Doreen finds out that Terry has been putting pressure on Kathy. When Sid gets a visit from Gordon, he tells him he is going to go to Lizzie to apologise for his behaviour, but Lizzie refuses to talk to him. Bea finds out from Doreen about Terry pressurising Kathy so insists that they talk in front of all the women in the rec room. Kathy remembers that when she was in the pawnbroker's a man she knew called John was there. Despite admitting that she had slept with him, she couldn't remember his surname. Terry visits the pawnbroker, and tries to pu

  • S03E53 Episode 218

    • August 12, 1981

    The gunman, Harry, is looking for Terry, and forces Vera to ring him at work, but Vera tricks Harry by telling Terry that she's gone down with the same virus as her mother. Terry knows that Vera's mother is dead, and realises that something is wrong, so he takes Jim with him and goes to Vera's flat. Bea visits Alison in sickbay and tries to convince her to make friends while she is inside. Terry goes through the front door and keeps Harry talking and when Jim arrives pretends he has left but lets him in. Jim comes up behind Harry, knocks him out and disarms him. Inspector Grace is pleased that they can know link Tranter with McNally through the man they have just caught. Vera is less than happy, believing that Terry is perhaps still in love with his ex-wife after his efforts to help her, so she throws him out of the house and breaks off the engagement. Bea comforts Alison in sickbay, and tries to convince her that the situation is not as bad as she thinks. Erica decides to put Alison in the same cell as Judy. Gordon has been "persuaded" by Bea, and comes for to ask Lizzie for forgiveness . Erica is visited by a possible sponsor for her project of setting up a day attendance centre and asks for volunteers in helping to renovate and decorate the premises. Lizzie is in an extremely good mood when she comes back to the prison after visiting Sid, but Vera is not and refuses to discuss their situation with Terry. Don has problems with his son, who can no longer be captain of the football team after getting in a fight after being taunted that his mother was in prison. Judy gives Alison a mouthful when Alison moves into her cell and Judy finds her taking a look at Judy's side of the cell. Don Page's neighbour Betty cooks for him while Alison is away. Erica offers Alison a job in reception and introduces her to Wendy, after warning Alison that being offered the job may cause some resentment from the other women. Kathy has a visit from her flatmate Betty, who warns her to sta

  • S03E54 Episode 219

    • August 18, 1981

    Jim warns Alison not to be so stand-offish with the other prisoners. Wendy is pleased with Alison's quickness in picking up the job in reception. Kathy's parole comes through. Erica is offered a house to rent as a possible halfway house. Kathy tells Bea and the others that she doesn't want to be released, so she steals something from the kitchen and hides it in her bed to try to have her sentence extended. Vera tries to scare Alison with what will happen if she makes the slightest mistake in reception. Bea and Doreen discover the stolen goods in Kathy's bed and they think that someone is trying to set her up. Bea tells Kathy that she can't do anything about her parole, since Kathy has already signed her parole papers, and in any case theft from the kitchen only counts as a minor offence. Kathy tries to get caught for something more serious, and steals a handbag and radio from Officer Bailey. When the theft is discovered, Vera orders a cell search, and finds the stolen goods in Kathy's cell. Terry convinces Vera that their problems have a better chance of being resolved if Kathy is released, so Vera lets Kathy off. Bea warns Kathy against trying anything that would affect the other prisoners. Erica gives Alison permission to take typing lessons. Vera and Erica believe that one of the prisoners is out to get Kathy, and try to find out the person concerned. Kathy sabotages the washing machine so that it catches fire. When a police inspector arrives, Kathy hopes to get punished for the fire. Bea is glad to get a little rest from laundry work. Don, Alison's husband, meets Mr. Martin at work to explain why he has problems meeting a deadline. Janet, Don's neighbour invites him out. Don and Alison's son, Chris, has problems at school, and his teacher, Frank Williamson, arranges a meeting with Don. Terry tells Kathy that the fire was blamed on an electrical fault, even though Kathy insists it was her who started the fire. Vera takes the morning off work, to everyone's grea

  • S03E55 Episode 220

    • August 19, 1981

    Don is furious with the security after the assault on Alison, and takes it out on Jim. A repair man comes to fix the washing machine. Judy is a little put out that Alison has read her file, but Bea thinks it is good that Alison has access to files. Vera tells Terry about her job application. Hazel Kent asks Alison to get her file, because her parole application is due soon, and she wants to know what has been written about her. Alison refuses at first, but changes her mind when Hazel threatens her with Bea. Alison is almost caught by Vera when she lends the file to Hazel. Don has problems at work because he is constantly behind. Hazel is desperate when she reads what is in her file and finds that Vera has put in some very damaging references. Jim hears about Vera's job application, and Alison takes the opportunity to replace the file while Jim and Vera chat about it. Don gets a telephone call from a dissatisfied customer, and loses an order because of it. Alison asks Terry about Hazel's hearing, and finds out it is to be postponed. Hazel is furious with Vera because she must wait another three months, and attacks her. Vera gets suspicious that someone must have read Hazel's file. Erica tells Vera that she has put in a good word for her with Mr. Douglas. Sid comes for to pick up Lizzie. Doreen comes out of solitary with three months added to her sentence. Hazel gets two months for attacking Vera. Kathy believes that only way she wil stay in prison is to assault someone, and gets Vera to come to her cell. She pours turpentine over Vera, and threatens to set her alight, but Terry stops her in time. Terry manages to convince a furious Vera that it is better not to prevent Kathy being released. Bea wants Alison to get hold of other prisoners' files, and won't take no for an answer. Bea and the others thinks it is very strange that Vera hasn't taken action over Kathy's assault. Kathy is released, and Terry accompanies her to the gates. Terry assures Kathy that she is safe

  • S03E56 Episode 221

    • August 25, 1981

    The gate guard sees what has happened, and finds Kathy dead in the road. He calls for an ambulance, while Wendy in reception rings the police. Wendy tells Erica about the accident, and that the victim was an ex-prisoner. Terry gets to hear about it too, and rushes outside to get confirmation of who was run over, just as Inspector Grace turns up. Grace tells Terry that he and Vera could be implicated, because of Terry and Vera's circumstances, and because Kathy was Terry's ex-wife. Doreen turns up in Alison's cell, and attacks her, but Jim intervenes. Erica decides to send Alison to isolation, while Jim blames Alison's haughty behaviour. Doreen makes Erica lose her patience, and she is sent to solitary. Inspector Grace criticises Erica for not reporting the threats against Kathy, but she soon puts him in his place. Doreen, Alison and Bea are interviewed, but Inspector Grace gets very little information, as the prisoners had been in their cells at the time. Erica discusses the day centre project with Meg. Grace visits Vera and points out that she had a motive to have Kathy killed. This makes Vera furious, and she asks Grace to leave. Vera rings Terry and accuses him of involving her. Janet, Don's neighbour, offers to help him. Terry visits Vera, and nearly gets the door slammed in his face, but Terry promises that he won't get her into more trouble. Bea suspects Terry of involvement in Kathy's death. Terry takes Vera out to lunch, and asks her to reconsider their engagement. Janet gets the wrong idea and tells Don she is in love with him, so he has to politely set her straight. Even so, she feels insulted, and tells him she feels he has been exploiting her. Bea surprises Terry in the staff room when he takes a coffee break. Bea accuses Terry of murder: when he denies it, Bea takes his cup and reads his tea leaves. She says that she sees a uniform and a telephone. Terry is indignant, and smashes the cup after Bea has left the room.

  • S03E57 Episode 222

    • August 26, 1981

    Vera find Terry sweeping up the fragments of his broken mug. Bea warns the other prisoners about Terry, and tells them never to be alone with him. Wendy offers to teach Alison typing. Vera gets a telephone call from Mr . Douglas to say that she is one of three remaining applicants for the Governorship of Barnhurst. Don gets a visit from Mr. Carter: he says that Chris has run away after hitting one of his teachers. Don drives his van around looking for Chris. Bea puts pressure on Terry, with her and the other prisoners constantly hinting that he has killed Kathy. Lizzie has another home visit to see Sid. Terry nags Vera about their engagement, but she refuses to give him an answer. Vera thinks she detects a certain jealousy on Jim's part when he hears about the three remaining applicants, as he threw away his chance to be Governor. A policewoman sees Don about Chris' disappearance. At work, Terry is very tense, and gets angry over the slightest thing. Sid has a recurrence of his heart problem after he tries to move a garden gnome . Don visits Alison and tells her that Chris has run away. While Lizzie sits and knits, Sid falls asleep on the sofa, but Lizzie can't wake him up when it's time for her to go back to Wentworth . She rings Erica to say she won't be coming back to Wentworth that night and immediately hangs up. Erica realises that something is wrong and goes straight round to Sid's house. Alison is worried about her son, and Vera lets her ring Don. Erica arrives at Sid's and phones for a doctor for Sid, telling Lizzie that she will have to notify the authorities. Terry stays home alone and gets drunk. Don is happy to find Chris at home in the kitchen: he phones the prison and Vera reluctantly agrees to pass on the message to Alison that Chris is at home again. Chris explains why he hit the teacher: he thought that the teacher had said something insulting about his mother. Lizzie tells Doreen and Bea about Sid's death. Vera gets another telephone call from Mr.

  • S03E58 Episode 223

    • September 1, 1981

    Terry is forced to go with "Wacka" and Dinah in his car: two men watching his flat see them drive off. Don is told he has a slipped disc after the accident on building site, and must rest for six weeks. Don asks Chris to call Meg to ask for help. Captain Barton from the Salvation Army comes to visit Lizzie. Terry is taken to see John Fitzwater, who admits he was behind Kathy's death. He believes Terry could of use to him, and wants to know when and how Rosey Quinn will be transferred from Barnhurst to Wentworth. When Terry at first refuses, Fitzwater threatens to have Vera killed. Captain Barton discusses the arrangements for Sid's funeral with Lizzie: she tells him that Sid wouldn't have liked a fuss. Vera shows her more sympathetic side when she gives Lizzie her condolences. Meg is extremely anxious to get Alison released now her husband is unable to work. Inspector Grace is waiting for Terry when he comes home. He says the house Terry was taken to belongs to McNally's gang, and that it is under observation. Terry is also told to pass on the information that Fitzwater asked for. Erica gives Terry a reprimand for his absence from work the day before, reminding him that he is a prison officer, not a policeman. Erica tells Alison about Don's accident at work. Erica suggests Alison contacts the Prison Reform Group to get someone to look after the children while Don is confined to bed. In a bizarre and belated attempt to establish some motive for Terry's change of character, he confronts Vera and tells her he arranged Kathy's death to prove that she knew something about McNally's gang: he also mutters darkly that Kathy was having his child and killed it. After this peculiar outpouring, Vera is understandably upset, and tells Meg about Terry's irrational behaviour. She decides to ring Inspector Grace and inform on Terry, but he tells he he already knows and regards Terry as fairly unimportant. Alison's children are temporarily placed in a foster home. The prisoners cele

  • S03E59 Episode 224

    • September 2, 1981

    Terry is killed by a gunshot from the car. Erica gets a telephone call from the gate guard about the shooting, and immediately phones Det. Insp. Grace. Doreen tells the other prisoners about the police arriving and thinks she'd heard the shots shortly before. Inspector Grace interviews Vera , and gets her description of the car and the men inside it. Jim stops the interview and Grace admits he already knew about Terry's responsibility for Kathy's death. Vera refuses to see a doctor and leaves the prison on her own. She turns up at Meg's office and eventually breaks down in tears talking to Meg about Terry. The women hear about Terry's death on TV. Vera goes in for her last day at Wentworth, much to Jim's suprise (and annoyance, since he'd changed the rotas already to cover for her). Inspector Grace tells Vera that the pawnbroker have been arrested, but that Fitwater has flown to Sydney and is therefore someone else's problem. Alison is unhappy with having an ex-prisoner looking after her children but Myra finally convinces her and Alison apologises. Erica and Jim make plans for a farewell party for Vera, though they are both concerned that Vera is hiding her feelings. Lizzie learns that Sid has left her his house. Vera walks into the staffroom as Meg and Jim are discussing her problems: she tells them that she knows they mean well but she doesn't want their pity. When Alison comes back to Wentworth, she asks Erica if she can be moved back to H-block: she apologises to Bea, so Bea agrees to give her another chance. Sid's son Gordon is angry that Lizzie has inherited the house, and accuses her of tricking Sid, but Erica asks him to leave because of rudeness to Lizzie. Bea and the others tell Lizzie to fight for the house if Gordon tries to contest the will. When the list of the working party for the day centre is posted on the notice board, Mouse writes her own name on the list (apparently without using a pen!). The prisoners throw their own farewell party. Mouse wrap

  • S03E60 Episode 225

    • September 8, 1981

    The women bet on who will replace Vera and tease Jim for not getting the Barnhurst job. Officer Powell is offered a temporary position as Acting Chief Prison Officer, with the possibility of a permanent promotion if her work is satisfactory. Jim is unhappy and goes into a sulk for a while. Colleen tells the women about her new position and warns them she'll be keeping an eye on them all. Lizzie regrets all the fuss about the house and tells Bea that she wants to give the house to Gordon. Erica asks Jim to keep an eye on Officer Powell, though when Colleen comes to him with her suspicions that the women are up to something, Jim is bad tempered and too busy organising the rota to pay much attention. Erica tells Lizzie that her application for parole wasn't cancelled after all due to a bureaucratic mixup: instead it has been approved and she will be released in five weeks. Lizzie is overjoyed at first, but then realises that her main reason for release was Sid. Colleen is confused when Judy and Lizzie volunteer to clean the corridors. Bea and Erica have a conversation in private, which makes Doreen and Judy curious. Jim gets more and more grumpy. Judy and Doreen steal official writing paper from Erica's office and while Alison's help as lookout, Judy uses the typewriter in reception to make up a fake notice making fun of the officers. Doreen tells Lizzie that she will be coming to live with Lizzie after she is released, so Lizzie will need the house after all. Lizzie asks Meg to arrange a solicitor for her. The "official" letter found on the notice board, much to Colleen's annoyance: Colleen is sure that Alison is involved with the letter somehow, and wants to punish her, but Erica points out that if Alison had been supervised all the time, someone would have noticed her typing the notice. Colleen goes quiet, as she did indeed leave Alison alone in reception. When Gordon threatens Lizzie during his visit and Bea overhears, she storms into the visitors' room and has to

  • S03E61 Episode 226

    • September 9, 1981

    Bea and Doreen comfort Lizzie and convince her to carry on fighting for the house because Sid wanted her to have it. Bea writes a letter to Gordon with a "reminder" about the earlier conversation between the two of them. Colleen complains to Meg about Erica taking a prisoner's word over hers and says Vera would never have done that - Meg points out that Vera isn't exactly an ideal role model. Don tries to work, but his back problems return when he lifts a sack of cement. Erica discusses with Bea the possibility of her being trained to use a Braille typewriter, and suggests that Bea could take over from Alison in reception. The women arrive at the day centre, but Mouse is afraid to leave the bus. Meg is called to the hospital to see Don and then goes to Wentworth to tell Alison the bad news about her husband. Alison wants to be alone and goes to her cell to cry, but Colleen finds her there and heavies her for leaving reception without permission. She grabs hold of Alison and Alison reacts by pushing her back roughly against a locker. Colleen goes to Erica to demand that Alison is with assault, but Erica doesn't agree. Meg has a proposal to make to Gordon about Sid's house and hands him Bea's letter, though without knowing its contents. Erica lets Alison tell her version of the incident in her cell. Mouse tells the other women why she is afraid to leave the bus: when she was little, her parents left her, and she was afraid of being left behind at the centre. Colleen wants to report Alison herself, and tries to get Jim's signature on the report. Meg has good news for Lizzie: Gordon has accepted a compromise where Lizzie has free use of the house for as long as she lives. Lizzie, Doreen, Judy and Bea celebrate with a little drink. Jim catches them in the act but turns a blind eye to it, and no longer seems to care much about his work in general. Colleen tells Erica about her report: Erica is annoyed that an officer has gone over her head. Erica gets a further surprise w

  • S03E62 Episode 227

    • September 15, 1981

    Meg offers to look after Alison's children. Jim tells Meg that he has resigned, to her great astonishment. Erica phones the Department to try to get a replacement for Jim and makes it clear to Colleen that her promotion might be at risk if she doesn't take back the report on Alison. Colleen tells Erica she regards that as blackmail and won't withdraw the charge. Bea has had enough of Colleen when she threatens to stop them attending the day centre. Meg and Erica discuss how they could get Jim to change his mind. When the prisoners go again to work on the day centre, a neighbour, Thelma Reid, gets very interested in who it is cleaning up the house. Lizzie gets permission from Jim to go buy milk from a local shop, and meets a young boy called Martin, who has just been thrown out of the shop. Lizzie steals some chocolate gives it to Martin. Alison tells Meg that Don hasn't been able to keep up their mortgage payments, so they must sell the house. Meg explains that her children have been put in a home. Bea is angry when she gets to hear about Alison's children, and asks to talk to Erica. Jim tells Colleen that he knows she has her eye on the deputy governor job. Bea gets nowhere with her meeting with Erica, but learns that the Braille machine will be arriving in about a week. Bea suggests Judy as Alison's replacement in reception. Bea tells Colleen the women are on strike until she withdraws the charge against Alison, and in that case it will look very bad for her, as if she is the only officer who can't control the women. The work party go again to the day centre. Alison is miserable and cries in her cell. At the day centre Jim has a chat with Mrs Reid, who asks what organization Jim and the others come from. Mouse and Doreen make sandwiches, but they disappear suddenly while they are out of the kitchen. Lizzie suggests that either the house is haunted, or Mrs Reid has taken them. Judy tries to convince Alison that Bea will "persuade" Powell to drop the report. Colleen

  • S03E63 Episode 228

    • September 16, 1981

    The "ghost" turns out be a young man called Peter Richards, who explains that he is on the run from the police, as he was involved against his will as the geataway driver for a robbery. Mrs Reid tries to find out more about who will be running the day centre. Judy reluctantly agrees to take over Alison's job in reception. There is a demonstration outside Wentworth by a group of students with placards demanding "FREEDOM!". Doreen seems to have taken a fancy to Peter, and Lizzie finds out from him that the boy she met at the shop was his brother Martin, who is bringing him food. Martin comes to the day centre, and is stopped by Mrs Reid, but Lizzie scares her off by telling her the women fixing up the house are from a mental hospital and the centre will be for other "loonies". When Martin gets to speak to Peter is becomes clear that they are brothers and Peter had been the getaway driver for a robbery. Colleen gets into an argument with the demonstrators, and is pushed to the ground by one of them and bruises her forehead. She demands that the police arrest the student and charge her with assault. Erica is angry that Colleen didn't follow her advice to take no notice of the demonstration. Andrea Hennessy, the demonstrator who attacked Colleen, is brought to Wentworth and put to share a cell with Judy. Bea and the other women want Peter to give himself up and as a first step they want him to agree to talk to Meg. Andrea tries to make a fuss by throwing her food onto the floor, and provokes Colleen to the point where Colleen hits her, but Jim walks in before it can go any further. Jim reprimands Colleen. Meg talks to Andrea after she is brought to back to Wentworth sentenced to three months for pushing Colleen. After Andrea writes slogans all over the rec room walls which the other prisoners find annoying. Andrea tries to suck up to Judy by giving her a bar of chocolate, but Judy realises it's stolen from Doreen. Bea and Doreen pour ink into the bucket while Andrea is

  • S03E64 Episode 229

    • September 22, 1981

    Jim believes that Colleen is trying to influence him to forget that he saw her hit Andrea. Judy tells Andrea that she's unpopular with the other prisoners because of her "know-it-all" attitude, but offers to keep an eye on her. Peter tells Doreen that he will meet Meg. Judy defends Andrea and tries to explain her circumstances to Bea. Andrea somehow manages to get her hands on a rifle and uses it in an escape attempt during an outdoor recreation period by firing shots in the air and making a run for it during the confusion. Bea notices what is happening and alerted the screws, who prevent Andrea's escape. Sgt .Williams interviews Andrea, but she blames the other prisoners, and refuses to talk until she has a lawyer present. Bea convinces Erica not to suspend the trips to the day centre. Judy accuses Bea of taking the screws' side when someone was trying to escape, which leads them into a major argument. Colleen needs Jim's signature, and goes to the day centre to see him. Andrea collects newspaper cuttings about Erica , and puts them in a letter. Meg meets Peter, and tries to persuade him to give himself up: she gives him two hours to make his mind up. Colleen goes to the day centre still in uniform, and talks to Mrs Reid, telling her that the people working on the house are from Wentworth. A little later the police are called to the centre to investigate a "complaint". Doreen and Lizzie think that the police have come to get Peter, and persuade him to escape. Mrs Reid is annoyed that the police can't find anything wrong going on at the house. Lizzie thinks something is odd when she sees Mrs Reid talking to the police. Doreen is worried about Peter, and she takes a food parcel and sneaks out of the day centre to follow him.

  • S03E65 Episode 230

    • September 23, 1981

    Lizzie discovers that Doreen is missing, and starts to go after her. Jim brings Mrs Reid inside the house with the police, who find that there are only five prisoners there, not six. Mrs Reid is indignant and threatens to hold a neighbourhood meeting about the centre. Andrea wants Judy to smuggle the letter out, and lets her read a fake one rather than the ones containing the cuttings about Erica. Colleen finds out about Doreen's escape, but won't tell Judy when she asks. Erica gets the message that Doreen has run away when she is at home. Peter has a hideout in a boat house and finds Martin there, suffering from his asthma condition. Jim is furious with Colleen for coming to the centre in uniform. Bea thinks it was Meg who called the, but Lizzie doesn't believe it. Judy adds that she was working in reception and says she got the impression that Meg didn't know that the police had been called out. Once again Judy and Bea have a furious argument and almost come to blows. Jim gets the blame from Erica when she finds out about Colleen visiting the centre in uniform. Martin's condition gets worse, and Peter and Doreen are concerned for him. Erica warns Colleen that her temporary senior officer rank is at risk. Lizzie tells Meg that many of prisoners believes that she lagged to police about Peter, but that she doesn't believe it herself. Erica asks Meg what she knows about any possible reason for Doreen's escape: Meg pretends not to know anything and doesn't mention Peter. Linda and Ricky receive the letter with the newspaper cuttings. With the information contained they work out where Erica lives, and they break into her house and wait for her to arrive home. Jim sees that Erica is tired out, and persuades her to go home and rest. Lizzie knows that Peter has a hiding place, but not where it is. Erica discovers a window broken at home, and Linda and Ricky come out of hiding and hold her at gunpoint.

  • S03E66 Episode 231

    • September 23, 1981

    Andrea's friends take Erica hostage, blindfolding her and bundling her into a delivery van. Linda rings Ted Douglas from a call box and announces that they are holding Erica hostage until Andrea is released. Erica is taken to a house on the coast, and soon sees her chance to get hold of the revolver lying on the table, but she soon finds out that it is a fake when she threatens her captors with it. Joyce tells Jim that Bea and the other prisoners want the day centre project to continue. Doreen tries to get hold of an inhaler from a chemist's, but gets cold feet and runs off when the assistant phones to check the false address she supplies. Ted Douglas informs Jim of the kidnapping, and Jim is very indignant when learns that the whole matter has been turned to the police. The kidnappers decide to send a lock of Erica's hair to a TV station. Doreen and Peter take Martin to hospital, but leave him there and run away. Sgt. Ross asks Jim for information on Andrea. Doreen and Peter comfort each other. Linda threatens to cut off one of Erica's fingers, and forces her to change clothes. Bea notices that Andrea is very keen to see the newspaper and is convinced that she is planning another escape. Meg tells Lizzie that Peter is not wanted by the police, so Lizzie passes on what she knows of Doreen's hideout. Meg finds the boathouse while Peter is away looking for food, and Doreen comes out of hiding when she hears that Peter has not been implicated in the robbery. Doreen still believes still that Meg lagged to the police, but Meg explains her everything, and lets her wait for Peter to come back. Lizzie has pangs of conscience because she has "lagged" to Meg. Erica manages to get hold of a pair of scissors. The prisoners learn about the kidnapping from an unconfiscated radio. Bea decides to give Andrea a taste of her own medicine, and Judy and Bea "kidnap" Andrea and barricade themselves into a cell. Doreen doesn't tell Peter that she's seen Meg but tries to persuade Peter th

  • S03E67 Episode 232

    • September 29, 1981

    ... but she misses and Erica escapes. Wentworth gets a new prison officer, Janet Conway. Jim is disappointed when he finds out that she is only just out of training school. Erica tries to run from kidnappers, but they catch her. Bea tells Jim to let the kidnappers know they are holding Andrea, but Ted Douglas refuses to lift the media ban so Jim phones a radio station on his own initiative. Bea gets a hint from something Andrea says about where the kidnappers might be, and passes the information on to Jim. Erica and the kidnappers hear a news report about Andrea being taken hostage by Bea. Jim works out that Erica must be at South Beach, and tells Sgt. Ross. He phones the police at South Beach who have received a report of a scuffle between three women. Mr. Douglas is furious with Jim and dismisses him, but Jim threatens to go to the newspapers, since he is longer is employed by the Department. Judy tries to calm down Bea, but she is very angry with Andrea. Sgt. Ross finds out about the beach house, and takes Jim with him when the police surround the house. Ricky tries to bluff her way out with the starting pistol, but is shot and killed by the police. Linda tries to make a run for it, but she is overpowered, and Erica is freed. Meg goes to the boathouse, but Doreen and Peter have already left. Bea and Judy call off the cell blockade when they hear that Erica is free again. Andrea is momentarily upset by news of Ricky's death, but sees its publicity value to the "cause". Janet is sent to collect Bea and Judy from solitary: Bea wonders where she has seen Janet before. Jim hints that Bea and Judy could get themselves off the hook by claiming that Andrea was in it with them and planned her own kidnapping. Doreen and Peter break into the house belonging to Lizzie (the one left to her by Sid), even though it's next door to Colleen. Meg tells Jim all about Doreen, and Jim rings the police. Bea tells Judy that Andrea took advantage of her by asking her to deliver the lett

  • S03E68 Episode 233

    • September 30, 1981

    Peter is not angry with Doreen, and tells her it is his fault that Doreen is in trouble. Bea remembers who Officer Conway is, and tells Janet that she knows she had been a remand prisoner about twelve years previously, though she was eventually found not guilty. Colleen gets impatient waiting for Lizzie, and comes inside, only to overhear her talking to someone: Lizzie tells her that she was only talking to Sid. Colleen later tells Meg about this, and Meg becomes suspicious and challenges Lizzie about Doreen. Meg goes to Sid's house to fetch Doreen, and Peter promises to visit Doreen in Wentworth. Bea blames Doreen for the loss of the day centre project, not to mention deceiving Peter, breaking into Sid's house and putting Lizzie's parole at risk. Bea thinks it's not a good idea to make too much fuss for Lizzie's leaving, in case it encourages her to get back inside again. Phyllis and Hazel want to know what Bea is going to do about Doreen, but she says she doesn't care either way. Officer Conway gets the job of taking Linda through the induction procedure when she is brought back to Wentworth. Judy warns Andrea not to expect Linda to be friendly to her. Linda Joanne Golman is brought to Wentworth charged with grievous bodily harm, kidnapping, four counts of assault and three of attempted murder. Linda blames Andrea that she faces twenty years in prison. Bea tells Linda the truth about how Andrea's been behaving while she was trying to get her out of prison. In a quarrel between Andrea and Linda in the dining room, they tip an urn of boiling water over themselves. Janet is to be the armed guard to take them both to hospital: Meg is indignant that a single officer should be given the job and offers to go with her. Judy accuses Bea of being more interested in the Braille machine than the prisoners' welfare: Bea says that she finally feels she has found something to do that is useful to others. In hospital, Linda sneaks behind Janet, but Andrea calls out and Janet turn

  • S03E69 Episode 234

    • September 30, 1981

    The shot hits Jim in the arm but he still manages to overpower Linda. Doreen and Judy suspect that the strange way Bea's been behaving recently has something to do with Officer Conway. Doreen persuades Judy to sneak a look at Janet's file and Judy gets herself into the Governor's office, but Jim turns up. Judy thinks of an excuse that satisfies Jim. Jim tries again to persuade Meg to come back to work as a prison officer, but Meg says no thanks. Linda is sent to solitary, but Meg doesn't think she ought to be put there and tells Jim so. Jim gives Linda some good advice about how to cope with life in prison. Meg tells Judy about what happened in hospital and gives Doreen some good news about Peter. Judy visits Andrea in sickbay and tells her that though she'll do what she can to protect her, she shouldn't expect any sympathy from any of the women. Doreen and Judy make up jokes about Officer Conway after seeing an ad for "Conway's Discounts" in a newspaper, but it makes Bea angry. Powell discuss the conditions for officers with Conway, but she isn't interested as she believes that she will soon be transferred. Conway asks Jim about being transferred, but Jim asks her to think about it for a few more weeks first. Lizzie and Doreen begin to argue, when Lizzie is taken to the Governor's office to sign her release papers. Doreen gets a visit from Peter. He tells her that everything has worked out with work, his brother and parents and even with the police and he promises to visit her again. Janet believes that Bea has told Doreen about her brother's discount electrical goods store, but Bea convinces her that Doreen is just making an innocent joke. Jim tells Bea that Braille machine is on its way. Lizzie thinks about all that happened recently, and it makes her sad. Next day Doreen and Bea disappear without saying goodbye to Lizzie, which makes her even more sorry for herself. When she is about to leave Wentworth, someone mentions that the spin drier is broken, and she in

  • S03E70 Episode 235

    • October 6, 1981

    Meg meets Lizzie to take her to Sid's house and advises her to try to make new friends on the outside. Bea tries to keep Andrea and Linda apart in the dining room. Meg gives Lizzie an azalea as a housewarming present. Bea gets message from Colleen to go to the library for the Braille project. Lizzie meets the local postman. Doreen and the others can't agree about who should work the press. Meg tells Doreen she may get away with a concurrent sentence for escaping if she behaves herself. Bea works extremely hard to get to grips with the Braille machine. Tension builds between Linda and Andrea. Someone rings Lizzie and hangs up, and it looks as though the azalea Lizzie got from Meg has moved by itself and then moved back in the night. In the laundry Andrea waits until Officer Powell has her back turned then pulls Linda onto the floor on top of her to make it look as if she's been bashed by Linda. Colleen puts Linda in solitary. Doreen gets two years added to her sentence for the escape, with 18 months concurrent with her existing sentence. Two new prisoners, Kate Peterson and Sandy Edwards are shown in the transport van coming to Wentworth: Sandy tells Kate she's been in prison before, but not in Wentworth. Jim makes a date with Janet to go for a meal, and Judy overhears. Both the newcomers have been sentenced for murder, and Kate has got 15 years. When they arrive at Wentworth, Sandy takes the opportunity to play a trick on Janet, and claims to be another prisoner. This confuses Janet, much to Judy's delight. Sandy and Kate are put to share a cell. Judy introduces the newcomers to the other women in the rec room. Janet finds Doreen in her cell sketching and asks to see her work: she guesses that it is meant to be Bea. Sandy has heard about Bea from Marie Winter in Barnhurst and tells Kate later she thinks it's odd that she didn't come to check them out. Kate tells Sandy that her husband died in a car crash and her son was born after his death: she was convicted of

  • S03E71 Episode 236

    • October 7, 1981

    Sandy tells Judy she thinks the importance they all give to the press is childish, and holds Judy's arm in it until she gives in. Jim offers to let Bea work on the Braille machine unsupervised. Judy comes to ask Bea's advice about the press, but Bea refuses to get involved. Meg asks Kate to be careful about mentioning why she's inside. Meg also speaks to Sandy, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but Sandy doesn't believe that Meg can help her. Kate is worried about Linda, thinking that she's heading for a breakdown She tries to get Meg and Jim to help her, advising Jim that Linda needs psychiatric help. Jim promises to look further into the matter. Meg tells Jim that Linda is behaving strangely, but adds that she thinks Linda will settle in eventually. Doreen and Judy believe that Kate has lagged, but when Doreen starts to threaten Kate, Sandy grabs her and pushes her face first into a wall, giving her a nosebleed. Linda's father comes to visit her. Bea meets Sandy in the laundry and allows her to take over the press. Linda refuses to see her father, and tells Janet that she's hurt him so much that she wants him to forget about her, and says goodbye. Doreen asks Jim if she can share a cell with Judy. Janet tries to comforts Linda by telling her that she'd felt so bad herself in the past that she'd considered suicide. Kate introduces herself to Bea, as she wants to tell her about her background before she hears a distorted version from other people. When Judy goes to her cell, she finds that Linda has hung herself over Andrea's bed. Judy panics, calls for help and begins to cry. Andrea is shocked to see Linda dead and runs away. Meg and the others comes quickly. Kate tells the prisoners that it was suicide. Sandy gives Andrea a bashing for her treatment of Linda: Bea is impressed, and gives her a pat on the back. Colleen takes Andrea to the Governor, and Andrea almost incurs Janet's wrath for a stupid outburst. Jim decides Andrea should be moved to E block fo

  • S03E72 Episode 237

    • October 13, 1981

    ... but it's only Meg. Lizzie tells Meg that she's scared, and explains about the moving plants, and the knocking sounds. Meg goes inside to investigate and finds a cat. Doreen isn't happy to be in the same cell where Linda hanged herself and wants Judy to swap beds with her. Kate and Sandy manage to break the kettle, but Bea isn't feeling well, and lets it go by. Lizzie explains about the telephone calls, but Meg thinks she may have found the explanation when she notices that Lizzie has sherry in the house. As soon as Meg leaves, the telephone rings again. Meg asks Bea for help regarding Lizzie, but Bea says that she is sorry but it isn't really her problem. Gordon visits Lizzie, and she tells him about what's been happening, but when he leaves he tinkers with the fuse box outside. Meg goes to see Lizzie, and helps her to fix the TV which isn't working, eventually discovering the problem with the fuse. When the woman are assembled in the rec room, Judy and Doreen beat up Sandy, and Bea sits and watches. Janet sends Judy and Doreen back to their cells. Bea persuades Janet not to punish them, and asks for a new TV, as the old one got damaged in the fight. Janet says she can get one from her brother. Jim arranges another date with Janet. Jim asks Bea what has takes place, but she says he should ask Judy. Doreen tries to draw Judy's portrait. Bea tells the women that they be getting a new TV. Judy and Doreen gather some of the prisoners together to make plans to put a stop to Sandy. Judy says that it is important that no-one gets to know about her pacemaker. Kate sees that Bea has a headache. The new TV arrives from Conway Discounts. Bea gets tablets from the Sister. Kate is bashed by Judy, Doreen and Hazel. When Sandy gets to hear about that, she promises to get even, if Kate is with her. Kate agrees.

  • S03E73 Episode 238

    • October 14, 1981

    Judy is worried that Hazel might have hit Kate too hard, and asks Doreen to go and find out how she is. Meg asks Janet if the TV hire company is run by someone related to her. Doreen is caught by Sandy sneaking a peek at Kate and given a going over, but Meg overhears Doreen being threatened. Sandy behaves as if she's top dog in the rec room and makes Hazel grovel to her. Doreen is pleased when Judy says that she will have to take over, but Judy acts worried. Meg tries to get to know what's upsetting Judy, but Judy won't tell her. Meg complains to Jim that none of prisoners will confide in her: Jim takes the opportunity to ask her to come back to work as an officer. Janet tells Meg that she had been in Wentworth twelve years before on a charge of receiving stolen goods. Meg tries to persuade her not to keep this a secret from Jim, but when Janet next tries to discuss something with Jim, they end up kissing. Judy and Doreen tries to get supporters to fight Sandy, but no-one will help them. Kate asks Jim about to borrow medical books for her, and he agrees. Gordon visits Lizzie again, but when he asks about the wandering plants, Lizzie remembers that she's never mentioned the plants to him and accuses him of trying to frighten her, just as Colleen turns up. Colleen tells Meg that Lizzie and Gordon have had a disagreement, but Meg thinks it very strange that Gordon was there at all. Lizzie visits Bea and tells her about Gordon, but Bea acts exhausted and confused, which upsets Lizzie and she leaves. Meg agrees to come back to Wentworth after she has been to Linda's funeral. Gordon admits to Lizzie that he was behind the campaign of terror, but if she tries to tell anyone they will just think she is mad and will have to move out of the house anyway. Lizzie is angry and makes Gordon leave. Kate is convinced that Bea has a serious illness, and tries to persuade her to see a doctor. Bea claims that she already knows very well what she's suffering from: cancer.

  • S03E74 Episode 239

    • October 20, 1981

    Meg comes back to work as a prison officer. Sandy gets to hear that Bea is seriously ill and wonders whether she should take over as top dog. Jim explains to Janet that Erica will soon be back. Conway tries to persuade Doreen to go in for a correspondence course. Judy is annoyed when she gets hear that Sandy knows about her pacemaker. Kate asks Judy to make sure that Bea makes an appointment to see a doctor. Sandy wants to try to get hold of painkillers for Bea. Colleen's pocket book has gone missing, and she orders a cell search, where she finds something in Sandy's cupboard. Janet and Meg find Colleen's pocket book in the staff room. Sandy accuses Judy and Doreen of searching her room. Jim stays overnight at Janet's place. Judy tries (and fails) to cheer Bea up. Erica returns, and praises Jim for the way he took charge while she was away, and is glad when Jim tells her that he has taken back his job application. Hazel is persuaded by Sandy to do something for her. Sandy burns herself on the press deliberately so she is taken to see the Sister. Hazel pretends to have food poisoning, which distracts Sister Franklin long enough for Sandy to go through the medicine cabinet to some pain killers for Bea. Sister Franklin discovers that drugs are missing, and Sandy is bodysearched, but nothing is found on her. Lizzie comes to see Bea, but has to see Doreen instead. She explains to Doreen about Gordon, and Doreen tells Lizzie to fight Gordon with his own tricks. Gordon is waiting outside the house when Lizzie comes home, and Lizzie tells him that a solution to the problem will turn up soon. Sandy has managed to smuggle out pills by hiding them in the bandages on her hands. Jim tells Erica that Colleen is not happy that Meg is back. Erica tells Jim that Janet has been a prisoner herself, which Jim did not know. Lizzie rings Gordon and tells him that she has made her mind up. Afterwards she pours kerosene over the furniture in the house and sets it alight.

  • S03E75 Episode 240

    • October 21, 1981

    Erica tells Meg that Lizzie's house has burnt down, and that Lizzie has vanished. Erica orders Colleen to return the goods confiscated in the cell search. Sandy manages to give Bea pethedine tablets with Kate's help. Bea tells Judy that she is convinced that she has a brain tumour just as her mother had before her. Doreen argues with Sandy in the rec room about which TV channel they should watch, but Bea takes Sandy's side. Judy asks Bea why she sided with Sandy, and is told that someone has to be top dog. Erica asks Meg to keep an eye on Colleen. Erica gets Kate to tell her indirectly about Bea's illness. Bea has a dizzy spell in the dining room and collapses across one of the tables. Colleen believes that Bea is faking it and tells her to tidy up the mess. The other women call for a riot and Colleen is furious. Erica is worried that Colleen will become acting Deputy Governor if Jim leaves. Bea advises Judy to do whatever Sandy wants. Kate tells Bea that her headaches are a result of her kidneys not working properly and that she should have tests. Lizzie turns up at Meg's house. Erica asks Janet about the TV. Jim confronts Janet with what he now knows about her. The police come to Meg's house to interview Lizzie. Jim gets his own back on Janet by refusing to let her take a week's holiday. Gordon tries to find Lizzie, but Meg gives him the cold shoulder. Bea is reassured by Dr. Kennedy. The police ask Lizzie to explain the bottle of kerosene. Dr Kennedy tells Erica that he thinks Bea may need a kidney transplant.

  • S03E76 Episode 241

    • October 27, 1981

    Colleen accuses Meg of putting her in a bad light with Erica. Judy thinks can teach herself to use the Braille machine, but Erica tells her it is being moved to Barnhurst. Erica asks Colleen and Meg if they want to apply for a senior officer's post. Doreen gets a letter from an art competition and learns that one of her drawings has got an honourable mention. Judy gets a letter from Lori, where she explains that she has become engaged. Meg tells Judy that Sid's house has burned down. Janet and Meg congratulate Doreen on her success the the picture and Doreen gets permission to see Bea. Meg tells Erica that Lizzie is living with her. Doreen chats with Bea until she gets tired. The doctor tells Erica that Bea needs dialysis. Doreen's divorce from Kevin is finalised. Judy writes to Lori telling her that she must forget her, so that Lori's fiancé will not find out that her mother is in prison. Lizzie returns to Wentworth, charged with arson. Erica tells Lizzie that Bea is ill. Judy steals a letter written by Colleen. Lizzie visits Bea in the infirmary and Bea tells her that Sandy is now top dog. Colleen's letter is read by the prisoners: it is severely critical of the management. The letter is forwarded to a newspaper. Kate gets a visit from her mother and her son: it appears that Kate is indifferent to her son, and it also appears that she murdered her husband for his attitude to her affair. Lizzie watches Kate with her mother and son, and tells Kate that no-one should be separated from their kids in that way. Kate, who is clearly not as innocent as she pretends, loses control for a moment and almost gives the game away, but calms down enough to give Lizzie a satisfactory (but not entirely truthful) explanation.

  • S03E77 Episode 242

    • October 28, 1981

    A police officer comes to talk to Colleen. Janet and Meg go out for a night on the town. Sandy tells the other prisoners that if there is anyone who can donate a kidney for Bea, they will get certain advantages from it. Colleen is annoyed with Lizzie and tells her that she saw her with the flask of kerosene. Lizzie tells Judy and Doreen that she set the house on fire to stop Gordon getting hold of it. The three of them tell the whole story to Sandy. Sandy suggests that a copy of Colleen's letter should be sent to the newspaper, and they should hold on to the original. Meg tells Janet that Bob is in Indonesia for six months. A couple of men try to chat up Meg and Janet. Meg tries to get rid of them by telling them where they work, but it doesn't have the desired effect. Meg has an idea when a big hefty bloke comes into the pub, and says he is her husband and that he'll be very angry if he sees her drinking in a pub. Meg's suitor immediately cools off and makes himself scarce. Doreen's drawing is returned and Wendy the receptionist is amused when she takes the wrapping paper off. Sandy tells Colleen about the letter, and puts pressure on her to "forget" that she saw Lizzie. Colleen's letter is published in the paper and Erica is furious when she sees it, but it is anonymous so she doesn't know who wrote it. Bea feels slightly better after her dialysis treatment. Kate hints to Erica that one of the officers is being critical about the way the prison is being run. Erica takes Kate to her office, where Kate tells her that the statements in the newspaper come from Colleen. Erica offers to let her work in sickbay. Doreen unveils her picture: it shows Jim and Conway in a "compromising position". This infuriates Janet and she shouts at Doreen. Erica has to calm Janet down. Kate gives Sandy the impression that she was responsible for their loss of privileges. Dr. Kennedy tells Bea that the other prisoners are taking tests to see whose kidney is compatible with hers. Bea is

  • S03E78 Episode 243

    • November 3, 1981

    Jim returns to work after a week's holiday. Joyce Barry shows Jim the drawing, and it has the same effect on him as it did on Janet. Erica is discussing the newspaper article with Ted Douglas when Jim bursts into the office. Mr. Douglas insists on stricter security measures based on Gillespie's recommendations, and says that two new officers are coming to help carry out the new regulations. Doreen visits Bea in sickbay to try to find out from Bea indirectly how crucial it is that she gets a new kidney. Jim blames Janet for encouraging Doreen's artistic talents. Doreen tells Judy that she could donate a kidney for Bea, but is afraid and doesn't want to do it. She also asks Kate for advice. Kate lets slip in front of the other prisoners that Doreen could be a kidney donor: Judy tries to shut Kate up, but the damage has already been done. Sandy is visited by Inspector Grace, but he can get absolutely nothing out of her. Lizzie tricks Mrs. O'Reagan in the kitchen into signing a piece of paper. Lizzie gives Kate a doll she has made to give to her son. Kate thanks her for it, but when Lizzie goes Kate gives it to Sister Franklin. Judy steals a requisition form from reception. When Doreen comes on visit, Bea tells her that she knows about the test results and says that she'll still be friends with Doreen even if she decides not to donate a kidney. Bea finds out that Sister Franklin has got Lizzie's doll. Lizzie hides the requisition in between the other orders. Kate tells Bea that her son has so many toys that Sister Franklin's kids will value the doll much more than he would. Doreen tells Judy and Sandy that she has decided to go ahead and have the operation to donate a kidney to Bea. Kate's lawyer visits her: he says that he has found some major discrepancies in her accounts. Colleen tries to force Sandy to tell her where the letter is hidden, but Sandy just laughs at her.

  • S03E79 Episode 244

    • November 4, 1981

    There is a cell search, and Colleen tries to get Meg to leave her alone to search Sandy's cell, but Meg points out that the regulations require there to be two officers present. Sandy gets a visit from her "lawyer", John Fitzwater, who is really working for McNally. He wants Sandy to recruit women from the prison to work as prostitutes on their release. Sandy asks for him to arrange to smuggle extra washing along with the normal deliveries. Sandy ransacks her cell, just as Colleen and Meg turn up. Sandy takes the opportunity to annoy Colleen by making hints about the letter. Meg discovers that her ID badge is missing. Meg goes to find Colleen and discovers her searching Sandy's cell. Colleen tries to explain it away, and finds the ID badge on the floor, but instead of giving it to Meg, she puts it in her own pocket. Lizzie collects the "extra" orders from the kitchen. Jim, Colleen and Meg have a meeting with Erica, and Erica notices that Meg has lost her badge. Colleen takes the chance to play the part of Meg's guardian angel: she says that she found the badge a while ago, but forgot to give it back to Meg. Lizzie has made sure that yeast was among the goods she ordered, so that she can start making home brew. Meg comes out of Erica's office after a dressing down. Janet discovers that Lizzie has a stash of cigarettes. The prisoners get new uniforms. Sandy tells Bea that they can earn more money by having extra washing smuggled in. Lizzie's talk of operations makes Doreen nervous. Erica tries to get Sandy to influence the other women to accept the new rules, but gets the cold shoulder from her. Kate sees where Sandy has hidden Colleen's letter. Doreen starts to feel that she's been put under pressure to agree to the operation when she didn't really want it. Kate tells Colleen that she knows where the letter is and will tell her if Colleen will organise a visit for her. Doreen explains to the other women in the dining room that the operation to donate a kidney to Bea

  • S03E80 Episode 245

    • November 10, 1981

    Kate speaks with Inspector Grace. Kate wants a witness "found" for her appeal in exchange for information. She tells Grace where Megan Barnett's body is buried. Grace agrees to work with her. Lizzie's solicitor arrives and informs her that the prosecution's chief witness is Colleen, who saw her with a bottle of kerosene. Lizzie is not worried. Bea asks to speak to Doreen. Sandy writes a note to Jack Fitzwater, asking for keys to be made and smuggled in. Grace asks one of his underlings to investigate Kate Peterson. Doreen forges Jim's signature on the fake rosters and Sandy gives them to Judy to type up in reception. She then gives Lizzie the bad news about Colleen discovering the blackmail letter. In the dining room, Lizzie is pretty depressed and asks Colleen if she's read any letters lately. Colleen becomes angry and grabs Lizzie to take her to the Governor's. Kate steps forward and tells Colleen not to manhandle a frail old prisoner. Colleen forgets Lizzie and drags Kate off to solitary. The women are impressed with Kate. Kate tells Colleen she doesn't mind solitary and it makes her look good. Judy offers to do some typing for Wendy and types up the fake rosters instead. Doreen visits Bea and tells her she loves her but just doesn't have the courage to go through with the operation. Bea understands, but asks her to leave. Doreen goes to the laundry and cries. Sandy tries to cheer her up and Judy presents the "new" rosters. Colleen brings some books to Kate. In exchange for an unsupervised visit from Grace, Kate tells Colleen that Lizzie is smuggling goods out of the kitchen on Thurdays in the laundrey trolley. Colleen says she'll bring Kate a radio as well. Judy distracts Julie and hangs up the roster in reception. Sandy lets Colleen know that whenever she writes a letter she always makes several copies. Colleen frantically dashes to solitary. Kate tells her to calm down, that it's most likely not true. Sandy tells Lizzie she'll find some way of getting Colleen.

  • S03E81 Episode 246

    • November 11, 1981

    Doreen tells Judy about life at Wentworth under Marie's rule before Bea took over and how bad it was. Marie stands outside the cell listening. Janet comes across the forged roster in the waste bin and turns it in to Jim. It is obvious to both Jim and Erica that Judy and Doreen must be behind the scheme and the two women are summoned. Judy and Doreen are prepared to lose buyup privileges and are pretty shocked to find out they are to be transferred to Barnhurst as punishment. Erica has decided to give them warning so that they may say good-bye to their friends. Judy tells the women it was decent of Davo to give them warning. Marie asks if they knew about Bea's kidney donor. Judy and Doreen are shocked and say no. Marie doesn't think that was too decent of Davo. When asked how she knew - Marie replies she makes it her business to know. Colleen is appointed Chief Prison Officer, much to Meg's disappointment. A smug Colleen suggests Meg run for union rep. Jim seconds the idea, but Meg is a bit sharp with him. Judy and Doreen bid farewell to the women, tell Lizzie to stay out of trouble and prepare to leave. The women are informed that all of their recreation time must now be spent in their cells. Meg expresses her concerns about the tighter security and decides she will run for union rep. Erica confides in Jim her worries about Colleen. Meg is unanimously elected and Colleen is a bit put out when Meg gets up and starts warning of possible riots if things aren't relaxed. Colleen catches Lizzie stashing goods into her laundry trolley. Lizzie is transferred to D block and Erica warns the women against causing further trouble. Hazel and Phyllis complain about Judy, Doreen and Lizzie and say how none of this would have happened when Bea was in charge. Sandy looks concerned, Marie leans back and smiles. Bea's kidney transplant is a success. Out in the garden, Hazel and Phyllis ask Marie what they should do about the intolerable conditions. "Ask Sandy", Marie says. They do an

Season 4

  • S04E01 Episode 247

    • February 9, 1982

    Jim and Meg escape just as the rioting women take control of the prison but Steve and Janet are trapped inside. The inmates bicker amongst themselves - Marie stirs everyone up, Margo mouths off and Sandy tries to keep control of the situation. Outside the jail, Erica won't allow the police to storm the building, to Jim's disgust. Steve manages to get to a phone and tell the police they are still inside but he ends up having to hide up in the roof from the prisoners. The women give Erica their list of demands. In hospital, Bea hears of the riot on TV and phones the prison to speak to Erica, but Ted Douglas won't let her. The marauding women finally track down Steve, separated from Janet, in the Governor's office. On Sandy's orders, they pin him to Erica's desk and start to strip him.

  • S04E02 Episode 248

    • February 10, 1982

    The almost-naked Steve is locked up in a cell. Janet finds him, but he tells her to leave him there and find a way out. Bea phones the prison again and gets to speak to Erica this time. She agrees to let Bea talk to the women. Kate is sent out to speak to Bea, with Colleen sent into the prison in her place temporarily as a trade. Lizzie is sent outside with the women's latest list of demands, only to be grabbed by the cops and taken away for her trial. The police prepare to send Jim in, commando-style, through the roof after dark to find Steve and Janet. The women read Janet's file and learn she is an ex-prisoner. They manage to catch Janet, strip her and dress her in an old prisoner's uniform. The police blackout the jail: Jim scales the wall and finds Steve and Janet safe. He radios the police to tell them, but the women stumble upon him. As they give chase, the riot squad lob tear gas into reception and storm the prison.

  • S04E03 Episode 249

    • February 16, 1982

    Sandy tries to seduce Steve, but they are distracted by all the commotion and he overpowers her. He finds Jim and they manage to regain control of the situation. Cops swarm into the prison. When they find Janet, they assume she is an inmate and knock her out. Marie tries to escape dressed as an officer but is caught by Erica. In the aftermath of the riot, Kate lets Sandy know the women think it was a waste of time. Sandy is sent to solitary and security measures are increased. Jim applies for another job. Marie siezes control as Top Dog and takes over Sandy's laundry racket, asking Fitzwater to pay them in drugs rather than money. At Lizzie's trial, Colleen testifies against her but is demolished by the defence. Gordon Humphrey admits he wanted to demolish the house and have the land rezoned, prompting an outburst from Lizzie, who is ultimately acquitted of the arson charges.

  • S04E04 Episode 250

    • February 17, 1982

  • S04E05 Episode 251

    • February 23, 1982

  • S04E06 Episode 252

    • February 24, 1982

  • S04E07 Episode 253

    • March 2, 1982

  • S04E08 Episode 254

    • March 3, 1982

  • S04E09 Episode 255

    • March 9, 1982

  • S04E10 Episode 256

    • March 10, 1982

  • S04E11 Episode 257

    • March 16, 1982

  • S04E12 Episode 258

    • March 17, 1982

  • S04E13 Episode 259

    • March 23, 1982

  • S04E14 Episode 260

    • March 24, 1982

  • S04E15 Episode 261

    • March 30, 1982

  • S04E16 Episode 262

    • March 31, 1982

  • S04E17 Episode 263

    • April 6, 1982

  • S04E18 Episode 264

    • April 7, 1982

  • S04E19 Episode 265

    • April 13, 1982

  • S04E20 Episode 266

    • April 14, 1982

  • S04E21 Episode 267

    • April 20, 1982

  • S04E22 Episode 268

    • April 21, 1982

  • S04E23 Episode 269

    • April 27, 1982

  • S04E24 Episode 270

    • April 28, 1982

  • S04E25 Episode 271

    • May 4, 1982

  • S04E26 Episode 272

    • May 5, 1982

  • S04E27 Episode 273

    • May 11, 1982

  • S04E28 Episode 274

    • May 12, 1982

  • S04E29 Episode 275

    • May 18, 1982

  • S04E30 Episode 276

    • May 19, 1982

  • S04E31 Episode 277

    • May 25, 1982

  • S04E32 Episode 278

    • May 26, 1982

  • S04E33 Episode 279

    • June 1, 1982

  • S04E34 Episode 280

    • June 2, 1982

  • S04E35 Episode 281

    • June 8, 1982

  • S04E36 Episode 282

    • June 9, 1982

  • S04E37 Episode 283

    • June 15, 1982

  • S04E38 Episode 284

    • June 16, 1982

  • S04E39 Episode 285

    • June 22, 1982

  • S04E40 Episode 286

    • June 23, 1982

  • S04E41 Episode 287

    • June 29, 1982

  • S04E42 Episode 288

    • June 30, 1982

  • S04E43 Episode 289

    • July 6, 1982

  • S04E44 Episode 290

    • July 7, 1982

  • S04E45 Episode 291

    • July 13, 1982

  • S04E46 Episode 292

    • July 14, 1982

  • S04E47 Episode 293

    • July 20, 1982

  • S04E48 Episode 294

    • July 20, 1982

  • S04E49 Episode 295

    • July 21, 1982

  • S04E50 Episode 296

    • July 27, 1982

  • S04E51 Episode 297

    • July 28, 1982

  • S04E52 Episode 298

    • August 3, 1982

  • S04E53 Episode 299

    • August 4, 1982

  • S04E54 Episode 300

    • August 10, 1982

  • S04E55 Episode 301

    • August 11, 1982

  • S04E56 Episode 302

    • August 17, 1982

  • S04E57 Episode 303

    • August 18, 1982

  • S04E58 Episode 304

    • August 24, 1982

  • S04E59 Episode 305

    • August 25, 1982

  • S04E60 Episode 306

    • August 31, 1982

  • S04E61 Episode 307

    • September 1, 1982

  • S04E62 Episode 308

    • September 7, 1982

  • S04E63 Episode 309

    • September 8, 1982

  • S04E64 Episode 310

    • September 14, 1982

  • S04E65 Episode 311

    • September 15, 1982

  • S04E66 Episode 312

    • September 21, 1982

  • S04E67 Episode 313

    • September 22, 1982

  • S04E68 Episode 314

    • September 28, 1982

  • S04E69 Episode 315

    • September 29, 1982

  • S04E70 Episode 316

    • October 5, 1982

  • S04E71 Episode 317

    • October 6, 1982

  • S04E72 Episode 318

    • October 12, 1982

  • S04E73 Episode 319

    • October 13, 1982

  • S04E74 Episode 320

    • October 19, 1982

    Phyllis and Colleen save Sally's life. Colleen urges Peter to come and see her. They are reunited and he agrees to say in court that he provoked her. Errol worries Kerry will tell someone he is the father of her baby. Benny and Lou set Chrissie up to be killed by Neil. Sally is freed by the court. Chrissie comes face to face with Neil but is rescued in the nick of time by Paddy and Andy, who are busy trying to have a moment of passion. Kerry returns to the halfway house and tells Maxine she wants an abortion. Judy and Maxine realise Errol is the baby's father. Joan pressures Barbara to get her file, prompting Barbara to call Phillip and ask him to do something for her to get Joan off her back. Joan demands Margo put a stop to the concert. Judy urges Kerry to tell her mother the truth. Joan's house is broken into after dark. When she returns home, she finds her dog dead in the back yard. Maxine blurts out the truth about Errol raping Kerry to Cookie. At first she reacts angrily, but the

  • S04E75 Episode 321

    • October 20, 1982

    Kerry decides to have the baby and put it up for adoption. Cookie and Kerry walk out on Errol and go to live with Cookie's sister. Margo muscles in on a Woodridge inmate's escape attempt. The Woodridge Governor catches Paddy and Andy in a private liaison and orders Paddy be taken off the concert project. Phillip gets Joan's papers from the thug who broke into her house and finds Joan's diaries among the haul: he visits Barbara and hands the diaries over to her. A furious Joan arrives at work and takes her anger out on Barbara. Joan tells Meg about the burglary and the death of her dog. Bea is laid off from work. The escape bid goes wrong when Lizzie gets in the way and tries to stop Margo - Joan arrives and knocks her roughly to the ground. Geoff begs Joan not to sound the alarm and ruin the concert, but she does it anyway. Lizzie is found lying unconscious on the floor.

  • S04E76 Episode 322

    • October 26, 1982

    Margo's escape attempt is thwarted when she is stopped by armed guards. The concert is halted and cancelled by Erica and Ted Douglas. Lizzie is rushed to hospital. Margo is brought back to Wentworth and put into solitary. The doctor tells Meg that Lizzie has severe internal bruising from the fall. Barbara hides Joan's diaries in a filing cabinet in Erica's office. Andy's sister Kathy comes to visit Paddy. Bea blames Margo for what happened to Lizzie. Joan realises that Barbara has her diaries and accuses her of killing her dog. Bea tries to find work and makes a phone call about a hairdressing job. Tony agrees to let Maxine move in with him, to ease the overcrowding at the halfway house. The hairdressing salon call Wentworth to ask Erica for a reference, but the call is intercepted by Joan, who informs them of Bea's murder convictions and reads her record out to them.

  • S04E77 Episode 323

    • October 27, 1982

    Tony tells Maxine he isn't interested in her in a romantic way. Meg realises Joan has sabotaged Bea's job application, which Joan admits to the Governor at a staff meeting, and later to Bea as well. Joan steals papers from Erica's office and plants them in Barbara's cell, which Colleen finds. Bea is suspicious Joan took so much trouble to frame Barbara and wants to know what she has on her. On the night shift, Joan lurks about causing trouble. She threatens Barbara and ends up performing a body search on Paddy to get a note slipped to her by Andy Hudson's sister. Margo and Chrissie plan to attack the Freak. After the incident with Joan, Paddy agrees to take part. They black out the lights on the solitary staircase and get Mouse to lure Joan there, where she is attacked by five baseball-bat-wielding women wearing masks.

  • S04E78 Episode 324

    • November 2, 1982

    Joan fights back and manages to get away from her attackers. Bea worries that she will be blamed for the attack and lose her parole. Maxine is annoyed by Melissa's presence at the halfway house. Joan needles Bea, eager to get her to blow her chances of parole. Paddy stops her when she eventually snaps and tries to hit her; Joan vows to charge her anyway, but Colleen makes it clear she won't support her. Sara Hamilton, a young woman on a drugs charge, arrives at the halfway house. Tony suspects her boyfriend, Alan, is also her supplier. Erica offers to place Bea in isolation to keep her out of Joan's way. Melissa tells Maxine she's trying to get Tony to leave the halfway house and go to Sydney to live with her. As Bea goes to isolation, Paddy promises to tell her of any change in Lizzie's condition. Later that night, a note is slipped under the gate leading to isolation which reads ""Bea - Lizzie Dead - Paddy"".

  • S04E79 Episode 325

    • November 9, 1982

    Joan fools the women into thinking that Lizzie is dead and they stage a protest, even Bea joins in from isolation. Her parole board hearing is postponed. Colleen tells the inmates that Lizzie is not dead after all. Bea realises the note was a fake and Joan was behind it. Tony gets drunk and falls into bed with Maxine after Melissa walks out on him. Barbara is sent to isolation after Chrissie and Margo rough her up to find out what she has on the Freak. Bea faces the parole board. Sara and Alan fight with his father when he turns up at the halfway house. Barbara tells Bea she has Joan's diaries. Alan suggests to Sara they take an overdose. A gang of inmates, led by Chrissie and Margo, trash Barbara's cell. Judy finds Alan and Sara unconscious. The parole board tell Bea they are impressed but want her to keep out of trouble until they review her case again in six months.

  • S04E80 Episode 326

    • November 9, 1982

    Her chance of parole gone, Bea plots to get back at Joan. At the halfway house, Alan is dead but Sara has survived. Bea gets Barbara to tell Joan the diaries are hidden in isolation. Chrissie starts a fire in the library to distract the screws. Unknown to everyone, Margo chucks a molotov cocktail into a store cupboard full of turps. Bea attacks Joan in isolation as Wentworth burns beneath them. Barbara tries to get her diaries from Erica's office but is overcome by smoke. Paddy climbs through the air conditioning to get out. Mouse is engulfed in a ball of flame when the turps explode. Erica runs back in to the burning building to open the locked security gates. Joan and Bea are trapped on opposite sides of a security gate - and Bea has the keys. Bea refuses to unlock the gate, saying she's ready to die - and Joan's going to die there with her...

Season 5

  • S05E01 Episode 327

    • February 1, 1983

    Paddy crawls through the air conditioning and finds Bea and Joan in isolation; Erica is rescued by firemen. Mouse and Barbara's bodies are recovered from the fire. Chrissie blames herself, unaware Margo was to blame. Paddy gets Bea and Joan to the roof to safety but Bea accidentally knocks Joan off a ladder and she is stretchered out unconscious. The remaining inmates are taken to Woodridge. In hospital, Paddy learns her release has come through and she goes to live in the halfway house. Meanwhile, Bea is less than pleased to learn that Joan has survived. The women moan about the poor conditions at Woodridge. Maxine prepares a romantic meal for Tony but he is held up by Sara's problems and she falls asleep. Joan tells the police that Bea attacked her and that she admitted to her that she started the fire as a diversion.

  • S05E02 Episode 328

    • February 3, 1983

    Bea learns she will probably be charged with arson and murder. Alan Jeffries' father vows to get Sara jailed for Alan's death and have the halfway house closed down. The women realise Andy is being picked on by other male prisoners. Bea and Lizzie get out of hospital and arrive at Woodridge. Bea protests against the conditions. When Colleen mentions there were two fires, Bea realises Chrissie didn't burn the place down. Paddy comes to visit Andy but doesn't tell him his father is ill. Rejected again by Tony, Maxine hooks up with Spud and they try to rob a truck, landing them both back in jail. Andy gets a kicking and is rushed to hospital. The male inmates start a riotous protest against the women taking over the mailbag sewing contract. In the midst of the chaos, Jeannie goes into labour but the screws don't hear the women calling.

  • S05E03 Episode 329

    • February 8, 1983

    Bea and Chrissie deliver Jeannie's baby boy, which she names Christopher B after them. Maxine is sent to Woodridge. Colleen admits she stored the turps in the storeroom, which led to the fire spreading so quickly. The police learn the fire was caused by a firebomb, which means Colleen was not to blame. Judy visits Lizzie and tells her that Lori is pregnant. The Health Department visit the halfway house and everyone realises Mr Jeffries called them in. Andy escapes from hospital and turns up at the halfway house to see Paddy. Forensic evidence ties Margo to the fire; she tries to shift the blame onto Bea and Chrissie. The police try to bully them into confessing. Paddy and Andy decide to go on the run but Tony calls the police and they are both arrested. Judy is furious with him for calling the cops, so he quits. Bea denies having anything to do with the fire but the police charge her anyway.

  • S05E04 Episode 330

    • February 10, 1983

    The police tells Colleen they think a third woman was involved in the fire. Paddy and a new prisoner, Valerie Jacobs, arrive at Woodridge. It turns out Val is an old friend of Colleen's and introduced her to Patrick. Val's presence makes Colleen feel uneasy and she tells her not to mention their acquaintance to the women but Margo overhears. Carlson lets Andy say goodbye to Paddy before he is transferred to the prison farm. At the request of the police, Colleen asks Val to spy on the women for them. Hazel turns up at the halfway house. Bea gets out of solitary but ends up right back in again after fighting with Chrissie, both thinking the other lagged on them. Val refuses Colleen's request after seeing the fight. Hazel goes for a job interview but comes back to the halfway house drunk. She tells Judy she lost access to her kids. Bea manages to convince Chrissie that the police are lying about them lagging to turn them against each other and find out the truth about the fire.

  • S05E05 Episode 331

    • February 15, 1983

    Bea and Chrissie start interviewing the women to try and find out who started the fire, making Margo sweat. Lizzie discovers the Woodridge men have some booze. Meanwhile, we see a mystery woman arriving in Melbourne off a freight train. She disguises herself with a blonde wig and turns up at the halfway house, calling herself Jean Carter. Judy lets her stay and she moves into a room with Hazel. Lizzie and Maxine start a raffle: Chrissie wins a raw chicken and demands something else. Lizzie tells Maxine she needs to buy booze from the men. Sara tells Mr Jeffries he was to blame for Alan's death more than her. Lil tells Bea and Chrissie that she thinks Margo started the fire. Jean tells Judy she is broke but in actual fact has a wad of banknotes. Margo is bashed into confessing but refuses to admit it to the police and tells them if anything happens to her, the police will know who's responsible.

  • S05E06 Episode 332

    • February 17, 1983

    Colleen ponders whether to tell the police she heard Val discussing the truth about her crime. Bea refuses to incriminate Margo to her solicitor. At Alan's inquest, the verdict is death by misadventure and the charges against Sara are dropped. Colleen and Carlson go out for dinner. Bea's solicitor tells her about the illegally stored turps. Lizzie and Maxine set up a poker game with marked cards, to get the money to buy booze from the men. The women learn they are going back to Wentworth. Val is released and thanks Colleen for keeping quiet. Colleen tells Carlson she cannot see him again. Hazel finds Jean's cash, steals it and flees but Jean won't let Judy call the police. The women fill their hot water bottles with booze to smuggle it back to Wentworth. Bea's solicitor forces Mr Douglas to reduce the charges against Bea and Chrissie by threatening to reveal all about the turps in court.

  • S05E07 Episode 333

    • February 22, 1983

    It's back to Wentworth for the prisoners, where the women find new sets waiting for them, and spend time settling in to the new look surroundings. Of course, the booze smuggled back from Woodridge helps this considerably. Bea and Chrissie learn their charges are being reduced, with Mouse and Barbara being blamed for the fire to cover up Colleen's incompetence. Colleen offers to resign, but Erica refuses to accept it. Erica authorises a small welcome back party, which the women decide to make a wake for Mouse and Barbara as well, but the party is rudely interrupted by the unexpected arrival of The Freak, clad in a neck brace. Meanwhile, at Driscoll House, Jean is off on a robbery spree and planning to leave when the police arrive. It turns out that money Hazel gave for a flat was stolen from Queensland. Their room is searched, and Jean is arrested for possessing stolen credit cards.

  • S05E08 Episode 334

    • February 24, 1983

    Joan breaks up the women's party after she discovers the illicit booze. A furious Erica cancels all their privileges. Judy is blamed, as she brought in the food and drink for the party, but Lizzie owns up to save Jude. Bea and Chrissie's VJ hearing arrives, but Joan has deliberately not told them in time to call their lawyer. However, Meg has called the solicitor herself. Bea pleads not guilty, on self defence grounds, but this is dismissed as she has no evidence to back up her claims of Joan's brutality. In the end Meg testifies on Bea's behalf, against Joan, which goes in Bea's favour. Joan furiously confronts Meg, who tells her just to quit before she is booted out of the service. Meanwhile, Jean Carter is questioned by the police and, after knocking a cop out and trying to escape, is charged and sent to Wentworth (bet you didn't see that coming, eh?)

  • S05E09 Episode 335

    • March 1, 1983

    Erica toughens things up in Wentworth, aided by a gleeful Joan, who insists on enforcing the most petty rules. Meg is appalled, and falls out with Colleen when she supports it. Bea drops hints to Meg that Margo started the fire, and she in turn asks Erica to reopen the investigation. Erica refuses, and instead chooses to transfer Margo out of Wentworth to get rid of her. Erica introduces a silly points scheme thing where the women get points for being good, and get points taken off for being bad. If they want privileges, they need to earn them. The women think it stinks, so does Meg, and Joan takes great delight in totally abusing the scheme. The women suspect Jean is hiding something. Hazel is arrested for passing the stolen money, and set up by the cops to make it look like she confessed to the bank job in WA. Back at Driscoll, Judy's estranged sister Frances unexpectedly turns up from America.

  • S05E10 Episode 336

    • March 3, 1983

    Hazel arrives back at the prison charged with armed robbery, and protesting her innocence. However, she is too scared of Jean to lag. Bea realises that Hazel got the money from Jean, and that it must have been Jean who did the robbery in Queensland. Paddy, angry that Hazel is suffering from the no lagging rule, goes to the Governor and dobs Jean in. It transpires that Jean is in fact Nola McKenzie, who escaped from death row in WA. Nola vows revenge on Paddy for sentencing her back to death. Judy and sister Frances make up for lost time, and Frances agrees to move into the halfway house while she is there. However, Judy is unaware that Frances is plotting to con Jude out of her inheritance. Tension grows between Meg and Joan. Lizzie and Maxine plot to play havoc with the points chart. Prostitute Trixie Mann is admitted to Wentworth.

  • S05E11 Episode 337

    • March 8, 1983

    Nola confesses to the bank robbery Hazel was arrested for, assuming that this will keep her in Wentworth and prevent her extradition back to death row in WA. However, she is still intent on getting back at Paddy for lagging, and enlists Trixie's help to beat her up in the shower block. Frances offers Judy a large sum of money to give up her claim to their father's estate, tempting her to use the amount for improvements on Driscoll. When Judy discovers that she is in line to inherit $100,000, and that her father asked for her forgiveness in the will, she attacks Frances. Erica arrives at the halfway house in the middle of the brawl and has to pull them apart. The women try to counter the points system by starting up one of their own, for the officers. New social worker Barry Simmons arrives to work at the prison.

  • S05E12 Episode 338

    • March 8, 1983

    Judy worries she will end up back in Wentworth if Frances reports the assault, but Erica vows to back her. News comes that Lori has given birth to a boy. Hazel goes to court and gets released. Joan catches Paddy with cigarettes smuggled in by Barry Simmonds, who Meg failed to search properly. The women play funny buggers with the points, first with the officers' chart, then by changing their own points. Joan demands Bea and Chrissie, obviously the ringleaders, be transferred. Erica refuses, so Joan calls the Department, who over-rule her. After an exercise period, Chrissie is abruptly shanghai-ed to Barnhurst, kicking and screaming all the way. Nola carries out her threat to get Paddy: she ambushes her in the showers and drowns her in a sink. Bea arrives too late, and finds Nola standing over Paddy's body. Nola is jubilant, insisting they won't be able to extradite her now.

  • S05E13 Episode 339

    • March 10, 1983

    Bea has to be restrained from attacking Nola following Paddy's murder. Nola tells Erica she didn't kill Paddy for a reason, she was just the first person to come along. Joan reports Meg's failure to search Barry Simmonds to Mr Douglas, who decides to sack Meg. However, Meg resigns instead. Lizzie overhears Meg and Colleen talking about her sacking, and reports back to Bea, who threatens Erica with big trouble if Meg is dismissed. When Erica dismisses her threats, she takes the women out on strike, and a sit-in in the Rec Room. Bea tells Erica that if Meg goes, then Joan will too, she'll see to it. Judy is relieved when Frances drops the charges against her and goes back to the US. She also gets a new job as Wentworth's careers officer. The points scheme looks set to be abandoned when Lizzie once again tampers with the totals.

  • S05E14 Episode 340

    • March 15, 1983

    The strike continues, but the women are fed up. Erica talks Mr Douglas into letting Meg stay, but Douglas refuses to do anything about Joan. Nola protests against being kept in Solitary, despite Erica's insistence it is for her own good. Bea and the girls carry out a threat campaign against her; Joan makes it clear she'll stay out of it if Bea and Nola fight each other. Maxine leads a gang of the women to take revenge on Nola behind Bea's back, and they attack her, only to be stopped by Bea. Nola refuses to say who did it, but hints strongly it was Joan. She makes it clear she's no pushover, and bashes Trixie just before she is released. Judy is let off by the Parole Board for the fight with Frances, and tackles a drunken woman at Driscoll who comes after her with a broken bottle. Faye is transferred back to H Block, and Joan wants her to take over as bookie, giving her a cut.

  • S05E15 Episode 341

    • March 17, 1983

    Nola recruits Faye as her offsider but bashes her anyway to show she means business. She then goes after the rest of Maxine's gang, leaving Maxie terrified she is next. She steals a knife from the dining room for protection, and Bea sends Faye to the loo with her as guard, unaware she is in league with Nola. They bump into Nola on the way, Faye scarpers, and Maxine gets a doing after a bit of a struggle. With buyup suspended, Nola plans a tobacco smuggling racket. Bea tells Judy she is going to kill Nola for what happened to Paddy. Joan orchestrates a confrontation between Bea and Nola in the refurbished library, then steps outside to wait for the fireworks to begin… Following a suggestion from Helen Smart, Judy decides to buy new premises for Driscoll House, and lease it back to the Department. Meanwhile, Maxine puts a bet on with Lizzie that she can't give up swearing.

  • S05E16 Episode 342

    • March 22, 1983

    Bea and Nola refuse to fight in the Library, since Joan set it up, and she is furious. Erica offers to restore buyup if Maxine lags on her attacker, but she refuses. Faye starts selling fags at high prices. Nola gets her to start an insurance racket and when nobody really wants to buy, she heavies Maxine into it. Colleen catches Maxine putting razor blades into Nola's soap and puts her on a charge: Faye pays out on her insurance, so several of the girls sign up. When Nola finds the razor blades, she knows it was Maxie and goes after her, but Bea comes to the rescue. Lizzie lies she has been confined to her cell in order to claim on her insurance. Bea attacks Nola in a cell, gags her and burns her with a soldering iron, branding a ""K"" for killer on her chest. Judy finds a new Driscoll House, then discovers her inheritance is less than she expected. The PRG come to the rescue with financial aid.

  • S05E17 Episode 343

    • March 24, 1983

    The inmates are stunned at what Bea did to Nola, but eventually they agree she deserved it. The Powell marriage seems doomed when Colleen moves out and into a hotel. She is propositioned by a man at dinner, but turns him down, though she later regrets it. Nola continues pulling the strings of Faye's rackets, deciding to pinch stuff from a store room and use it to pay off the insurance claims. Faye hears Lizzie and Colleen talking, and realises Lizzie lied about being confined to her cell. Maxine gets herself sent to Solitary in order to claim the $10 payout. Judy comes across a drunken Hazel in a bar and takes her back to Driscoll with her. She wants to keep a stray cat she finds, but Judy won't let her; later, Hazel finds an abandoned baby on the doorstep.

  • S05E18 Episode 344

    • March 29, 1983

    Hazel decides to keep the baby and enlists the help of her room-mate Michelle to hide him from Jude. She seems to be using it as a substitute for her own kids, but things go wrong when Judy catches her with the child. Meg invites Colleen to move in with her. Patrick arrives at the prison to see Colleen, and she agrees to meet him for lunch, but she misses it for a cell search. Bea thinks Faye is in league with Joan. Faye and Nola use a skeleton key to break into the storeroom and steal goods. Colleen realises the store has been broken into and organises a cell search. Nola tells Faye nobody gets a payout if they get themselves put on a charge, and is finally revealed to Bea and the others as the brains behind the racket. A new prisoner, Janice Young, arrives.

  • S05E19 Episode 345

    • March 31, 1983

    Judy has the baby taken away by the police, and Hazel is distraught. Soon after, Geoff arrives at Driscoll and tells Judy that Lori has left and taken the baby. He tells Judy that baby David is deaf, and Jude realises that the baby Hazel found was her grandson. Judy tracks Lori down to a local motel, and finds her distressed, saying she doesn't want to see Geoff or the baby again. Janice Young's husband Chris meets Meg and Colleen in a bar, and tells them he's worried about how she'll cope. Meg hires Chris to build shelves for Colleen's room. Patrick comes to Meg's to talk Colleen into coming home, but she refuses. Joan turns a blind eye when Maxine's friend Roxanne visits and passes her money. Bea asks Erica if the women can buy a TV. She agrees if the women will do extra laundry from the hospital, but Nola steals Bea's thunder by offering to buy a TV with her own cash.

  • S05E20 Episode 346

    • April 5, 1983

    Judy begs Lori to come back and sort things out. Judy and Geoff realise Lori has post-natal depression, and Judy offers to give up Driscoll to help if needed. Joan finds money on Faye as she is being released, so she tells Joan all about Nola's dealings. Faye is not allowed to see her beloved niece and nephew by sister Glynis and instead of looking for a job, heads straight to the bookies. Thanks to Bea's evidence, Nola gets a life sentence at Wentworth: no extradition. Joan demands a cut of Nola's takings, but she pleads ignorance. Nola threatens Maxine with a knife, forcing her to take over from Faye as her runner. Bea is furious to find out Maxie is working with Nola. Joan quickly catches Maxine with cash, and confronts Nola again, demanding a cut in exchange for her silence. Patrick asks Meg for help in winning Colleen back, but she refuses to take sides. The prisoners' new TV set arrives.

  • S05E21 Episode 347

    • April 7, 1983

    Maxine is not pleased to discover that Joan is Nola's new partner. Nola announces she is taking orders for anything the girls want, but Bea insists no drugs. Maxine calls Roxy and gets her to bring in a load of goods. Joan oversees the visit, and Bea is suspicious of how Maxie got the goods past the screws. Faye gets a cleaning job, and makes some cash from a few good racing tips. However, she turns down an offer from an old friend to handle some stolen goods from him. Colleen seems to be interested in Chris Young in more than a work capacity, and they grow closer. She visits his house, and ends up staying for lunch with him and the kids. Lori tells Judy she wants to give the baby up for adoption, but Judy begs her not to make the same mistake she did. After a lot of persuading, and a visit to a deaf school, Lori relents and returns to Geoff, taking the baby with her.

  • S05E22 Episode 348

    • April 12, 1983

    Colleen helps Chris look for a housekeeper and Meg suggests she has ulterior motives in helping the Youngs. Judy tells Janice she has found them a housekeeper, and Janice is furious she doesn't know anything about it. Janice tells Colleen to keep out of her personal life. Nola, Joan and Maxine's black market rackets look doomed when buyup is reinstated. Lizzie plays a string of stupid practical jokes on the girls, and they very quickly tire of it. Nola suggests they get their own back, and Bea agrees, providing it's harmless. Erica is informed a new prisoner will be a departmental ""spy"" to evaluate the staff and inmates. The officers are kept in the dark about it as much as the prisoners, and the woman, Jill Clark, raises Joan and Bea's suspicions by asking too many questions. Faye finally gets to see her niece and nephew, and buys them gifts.

  • S05E23 Episode 349

    • April 12, 1983

    Janice apologises to Colleen. Colleen invites Chris to dinner at Meg's, but Meg has to go into work. Patrick turns up just before Chris, and a row ensues. Chris leaves; Colleen turns up at his place later, and they end up kissing. Nola comes up with a scheme to fool Lizzie into thinking she's gone deaf. Bea thinks Lizzie will easily see through the joke, but she doesn't. Jill continues snooping around. Maxine finds Jill's shorthand notes, recognises names in them and tells Bea. Jill lies and says she's doing a thesis for uni. Faye is upset when Glynis bans her from seeing Billy after she takes him to the races. She goes to stay at Driscoll. Helen brings a hooker called Lindy to stay after her pimp beats her up. When the Wentworth girls arrive at Driscoll for the work party, Judy's shy new neighbour Trevor is befriended by Maxie, to his mother's horror.

  • S05E24 Episode 350

    • April 14, 1983

    Meg is disapproving after Colleen spends the night with Chris. At work, Colleen snaps at Janice, and Joan implies to her that something is going on between her husband and Mrs Powell. Although Bea thinks she knows what the girls are up to, Lizzie is terrified and thinks she has a brain tumour. She reminisces about the past and writes out her Will. Meg is furious and tells the women what their stupid prank has done but it turns out that Lizzie only has eye strain and needs reading glasses. Judy and the girls move into the new Driscoll House; some of the Wentworth inmates are there for the working bee. Maxine befriends Trevor and they kiss. Billy visits Faye, and Jude lets him stay the night. Glynis and Malcolm arrive to pick him up, and Malcolm threatens to get Faye charged with kidnapping. In tears, Faye tells Judy that he can't do that – because Billy is not her nephew, he's her son.

  • S05E25 Episode 351

    • April 19, 1983

    Bea realises that Nola and Maxine are working with Joan, and tearfully bashes Maxie to teach her a lesson. Lizzie is horrified, although Maxie forgives Bea and tells her she deserved it. Nevertheless, the women are turning against Bea. Jill is sent to Solitary for having contraband, and Joan is suspicious when Ted Douglas comes to visit her and is smuggled into Solitary. She calls the court and discovers they have no record of Jill Clark. Jill tells Douglas that Joan is bent, but he doesn't believe her. Colleen is torn between continuing to see Chris and doing the right thing. Joan sees them together and tells Janice, who slaps Colleen. Colleen lets her off, and angrily confronts a smug Joan. At Driscoll, Faye tells Judy that Glynis agreed to bring Billy up as her own, since Faye had him as a teenager. Meanwhile, Lindy is freaked when she thinks someone followed her home.

  • S05E26 Episode 352

    • April 21, 1983

    Bea has had enough and tells the women to sort out their own problems from now on. She steals a spare officer's uniform, dyes her hair black, joins a group of trainee officers as they leave – and walks right out of the prison gates… Word spreads that Jill is a spy. Colleen is furious and demands answers from Erica, who admits it. Lizzie suggests the women catch her out by feeding her false information. Faye lets Snow burgle her offices, and is arrested. She arrives back in Wentworth and is sent to D Block. Lindy is unnerved by Trevor's shy behaviour and Mrs Collins doesn't want him visiting the house. Later, Lindy catches Trevor watching her undressing at her window. Colleen breaks off the affair with Chris and goes home to Patrick. Janice is released, and Chris ignores Colleen when he comes to collect her.

  • S05E27 Episode 353

    • April 26, 1983

    Bea's escape has everyone in a flap. Lizzie blames the others for the way they treated her, while Joan feels foolish at falling for Bea's diversionary tactics. Said tactics also get Maxine into trouble, and she is quizzed by the officers and the police. Nola discovers that Bea stole her money stash before she left and makes her play for Top Dog. The other women are shunning Jill now that they know the truth about her, so she is hurriedly released. Her report to Ted Douglas points the finger at Joan for the contraband, but she has no real proof. The women lose their buyup in the aftermath of the escape, and Lizzie confronts Joan in front of Colleen, demanding her insurance payment for losing her buyup. At Driscoll House, Trevor scares Lindy by approaching her while she is sunbathing; later, to Judy's disapproval, Lindy goes to get a fix.

  • S05E28 Episode 354

    • April 28, 1983

    Joan brushes off Lizzie's accusations, but the seeds are sown in Erica and Colleen's minds. Lizzie and Maxine admit Joan is involved, but won't lag on Nola. Joan visits Lizzie after lights out to threaten her. Lindy goes out on the town and meets a man called Tony, but she won't have sex with him. In the middle of the night, someone climbs through Lindy's window and rapes her. Next morning, she tells the police it was Trevor. He is arrested, charged and bailed, but it wasn't him: the real rapist phones Lindy. Helen is arrested when a ""client"" turns out to be cop, and arrives in Wentworth. The Department allow the women to get duvet covers and stuff for their cells, and Helen draws up their list for Erica. Lainie Dobson and Ellen Farmer arrive on remand; Lainie is covered in tattoos and doesn't want to strip off. Later, Nola spots them holding hands and remarks ""they're a couple of dykes!""

  • S05E29 Episode 355

    • May 3, 1983

    Judy realises that Trevor didn't rape Lindy after all, and the rapist is revealed as Tony, the man from the bar. She makes Lindy go to the police, and they use her as bait to trap him and lock him up. Judy and Lindy apologise to the Collins, but Mrs Collins knocks them back. Trevor announces he is leaving home. The women's items for their cells arrive: Lizzie gets a shocking pink bedspread and rug. In the showers, Helen discovers that ""Ellen"" is really a man called Alan, Lainie's boyfriend. The cops didn't realise their mistake, hence his presence in Wentworth. Maxie makes a move on Alan, at which point Meg discovers he is a man. He is hurriedly released as the women, on exercise period, watch in amazement. Driscoll resident Dianne Henley gets 14 days in Wentworth, and when she gets there she reveals she can't read. Helen suggests they try and get a teacher to help her.

  • S05E30 Episode 356

    • May 5, 1983

    Alan's sudden release has the women astonished. Erica says they are to act as though he never existed. Meanwhile, the Department's generosity has the women suspicious. They learn they are getting a doctor, social worker and teacher (for Dianne) and are sceptical of ulterior motives. With the Department dishing out, nobody is buying anything from Nola any more. Nola wants to start bringing in booze and drugs, but Joan says no drugs. Helen is released. Lainie goes to court and gets 4 weeks. The Department announce a TV documentary crew are coming: Nola suggests their privileges will only last til they have gone. The crew arrive and interview some of the women. A little blackmail goes a long way for Nola, who gets one of the TV crew to pass a message onto a presenter, demanding drugs in exchange for keeping quiet about certain things.

  • S05E31 Episode 357

    • May 10, 1983

    Bea finally makes an appearance, hiding out as housekeeper to a snobby rich dame in Sydney, but when her employer twigs who she is, Bea ties her up and makes her getaway. The women are outraged when the new doctor and teacher turn out to be temporary: Nola was right after all. Nola is sent a food parcel, and sells off the contents to the women. However, she learns there was dope in the tea-bags, which were sold to Lizzie, and runs herself ragged trying to get them back. When Lizzie tastes how vile the tea is, she demands her money back, which she gets. Maxie realises why Nola wanted the tea back, and Nola announces her intention to start dealing. Lainie feels depressed about her future, thinking nobody will employ her because of her tattoos, so Judy arranges an interview for her.

  • S05E32 Episode 358

    • May 12, 1983

    Aware Bea is on the loose in Sydney, the cops turn up at Doreen's to see if Bea has contacted her. They put a guard on her flat to watch for Bea, and assign an undercover policewoman to work with Dor in the dress shop. Doreen outsmarts them all, and to her surprise a disguised Bea turns up at the shop to see her. Nola starts dealing, but Maxine blows it by smoking a joint in the Laundry: it goes through the air-conditioning, and both Colleen and Erica smell it. They wait until Joan goes to a doctor's appointment before holding a cell search, suspecting her of being involved. When Joan returns and finds out what's been going on, she demands a cut of Nola's profits. Lainie impresses the man at her interview until he sees her tattoos. Judy wants the Department to start a tattoo removal scheme. A distraught Lainie then tries to burn the tattoos off her arms with caustic soda.

  • S05E33 Episode 359

    • May 17, 1983

    Doreen ushers Bea into a changing room to talk to her away from Dierdre's prying eyes. They arrange to meet at the cinema so Dor can give her money, but Dierdre ends up tagging along, and Dor leaves the money for Bea to pick up, as well as a key to her flat. Nola plots to annoy the officers into stopping searching everything, by getting the girls to have loads of parcels sent in. The screws over-react madly, confiscating buy-up and tearing teddy bears apart. Erica gets them to tell the women their mail is no longer being censored (a lie), in the hope they will let something slip in their letters. Joan tells Nola this; she decides to make Maxine get out her dope order, through Lizzie, but Maxie doesn't know how to. Lainie recovers from burning her arms with the caustic soda. The Department knock back the tattoo programme, until Judy comes up with a cheaper way.

  • S05E34 Episode 360

    • May 19, 1983

    Bea waits til Doreen goes to work, then uses the key to get into the flat. Doreen is delighted that Bea is there, she talks her into staying the night and they reminisce and catch-up. Next day, Doreen's flatmate returns early from a trip, so they pretend Bea is holding Dor hostage. Bea ties them up and flees, but Debbie gets to a window and alerts the cops, who recapture her. A tearful Doreen watches Bea being taken away. Maxine cons Lizzie into getting Meg to post the drug order. A minister called John Barker offers his services to the jail but he's an imposter with Nola's drug supply hidden in his fake bible. Joan twigs and bullies Nola into taking over as Top Dog, so she starts a demo in the dining room. Ted Douglas is summoned and meets with Nola, before furiously ordering Erica to her office… Meanwhile, Judy gets him to agree to the tattoo programme and let Alan back in to see Lainie.

  • S05E35 Episode 361

    • May 24, 1983

    Erica has ""resigned"" (ie the Department sacked her) after Nola's protest. Colleen is appointed Acting Governor, with Meg as Deputy. Douglas hints to Joan that he wants her to get the Governor's job. Bea arrives back and insists the women can look after themselves from now on. However, when Lizzie tells her about the fake minister, she agrees to help bring him down. They hold a bible study group, where his ignorance of the Bible is revealed; he is quickly identified as a fake and arrested. Nola tries to persuade the women that Bea stole her money before her escape. With Lizzie and some heavies in tow, Nola confronts Bea rifling through her hiding place in the Library. Meanwhile, Judy's latest hopeless case is a particularly drippy shoplifter called Denise Tyler, who she lends a helping hand to.

  • S05E36 Episode 362

    • May 26, 1983

    Bea admits she stole Nola's money, and gets a bashing from Nola and her heavies as Lizzie runs for help. Bea recovers in hospital, and Nola is sent out to work in the garden away from everyone. She hides her drugs in the garden, safe from the drugs squad and their sniffer dogs. Lizzie and Maxine play detective, and Lizzie works out where the dope is hidden. She digs it all up and flushes it down the loo. Nola is livid, and vows to bash Maxine as revenge for Lizzie's meddling. Joan looks forward to a visit from her father, the Major, and asks Colleen if he can have a tour of the prison. Judy comes to the rescue when Denise Tyler is caught shoplifting again. Lainie has the first of her tattoos removed though Maxie wimps out from having any of hers done. Psychic Zara Moonbeam is admitted to Wentworth on fraud charges, though the women are sceptical of her and think she's a fake.

  • S05E37 Episode 363

    • May 31, 1983

    Lizzie tries desperately to save Maxine from Nola's bashing; Maxie gives cheek to Meg to get sent to the pound, but Meg thinks it's something to do with the insurance scheme and gives her cleaning duties instead. While Maxie is alone in the corridor mopping, Nola sneaks up on her and beats her up. Bea is released from the infirmary and comforts Maxie after finding her beaten up in their cell. The Major arrives to see Joan, but there's a gulf between them. He comes to visit the prison, and takes a shine to Lizzie. Led by Bea, the women embarrass Joan in front of the Major by refusing to go back inside from exercise period; Joan furiously tells Nola she wants rid of Bea once and for all. Lainie has a terrible acid trip and tries to cut her tattoos out with a piece of mirror, but is stopped by Bea. Judy gets more involved with Denise's money troubles, and encounters the dark side of her bratty son Gary.

  • S05E38 Episode 364

    • June 2, 1983

    Nola agrees to help Joan get rid of Bea. Lainie's nightmare trip continues, leading to Inspector Grace being called in. Nola is sent to Solitary for supplying her with the acid. Zara says she has a message for Bea from her daughter, Debbie, but Bea thinks it's a sick joke. Zara eventually convinces Bea she is telling the truth and insists Debbie didn't OD, she was murdered. Bea is distraught. Later that night, Bea thinks she hears Debbie's ghost calling to her. However, the ‘ghost' is really Zara, forced into all this by Joan, part of a scheme to drive Bea mad. Judy arrives at Denise's flat, and finds Denise and Russell next to Gary's dead body. The Major's dinner with Joan, Meg and Colleen goes sour. The interviews are held for the Governor's job, but Meg and Colleen suspect Joan will get it. Everyone is stunned, then, when Ted Douglas turns up unannounced with the new Governor of Wentworth, Ann Reynolds…

  • S05E39 Episode 365

    • June 2, 1983

    The new Governor's arrival has everyone in a spin. Ann's comments make Meg and Colleen realise they never had any chance of getting the job. Ann annoys her staff by adhering to Ted Douglas' assertion that she must ""put the Department first"", and obsessing over pointless paperwork. Joan cons an old friend of Debbie Smith into giving her letters from Debbie. Lizzie grows increasingly worried about Bea, who asks if she heard voices in the night. Denise Tyler is admitted for Gary's murder and Judy is worried how the women will react to her. She goes to see Bea in a stupidly misguided attempt to get her to look after Denise; Bea promptly bashes Denise, she lags, and Bea lands in Solitary. Meanwhile, Russell leaves Judy doubting Denise's guilt. Before going back home, Major Ferguson leaves a box at the front gate for Joan with a Rottweiler puppy inside.

  • S05E40 Episode 366

    • June 7, 1983

    Zara is riddled with guilt and wants to tell Lizzie the truth. Joan takes her to the pound during the night to imitate Debbie: Bea screams the place down, alerting the screws, and has to be sedated. She gets out of Solitary next day and finds the letter from Debbie on the press, causing another fit. Nola suggests to Joan that they make Bea top herself. Ann wants to know how the women found out about Denise, and Judy admits it was her. Denise is sent to Isolation. Russell runs away from the home and comes to see his mother, but is refused permission. Maxine and Phyllis bash Denise again through the Isolation bars. As she recovers in the Infirmary, Judy visits and says she doesn't think she killed Gary, and is covering for Russell. Lizzie gets fortune telling tips from Zara. She reads Ann's tea leaves then she and Maxine set up a fortune telling tent in their cell. Lainie is released.

  • S05E41 Episode 367

    • June 9, 1983

    Bea is blamed for Denise's bashing and sent back to the pound. Nola tells Joan it was Maxine and Phyllis who did it. Denise goes to trial, and Russell blurts out the truth, that he killed his brother and Denise covered for him. Her charges are dropped and she is released. Maxine gets her parole, but she needs a job and a home and refuses to go home to her folks. Judy says she can come and work at Driscoll. Maxie later learns her estranged father has died of a heart attack, and decides to go home to her mother and make amends. Joan invites Ann to her house to help with paperwork, and takes the chance to slag off Meg and Colleen to the new Governor. Bea sinks deeper into despair, and Meg wants Dr Weissman to see her. Bea persuades Zara to rig up a Ouija board to contact Debbie, but Bea ends up in hysterics. Meanwhile, Nola builds a zip gun for Bea to use on herself.

  • S05E42 Episode 368

    • June 14, 1983

    As Bea's condition worsens, Ann tells Zara to keep away from Bea. A doctor comes to see Bea, and tells her she isn't to blame for Debbie's death. Nola makes her zip-gun, which Joan hides in Bea's dressing gown pocket. After another midnight visit from ""Debbie"", Bea freaks out totally and is carted off to the Infirmary. This time, though, Lizzie heard the voices too - and finds the gun in Bea's pocket. Maxine is released but finds it hard settling back in with her mum at the petrol station. Tension continues to grow, as Ann remains taken in by Joan and her sucking up. She stirs things up between Ann, Meg and Colleen, leading to Colleen confronting Ann. Ann realises her mistakes and buries the hatchet with Colleen. Wheelchair bound Tracey Belman arrives in Wentworth, on remand for murder. She is abrasive towards the other women and refuses anyone's offers of help.

  • S05E43 Episode 369

    • June 16, 1983

    After listening to Lizzie's warnings about Joan, Tracey doesn't want Joan near her. Wally visits Judy, and she asks him to help run Driscoll with her, but he suggests Mikki instead. She agrees, and Mikki moves in. Maxine gets a visit from Spud, on the scrounge. Maxie's sister, Pauline, and husband Roger are having money worries. He works at a bank, and takes cash from an old lady's account to pay off their debts. Lizzie confronts Zara about the gun, and Zara finally tells all. Nola is worried that Lizzie knows what's going on. Lizzie gets into the Infirmary, shows Bea the gun, and tells her what Joan and Nola have been up to. Bea is sceptical, but soon believes her. After Bea asks to see her to ""apologise"", Nola is brought to the Infirmary by Meg. Bea urges her to come close and tells her Debbie and Paddy are waiting... for her. She whips out the zip-gun - and shoots Nola between the eyes.

  • S05E44 Episode 370

    • June 21, 1983

    Bea is perfectly rational following Nola's murder, and tells all about the plot to drive her mad. Joan falls under suspicion, but there is no proof against her. Bea and Lizzie are to be charged for their part in the murder. Joan warns Zara to keep quiet about everything, or it could look bad for her in court. She denies everything and heads off to her trial. Joan volunteers to be Tracey's permanent help, but she isn't pleased. Her paralysis is revealed to be in her head. She wakes after a bad dream about the accident to find Joan standing over her, and accuses her of trying to molest her. Maxine's mother falsely accuses Maxie of stealing from the till. Roger learns the old woman he'd been stealing from is dead, and he needs to return the money. Mikki settles in at Driscoll, with her sleazy boyfriend Cliff hanging around; Litza, a young Greek woman, turns up at the house after running away from home.

  • S05E45 Episode 371

    • June 23, 1983

    Colleen reports Tracey's accusations: Joan is cleared, but told to keep away from Tracey. Joan pretends to make a move on Tracey, who leaps out of her wheelchair, just as Ann and Colleen walk in. Maxine comes to Driscoll to see Judy, who persuades her to go back home. Roger can't put the money back, because Pauline has spent it. He decides to carry out a payroll robbery to get money; when Pauline tells Maxie how much trouble they're in, she and Spud do the robbery before Roger can. Bea and Lizzie go to court, where they are held over for trial. Ann orders Bea to be moved into another cell. Maggie May Kennedy, an OAP drug runner, arrives in Wentworth to share Lizzie's cell, and it turns out they are old friends, who knew each other some 40 years ago. Litza's father turns up at Driscoll, but she refuses to go home. Meanwhile, it seems obvious Mikki isn't cut out for this kind of work.

  • S05E46 Episode 372

    • June 28, 1983

    Maxine gives Pauline and Roger their share of the robbery money, but Roger is already falling under suspicion for his actions that day. Spud takes his cut of the money and shoots through without Maxie. As the heat gets to her, Pauline calls the police and turns Maxie in. Lizzie and Maggie reminisce, but Bea is distinctly unimpressed by her. She wants extradition to the US, as she thinks it will be easier to get off there. She claims she was set-up, but Lizzie knows she wasn't. Lizzie and Maggie get drunk on cough syrup. Taken in by her, Bea decides to help Maggie in her extradition bid. Tracey realises her paralysis is psychological. She apologises to Joan and thanks her as she goes to court. She gets three years at Barnhurst. Litza phones her father, but he hangs up. Judy thinks Mikki made a mistake letting her stay at Driscoll. Wally agrees to give the inmates pottery lessons.

  • S05E47 Episode 373

    • June 30, 1983

    Pauline calls Maxine to tell her the cops are on their way: she steals a car and tries to flee, but is caught and arrested. Bea and Lizzie are disgusted to see her back, and she won't tell them what has happened. Lizzie has had enough of Maggie's nonsense, and starts opposing her every chance she gets. The others think she is just jealous. Bea writes a letter for the press about Maggie's plight, which she smuggles out through her solicitor. Joan's drunken neighbour, Des Colsen, threatens to shoot Major. His jittery wife Carol has a life of misery with him. At the library, Meg watches as one of the staff, the timid, nervous Miss Gardiner, is visited by a debt collector. She is later admitted to Wentworth calling herself Brandy Carter, dressed as a tart, on soliciting charges. Meg recognizes her, but can't quite place her. Litza's presence at Driscoll causes friction amongst the other residents.

  • S05E48 Episode 374

    • June 30, 1983

    Meg insists she recognizes Brandy from somewhere. Brandy annoys Bea by being lazy in the Laundry. She rips a slit in her dress to tart it up a bit, and later makes eyes at a startled Wally during a pottery class. Bea's article is printed in the Despatch, and the press camp outside the prison as a result. Ted Douglas is furious and tells a shocked Bea that Maggie is as guilty as sin. Mikki cancels a night out with Cliff and Litza to help Judy, so they go alone. Cliff tries to get Litza drunk and hits on her. Her fiance Manoli arrives at Driscoll to see her; Litza and Cliff turn up, a fight develops, Manoli calls her a whore and slaps her. Pauline visits Maxie, and Maxie says she won't dob Roger in. After the visit, she tells the others the truth about her re-arrest. Carol Colsen plans a special dinner for her anniversary, but Des gets drunk and smashes everything up. Joan goes to see if everything is okay, and walks in as Carol stabs Des to death.

  • S05E49 Episode 375

    • July 5, 1983

    A hostage situation develops at the Colsens' after Des' murder. Carol threatens to kill both herself and Jilly, and it is only Joan's quick actions that save the girl. When Joan doesn't turn up for work, Meg arrives to check on her, discovers what is going on, and calls the police. Carol arrives in Wentworth on remand. Bea is furious over Maggie's lies; Lizzie admits she knew she was guilty. Maggie learns she is to be extradited, but to her horror the proviso is she must serve her entire sentence in a US jail. Brandy freaks out in the shower, and reverts back to the same persona Meg met at the Library. Meg realises that's where she knows her from, but when she confronts her, Brandy returns to normal and denies it all. At Driscoll, Litza and Mikki argue. Judy doesn't think Mikki can help anyone else until she sorts her own life out. Wally goes to see Manoli, and manages to reconcile him with Litza.

  • S05E50 Episode 376

    • July 7, 1983

    Ann tells Joan to keep her distance from Carol Colsen. The women know of Carol's crime and give her the cold shoulder for threatening to kill her child. Joan goes to visit Jilly and promises to take her for a day out. Back to her old tarty self, Brandy makes the drier break down and has sex with Joe, the maintenance man who arrives to fix it. A bitter Maggie tells Bea she is going back to the US, but will die behind bars. She and Lizzie make up before she leaves. Litza goes home. Mikki freaks and runs out when a drunken resident pulls a broken bottle on her: Wally diffuses the situation. Judy gives Mikki the sack. She offers the job to Wally again, and this time he accepts. Maxine's friend Roxy is brought into the Laundry, heavily pregnant. She's been inside for a while in Maternity, but wasn't getting on with the women. She reveals she's a surrogate mother, and will get 20 grand for having their baby.

  • S05E51 Episode 377

    • July 12, 1983

    The women disapprove of what Roxy is doing. She calls the Sheldons, who she is having the baby for, to tell them she is in jail. Brandy breaks the equipment down to see Joe again and Phyllis keeps nit. Joe gives Brandy money and a bottle of booze, then she snaps back to her ""Laura the Librarian"" persona. Phyl pinches her money. A madcap blonde, Sandy Gillam, arrives at Driscoll, claiming her hubby beats her. But the husband seems to have various names. Judy and Wally are confused enough - then her fiance shows up! She palms them off and doles out prezzies. Carol tells the women Joan stopped her killing Jilly. Nobody can look after Jill, so she's in a home. Joan takes her to the zoo, and brings her to see Carol. She yells at her for killing her dad. Carol is distraught; Joan thinks she's made things worse. Joan and Ann later find Carol has hanged herself in her cell with her tights.

  • S05E52 Episode 378

    • July 14, 1983

    Joan feels partly responsible for Carol's suicide, and asks if she can tell Jilly about her mother. Brandy, now Laura, suffers memory gaps and is shocked to learn her crimes. She asks Phyllis for the bottle of brandy. David Sheldon visits Roxy, and she demands more money. He consults a lawyer to discuss his rights if she backs out. They can sue for the money, but have no claim on the baby. Roxy gets six months, so the kid will be born inside. She reconsiders giving the baby up. A man turns up at Driscoll looking for his wife Pixie, aka Sandy. She fills Judy in (well, sort of...) on her tortured love life and Jude is suspicious to find bank books in several names in Pixie's bag. She announces she is leaving, but when the women wave her off it is yet another man she leaves with! Later, the police show up to arrest her for bigamy and fraud. Ann persuades Wally to move into the attic apartment in her building.

  • S05E53 Episode 379

    • July 19, 1983

    Pixie arrives in Wentworth, and is a big hit with the other women. The women give her the idea of claiming temporary insanity, when her lawyer tells her she will never get off. She fakes a faint, and later pretends to be Joan of Arc in front of an unimpressed Colleen. Meg gets Laura to admit where they met before. She has been saving her medication and tries to take an overdose, but when it doesn't work she slashes her wrists with a broken bottle. Lizzie finds her and calls for help: she is rushed to hospital. Bea upsets Roxy with her criticism. Paul Reynolds helps Wally move in. He's a photographer, snaps the Wentworth women when he visits, and sends in a box of photos for the cells. Paul is excited by a photo in the paper of crime boss Lionel Fellowes, realising he too has a picture of him. Ann is horrified to recognize the man Fellowes is with in Paul's photo: it's Ted Douglas.

  • S05E54 Episode 380

    • July 21, 1983

    Bea spots a copy of the Douglas photo among the ones Paul sent for them. The officers take the photos back, but Bea keeps that one. Ann shows Douglas the photo; he tells her it's secret Department business. Paul refuses to hand over the negatives. Bea gets Douglas to come see her and demands reforms in exchange for the picture. Laura recovers in hospital, as the voices in her head torment her. Dr Weissman sees her, and she returns to the prison as a posh woman called Susan. Pixie goes to court, blames her ""twin sister Audrey"", annoys the Judge, and gets five years. She comes to breakfast in her undies, and says Meg tried to undress her. Roxy's ex visits and asks her to marry him, thinking the baby is his. She tells the Sheldons she's keeping the baby, but a visit from Andrea persuades her to hand it over. With all the excitement, she goes into labour two weeks early.

  • S05E55 Episode 381

    • July 26, 1983

    Roxy has a boy and gives him to the Sheldons. Helen turns up and needs Judy's help. Her sister Sharon has joined a cult, who are trying to get their hands on her trust fund money. Ann's house is trashed, all Paul's negatives are gone, but the Douglas pic is safe: it was in Wally's flat. Ann won't call the police til she has spoken to Douglas. He orders a search of the prison to find it. Ann is duffed up by two masked men waiting in her house. New prisoner Gerri Doogan raises Bea's suspicions with her questions. Joan is annoyed with Pixie's antics, but Colleen says Ann has ordered they ignore her. She hides in a wardrobe, annoys Mrs O'Reagan, and pours Ann an invisible cuppa. Meg is delighted when Marty returns on shore leave, with his friend Dennis in tow. Dr Weissman diagnoses Laura as having multiple personalities. He and Meg go to visit Laura's father to find out more about her life.

  • S05E56 Episode 382

    • July 26, 1983

    Bea catches Gerri looking for the photo, and she admits she works for Fellowes. Bea gives the photo to the cops. Douglas is suspected of taking payment to arrange paroles. As he prepares to board a plane at the airport, the police turn up and arrest him. With Matt Thomas' help, Helen meets an ex-member of the cult, who tells her how he was ""deprogrammed"". Meg gets an obscene phone call, but is comforted with Marty and Dennis around. The calls continue, and she returns home to find ""slut"" written on her mirror in lipstick. Pixie continues her antics, accusing Ann of stealing Wally and claiming the Martians dyed her hair. She sees Dr Weissman, but he isn't taken in. Laura has hypnosis and manages to banish Brandy for good. Weissman arranges for her to go to a sanatorium for therapy. She meets with her father and apologises to Bea for her actions before she leaves.

  • S05E57 Episode 383

    • July 28, 1983

    Meg is terrified by her stalker and gets round-the-clock police protection. Dennis turns out to be the stalker: he kills a girl who picks him up, then plays Meg a tape recording of her murder, before turning up at Meg's flat and pulling a knife on her. Helen tries to convince Sharon she has been brainwashed; when that fails, she has her abducted from the street, and takes her to be deprogrammed in the attic at Driscoll. Pixie is depressed when her plan to get transferred to the asylum fails, so the women write her an anonymous love letter to cheer her up. Lizzie gets a message from her old friend Foxy on the radio, asking her to get in touch. Petra Roberts is admitted on remand for the murder of her father, but she has refused to explain why she did it. Dr Scott Collins comes to Driscoll to tend to a resident, and Judy suggests him for the doctor's job at Wentworth.

  • S05E58 Episode 384

    • August 2, 1983

    Dennis holds a terrified Meg at knifepoint, her police guards dead outside. She keeps calm, impersonates his mother, and talks her way out of trouble. The police burst in and arrest Dennis. The deprogramming gets underway at Driscoll with the deprogrammer, Colin Burton, shouting at Sharon, while she wibbles in a corner. Alpha Centauri calls Helen, who threatens to expose him as a shyster. Wally takes Ann out to dinner to stop her visiting Driscoll. After much screaming, Mrs Collins calls the cops. An upset Helen bursts into the attic to stop proceedings, and Sharon responds by sinking a knife into Colin Burton. The women send Pixie on various wild goose chases to find out the identity of her secret admirer (Wally, Dr Weissman, a delivery driver). They eventually tell her the truth and she thinks it's a hoot. Bea proposes that Petra, a qualified teacher, hold lessons for the girls.

  • S05E59 Episode 385

    • August 4, 1983

    The police arrive at Driscoll after Colin Burton's stabbing and arrest practically everyone, including Judy, but Helen pays her bail to get her out. Helen and Sharon are sent to Wentworth, but Sharon still refuses to have anything to do with Helen. Bea tries to talk to Sharon, but she accuses her of assault, so Bea ends up in the pound again. Ann is annoyed with Wally when she realises he took her to dinner to get her away from Driscoll. Judy learns Colin Burton has died. A friend of Helen's visits to tell her Fellowes is after revenge on the women for the Ted Douglas affair. Petra is shocked to hear Dr Scott's name, and injures herself on purpose to see him: it turns out they have a history together, and Pixie later bursts in on them kissing. Lucy Ferguson, Joan's niece, turns up out of the blue to stay with her, but she's up to something and hides her boyfriend's drugs in Joan's house.

  • S05E60 Episode 386

    • August 9, 1983

    A building inspector arrives at Wentworth to inspect the rebuilding, but he's a fake. Once inside the jail, he knocks Colleen out, ties her up, and plants bombs around the prison. Meg rescues Colleen, but the women have been locked in the laundry with a bomb inside ticking away... Sharon is charged with murder as Alpha Centauri's true nature is exposed in the press, shattering her illusions. Helen decides to implicate herself to help her sister. Lizzie gets wind of Petra and Scott's relationship but vows to keep quiet. Petra tells Lizzie her father abused her, and was going to do the same to her sister, Emma, which is why she killed him. Later, when Emma visits Petra, we learn it was actually Emma who killed him. Lucy attacks Major the dog to stop him finding her drugs, and a furious Joan turfs her out. Ann forgives Wally. Lizzie gets a telegram from Foxy.

  • S05E61 Episode 387

    • August 11, 1983

    Petra is shattered when her secret is divulged and Lucy finds a way to blackmail the Freak.

  • S05E62 Episode 388

    • August 16, 1983

    Scott attempts to clear Petra of the charges against her, and Cheryl is heartbroken by the repercussions of her drug-induced incident.

  • S05E63 Episode 389

    • August 18, 1983

    Maxine and Lucy escape, but Maxine is not welcome with her family. Bea takes on the department for negligence. And Petra tells Scott her true feelings.

  • S05E64 Episode 390

    • August 23, 1983

    Petra tells the police the truth about her father's murder. Bea triumphs over Arthur Richards.

  • S05E65 Episode 391

    • August 25, 1983

    Panic spreads in Wentworth when the true cause of Glynnis's death becomes apparent. Maxine and Tinker-Belle rob a factory, with fatal consequences.

  • S05E66 Episode 392

    • August 30, 1983

    Wentworth mourns the death of a much-loved inmate. Bea falls in love and Lassa Fever claims more victims.

  • S05E67 Episode 393

    • September 1, 1983

    The deadly fever subsides after taking many lives. Bea and Tony spend a night together. But is it their last?

  • S05E68 Episode 394

    • September 6, 1983

    When Hazel disappears, Judy suspects there is something terribly wrong with her. Rosemary finds herself in serious trouble with the law, while Sonia Stevens' true nature is revealed to the inmates.

  • S05E69 Episode 395

    • September 8, 1983

    The women punish Sonia for her evil deeds on the outside. Hazel tells Judy the terrible truth about herself.

  • S05E70 Episode 396

    • September 13, 1983

    Sonia finds herself at the mercy of Joan, but finds that the latter has no compassion whatsoever. Wally turns detective to help Rosemary.

  • S05E71 Episode 397

    • September 13, 1983

    Sonia and Joan join forces in a profitable enterprise at Wentworth. Lizzie prepares for her day as a high-society lady, and Hazel asks for Judy's help in her hour of need.

  • S05E72 Episode 398

    • September 15, 1983

    Bea tries to stop the Freak and Sonia from taking over Wentworth. Lizzie's grand day out ends in the truth being revealed, while Petra can hardly believe the results of her trial.

  • S05E73 Episode 399

    • September 20, 1983

    Judy refuses to help Hazel die. Bea tells the women she thinks Phyllis is working for Joan. Sonia tells Bea she intends to take over. Petra tells Sonia to get lost when she tries to smoothtalk her onto her side. The women help Pixie reply to her letters. Sonia suggests Joan turn a blind eye to the making of illicit grog. Joan bullies Lizzie into stealing kitchen supplies and makes Pixie to admit to Ann she stole them. Rosemary gets fired after a disastrous first day as a waitress. Scott proposes to Petra. Bea searches for the rest of the stolen stuff when Pixie tells her the truth about the theft. Judy won't let Scott admit Hazel to hospital. Joan takes Lizzie to the boiler room and forces her to make the booze. Judy finally relents and helps Hazel take an overdose.

  • S05E74 Episode 400

    • September 22, 1983

    Judy leaves Betty to find Hazel's body. A reporter has written to Pixie for a story, using an assumed name. Joan tells Ann that Bea is planning a riot and wants her transferred. Judy throws Betty out when she accuses her of killing Hazel. Joan puts Bea in solitary for punching Phyllis. Rosemary sees an old friend's name among the men who replied to Pixie. Joan provokes Bea into attacking her in solitary. She worsens her injuries before reporting it to Ann. Judy hears there is to be an autopsy on Hazel's body and decides to give herself up. Joan takes Bea to her cell and tells her she is being transferred to Barnhurst. She escorts her past a distraught Lizzie, refusing to let Bea say goodbye. Joan is triumphant, declaring she has finally won. The police come to Driscoll to arrest Judy.

  • S05E75 Episode 401

    • September 29, 1983

    Colleen finds Lizzie in tears after Bea's departure: she has broken her wrist banging on the security gate. Wally goes to get Judy for the police, but she has fled. Petra gets an engagement ring from Scott, hidden in a bunch of flowers. Phyllis steals the ring but Sonia makes her give it back. The autopsy reveals Hazel died of morphine poisoning. Joan takes Lizzie and Pixie to the boiler room in the middle of the night to bottle the booze. Lizzie gets drunk sampling it. Ann and Wally search for Judy. Supposedly violent prisoner Cass Parker is transferred from Barnhurst for killing an officer, but seems friendly and docile. Rosemary gets sacked from a factory job. Petra accepts Scott's proposal. Meg is horrified when Marty's new girlfriend turns out to be Randi Goodlove.

  • S05E76 Episode 402

    • September 29, 1983

    Calling herself Jenny, Randi pretends she doesn't know Meg. Marty tells Meg he's thinking of proposing. Lizzie and Pixie are caught with booze but deny all knowledge. Pixie has replied to loads of her men, and they all turn up at the prison at the one time claiming to be her fiance. Lizzie and Pixie try to get Cass to take over as Top Dog but she refuses. Sonia tells Joan about it and she warns them off. Pixie is visited by the reporter, but after meeting her he abandons his story. Lizzie steals some of Ann's brandy to put in Peta's wedding cake. Rosemary goes back home to the country with her old friend Bill. Judy is picked up by the police. Cass attacks Phyllis when her taunting gets too much. Meg tries to warn Randi off, but she says she's going to marry Marty and Meg can't stop it.

  • S05E77 Episode 403

    • October 4, 1983

    Judy is returned to Wentworth. Lizzie refuses to speak to her because she killed Hazel. Meg worries she'll lose Marty forever if she tells him the truth about Randi. Sonia and Phyllis try to antagonise Cass. Wally struggles to maintain order at the halfway house. Petra asks Pixie to be her bridesmaid. Randi comes to dinner at Meg's place and they squabble. Joan tries to get Phyllis to heavy Judy but Jude tells her to do it herself. Cass thumps Phyllis for calling her a dummy and ends up in the pound. Meg discusses her problems about Marty with Scott and he offers to try and help. Lizzie and Pixie make Petra's wedding cake with the brandy. Joan and Sonia visit Cass in solitary to tell her they set her up to bash Phyllis. She goes berserk at them and they flee.

  • S05E78 Episode 404

    • October 6, 1983

    Joan wants a bigger cut of Sonia's proceeds, so Sonia dissolves the partnership. The department appoint a new head at the halfway house. Pixie drops the wedding cake and has to piece it back together. Joan puts Sonia in her place. Phyllis tells Sonia she doesn't work for her any more. The women urge a disinterested Judy to take over as Top Dog. Cass apologises to Phyllis. The new head at Driscoll, Alice Dodds, alienates everyone with her rules and regulations. Lizzie covers for Cass when she accidentally knocks Pixie out. Sonia puts broken glass in Phyllis' bed. Marty goes to Scott's stag party - they end up at Randi's flat, where a devastated Marty learns the truth about her. Petra and Scott marry in the garden. A man turns up to see Lizzie and tells her he is her son.

  • S05E79 Episode 405

    • October 11, 1983

    Lizzie is shocked to meet her long lost son, Arthur. Remand prisoners Bobbie Mitchell and Minnie Donovan arrive. Minnie is a bit of a granny figure, Bobbie a tough, cheeky punk and they bicker constantly. Minnie and Ann are old acquaintances from Ann's days in child welfare. The residents at Driscoll appeal to Wally to help them get rid of Alice when she goes too far. Paul decides to become a professional photographer. Sonia warns Minnie to keep out of her way and recruits Bobbie to tape Minnie's conversations. Wally decides he wants to leave Driscoll. Lizzie sets it up for Phyllis to get a bashing from Cass, but Phyllis bumps into Joan on the way. Along with Phyllis and some heavies, Joan turns the tables on Cass and starts bashing her.

  • S05E80 Episode 406

    • October 13, 1983

    Minnie arrives at the shower block to help Cass, but Cass overpowers Joan, Phyllis and the heavies alone. Minnie warns Joan not to report the incident to Ann or she'll tell her she saw her hitting Cass. Wally and Alice fight and he tells her he has complained about her to the department. Judy suggests Minnie take over as Top Dog, with Cass as her muscle. Meg runs into Randi at a restaurant and she vows revenge on her. Lizzie gets out for the day to visit Arthur and his family but she is depressed when she returns, saying she doesn't fit in. Sonia gets Bobbie to tape Joan and pays her with some of the home brew. Bobbie drinks so much she is violently ill. Minnie marches to the rec room with the rest of the booze and forces Sonia to drink all of it herself.

  • S05E81 Episode 407

    • October 18, 1983

    The officers try to investigate how Bobbie and Sonia got drunk. A battered wife and her baby arrive at Driscoll House. When Alice proves her mettle by protecting her from her abusive hubby and getting shot in the arm in the process, she and Wally make her peace. He tells her he is leaving, as she is settling in at last. At Joan's request, Sonia tells Ann she made the booze. Minnie takes over as Top Dog and arranges for real booze to be brought in for her mates by her solicitor Terry, one of ""her kids"". Petra learns her appeal has been successful and she is released. Sonia gets the tape of Joan from Bobbie as insurance. Minnie is caught smuggling more alcohol in by Joan. Sonia blackmails Joan with the tape to get her to work with her again.

  • S05E82 Episode 408

    • October 18, 1983

    Cass and Minnie stop Joan bashing Bobbie to get the original tape. Lizzie gets a visit from her grandson, Kevin. A new prisoner, Brenda Hewitt, arrives and Minnie recognizes her as Fellowes' best forger. Bobbie's cell is trashed so she tells Minnie everything about her taping. Bobbie tells Sonia the tape has gone but she's lying. Minnie gets it and arranges to get it smuggled out. Paul moves out of Ann's and into his own photographic studio. Wentworth is connected to the Prison Broadcasting System. Brenda hears a coded message in the radio program. Minnie holds pickpocket classes. Officer David Bridges arrives, transferred from Woodridge, and proves very popular. Sonia and Brenda team up. Cass witnesses Joan slapping Minnie while searching her cell for the tape.

  • S05E83 Episode 409

    • October 20, 1983

    Minnie tells Cass to back off and gives her the tape to look after. Ann is being frosty with Wally, but he doesn't know why. Sonia is angry with Bobbie for double-crossing her and tells her to pay for the grass she wants. David turns down Brenda's advances. Lizzie gets a day at the races with her family. Bobbie is bashed under orders from Joan, who tells her to blame Cass. Cass gives Joan the tape to stop her putting her in solitary. Brenda slips her brother a copy of the tape and arranges a drug drop. She starts making fake driving licences in the print shop to pay for it. Joan destroys the original tape but Meg finds the remains and gives them to Ann. Ann questions Minnie, who tells her she wants certain privileges for the women in exchange for information on Joan.

  • S05E84 Episode 410

    • October 25, 1983

    Minnie tells Ann about the tape and that Sonia has another copy. Paul disturbs an intruder at his studio. Brenda has the tape passed onto Don Baxter. Sonia and Brenda learn over the radiowaves that the drug drop is on and they make plans. Arthur enquires about getting Lizzie paroled to live with the family. Arthur asks Ann to arrange for Lizzie's parole, so she can live with the family. Paul's studio is searched by the police, who find child porn and charge him. Sonia wants the tape back but Brenda tells her it was ruined. Judy's trial gets underway. David tells Mary Adler he'll try and help her get out of Wentworth. Brenda shows Sonia the drugs and the printing plates for the licences. Joan is approached by a stranger on the way home who offers to sell her the tape.

  • S05E85 Episode 411

    • October 25, 1983

    Don Baxter demands $10,000 from Joan for the tape, which he wants in 48 hours. She desperately tries to find a way to get the money and is turned down by the bank. The women realise Mary Adler is missing and Lizzie thinks David helped her escape. Wally has to admit at Judy's trial that she confessed to killing Hazel. Randi Goodlove is returned to Wentworth on a three week stretch. Sonia and Brenda's drug dealing begins and Joan isn't pleased. Randi tells Meg she is still intent on revenge. The women have had enough of Joan and plot to get her. Pixie is sent to buy dope from Sonia and Brenda to distract them and David finds her stoned. Behind Minnie's back, the other inmates decide to kill Joan. Led by Phyllis, they knock her out and string her up in the shower block.

  • S05E86 Episode 412

    • October 27, 1983

    Pixie and David find Joan hanging in the shower block and he cuts her down. Minnie hustles the women to the rec room to arrange alibis for them all. Ann tells the women Joan is not dead; however Mary Adler is missing. Lizzie thinks David helped her escape. Joan discharges herself from hospital. Randi slips her diamond necklace into Meg's pocket and accuses her of stealing it. However, Pixie saw the incident and pinched it out of Meg's pocket. Meg thinks Randi is trying to get back at her for what happened with Marty. Judy is sentenced to five years. David tells Sonia he could help free her. Pixie is knocked out and the necklace stolen. Ann finds a lump in her breast. Joan goes to pay off the blackmailer, but finds him dead.

  • S05E87 Episode 413

    • November 1, 1983

    Joan searches Don's room and finds the tape. Minnie realises Bobbie knocked Pixie out - she has the necklace hidden in her walkman. Another inmate, Tracy Dixon, goes missing. Joan returns to work and tells Sonia she got the tape back. Bobbie tells Joan that Phyllis arranged the attack on her: Joan sets it up to catch her bashing Bobbie, ruining her parole. Ann makes an appointment to see the doctor. Fellowes' henchmen break into Joan's house, to warn her not to interfere in the drugs trade. They forcefeed her LSD and she has a nightmarish trip. Pixie catches Bobbie with the necklace and knocks her out. Ann realises Wally spent the night with Sam. Joan comes down from her trip and finds she has stabbed her dog to death with a pair of scissors.

  • S05E88 Episode 414

    • November 1, 1983

    Meg finds Joan in a state of shock after killing the dog. She calls the police, who think someone has a contract out on Joan. Paul is picked out in an ID parade by a girl claiming to have posed for porn photos for him. Wally recognizes the man waiting for her as the same man who came to Paul's shop. Joan forces Sonia to tell her who broke into her house. David decides to free Randi when Sonia doesn't show up. Joan frames Brenda for wrecking Sonia's cell and has her sent to isolation. She bashes her, telling her to fix a meeting for her with Fellowes. Blind prisoner Belinda Johns arrives and seems to recognize Sonia's voice. Scott sends Ann for a biopsy. The officers begin searching for Randi and David offers to search the boiler room to stop Colleen finding her body.

  • S05E89 Episode 415

    • November 3, 1983

    The search continues for Randi. Ann orders the radio service be discontinued. Judy asks David if she got away ok, but he pretends not to know what she's talking about. Wally tells Ann he slept with Sam and she is so angry she sends him packing without telling him she's ill. Minnie tells the women and David the escapes have to stop. Scott sees David's mother in an article about unsolved murders. Sam traces the charges against Paul back to Fellowes. They persuade the witness to withdraw her statement and Paul is cleared. Joan finds the printing plate in Brenda's cell. Colleen tries to persuade Ann to get treatment. Ray Foster meets Joan as she leaves work and takes her to see Fellowes. He tells Joan he has nothing to discuss with her and orders Ray to kill her.

  • S05E90 Episode 416

    • November 3, 1983

    Joan tells Fellowes she has a statement from Brenda about Don Baxter's murder which will be handed to the police if anything happens to her: he agrees to stop the drug trade in Wentworth. Sonia and Brenda accuse each other of stealing the printing plate but Joan lets Brenda know she took it. Bobbie is taken to court and runs away from the police. Brenda is transferred to Barnhurst: Joan gives her the plate back before she goes. Ann learns she has to go into hospital for a biopsy. Lizzie gets a severe grilling from the parole board. Bobbie is recaptured and sentenced to six months. Lizzie is sent out into the garden while the parole board deliberate and discovers a body buried in the garden. David pulls a knife on her, saying there are two bodies - he ""set them free"" and now he's going to do the same to Lizzie...

Season 6

  • S06E01 Episode 417

    • January 17, 1984

    Lizzie collapses in the garden; Meg finds her and calls for help. Meanwhile, David traps Cass in the shed and attacks her with a knife. Terrified, she beheads him with a spade. With the facts unclear, a near catatonic Cass falls under suspicion of murder. Lizzie is taken to hospital. Ann has to break the string of grisly news to the inmates and tells Minnie that the Department has granted several of the reforms, including work release. Judy, Minnie and Pixie are given permission to visit Lizzie in hospital. Before they leave, Min bumps into Joan and pinches her keys, in a bid to show her up. As they leave for the hospital, Sonia tells Joan who stole them; soon after, Meg finds Joan tied up and gagged under a shower - she accuses Minnie of attacking her. After Paul tells Wally about Ann's illness, he tries to offer support, but she brushes him aside as she goes into hospital. Someone is out to get Sonia, and puts ground glass in her hand cream.

  • S06E02 Episode 418

    • January 24, 1984

    Judy, Pixie and Minnie visit Lizzie in hospital and say a tearful final goodbye to their friend as she prepares for her new life with her family. Back at the prison, Joan demands action from Colleen after the supposed attack by Minnie. A cell search turns up the keys in her cell; when she returns from visiting Lizzie, she is sent to Solitary, but denies the attack. Colleen and Meg don't believe Minnie did it either. Cass is allowed to take Minnie's meal to her in the pound, but Joan has poisoned it, and Minnie is violently ill during the night. Meg takes Pixie to a mall for a work release job interview; she wanders away and, while Meg is frantic, Pixie lands herself a job in a bridal boutique. Ann awakens from surgery to discover she has had a mastectomy. Bobbie gives Cass a mouse as a pet. Sonia enlists Phyllis to help find out who put the glass in her hand cream. Scott quits his job at the prison so he and Petra can start a new life.

  • S06E03 Episode 419

    • January 31, 1984

    Minnie is taken to the infirmary in terrible pain after her poisoning, and tells Phyllis she thinks Joan did it. Judy demands that Colleen investigate. The women barricade Joyce in the dining room, to allow Judy and Cass to slip onto the roof with a banner saying ""Killer Screws Must Go"", which delights reporters waiting outside the prison. Meg accidentally tells the reporters that Cass killed Bridges in self defence. When Colleen goes to visit Ann, the Minister visits the prison, and Joan makes sure he knows what has been going on. Meg gets the blame for talking to the press, and is replaced as Acting Deputy Governor by Joan. As the Minister is shown round the jail, a near-riot erupts in the Rec Room. Cass slips back to her cell, and finds her pet mouse Snoopy murdered. Lizzie sends the girls a hamper of food, which Joan gives to Sonia instead. Helen is transferred back to Wentworth for assaulting a Barnhurst screw who forced himself on her.

  • S06E04 Episode 420

    • February 7, 1984

    Cass is shattered at the cruel loss of her only friend, and Sonia is viciously attacked. Joan succeeds in her efforts to bring about the downfall of Meg and Colleen.

  • S06E05 Episode 421

    • February 9, 1984

    Belinda prepares a nasty surprise for Sonia. Colleen risks her career by standing up to Joan.

  • S06E06 Episode 422

    • February 16, 1984

    Joan finally triumphs over Colleen. Someone wants Paul Reynolds out of the way, and Judy is accused of molesting Belinda.

  • S06E07 Episode 423

    • February 21, 1984

    Joan forces the women to take an all-night sauna. Judy is degraded, but cannot speak up for herself. Colleen's last hopes of being cleared are dashed.

  • S06E08 Episode 424

    • February 21, 1984

    When the women humiliate Joan, she intends to get her revenge. Colleen can't cope with blackmail, and there's a nasty blow in store for the Major.

  • S06E09 Episode 425

    • February 23, 1984

    Joan finds herself in a terrible dilemma. Belinda nearly achieves her sole ambition. Judy takes action to force Joan to clear Colleen.

  • S06E10 Episode 426

    • February 28, 1984

    Pixie falls for an old flame, the women score a victory over Joan and the escape bid ends in tragedy.

  • S06E11 Episode 427

    • February 28, 1984

    Sonia realises that there is only one way to stop Belinda. The new Joan takes everyone by surprise. Belinda at last gets a chance to fulfil her ambition.

  • S06E12 Episode 428

    • March 1, 1984

    Erica is made the new Head of Department. Reb gets even with Stan, and a life hangs in the balance.

  • S06E13 Episode 429

    • March 6, 1984

    Bobbie and Cass rush to Stan's aid, Camilla is given 24 hours to pay fifty parking fines, and Joan's pleasantness terrifies Sonia.

  • S06E14 Episode 430

    • March 8, 1984

    Myra fears that she's lost her daughter for good and Colleen is furious at her treatment at work. Meanwhile, Rick's detective work leads him into dangerous trouble.

  • S06E15 Episode 431

    • March 13, 1984

    Mo becomes the victim of an unjust law. Bill goads Myra into violence.

  • S06E16 Episode 432

    • March 13, 1984

    Myra is arrested for killing Bill and sent to Wentworth, as Kay's statement for the police damns her mother further. The women cover Reb in treacle and feathers to punish her for vandalising Stan's pianola. Colleen opposes the Glee Club having a day out to take part in a singing contest, but Ann approves it and orders her to go along to supervise. Reb, with Phyllis' help, cons the women into letting her go on the outing. Rick visits Meryl King after Sonia tells him it was Meryl who told her Eddie was bent. She asks him to come back later, and has two armed goons waiting for him. He gets away, so the men shoot Meryl instead. Sonia grows paranoid and jittery after her sheets are slashed, and a dummy is hanged in her cell. Cass unwittingly brings a snake into the prison from the garden, and it conceals itself in the cell block. Camilla and Mo are released.

  • S06E17 Episode 433

    • March 15, 1984

    As the snake slithers around the prison, Sonia insists she heard something in her cell in the night. Later, both Helen and Meg are bitten by the snake; Helen has to be rushed to hospital. Bobbie retrieves the snake's body, and Sonia loses the plot after being locked in her cell with it over night. The women bid an emotional farewell to Stan as he retires. Myra gets out of Solitary and is reunited with old friend Judy. Back home, Alan struggles to convince Kay of their father's true nature. Reb plots her escape during the Glee Club trip with the aid of an associate, Kevin, and is visited by her old friend Sarah Webster, who Reb left a case of some kind with. Meanwhile, Reb has to fend off Phyllis' nosey questions into her escape plans. Rick's enemies plant a bomb under his car; by a cruel twist of fate, Patrick Powell borrows the car to run Jennifer and Robert to school. Rick gets a last minute tip-off, but the bomb goes off in front of a horrified Colleen and Rick.

  • S06E18 Episode 434

    • March 22, 1984

    Patrick and the kids die in the bomb blast, and Colleen is devastated. As she struggles to cope, she moves in with Meg for a while. Meanwhile, Rick thinks it was Eddie who tipped him off about the bomb. The women set off for the Glee Club outing, with Meg and Joyce escorting. Kevin has kidnapped Cheryl, the daughter of the minibus driver, and forces him to help with the escape. He fakes a breakdown on the way, but the plan fails. The girls fail miserably at the contest; on the way back home, Reb drugs the officers' coffee flask, knocking out Meg, Joyce and the driver. Chaos ensues as Reb flees with Kevin, Bobbie races off, pursued by Minnie, and Phyllis drags little Cheryl into the woods at gunpoint… Back at the prison, Dr Weissman visits Sonia, who thinks Joan has been tormenting her. Her breakdown appears linked to the loss of her child. Helen is released from hospital. Alan has bad news for Myra: Kay has left home and moved in with Gloria.

  • S06E19 Episode 435

    • March 27, 1984

    Judy and Cass go after Phyllis; Meg wakes up and calls Ann to say all the women have escaped. Judy's pacemaker plays up, leading to her, Cass and Cheryl being holed up in a shack by a gun-toting Phyllis. Elsewhere, Reb knocks Kevin out and flees on a stolen motorbike, while Minnie and Bobbie decide to have a day out before turning themselves in. They pick pockets, gamble, and roll up at the prison in a taxi roaring drunk. Joan is back at work, and Sonia is terrified. She latches onto Myra, who agrees to protect her, and opens up to her about her miscarriage. Joan leaves a sick present of a doll in Sonia's cell, and is pinned up against a locker by Myra for her antics. Doreen makes a surprise return to visit her old mates, but only Helen is left. She tells Helen she is marrying a friend so he can stay in the country, but wants out, and decides to get put back inside to avoid the wedding. Colleen refuses to see a doctor.

  • S06E20 Episode 436

    • March 29, 1984

    Doreen has a hard time trying to get herself arrested. Myra stands up to Joan and tells her to stop tormenting Sonia.

  • S06E21 Episode 437

    • April 3, 1984

    Reb fails to get away, and Sarah is charged with murder. Minnie pays for her day out with Bobbie, and Rick meets his would-be assassin.

  • S06E22 Episode 438

    • April 5, 1984

    Colleen seeks an escape from her misery. Myra is confronted by her worst enemy.

  • S06E23 Episode 439

    • April 10, 1984

    Sonia makes a deadly deal with the Fellowes Gang. Judy and Cass are blamed for the kidnapping.

  • S06E24 Episode 440

    • April 10, 1984

    Reb and Phyllis outsmart the Freak and Colleen is caught drunk on duty. Bobbie accuses Rick of trying to rape her.

  • S06E25 Episode 441

    • April 12, 1984

    Cass defends her idol against the accusation of rape, and Doreen and Helen make plans to humiliate the Freak. An infamous ex-inmate is about to stage her return.

  • S06E26 Episode 442

    • April 17, 1984

    The Fellowes gang chew over what to do about Sonia and Bobbie. Myra nurses her anger with Gloria. Margo returns to Wentworth all ears.

  • S06E27 Episode 443

    • April 19, 1984

    Renner gives Bobbie a chance to prove her worth to the Fellowes Organisation. Gloria is injured and Myra is put on a charge. Drugs are getting into Wentworth again, but Myra can't prove anything.

  • S06E28 Episode 444

    • April 24, 1984

    Myra is punished for scalding Gloria and the Freak is victorious once more. Pixie is high for her trial and there's a showdown to see who will be Top Dog.

  • S06E29 Episode 445

    • April 26, 1984

    Eddie risks his life to rescue Sonia and Bobbie. In Sydney, Joan relives the saddest experience of her life. Myra realises that the cards are stacked against her at her trial.

  • S06E30 Episode 446

    • May 1, 1984

    Myra is shocked by the result of her trial. The women punish Margo for her nasty tricks. And Bobbie's stay in Sydney is doomed.

  • S06E31 Episode 447

    • May 1, 1984

    The women go out on a general strike. Pixie stuns Judy by confessing to killing Ralph. And Sonia's disappearance is swathed in mystery.

  • S06E32 Episode 448

    • May 3, 1984

    Myra is knocked unconscious by Margo. Pixie confesses to Ann that she accidentally killed a man. Rick is hijacked by Detective Mears.

  • S06E33 Episode 449

    • May 8, 1984

    Cass gives Phyllis, Frances and Alice a taste of their own medicine, whilst Pixie is relieved when the police drop the charges against her.

  • S06E34 Episode 450

    • May 10, 1984

    Rick confronts Meg about her behaviour and Erica Davidson heads the strike negotiations. Edmonds hypnotises Cass to kill Bobbie.

  • S06E35 Episode 451

    • May 15, 1984

    Hannah is distraught by her detention at Wentworth; Reb is overcome by her `cocaine' trip; while Cass attempts to strangle Pixie.

  • S06E36 Episode 452

    • May 17, 1984

    The department backs down to the women's strike demands. Hannah has nightmares about the concentration camp. Cass threatens Bobbie.

  • S06E37 Episode 453

    • May 22, 1984

    Rick and Rachel become close friends. Meg confronts Jonathan about Ann. Hannah engineers her own assault to stop herself being deported.

  • S06E38 Episode 454

    • May 24, 1984

    The women organise a petition lobbying for Hannah to be granted residency in Australia. Ann hears Jonathan's tape concerning Meg. Bobbie is in great danger from Cass.

  • S06E39 Episode 455

    • May 29, 1984

    Cass, still under post-hypnotic suggestion, is determined to finish off Bobbie. Colleen has to decide how to spend the money from the sale of her house. Hannah receives some shattering news about her application for residency.

  • S06E40 Episode 456

    • May 31, 1984

    Bobbie makes a mistake when she forgives Cass, and an unfriendly visitor causes problems for the inmates. The warders hold a farewell party for Colleen.

  • S06E41 Episode 457

    • June 5, 1984

    Tensions mount between Joan and Meg as the latter takes over as Deputy Governor; Rachel avenges the death of her dad; Rick is offered a job he can't refuse.

  • S06E42 Episode 458

    • June 7, 1984

    The escape committee continues with plans to get Myra out. The Goodies gang up on Joan. And Reb has her revenge on Leigh.

  • S06E43 Episode 459

    • June 12, 1984

    Myra's escape plan is further hindered by Reb, who gets her drugs in only to lose them again. Ann meets an old friend.

  • S06E44 Episode 460

    • June 14, 1984

    The end of the fete spells disaster for some of Wentworth's inmates.

  • S06E45 Episode 461

    • June 19, 1984

    Joan finds Phyllis and insists that Cass must be responsible. Lou gives Reb an alibi for the crime. Judy tries to clear Cass' name. On the outside, Myra and Alan look for Kay with little success. Hare-brained new inmate Marlene Warren arrives and new officer Heather Rogers starts work. The women learn Phyllis has permanent brain damage. Marlene realises she knows Heather from school, plays a string of practical jokes on her and gets told off by Judy. Marie Winter arrives back in Wentworth, with a stash of cocaine in her luggage. She wastes no time in taking over as Top Dog. Myra finds Kay and takes her to Wally's place in the country. Marie tries to recruit Reb to deal for her. Judy smears a statue with red paint and hides it in Reb's bed. Joan arrives home to find her house has been broken into.

  • S06E46 Episode 462

    • June 21, 1984

    Joan finds a boy asleep in her lounge. His name is Shane and he's run away from his abusive father. She lets him stay the night. Wally insists on helping Myra with Kay. Marie tries to bribe Dennis to turn a blind eye to her drugs deliveries. Judy taunts Reb into admitting she bashed Phyllis and Meg overhears it. Moaning elderly inmate Dot Farrer is transferred to H Block after inciting a fight in B Block. Bobbie is told about Cass when she comes back from hospital and isn't pleased to be sharing a cell with Marlene. Dot moves in with Judy. Joan tells Ann she has already prepared her application for Ann's job. Dennis invites Heather to go out for dinner with him. Joan finds Shane's dog Nicky poisoned and rushes him to the vet. Marlene finds drugs in Marie's cell - Marie catches her and